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2005-11-13 23:10:38
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made by [prowlie]
original idea by [Talia_Civer] and [prowlie].



The three main chars are based on real people!!! :O


Rachel [Talia_Civer]

Ellie [prowlie]

The Comics

The ...Fans?

The Art

The ...Fan Art?

offers to color would be greatly appreciated... i mean, my attempts arent all that great (see banner o.O)

ack! im banned from drawing comics until exam season is over! thats christmas!

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2005-11-07 [dustdevil]: SWEETNESS!!!!! great job and thank you for the shout out!!

2005-11-07 [*Its All About You*]: Asomeness=D Just have to love this wiki???*RIGHT^^*

2005-11-07 [dustdevil]: yep its just that good

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: I thought you should know im so coloring another one of your art pieces^.^ I just love it sooooooo much:D

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: wow yay cool^^!!!! :D which one??? btw, what do you think of my coloring skills.... ¬_¬ ive only got Arcsoft PhotoStudio though, im photoshop-less....U.U

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: heh i took the one of the girl leaning against the guy cause its soooo cute! Oh you should go get Open canvas those crazy ass white lines dont happen if you use that Im so photoshopless too but thats ok cause i prefer Open canvas anyway:D

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: wow so that was weird i was stuck in a time warp

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: yeah i really hate those white bits...o.o time warp!! my cue!! -puts on riff raff wig and starts dancing- umm... sorry, i got carried away there -coughs embarassedly-

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: yup get open canvas! do a google search for it its a really small program so it should be no problem but i love it to death i color everthing with it:D even the last picture i did for you hehe. It was time warping me back to pages ive already been to and i couldnt see anything new!!! it was sooooo weird!!!

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: o.o me too... it just happened! it said [dustdevil] hadn't been seen for 28 minutes, then it said he was seen 3 seconds ago, so i sent him a message and then it was back on '?' for him! o.O weird.... -it's just a jump to the left....and then a step to the ri-i-i-i-ight...-^^

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: I hate when it does that to me>.< its evvvvvvvillll and yes that is how you do the time warp XD

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: -waves rocky horror flag- wheeee^^! ONLY good side to this whole thing.... curse these time warps....

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: Hear Hear I love RHPS one of the best movies ever

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: -nods- most definitely... >< ive made the ~~FIRST EPISODE~~ so now it makes SOME sort of sense... but its all smudgy!><

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: Whoosah!!! yay for first chapter!!

2005-11-07 [Lucy-Lou]: cute <3 <3

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: hey, thanks, nice to see you on here:)

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: rrrgh 1st chapters too small><

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: *tear* i cant read it!

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: im working on it! im gonna do it in two halves, only the damn program's screwing up...-curses at screen-

2005-11-07 [Azuri]: *curses at screen with her*DAMNNN YOUUU DENYING THE CUTENESS OF THE COMIC FROM ME!!!

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