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Writers: [Yudan333] & [Yami]



Tonya, 27 years old

Izumi, 30


Aerik, Age unknown

Aerik demon form, Age Unknown

Eglacia ch1

Aerik couldn't help but take a brief, but gentle hold of her biceps as she pressed past him, his eyes locking on hers. "Thank you, Tonya." He murmured softly before turning and closing the door completely. He took very little time in the shower and soon cracked the door, poking his head out. "Tonya? Would you be so kind as to hand me my pants?" He asked politely, having forgotten to grab his clothing upon going into the bathroom.

Humming in the kitchen she had loaded two plates and had made a point to start deflating the air matress. Hearing his voice she looked around finding them then slid the pants to his fingers at the door. Moving back to the kitchen she began to fill up glasses to drink and thought of his touch on her arm and the tone of his voice; the thought made her blush. "Breakfast is ready." She made note she needed a diningroom table of sorts. Still having this place was new so she hadn't got much furnature. Each plate had three small pancakes, eggs scrambled and sausage. Due to lack of shopping she didn't have to many spices added but it would still be a good breakfast with milk to ease it down.

The englishmen stepped out shortly, his pants on, a towel over his head. He carefully ruffled his hair with the towel as he moved to where his clothing lay neatly from the night before. He was silent, lost in thought as he had been while showering. One by one he applied his clothing back onto his body, socks, shoes and all. He moved to his companion, reaching out to gently take her hand. "Tonya... if something goes wrong and I can't get through... I want you to smash the mirror... can you do that for me?" He looked into her eyes, his own green orbs glassy.

When her hand was taken she looked up to him and stared into his eyes and shook her head, "W-what?! No, I couldn't possibly. We will find a way.. If I destroyed the mirror... I'm not sure what would happen to you. I'm not going to make such a promise." She frowned and held his hand firmly, "Something has to work. I'm not going to give up so easily and neither should you. Have faith." She touched his hand firmly, "Aerik, let's both try our best; alright?"

Aerik nodded a bit. "Of course we'll try our best, but I don't think I can continue on being stuck here. If it comes down to it, I want you to smash the mirror. The best outcome is that it frees me, the worst would be... well... that I die. Even then, at least I'd be free from the mirror." He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. "The last person that was in this realm with me..." He paused to swallow harshly. "He disappeared into the darkness beyond the door. I..." He trailed off, changing his mind about his next words. "I've thought about it..."

Hearing him made her grow tense as she now felt more scared to leave. No one should be alone like that especially in the end. He was asking her to destroy him if he couldn't escape. Would it be swift? Would it hurt? There were too many questions that didn't have answers and it hurt her to think of such a fate. She pushed his hand down and hugged around his neck tightly and tears fell from her eyes, "Aerik.." What could she say? He had to be scared at the thought; hell, she was scared for him. Despite only just meeting she was worried about him and wanted nothing more than to hold him close and not let go. She'd be damned if a mirror would seperate them.

When she wrapped her arms around him, he nearly broke. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to his warm body. "Tonya. Please... I can't live forever like this. I need you to set me free one way or another..." He pulled slightly back from her, lifting her chin gently with his fingers. Leaning down to her, he pressed his lips softly to hers in a sweet, but chaste kiss.

The kiss threw her off but after a few blinks she closed her eyes and gently leaned into it as if it may be their last. She hoped it wouldn't be the case; she still held on to a strand of hope that she could bring him with her. Gently she parted her lips looking up to him, "Then let me stay with you." She laced her fingers with his, "Don't push me away. Let me stay with you." Now she was filled with doubt maybe she'd destroy the mirror from this side herself and then at least she'd wither with him.

His fingers gripped her hands gently. "No, Tonya. You don't want to stay here. The world will pass you by, your family, friends... you don't want this life, not for me..." He drew one hand from hers to cup her cheek gently, caressing his thumb over it softly. He peered into her eyes as through trying to burn her image into his memory. "We should get this done with..." He slowly pulled away from her, giving her a kiss on the cheek before doing so. He picked up his book and thumbed through the pages.

She wouldn't care if the world did pass them by so long as she had him to keep her company and him to likely reassure her. Now more than ever she just wanted him to be able to come with her; a pass for two into her world. Religion was not something that she thought of often but when he had went through his book she had laced her hands together and was praying to damn near everygod that would hear her to save him as well. Looking to the breakfast at the table she felt her face frown; it would be horrible if it went to waste. Taking both dishes she placed them in the oven to keep them warm. A new thought occured to her; what if he had made it back with her then started to age suddenly as if it was catching up? She would likely have to shove him back into the mirror to prevent him from turning to dust at that rate. Her hand touched her cheek as she remembered his lips on them finding the gesture sweet. She gently pecked his cheek, "Here's to us then." She smiled hopefully; she didn't want him to see her worry so she would smile for him and hope that her optimism was strong enough for the both of them.

Aerik smiled softly at her, his own worry in his eyes and brows. "To us." He replied in a soft, but shyly optimistic tone. He took her hand and lead her gently to the mirror, the book in his free hand. "This is it..." He took a deep breath and held up the book in order to see the mirror and the translated pages at the same time.

Clearing his throat he began to speak, the words weren't English, but rather Latin. A wind came from no where, swirling around them, lifting their hair and fluttering their clothes about their bodies. When his words stopped the glass of the mirror wobbled and lost it's shine. "That's you then..." He nudged her gently towards the jelly like surface.

When he started reading she was impressed he could speak latin so easily; perhaps he had studied it at a time. When the air shifted she felt her hair on her skin raise and a chill run her spine. It felt almost ominous. Seeing the mirrors color change along with consistency she saw it look almost to that of jello. Being nudged she hated this part; coming through had made her sick and her she was doing so again to get back. Turning back she hugged him tightly then kissed his lips to be safe; then she touched the mirror falling in. She was glad she held her breath because it gave her the sensation of falling. Coming back seemed to take longer but finally it came to a stop and her body stumbled on the other side. Her stomach was in knots from the sensation. She waved her hand back to the mirror showing she was alright. Slowly she got up but the color had drained from her face. Traveling like that on an empty stomach was not favorable. Looking at the mirror she had to get behind it to get the carving on it.

Aerik put his hands on the now solid glass, watching her with a worried look on his face. When she waved to him, he smiled and waved silently back. He watched her as far as he could until she disappeared behind the back of the mirror. The etchings were there alright, and still clear enough to get a rubbing of them for him to translate. He waited for her, watching the side of the glass she'd ducked out of sight from.

Tonya had thought of setting up a monitor and showing him a live image feed but that was far too much work for the task. Gently she slid the mirror at an angle and used a flashlight from her phone to see the markings he was talking about. Her camera phone would likely be a bit small of a screen; however,she had a decent tablet that was larger with a good camera. Going to a small storage shelf she opened a backpack and pulled the tablet out and used her phone to illuminate the markings then took the photo with the tablet. It was likely legible the first shot but she took several and deleted the harder ones and kept one that was the full set and easily capable of reading. Coming back to the front of the mirror she adjusted the brightness on the screen so he would see it much easier and she held it up close to the mirror for him to duplicate.

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2020-08-26 [Yudan333]: I may put up reference images soon at the top; you can do the same if you like x3

2020-08-26 [Yami]: That's perfectly fine!

2020-08-28 [Yudan333]: oh, woman. such emotional wrecks haha Blame music for the long post I actually almost got teary eyed myself

2020-08-28 [Yami]: I've done that to myself before. Lol

2020-08-28 [Yudan333]: I am so sorry y post is all over the place i stayed up really late and i think i have a coffee hangover since i had a monster mean bean last night to write and stayed up till 830 am and i woke up 2 hours ago. So.. my thought processor is shorting haha

2020-09-02 [Yami]: Sorry it took me so long to reply! I got a commission I had to work on and at one point ET wouldn't load.

2020-09-03 [Yudan333]: don't you worry about it. Glad to hear about your work. Anything fun? You don't have to post everyday. I get it. We all get busy and such.

2020-09-04 [Yudan333]: Weird that ET died a bit earlier today. Winner what that was about

2020-09-19 [Yami]: I'm thinking about making Aerik actually be a demon. Thoughts?

2020-09-21 [Yudan333]: Go for it! Excited to see how you plug that in there ☺️

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