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Tonya, 27 years old


Aerik, Age unknown

Aerik demon form, Age Unknown

Eglacia ch1
Eglacia ch2
Eglacia ch3

Aerik looked bewildered at her request, but couldn't make any statement on it as she jumped into his arms. His confusion only continued at that. He shifted to his human form and stood nearby silently as the men did their jobs and she did what she felt she needed to. When all was clear he shifted back into his actual form, looking at the furniture. "It's not bad, though it'll need some work..." He approached and slid his fingers over the surface. Even that small, simple act seemed sensual, how was it that he could be so wicked, but so alluring.

Tonya watched him and smiled lightly then took his hand, "Can you sand it? Like... turn your hands into the tool or wave your magic and it's done? Then we can paint it together. I'll even let you decide the color. It could be fun." Seeing his face she held the hand gently in hers, "Please?" She wasn't sure if her asking nicely had mattered but she had been excited about the project so she had been enthused. His slender fingers felt good in her palm. She felt she didn't want to let them go; a soft hue on her cheeks as she thought of his hand holding hers. Or kissing her palm.

Aerik watched her take his hand, his eyes staying glued to them as she talked. "Hm. I suppose I could do that." He slowly drew his hand from hers, his looking nails gently grazing her palm as he did. He placed his hands in the center of the table and slowly moved his hands out towards the edges. As he did a smooth, finished table was revealed underneath. "I think an ebony gloss would add elegance to this peice." He turned his gaze to her. "You've got something on your mind. Care to tell me?" His eyes seemed to look right into her soul.

Watching him drag his hand across the wood she gazed intently as the wood seemed to shift under his hand like a command from a god. It was impressive. Kneeling down she inspected the bare finish and ran her hand over it finding it already smoothed over as though ready for its coat. Her eyes lit up with the thought of running the brush over the wood as it would absorb the ebony into its fibers. Then coat it in a final gloss. Oh, it would look very good indeed. Yes, ebony it would be. A gentle smile crossed her lips but when he spoke she looked up from her kneeling position, "huh? Oh, the color choice is good. I figured you would choose something dark and gothic to be honest. I was thinking a dark cherry red but ebony will look good." Seeing his slit eyes seem to narrow, she ran her hand down the leg of the table gently touching its contours, "I just.. Was thinking how much I liked holding your hand." She felt stupid saying it aloud and a small hint of pink was on her cheek and her ears had gone red.

Mismatched eyes watched as she leaned to touch the smooth bar. "Yes, well, ebony matches any decor..." He crossed his arms a moment, only to lower his arms at her answer. "Is that so?" He murmured softly. He stepped around the table to her, holding out his long, slender fingered hand to her, an unreadable expression on his face. He wasn't naive to the minds of humans, he could see the cherry hue of her ears and sense the upbeat of her heart. He did, however, want to see how long she'd resist her desires.

He was practically purring when he made the statement and she felt her cheeks turn from pink to the red hue. When he was approaching she gazed to the hand by her face with its inviting open palm as if offering her a hand up. She felt the saliva in her mouth and swallowed with a gulp. Was it odd that she wanted to stay down here on her knees and admire his fingers. Now she questioned if he was actually going to let her enjoy this or was he going to pull them away swiftly? A long moment of silence passed as she slowly reached out her hand to his and hesitated a moment then took it gently. His slender fingers would be great for any tinkering or handcrafts. One would think she had a hand fetish when she held under the top of his hand her other was tracing the lines of his palm. Sadly she knew nothing about palm reading but now she wished he had known something to at least make the excuse she was reading into him. 'So soft and not a mark on them.. his claws too...' Finger grazed over the sharp point of his talon-like nails. 'Bet he would give the best back scratches..'

The demon stood, reading her as she examined his hand. "I can tell you're interested in this form. I will allow you see more, if you desire..." He'd leaned down so that his lips neatly brushed her flushed ear, speaking softly into it. He knew, of course, the implications of his words and tone, but to enforce their true meaning them his wing brushed her shoulder. Humans, by nature, were curious, that much he remembered. He knew he was under no threat of dissection by her, but he was sure she'd be intrested in his more demonic features. I.E. his horns and wings, perhaps even his pointed canines.

The demon stood, reading her as she examined his hand. "I can tell you're interested in this form. I will allow you see more, if you desire..." He'd leaned down so that his lips neatly brushed her flushed ear, speaking softly into it. He knew, of course, the implications of his words and tone, but to enforce their true meaning them his wing brushed her shoulder. Humans, by nature, were curious, that much he remembered. He knew he was under no threat of dissection by her, but he was sure she'd be intrested in his more demonic features. I.E. his horns and wings, perhaps even his pointed canines.

Seeing him draw closer she felt her ears burning and her cheeks and neck had a strong warm sensation. Feeling something touch her shoulder she looked over as she saw his wings. They seemed so elastic. A hand reached out and she touched it and shuddered at the smooth feeling. Everything about him had been perfection; essentially a black angel. when she saw his face so close she bit her lip and slowly reached up taking a hold of the horns and shuddered at a new feeling as a chill run her spine and felt her bra tighten from her tightness in her chest, "They are warm." She wasn't sure how but she was certain it had to do with his powers or it was an extension of himself. Gaze went to his lips seeing the fanged smirk? Had he always had canines that were so pronounced? Her hands slowly trailed down as she touched his bottom lip and parted his lip and ran her thumb over the nub but it had been quite sharp. Pulling her thumb back she saw the bubble of blood and seemed to pout, "How do you not hurt yourself." She had been so engrossed with him that she hadn't made note that she was quite close to him and her heartbeat was now quite loud in her ears now seeing his narrowed eyes and the mix-matched eye colors.

Aerik's gaze followed her hands as she touched his wings, then moved up to take hold of curled horns. He was surprised when she was bold enough to not only touch his bottom lip, but to prick herself on his canine. The smell of her blood filled his nostrils, causing a shudder to chase down his body. The demon smirked at her question, drawing a hand to hers holding it steady in order to lick the blood off her thumb. "When you've had them all your life, it's natural..." He replied lowly, pulling her hand to place it at the nape of his neck, his long, ebony stands felt like warm silk on her knuckles.

Feeling her pull her thumb to his mouth she watched his tongue course over her skin as the blood vanished and the small prick had healed as quickly as it had been made. Out of nerves she was chewing the inside of her bottom lip and felt his hand move hers to the nape of his neck. His hair had been quite soft and it made her brush through it lightly. He had a peculiar scent too, she couldn't quite place it but she found herself being drawn closer to him. Being human not only was she curious but she also pulled in naturally as if he was pushing out a pheromone. "Does my blood offer you anything?" Maybe it gave him some perk or energy? Was he like a vampire? Why was the thought of him buried in her neck not only erotic but welcoming> Her favorite scent was hyacinth and somehow his body must have adapted to that because he smelled like it. Her one hand was at the nape of his neck as the other hand slid under his arm and hugged at his back as she felt her body press against him. Why was it so hard to pull away? Logically she wanted to but the warmth she felt against him made her feel trapped. She felt guilty as she felt she wanted more than this simple touch and intimacy.

He kept himself aware of her, every motion, every breath, every beat of her heart. "Nothing except that I like the taste..." He murmured softly. "Did you know that humans give off different scents when they are feeling different emotions... fear, rage, joy, and..." He leaned down to pick her up by her thighs, sitting her on the table. "desire..." He finished leaning into her one hand on the table. "I could be wrong, though I doubt it very highly..." His head tipped, his free hand caressing it's knuckles to her cheek. The demon's lips were close enough to hers that his breath rolled over mouth, smelling and tasting of metal. "Prove me right, or prove me wrong, the next move is yours to make..."

Tonya listened and was pulled up without her even realizing it. His words entangled her and she felt her body feel the oddest sensation of heat all over and even more at her chest and between her legs. She had tried to closer her legs but his body had been there between them. Why was he this close? Was he taunting her? She couldn't deny that she liked it but wouldn't admit it aloud. His breath over her lips made her back tremble; how was she not a puddle on the floor? She wanted to kiss him. Not like in the mirror either, a much more needy kiss. The words had lost themselves in her throat but her body seemed to move on its own. 'He likes the way human blood tastes? I want to give him mine then.' Without hesitation she moved her tongue under her teeth and bit down hard enough to draw blood; her logic had left her thoughts and now her need fueled her. Her fingers grazed his cheek and she drew closer and open mouth kissed him as any blood on her tongue was now on his own tongue. Being AB-Negative her blood was practically a delicacy since it was the rarest; the desired scent rolling off her was that of Jasmine; Its rich, sweet smell has been used for centuries to improve libido and promote intimacy, which makes it one of the more well-known aphrodisiac scents and Tonya was oddly emitting it despite not using the oil herself. She wondered what her scent was but the thought was lost as her eyes closed as her other hand grasped the hem of his shirt pulling him closer to her.

There was no trickery he used; no hypnotism, no demonic power, that lead her mind astray, merely his own charm and her desire. Their scents swirled the unmoving air around them, her's of Jasmine, his ever shifting so that no one fragrance fell blind to her nose. A hint of metal added it's worth into the cacophony of smells as her life force coated tongue sunk into his mouth and was greeted willingly with his own narrow muscle. An inky, silken curtain covered the meeting as he leaned into her even more, matching her kiss with vigor. The heat of the demon's mouth and body were unnaturally high compared to that of a human's, but was he like that when they'd kissed before? The memory was likely too far to reach now, especially in the currently fogged state of her mind. Long fingers hooked under her thighs, pulling her across the newly smoothed surface to balance her right on the edge, her groin meeting his firmly through clothing.

Her senses were overwhelmed but it wasn't to the point of causing panic; quite the opposite, she could feel her body reacting for her to push forward. His kiss was heated and she didn't want to leave it. He had to inhale through her nose otherwise she may have held her breath. When her butt slid across the table she gasped slightly and a word escaped her lips, his name. Had it been panic? Need? Pleasure? Maybe all three because she had returned her lips to his. She could feel the warmth radiating off him and wanted to touch him. Smooth fingertips ran down to his waist. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire. Had she accidentally touched him 'there'? Hand smoothed up past the hem of his top and finally, she felt the warmth of his skin. He was soft and toned. Her hands soothed up his abs and then his ribs and finally his chest. With this being the first male she had touched she savored it. Her mind had such lewd images of them on this table; him buried in her neck as her legs were wrapped around his hips. Her thoughts were on intercourse but she wasn't about to hand him her v-card; but at this rate maybe it would remove the tension between them? He had stated she could ask him for physical needs. Her hips moved up to his as her legs locked around him pulling him closer.

It was just as hard to decipher the thoughts in his head as they were hers. What had it been? Several hundred years since he'd touched someone and been touched. Her slightly cooler fingers exploring his toned torso sent a shudder from her fingertips all over his body. He had no current intentions of deflowering her, not here, not now, not like this, though he was willing to show her his tongue could be just as sinful in matters of ecstasy as it was in speech. Her legs wrapping and locking around his hips drew a noise into the recaptured lip lock. What was it though? A gasp? A grunt? Perhaps even a moan? Whatever it was there was certainly a hint of surprise within in. While her hands roamed his torso, his chose to run the lengths of her thighs from hip to knee and back, gripping firmly but not too tight, as though he knew exactly what she wanted even if she, herself, didn't know.

The noise he made had made her wonder if she had surprised him; meek little Tonya still could be fiesty yet. Was he enoying this? She had hoped so, otherwise what was the point in this action? With his hands on her thigh she enjoyed the long caress up her tight jeans and could feel his claws on the threads. As wonderful as this had been she needed to break free; anything to bring her back to reality. She didn't want this to progress out of hand and worse she didn't want to taunt him. With him being a demon he could surely take that in which he desired but she hoped he had some respect despite her being a human. Her legs released their lock on him and dangled free; now came the harder part, their mouths. She had enjoyed the kiss; easily she would have been content kissing him for a much longer period. Slowly she pulled her lips from his and finally took a long needed breath through her parted lips. Her shyness started to show as she gazed away not sure she could look him in the eyes after her behavior. "W-was that decent?" 'Smooth Tonya! maybe you should have asked permission to kiss him in the first place! But he did kiss back.. so he did like it? Or was it just for the blood? AH! Now I'll never know!' Her internal argument continued but it didn't last as her eyes had slowly drifted up to meet his eyes and her mind went quiet as she waited for a response. Come to think of it her hands were still under his shirt and cupped against his chest. She didn't want to pull away from the warmth; she would be greedy and hold here as long as she could.

The sudden release of his lower torso and retreat from his lips perplexed him. He thought she'd been enjoying herself, so why did she choose to let go of him? "Decent?" He echoed her last word with the upward infliction. "Are you asking me how well you kiss?" He tried to gain clarity where he was sure there was none. "Why have you stopped? I can still smell your desire on your skin..." He questioned further, leaning back into her his lips claimed a section of her throat, pressing the hot tiers to her skin. His hands dug talons lightly into the thick material, giving her the pressure of them but none of the pain they could inflict.

She pouted when he answered her question with a question. It only made her more curious and pushed her into wanting to know more. He spoke so lewdly with no remorse as if it was casual which made her cheeks flush. When his lips had angled into her neck and she felt the sharpness of his fangs there her eyes fluttered closed and she exhale was a moan of need and want, "Aerik~" With his claws pacing down into the jeans her hips rose to his again unable to be contained as she ground her hips on him. It had felt remarkable and of course, she didn't want to stop what felt good. There was a small alarm of fear of what would come after though. Perhaps it was just the idea of sex that spooked her. The first time was supposed to be memorable but what did she care about now? No man wanted her unless it was for his own intentions. Was Aerik the same? One hand brushed his chest and brushed over his nipple as the other snaked upwards to the nape of his neck pulling him into her neck. 'bite me... I want to please you somehow...' She could offer her blood to him; she'd be happy to if it gave him a sense of fulfillment or even maybe happiness? She had been shy and reserved only barely pipping in with commentary but she felt her voice in a need to feel her own desire as well as his, "Bite me, Aerik."

Hearing her words right beside his pointed ear refueled in her desire his mouth opened, the sharp weapons in his maw scraped her skin a bit more. Two little kitten scratches first, to test how badly she wanted him to latch onto her. The beads of blood were lapped up with one firm draw of his heated tongue. After moving from her knees back to her hips his hands continued to venture, slipping under the hem of her shirt and up her bare back. The long claws grazed her soft skin, his wrists lifting her shirt slightly as he moved his touch up her spine. He wanted her, that much was true, but only if she wanted him to want her and wanted him as well. The scent of desire, which was sweet and addicting, went sour if the recipient wasn't completely willing and he didn't like the taste of a nonconsensual partner.

Tonya felt the edge of his teeth and felt her body grow tight in anticipation. She wanted it and he had hesitated as if testing her or teasing her. Damn him for making her say it aloud. When her shirt was moved she felt his warm hands along her back causing her to arch into him. Feeling his claws she took a sharp breath and bit her lip as if trying to suppress her noises. Her hand at his neck slid up cupping the back of his head pulling him closer, "Don't stop Aerik~" Her eyes closed as her other hand moved down further to the hem of his pants and brushed the outside and her cheeks flushed and eyes had widened lightly. Was he, excited? Had she felt him pitching a tent? Was there an actual bulge? Sure she was quite moist from all these actions but she had almost been surprised she was invoking those feelings for him. It was flattering; so he did want her. Her hand didn't pull away as she rubbed down then back up to his waist.

Her plea would not go ignored, though there was a slight pause to gift her with a soft moan when she grazed his arousal. His voice would be enough for many to turn into a writhing puddle of orgasmic bliss on the floor. Pearled, sharp enamel once more made contact with her skin, right at the crook of her neck. They pressed with increasing firmness until they ripped through flesh with astounding ease. One hand trailed across her side from her back to her front, smoothing up her belly to firmly grasp her right breast trough the silken fabric of her bra. He was testing her, seeing just how far this would go, how far she'd let him go. He, of course, was more than willing to take things quite far, though he wasn't quite ready to bury himself within her.

Oh his noise was definitely a blessing to her ears; she wanted to hear more of it but before she could stroke him again she felt the pricks of fangs into her neck. Her eyes widened feeling pain and there was a small panic with it but his hand grasping her breast drew her back in as her eyes fluttered shut and she whispered his name. She wanted him to moan again even with him latched to her neck she wanted to feel the rumble in his chest from enjoying her. One of her hands skimmed up his abs and torso to his chest and touched his nipple as her other grasped and stroked the outside of his trousers feeling how tight they had been to hold him. Even from the outside of her black lace bra, the nub had hardened and when his palm brushed it she let out a quivering gasp. Her lip quivered, "M-m-more Aerik~" She wanted to feel his hand on her fleshy mounds and honestly shuddered at the idea of them between his teeth but they were in her neck where she wanted them currently.

Feeling her hand on his member through his pants and the bare fingers teasing his pink bud, she got what she wanted; another soft moan vibrating the captured skin. His hips pressed closer to the attention, his chest arching to her fingers. Behind him his wings fluttered a bit, following the pleasured shudder that chased his spine. The hand up her back skillfully unclasped the fabric barrier between his hand and her bust. Fangs drew from her flesh to remove her shirt and bra from her. His lips crashed into her collarbone as both hands cupped her chest, his thumbs flicking over her sensitive numbs.

His moan made her smile lightly enjoying the sound may be more than she should have but she was glad to know she was pleasing him. Hearing his wings she opened her eyes briefly to gaze at them and felt his body arch into her and a shudder. She wanted to touch them but her hands had been busy with other motions. Her bra had come undone and in a fast motion she felt the cold air of the room on her bare skin and when his hands cupped her breasts she whined and let out a loud gasp. the flick of her already sensitive nubs had her moan loudly that it surprised even her. "Aerik~" She chanted his name in pure ecstasy; she was enjoying herself very much and wanted to give him the same. Her hand copied his and flicked his nipple but her other hand had brushed the hem of his bottoms teasing her fingertips along with the fabric. Eyes closed again as her fingers slid in and brushed the tip with a forefinger then her thumb as her other fingers rubbed from the outside of his bottoms.

Lips brushed her ear as he whispered into it with a breathy voice, smooth as silk. "Don't tease the caged beast if you're not ready to soothe his rage..." He warned softly, his way of telling her not to touch his manhood if she wasn't willing to give him release. His hands moved her shirt out of the way, ducking his head to wrap his lips around her right nipple, his fingers still teasing the left. His now free hand ran up the inside of her thigh, claws grazing the middle seam of her jeans.

His tone had made her heart melt and the euphemism had been spot on. He was definitely a beast but not caged by any means. She gave him a key earlier after all. He could come and go as he pleased. Their relationship was still lightly confusing for her. It was more a friends with benefits type deal but would it develop or would he go seeking another woman or man to be his company? Such jealous thoughts left her mind when his mouth met her breast. She arched her back as her chest drew closer to him but when his claws grazed the jeans she whimpered softly and her hand tightened on his peck and then went around his back and touched the base of his wings at his back and dragged her nails between them with just enough force to leave red marks. Her hand that thumbed his tip now reached in with her hand to grasp the whole rod and stroke it, "I intend to." Of course, she wanted him to release especially with how he came to make her feel. Even though her pants she was certain her panties had a thick coat of her moist excitement. She hadn't even thought of the last time she had tried to physically please herself; months? Likely, but now that he was offering to help she would be a fool to not accept.

The energy between them shifted slightly as her nails left red welts on his flawless pale skin. The very slight pain inflicted on his back shifted the dynamic slightly. Pearled enamel slid onto her nipple, biting firmly down to tug a bit. A moan left his throat though this one was more animalistic, sounding closer to a growl, when her fingers wrapped his shaft. If she were perceptive, she would notice that his manhood wasn't exactly human shaped. The head, instead of being a very rounded tip, was more pointed and along the shaft were two rows of little bumps that moved slightly when her hand passed over them as though he pierced several times along the underside. With his hands free they worked to unbutton her pants, dragging the zipper loose and tugging them down to hang around her ankles. He was going to have to remove her shoes to get them fully off, of course, but for now it allowed him to caress her womanhood through her dampened panties.

When his mouth attached to her already delicate nub she winced and whined softly as he had pulled at it. The moan had a more primal urgency to it now which at first had scared her it was outweighed by the lust she had felt. Tonya had to pause her fingers because she hadn't expected what she felt. A pointed tip and what felt like ridges on the underside from being pierced? The size in itself was already intimidating but now he had enhanced 'equipment' she wondered what its capabilities were. She arched her back gasping when she felt his fingers touch the wet fabric of her underwear. Her other hand held the base of his wing as the other stroked the demon shaft. Under the table, she was able to kick off her shoes and wiggled the jeans to the floor. With her being one step away from being naked she wanted more of his skin revealed to her eyes. Her hands tugged at the vest and top trying to pull or push it away. The sensation at her breast now growing too intense as she whined, "Aerik~ t-too much."

The thud of her shoes on the floor and the rustle of jeans following was satisfying to hear. He felt her fidget with his clothes and heard the uncomfortable whine leave her lips causing him to withdraw his mouth and hand from her. Taking a step back from her trembling form caused her hand to tug away from his pants as he stepped just out of her reach. "I suppose its only fair that I remove more hm?" He slowly, seductively plucked the buttons free from his vest, his eyes never leaving hers. He shrugged it from his shoulders, letting it fall with a flutter to the floor. He drew his wrist to his lips, using his tongue and pointed teeth to unbutton the cuff, giving the other the same treatment. The process of unbuttoning his shirt was agonizingly slow, but high in sexuality. He dropped the shirt with his vest, smirking at her as she ate him up with her eyes. While he didn't discard his pants he did unbutton them and draw the zipper halfway down to relieve the tension against his arousal. Moving back to her his hands grabbed her highs, lifting them to hang over his shoulders as he dropped down. His hot tongue pressed to the already soaked fabric between her legs, further spreading the dampness. The muscle teased her sensitive bundle of nerves hidden under the cloth.

When he pulled away there was a slight missing of his body being close to her. She was not disappointed when he began to undress. Her cheeks lit up with the red color as she saw layers starting to fall away. She had slightly pouted when he teased at the button and zipper but he didn't quite pull them away. Claws had touched her bare thigh making her whine softly but seeing him lower down her eyes went wide anticipating his next move. Nothing could have prepared her. His hot breath had added a strange sensation and along with the tongue which caused her to tremble. He truly was a demon, she was certain no human could make her feel the way she was feeling right now. Even more, embarrassing was this frantic fleet in her chest that wanted more. Her fingers reached down and grasped onto the thick part of his horns and spread her legs willingly but with the graze of his tongue at the sensitive nub, her hips lightly jerked in surprise as she arched her head gritting her teeth then letting out a full moan assuring him she was enjoying his advances.

Who could have guessed that one of the demon's erogenous zones would be his horns? The simple action of gripping them caused the slick muscle now teasing her virgin sex to vibrate with a deep moan. He didn't care to tongue his work through the woven barrier for long, curling his long clawed fingers into the waistband and out of the leg hole, he dug his claws into the fabric, impatiently ripping them away. If she wanted to complain he'd just get her a new pair. Once free of the fabric shield, his arms wrapped around her thighs, pulling her right up against his face. His long, tapered tongue pressed into her entrance, wiggling in as deep as it could manage. His noise gently nudged the sensitive spot he had been teasing earlier.

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