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Easy Lightning

All the reference images are thumbnailed.


Create a new file (or layer, whatever flows your boat). Make sure your foreground and background colours are set to default (Black and white)

Pick the Gradient tool and create something like this:

Go to the menu Filter> Render> Difference Clouds and apply it. You should get something like this:


Invert the colours from the menu Image> Adjustments> Invert. If you work with the keyboard like me press CTRL+I to get this:


Now bring up the Levels popup Image> Adjustments> Levels (Ctrl+L) and play with the scroll as much as you like till you get the wanted result!


After you're done you can add some colour to your lightning to make it look better or make it go well with your drawings. You can do that by Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation. (CTRL+U) . Make sure you tick 'Colourise' Now play with the Hue scroll as much as you like to get the colour you want.


You can also download the Lightning action here:
Photoshop Actions


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2006-03-22 [moira hawthorne]: cooooool!

2007-07-13 [Artemis Riddle]: oooh:D This tutorial was actually EASY to understand:D yaaay! :S

2007-07-14 [Jitter]: haha glad you got it :)

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