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User Name: [Ms. Steel]

Character name: Eleanor Antoinette Hayes.

Mutant Name: Synch.

Abilities/powers: Multi-location/self-duplication. Eleanor basically has the ability to create multiple versions of herself, and, to an extent, control them. How realistic a duplicate is and to what degree she can control it depends upon a couple of factors, however; notably, proximity to her copies and how many she's created.

For instance, El can control a single copy of her self with great ease, and with two copies she has slightly less command-- while they still precisely resemble her, she's dividing her concentration between two beings, thus there are nuances that start to deviate from the norm, especially if she's trying to hold two conversations at once (she might have to put one on 'pause', as it were, so she doesn't cross her communications). Anything more than three duplicates, and Eleanor starts to have less control over the quality (the copies start to resemble mannequins, generic version of herself that look less and less like the original the more she duplicates), and she can't perform higher level functions at the same time: Conversation, movement, etc.

Her duplicates aren't simply visual projections-- they have mass and occupy space-- but they don't have to breath, blink, eat, drink, go to the bathroom, etc. When she's through with a duplicate, it dissolves into an inert, ash-like, dust, clothes and all. Anything that is prematurely separated from a duplicate (a simulated piece of clothing, a body part that might have accidentally gotten chopped-off) has a similar fate. Since she's usually up to no good, Eleanor prefers to create her copies in private. It also takes a great degree of concentration for her to create a precise copy, and at least several entirely uninterrupted minutes wherein the copy phases into existence, like an apparition that gradually appears.

Sex: Female.

Age/Date of Birth:: 17; June 10th.

General appearance: El is 5'5" but she seems shorter due to her tendency toward poor posture; her complexion is medium olive, and she usually gets very tan in the summer, even with sunscreen. Atop her head is a shaggy, shoulder-length mop of layered dark brown hair streaked with reddish highlights from some past dye job, although her hair does take a naturally reddish cast in the summer; a jagged set of side-swept bangs hang just about in her tawny brown eyes. Her hair has the tendency to look like it's unwashed even though she just styles it that way. She has been told she bears a resemblance to a young Chrissie Hynde.

Additional Appearance: Dressing almost exclusively in black and dark clothing, Eleanor fancies a sort of retro-rocker look with a touch of goth. Her eyes are usually accentuated with a healthy rim of smudgy black eyeliner, and she's got a sprinkling of freckles on across the apples of her cheeks and the bridge of her nose of her angular face.

Personality: Eleanor can pretend to get along with anyone, and she, in fact, enjoys the company of others, although she's not always a particularly friendly or polite person. She adores a challenge and challenging people; thanks to her power, she's a bit of a daredevil, choosing to send an avatar on perilous tasks and risky endeavors, benefiting from the general experience but not from the consequences.

She can be lazy and obstinate when it comes to matters with which she'd rather not deal, however, and her off-handed charm tends to lose a bit of luster when she gets in such a mood.
Special Skills: She can whistle really loudly.

Place of birth: Roswell, New Mexico.
Weapon(s) of choice: Her self-proclaimed rapier wit and the ability to be in two places at once.
Medical information: After moving out of New Mexico, El has discovered that she is devastatingly allergic to poison ivy.
Brief History: Since the time that her mutation presented itself in her preteen years, El's abilities have gradually developed. Suffice it to say, the moment she realized what it was she could do, she started playing hooky, preferring to send a copy of herself in her stead to school, rather than actually attending. Her copies pretty much slept their way through classes, since Eleanor was usually off doing other activities that she deemed more worth her while. She eked her way through several sessions of summer school in a similar manner, and ended-up being held back her sophomore year in high school.

Completely fed-up with her slacker daughter, El's mother sent her off to Xavier's school several months ago, but she's only just managed to make an appearance, mostly out of the fact that she's out of money and hasn't really got anywhere else to go.

Relatives: Mother, step-father, birth father (whom she's never met), a half-sister and a half-brother.

How long your character has been in the mansion: One week.

Current Attire: Right now, Eleanor is wearing a black bandeau-style two-piece bathing suit that was shot vertically with neon pink pinstripe, a bandana tied over her hair, cat's eye sunglasses and a well-loved pair of black low-top Converse sneakers.

She's also wearing an oversized, faded black tee shirt and a pair of magenta leopard print panties.

Dormitory 301


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Sage Miller

Mark Banster

Valerie K. Sprouse

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2014-05-12 [Ms. Steel]: If there are any problems with the way I'm playing her, please let me know. I need to figure some stuff out and break her in...

2014-05-12 [Ms. Steel]: I especially like El's bedroom eyes. hehe.

2014-05-16 [twitchboy]: i see many interesting applications here

2014-05-16 [Ms. Steel]: Hopefully, yes.

2014-11-15 [Ms. Steel]: <img200*0:stuff/elsketch.jpg>

2014-11-15 [Figgy]: Welp, it's official. Steel is a better artist than any of us.

2014-11-15 [Ms. Steel]: nahhh

2014-11-15 [Ms. Steel]: Plus I can't do that fancy digital drawing and coloring and stuff...

2014-11-15 [Figgy]: But she looks like a person, not a cartoon :P
Also, digital makes it a lot easier to fix mistakes and make things look better >_>

2014-11-15 [Ms. Steel]: Different skills, different styles :-)

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