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2006-03-27 14:06:49
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Eddie Spears


name: Eddie Spears
d.o.b: November 29, 1982
height: 6"1
status: single
family: 1 sister and 5 brothers
heritage: Lakota

Speaks Lakota, Horseman, Marksman, Archery, boxing and swimming.


"Black Cloud"
"Edge of America"
"Dream Keeper"
"The Slaughter Rule"
"The Witness"
"Through the Window"

"The Ancient Warriors"

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2006-04-30 [inrime]: hey, just a question, it says up there your a horseman... do you by anychance do stuntriding for films? i do acting (films like the Gathering, Guest House Paradiso... etc.) and horseriding too, and i would love to do stuntriding! ive tried contacting some people but they just ignored me so i was wandering if you had any info on that kind of thing...?

2006-04-30 [Dracotot]: I have no contact with eddie althought I wish I had alot of it! *drools* lol! but hes been horseriding since very young and I know his bro michael does all his own stunt work with horses, like he did in "into the west"

2006-05-01 [inrime]: ah... wow! yes ive been trained by my mum since i was young (im 15) and im good (not being big headed, and im certainly not saying im the best, i sill have much to learn...) i saw a display by the devils horsemen at a horse show a while back and really felt like thats what i wanted to do, but i really dont know where to begin =S do you know anyone attal who has experties in this area?? if not dont worry! and wow so much drooling lol! all through this site nothing but drools!!! but good reason of course... ;) *drools back*

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