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2005-11-13 23:10:38
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made by [prowlie]
original idea by [Talia_Civer] and [prowlie].



The three main chars are based on real people!!! :O


Rachel [Talia_Civer]

Ellie [prowlie]

The Comics

The ...Fans?

The Art

The ...Fan Art?

offers to color would be greatly appreciated... i mean, my attempts arent all that great (see banner o.O)

ack! im banned from drawing comics until exam season is over! thats christmas!

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2005-11-06 [Nuada]: its really good*grins*

2005-11-06 [prowlie]: heehee^^thanks:)

2005-11-06 [Nuada]: *sits down and looks around*

2005-11-06 [*Its All About You*]: Ellie^^ are u here 2^^ *awsome*=D

2005-11-06 [*Its All About You*]: *awww stupid me* Lozzsome i know u are here daaaah! Just me thats kidding around again*!!! hihi^^*giggels* u know that mental thing=D

2005-11-06 [Nuada]: *looks at you curiously*tails flick curiously*laughs and tackles you*

2005-11-06 [prowlie]: ummm... yeah i was... coloring in^^

2005-11-06 [prowlie]: <img:> see? coloring in^^

2005-11-06 [*Its All About You*]: Awww u did it^^

2005-11-06 [*Its All About You*]: Im green=D Respect dude=D Love it*haha thanks* Cant get better then this right now^^

2005-11-06 [prowlie]: im sorry its not better -looks at the ground-...U.U

2005-11-06 [*Its All About You*]: I LOVE IT^^ Lozzsome^^ Thank u Ellie=D U RAWK!!!!*giggels* Have to go=( Talk to lads later^^ Sweet dreams and have a nice night all off u^^*HUGES*

2005-11-06 [prowlie]: ^^will do -yawns- aw, man.... i gotta sleep too... night, you guys^^ -hugs tommy and ellie-

2005-11-07 [*Its All About You*]: Hello Ellie^^ And hello Tommy*dont know u but have to say hey^^* *giggels* Hows the day going? (",) *giggels*

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: arty.. and painty.. im nearly finished! after 5 hours.. curses... -grumbles-.... but hey! how are you today, ellie? and tommy if he turns up^^

2005-11-07 [*Its All About You*]: OMG 5 hourse=O^^ u work 2 hard=P *but GOOD JOB;)* Im fine,thank u^^ what about u^^ and tommy*if he ever comes on^^* I hope so^^

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: im good!! wheee this comic is now listed on Comics by Elftowners^^!!

2005-11-07 [stuffAEAmade]: And teh DarKlaw is watching the wiki. :D

2005-11-07 [prowlie]: yay!^^

2005-11-07 [*Its All About You*]: Thats good^^

2005-11-07 [dustdevil]: SWEETNESS!!!!! great job and thank you for the shout out!!

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