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IRC is an abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat.

Elfchat Technical Information

What do I need to use Elfchat?

If you want to use the Java applet, you need a browser that supports Java applets.
If you do not, then you have to get an IRC Client yourself. We give mIRC as an example because it is widely used. You can use whatever IRC client you want.

What is this mIRC?
mIRC is a program that lets you chat on an IRC channel. You simply visit <URL:> and download the latest version. But it only works with Windows!

What if I don't use Windows?
There are plenty of other IRC-clients around.
* If you use Firefox, you can get ChatZilla (<URL:>).
* For Macs, you can try Ircle (<URL:>).
* XChat (<URL:>) is a client for both Linux and Windows.
* For console freaks, there is irssi (<URL:>) for UNIX and Linux systems.

OK, I got mIRC. What do I do now?

As soon as you open it, there will be a small window asking you for registration. Ignore it and close it (click on continue). Tip: It is not necessary to pay even after 30 days! Don't panic.

1) Choose a nickname. Tip: Use your Elftown name, but don't use spaces or special characters.
2) Fill in some information, fake or not. Tip: make your e-mail (as long as it looks like an e-mail address, it's OK).
3) Click OK.

Now what?
Now you have to connect to a server. Elfchat uses To connect to the server, type

Messages will appear in the status window but you can just ignore them.

Nickname registration (optional)

You may want to keep other people from using your nickname. This takes 3 steps:
1) Start registration.
2) Check your e-mail.
3) Identify yourself.

Step 1
When connecting is complete (no more new text appears in the Status window), you type
/msg nickserv register {password} {e-mail}
You make up your own password (remember it!!) and you use your REAL e-mail address.
If you do not use your real email, it will not work.

Step 2
Check your e-mail. You'll get an e-mail from "EsperNet Services". Open it and do what it says. If all goes well, you are now registered!

Step 3
From now on, when you open the chat, it will ask you to identify yourself.
Just type:
/msg nickserv identify {password}
Where the password is obviously the one you made earlier.

Remember: you have to identify (step 3) every time you connect to!

Joining the #Elftown channel

/join #Elftown
A new channel window will appear. This is the Elftown IRC channel!
At the right side of that window there is a column with the nicks of the people who are currently in the channel. Somewhere in there you should see yours too.


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