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The Planes of Argone

This city is more of a Barbarian settlement. It is built in the center of the plains. No one is sure of its original construction. The place is half tent and the other half is buildings.
Children play in the streets as the men hunt or sale items, and the women tend the home.

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2009-05-27 [loonygirl2005]: -both sisters are really tired from their journey- Oh look Minoku a town.
Minoku: *is ditracted as she feels a familiar and tries to contact him*
Minoku? Are you..*suddenly dawns on her* Never mind.

2009-05-27 [Silver Moon]: One of the towns folk glanced up at the sisters . "Who are you?"

2009-05-27 [loonygirl2005]: -nearly jumps out of her skin- We are weary travelers my name is Lilian and the catdemon staring out in space is Minoku.
Minoku: *politely nods at the town person*

2009-05-27 [Silver Moon]: "What do you want?"

2009-05-27 [loonygirl2005]: -Feet was so tired and she falls to the ground- I have two requests one to give us a place to stay and the other is to give us directions. I humbly ask this of you.

2009-05-27 [Silver Moon]: The villager lead them to a tent. "Rest your feet here." Directions?"

2009-05-27 [loonygirl2005]: Minoku:*has a worried experession on her face as she follows them to the tent*
Yes is there a near-by river and cabin?

2009-05-27 [Silver Moon]: "Not close to here." The villager gave them directions to
The River Torast"that's the closest river and it is several miles from here"

2009-05-27 [loonygirl2005]: Minoku:*looks a bit sad*
"Well this must be the river. Thank you anything I can do for you?"

2009-05-27 [Silver Moon]: He shook his head, "good luck"

2009-05-27 [loonygirl2005]: "Thank you"*after some rest both start on the journey to The River Torast*

2009-05-27 [Silver Moon]: ***

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