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#elftown @

Welcome everybody!

What is Elfchat?
Elfchat is a place for Elftowners to have a chat. This here Elfchat wikipage is just an information page.
If you want to chat on a wikipage right now, head to Now.

How do I get there?
Well, there are two options.
You can use the Java applet at <URL:> to connect to the chat channel, or you can use the Mibbit IRC widget.
Or, you can install a IRC client yourself. See Elfchat Technical Information.

What do I do there?
You can say hello, ask people to comment on your art and talk about the weather in Popolopia and [Isilando]'s beard.

It seems awfully quiet.
Elfchatters are from all over the world. It could be that some of the people in the room are sleeping at the moment, or just busy. Sometimes you get a reply within minutes, and sometimes everybody sleeps for half a day.
Think of Elfchat as faster than a forum and slower than MSN.

So that's it?
Yep, pretty much. But please keep reading for more details.

How to get to Elfchat

The easy way:
1) Read the rest of the pages and come back later, it will help you.
2) Click here: <URL:> (or here: Mibbit IRC widget). This will run a java applet. Click "run" if it asks what to do.
3) Change your nickname. You can do so in the lower right box.
4) Say something nice and wait or go do something else until you get a reply.

The better way:
1) Get an IRC client.
2) Connect to
3) Join #Elftown.
These steps are detailed in Elfchat Technical Information.

Remember behaviour

* Don't be an asshole.
* Use your best English.
* Be patient.

Assholes usually flood the channel (typing nonsense in order to make it more difficult for the rest to communicate), keep repeating things, tire others with private messages about their personal websites, write with irritating colours in order again to make communicating difficult, beg for ops etc.
People who act this way will be banned from the channel until they decide to behave.

You should not come to show off how much you can abuse the English language or insulting people. We recommend that you leave the abbreviations and bad grammar to the ones who wish to solve riddles; we want to talk, not to decrypt your messages. We won't lynch you if English is not your mother tongue or you have problems with spelling, but you should at least try to write understandably. It is OK, we all make typos. It's just that you just shouldn't be typing with your butt.

Speaking of typos, some of us are spelling nazis. Do not feel attacked or offended when someone corrects your little (or big) errors. It happens often, you should only learn from it. :)

Links and further information

Using Elfchat: chat commands and other information on how to use the chat.

Elfchat Technical Information: instructions on how to get an IRC client, how to connect and how to register your nickname.

Elfchat Frequenters: Get an idea about who you might meet in ElfChat.

The forum: <joinforum:312:irc> (Elfchat - Questions and Reports). If you need help, feel free to ask in the forum. Or in the comments of these wikipages, whatever works.

Elfchat Quotes: <URL:>
They are amusing.


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help index
-The ElfChat Bosses

Username (or number or email):


2004-01-25 [Amerthyst]: o.O Its quite a bit to ask people to download a chat program, install it, without knowing the risks, amongst other things, some people i've met havent a clue how to use mirc, some do. why not add a java chat? or does the server allow it?

2004-01-25 [Nita]: It's strange and slow... And it's in Italian! ;)

2004-01-25 [Nita]: I managed to switch it to English, but I'm still not satisfied... :/

2004-01-26 [Peaches]: *looks horror struck* gone all gone......must use the one at spin <.< >.>...............

2004-01-26 [Lizzy Beth 96]: ellos ppl persons

2004-01-26 [~The Dragon Master~]: How do you translate it???

2004-01-27 [Nita]: Translate what?

2004-01-27 [kthxby]: Amerthyst: Life works that way. If you aren´t willing to learn, you´ll miss a lot of things. And the problem with the javachat is that you can´t ban one misbehaving person without banning the whole javachat.

2004-01-27 [kthxby]: IRC is 15 years old "invention" and it has been proven working. Which client you use is up to you though. Mirc is probably one of the easiest to learn.

2004-01-27 [alinePhoenix]: hey..

2004-01-28 [jessr]: hi

2004-01-28 [paully]: hi adndgirl

2004-01-29 [Saphire_Shadow]: I wanna cookie. o.o

2004-01-29 [Zahkuridoth Aleckzanderose]: so lonely

2004-01-29 [Darko]: hey everybody

2004-01-29 [Isilando]: This is not the chat. In addition to stupid "This-chat-sucks" comments, the "Hello", "hi!", "what's up?!", " ^_^ " comments will also be deleteded from here and now on. The only reason the comments are shown in this wiki is for people who might have a question but they don't know how to use the forums.

2004-01-29 [The Outcast Soul]: hey

2004-01-29 [Nita]: (so I went ahead and deleted the old "hi" comments, too)

2004-01-29 [Lizzy Beth 96]: i dont understand this is there bye any chance a poetry place

2004-01-29 [Nita]: Yes... Click here -> Poets meeting point

2004-01-29 [Lanikis]: helllllo crap people >_< im erc cartmen

2004-01-29 [Lanikis]: if ur sliding into 3rd & u feel a squishy turd ... diarea

2004-01-30 [Suri]: I just joined here ...and i dont understand it....

2004-01-30 [Suri]: I took the tours...but it still isnt helping ..could someone help me??

2004-01-30 [O-Damn]: I can't find crap on this site

2004-01-30 [Isilando]: In what part exactly do you meet a problem?

2004-01-31 [Kabu]: Kabu needs a friend:'(

2004-01-31 [meow_meow55]: anyone there?

2004-01-31 [~x~kelz~x~]: hi creatures

2004-01-31 [Anwyn]: <--- is new here as well :)

2004-02-01 [suss]: (== is also new but quite good at comprehending

2004-02-01 [Nayrue]: help me please

2004-02-01 [Nayrue]: is the forums where we are supposed to chat???

2004-02-01 [Nayrue]: if so, how, cause i have no idea

2004-02-01 [Isilando]: Read the instructions at the wiki and follow them step by step, exactly

2004-02-02 [Emmi]: Ok- the forms confuse me

2004-02-02 [Kristi12320]: hey ppl

2004-02-02 [paradize girl]: hello

2004-02-02 [crazy gurlie]: ok im here and i think this is where i have to talk am i correct?

2004-02-02 [Nita]: No :)

2004-02-05 [Deloriel]: every time i do the email/password part, i get a message saying my email address is not valid

2004-02-05 [Isilando]: You seem not to be the only one... Keep in mind the right order is first password and then email.

2004-02-06 [Bitch♥Please]: hi

2004-02-06 [Bitch♥Please]: how old is everyone???

2004-02-06 [Bitch♥Please]: email me if u would like to just chat.

2004-02-07 [LoTuS_LeTtE17]: hey...

2004-02-10 [Figgy]: hey how do u change ur profile

2004-02-10 [Figgy]: i cant figure it out

2004-02-10 [Nita]: On Elftown? Click on "your house", then click "change personal data" :)

2004-02-10 [B-ballPlayer]: hey what's up

2004-02-10 [B-ballPlayer]: how's it going everyone anyone need some pimpin

2004-02-10 [B-ballPlayer]: who here know's French

2004-02-10 [B-ballPlayer]: i;m from Utah

2004-02-10 [Isilando]: (repeating for someone who might feels like adding a "hello" comment: ) This is not the chat. In addition to stupid "This-chat-sucks" comments, the "Hello", "hi!", "what's up?!", " ^_^ " comments will also be deleteded from here and now on. The only reason the comments are shown in this wiki is for people who might have a question but they don't know how to use the forums.

2004-02-10 [vincentdarkheart]: <---------is new and haas a question)

2004-02-10 [vincentdarkheart]: is role playing alowed

2004-02-11 [hippythingz]: hi all

2004-02-11 [Isilando]: If you want to role play, why do it here and not go to one of the hundrents of other wikis which are made for Role Playing. Wouldn't it be better for both you and us?

2004-02-11 [Isilando]: There are special wikis for role playing. Here you'd just find no responce (and deleted comments). Go to the main wiki page and navigate through there to find role playing wikis ;)

2004-02-11 [TaintedBliss]: ? is confused

2004-02-11 [TaintedBliss]: I really need help

2004-02-11 [Isilando]: Say " [Nita] " three times :P

2004-02-11 [Nita]: Do you really think that would work, dear Isi? ;)

2004-02-11 [Isilando]: yea, I do believe in magic :P

2004-02-15 [Crow_featherx84]: I am gld to see such rules and positive enforcement of the language in this new area of the woods, My compliments to the creators.

2004-02-16 [Isilando]: Oh *blusses* Thank you :D

2004-02-16 [PixieMyth]: hiya

2004-02-16 [PixieMyth]: anyone in here under 15?

2004-02-17 [rajwanshi]: this is more confusing than the last rocket I flew

2004-02-17 [rajwanshi]: *blows a whistle*

2004-02-17 [Asalli_Angel]: i'm new

2004-02-17 [Isilando]: [rajwanshi]: the instructions are so detailed that even an orc would manage it , [Asalli_Angel] : the mIRC has nothing to do with the way Elftown site works so you're asking for help in the wrong place

2004-02-17 [i fall from the sky]: hey im new here and dont now what to do so any one what to help me out message me peace

2004-02-17 [B-ballPlayer]: hey

2004-02-18 [Battered puppy]: hello i'm new is there anything that you suggets that i know?

2004-02-18 [Battered puppy]: what do the fast food worker and street child have to do with anything?

2004-02-18 [Battered puppy]: how will i know if someone awnsers this?

2004-02-18 [Nita]: This is the wrong place to ask such questions. Please, go to the Newbie questions forum -> <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>

2004-02-18 [Maple Grove_Karma20]: Hello

2004-02-20 [FireBringer]: Hey i have a question can anyone answer it ?

2004-02-20 [Nita]: Ask.

2004-02-21 [STARCUTTIE]: how do you get on the elftown chat from your homepage?

2004-02-21 [Nita]: You need an IRC client.

2004-02-22 [SleepingDragon]: Um just a suggestion but why doesn't someone make a java page for the chat client to open in so people don't have to go through all that downloading and settup of software just to chat?

2004-02-22 [Nita]: Well, if you're that suicidal... ;) <URL:wiki_azzurra>

2004-02-23 [jobby]: We be fallin up, Never fallin down, We keep it at a higher level elevating now, in your area, town, Blackeyed Peas is gettin down

2004-02-24 [Airwalkgirl]: wazz up

2004-02-25 [Bakura_Sukura]: I am new at this. actually I am new to everything. I want to chat though. Is there a chat room here and if so where the heck is it? (To be honest, I never have been in a chat room other than by accident.)

2004-02-25 [Shreya]: Please read through the page :P

2004-02-26 [pyro of flame]: hi ya'll

2004-02-26 [Marguerite]: hey all

2004-03-04 [Writezilla]: the server is down

2004-03-06 [goat_gurl]: im bored anybody wanna talk on yahoo IM me!!! nikkie1427<<yahoo ID

2004-03-07 [goth_71075]: hey im bored 2 my yahoo im is >>>ur_girl71075

2004-03-07 [~me~]: *yawn*

2004-03-08 [hoopcity]: the new chat rocks!!

2004-03-09 [IllicitDreamZz]: Anyone in here???

2004-03-10 [Raven Lilly]: just wanted to say this site is brilliant, and the artists on it should be darn proud of themselves

2004-03-11 [bullitpruf08]: hello

2004-03-11 [Antz]: I'm new here, so i won't be up to much until i learn to find my way around

2004-03-11 [Antz]: how instant is this chat?

2004-03-11 [farie of the dead]: i agree with Antz

2004-03-12 [Antz]: cheers

2004-03-13 [Deleted user]: hi, up the irons!

2004-03-13 [Isilando]: [Antz] : It's as instant as downloading, installing and connecting through a program. There is also a java applet which is supposed to work but it doesn't, this is why we didn't write it somewhere in the wiki. I will add it though with the comment "Don't expect it to work" ... It is generally more preferable to download and use IRC as it's more reliable.

2004-03-14 [tashalynn83]: sup ppl

2004-03-15 [link_lotr]: hey room!

2004-03-15 [link_lotr]: bye room!

2004-03-15 [Llshrty56]: The new chat is the best!

2004-03-15 [Antz]: what irc server and what is the name of the chatroom you use?

2004-03-16 [i sneezed and my toe moved..]: well ppl join rockmelons@wiki !! ^^^ it cool

2004-03-16 [Antz]: What IRC server do you use, and what is the name of the channel?

2004-03-16 [Nita]: #elftown (Can't you read? ;)

2004-03-16 [hot girl]: anyone want to chat?

2004-03-16 [Isilando]: Join the IRC channel if you want to find that out.. Because normal people who want to chat will be in there

2004-03-17 [Antz]: oh, i can't use it at school :'(

2004-03-17 [Sepheroth]: hi

2004-03-19 [Crim]: what the heck are u people talking about?

2004-03-24 [Thalier]: hey ppl

2004-03-24 [randomevil666]: how do i get 2 chat

2004-03-24 [randomevil666]: i dont know how 2 chat

2004-03-24 [Isilando]: read the wiki throughtly and follow it step by step

2004-03-25 [ever_free]: hey


2004-03-29 [Nita]: Did it work for you? :)

2004-03-29 [Yummygurl]: hey

2004-03-30 [Apostolic_Girl88]: hi

2004-03-31 [sanity_is_boring]: i'm wearing pants

2004-03-31 [JJmucuster]: um scard

2004-03-31 [StarvingBum]: Hey RuneKaiser

2004-04-01 [cherriefarie16]: does anyone in here know how to chat with everyone on this site

2004-04-01 [cherriefarie16]: cause im havin trouble finding it

2004-04-02 [Chincilla]: I don't think so, but are there any dutch people, if I am!?

2004-04-02 [Isilando]: You cannot chat on this site. You just follow the instructions written there to chat with other elftowners.

2004-04-02 [DarkWarder]: Have no idea how to chat

2004-04-03 [Isilando]: Read the instructions

2004-04-03 [Xiomara Mejia]: Dark Warder. If you don't know how to chat, you can't read.

2004-04-04 [Isilando]: [Xiomara Mejia] is younger than most people who try to find their way through the labyrinth of this page and yet she did better than everyone else... [Xiomara Mejia] do you want to marry me? :P

2004-04-05 [Gabriela of Darkwood]: Where the hey do I go to chat without paying??? yea, cause somewhere it said that the old one is charging...And I want to chat....yea....okay....get back to me...

2004-04-05 [Isilando]: No version of IRC requires that you pay. Unless the evaluation period of 30 days is over. Try getting some other clients in . Don't(!!!!!!) try to join the #ElfChat channel with an aggresive irc client designed only to create problems. You'll be banned.

2004-04-07 [Muffin Man]: is this like msn?

2004-04-07 [Nita]: No, it's like IRC :)

2004-04-07 [gaither babe]: idk what to do here i tried following the directions butit didnt work

2004-04-07 [Isilando]: Try explaining a bit better where exactly do you encounter a problem.

2004-04-09 [Celine]: hello?

2004-04-09 [Celine]: I was wondering if this is a rp room?

2004-04-09 [Forestchild]:

2004-04-09 [Celine]: great! cause I hate those rooms

2004-04-09 [Celine]: no one talks they just pretend to be fighting make believe monsters

2004-04-10 [Isilando]: This is not a room at all. It is just the instruction on how to char with other people on IRC and not on this wiki. The comments are only for questions if you have any problems in the whole proceedure described above.

2004-04-11 [anonymous182]: good morning everyone

2004-04-13 [teladobix]: It says that my e-mail is not valid~_~

2004-04-13 [Isilando]: Hm. This seems to be a common problem and I don't see why... Are you sure you didn't switch places the password with the e-mail? e-mail comes after the password. If this doesn't work message me to help you more.

2004-04-13 [Snoefty]: hey

2004-04-13 [JoJo the Evil Monkey]: hi im kinda a newbie so if i do sumthing wrong tell me and ill stop

2004-04-13 [JoJo the Evil Monkey]: it sucks that evey time you talk u haf ta scroll down again

2004-04-14 [Nita]: Don't scroll. Read. :)

2004-04-14 [lady lara]: how do u use this

2004-04-14 [teladobix]: it wasn't that simple but im in now ^_^

2004-04-15 [Chassy]: ..ello?

2004-04-15 [kthxby]: If people can´t read, I´m wondering how did they get this far anyway... A real paradox unless people are lazy and don´t even want to know.

2004-04-15 [Isilando]: uh? well.. u seem a prity guy .. 'ello u there ^_^

2004-04-15 [MaTTy d0n'T]: errrrr i am haveing a little trouble connectiing to just cant connect, also it might be helpful for the mirc nub's of you inclouded a driect shortcut to the channal like they done on

2004-04-15 [Nita]: The Java thingy for the channel is here: <URL:wiki_Azzurra> It takes a while to load, though...

2004-04-15 [punkgurl66]: DO ANY OF YALL KNOW SCHITZOSK8ER?

2004-04-15 [punkgurl66]: OR AKA JUSTIN?

2004-04-16 [~AbraKaDagger~]: I'm VERY confused!!!!

2004-04-16 [sext_4_u]: whats up

2004-04-16 [KaeiliVampSlayer]: i have a question...

2004-04-16 [KaeiliVampSlayer]: i was searching through elfwood and i found a location called silvestris

2004-04-16 [blackcatx_x]: hi

2004-04-16 [Nita]: What kind of location?

2004-04-17 [Isilando]: SilverStris is an artist. I remember him/her because we featured him/her in herald. [~AbraKaDagger~] if you don't tell us what you are confused about you will stay confused for eternity

2004-04-19 [Tamaki-Senpai]: @_@ Confusion... You knew I was stupid didn't you!!!

2004-04-19 [Nita]: I remember [Silvestris] too, but she's not a "location"... ;)

2004-04-19 [Taurelen]: Am I the only one from Sweden here?

2004-04-19 [Nita]: No... But this is not the right place to ask that :)

2004-04-19 [juggalo_for_life]: hm

2004-04-20 [WalkingDeficient]: Yea im new...tell me what not to do here so i dont get in trouble with anyone please?

2004-04-20 [WalkingDeficient]: ok never mind its no that hard

2004-04-20 [Vampire Mariam]: no one is here.................

2004-04-20 [brightsprite]: anyone here?

2004-04-20 [brightsprite]: hmmm?

2004-04-20 [black crow]: i still dont get it.

2004-04-20 [Genkia]: hi

2004-04-21 [Kenya]: wow this is insane! i thought that it would be like a roleplay chat. where can i find one related to this?

2004-04-21 [Amanda_44]: too much instuctions

2004-04-21 [zoombie]: ah geez dont got java aplet stupid no autority >_<

2004-04-21 [Nita]: There's a Java applet, but it takes a while to load - there's a link to it on Mainstreet :)

2004-04-21 [zoombie]: if a make a comment should i edit the old one or make a new one? sorry newb :P

2004-04-21 [Nita]: I think you should make a new one ;)

2004-04-21 [Luna911]: hi

2004-04-21 [Killgames]: say i dont get hit. how do i enter elf chat?

2004-04-21 [Acidgreen]: hi

2004-04-21 [Isilando]: [Killgames] can you rephrase your question so that we understand it?

2004-04-22 [Bhall]: im trying to get in to elfchat but keep getting that stupid wikki

2004-04-22 [JJmucuster]: hey

2004-04-22 [reeze18]: hello.........

2004-04-22 [nauj]: Hello everybody

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