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ElfTown Outside The Computer (EOTC)

This is for pictures of things that have ElfTown style outside of the computer and internet, call it a jolt of elftown influence in real life action. The different styles means like characters, titles, storyies, and others. You can talk about anything you want on this wiki. I just think it's interesting to see how much elftown is in peoples lives as it is in mine. ^_^'


#1}-[Zel Holt]: I have a bracelet of my ET character's name. ^_^
#2}-[Dasner]: I have a license plate with my name on it! XD
#3}-[Zab]: well.. my name here is my normal name too..x)
#4}-[Kuramasgirl]: Oh wow. Let's see..I sometimes introduce myself as "Kura" instead of my real name and my characters will sometimes pop up in normal conversation. ^^;
#5}-[Ghost the Hybrid]:
#6)-[Ikko]:Elftown helped me with writing my stories everyone on here is dear to me and my new nickname is really Ikko ^^I should make my real name Ikko lol


2636) Is ElfTown a part of your daily life? (Administrator: [Zel Holt])

Number of voters: 14
* a) I can't get it out of my head! I even introduce myself as my character!?
Number of votes: 9 (64%) Voters: [Zab], [Kuramasgirl], [moira hawthorne], [Ikko], [silent_voice], [Nikos Kitten], [Roxcie], [someelf], [~Spirit Fox~]

* b) I'm hyper, don't ask me now!
Number of votes: 1 (7%) Voters: [Dasner]

* c) Yeah, I tend to talk about it every now and then.
Number of votes: 3 (21%) Voters: [Zel Holt], [Celtore], [nicholas chavez]

* d) I don't realy pay any attention.... :3
Number of votes: 1 (7%) Voters: [twitchboy]

* e) Nope. It's all "Me, me, me!"
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* f) No way, I don't care about this stinkin' place!
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* g) I want to vote about something else!!!! ^~^
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"EOTC" Pictures>Has Pictures! ^_^

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2007-06-30 [Kuramasgirl]: Hullo. :3

2007-06-30 [Zel Holt]: Lol. ^_^ Hi, and welcome. ^_^

2007-06-30 [Zab]: yay! I was afraid to lose my ..err... ''trovärdighet'' :D

2007-06-30 [Kuramasgirl]: o_o; trovardighet? *is a poor little American who speaks English* >>;
And thank you, Zel. ^^

2007-06-30 [Zab]: XD can't remember the word!

2007-06-30 [Zel Holt]: You're welcome. ^_^ O.o? Pardon?

2007-06-30 [Zab]: the english word for ''trovärdighet''..nevermind..I'm half drunk and sugar high..

2007-06-30 [Kuramasgirl]: I've noticed. XD *pats*

2007-06-30 [Zab]: :D

2007-06-30 [Zel Holt]: I knew that. ^_^

2007-06-30 [Kuramasgirl]: Interesting idea, by the way, Zel. :)

2007-06-30 [Zel Holt]: Pardon? *got confused real quick*

2007-06-30 [Zab]: The wiki, I think:P

2007-06-30 [Zel Holt]: Huh? Oh! Thanks. ^_^'

2007-06-30 [Kuramasgirl]: XD Sorry I confused you.

2007-06-30 [Zel Holt]: It's ok, it happeneds to me alot. ^_^

2008-01-29 [Zel Holt]: And another dead wiki by your's truely.....

2008-03-05 [Dasner]: Oh, quit. It's not that dead. It just needs me. ^_^

2008-03-06 [Zel Holt]: lol if you would stay on alot.

2008-04-24 [Dasner]: Sorry, I work. You don't. XP

2008-04-24 [Zel Holt]: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

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