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#elftown @

Welcome everybody!

What is Elfchat?
Elfchat is a place for Elftowners to have a chat. This here Elfchat wikipage is just an information page.
If you want to chat on a wikipage right now, head to Now.

How do I get there?
Well, there are two options.
You can use the Java applet at <URL:> to connect to the chat channel, or you can use the Mibbit IRC widget.
Or, you can install a IRC client yourself. See Elfchat Technical Information.

What do I do there?
You can say hello, ask people to comment on your art and talk about the weather in Popolopia and [Isilando]'s beard.

It seems awfully quiet.
Elfchatters are from all over the world. It could be that some of the people in the room are sleeping at the moment, or just busy. Sometimes you get a reply within minutes, and sometimes everybody sleeps for half a day.
Think of Elfchat as faster than a forum and slower than MSN.

So that's it?
Yep, pretty much. But please keep reading for more details.

How to get to Elfchat

The easy way:
1) Read the rest of the pages and come back later, it will help you.
2) Click here: <URL:> (or here: Mibbit IRC widget). This will run a java applet. Click "run" if it asks what to do.
3) Change your nickname. You can do so in the lower right box.
4) Say something nice and wait or go do something else until you get a reply.

The better way:
1) Get an IRC client.
2) Connect to
3) Join #Elftown.
These steps are detailed in Elfchat Technical Information.

Remember behaviour

* Don't be an asshole.
* Use your best English.
* Be patient.

Assholes usually flood the channel (typing nonsense in order to make it more difficult for the rest to communicate), keep repeating things, tire others with private messages about their personal websites, write with irritating colours in order again to make communicating difficult, beg for ops etc.
People who act this way will be banned from the channel until they decide to behave.

You should not come to show off how much you can abuse the English language or insulting people. We recommend that you leave the abbreviations and bad grammar to the ones who wish to solve riddles; we want to talk, not to decrypt your messages. We won't lynch you if English is not your mother tongue or you have problems with spelling, but you should at least try to write understandably. It is OK, we all make typos. It's just that you just shouldn't be typing with your butt.

Speaking of typos, some of us are spelling nazis. Do not feel attacked or offended when someone corrects your little (or big) errors. It happens often, you should only learn from it. :)

Links and further information

Using Elfchat: chat commands and other information on how to use the chat.

Elfchat Technical Information: instructions on how to get an IRC client, how to connect and how to register your nickname.

Elfchat Frequenters: Get an idea about who you might meet in ElfChat.

The forum: <joinforum:312:irc> (Elfchat - Questions and Reports). If you need help, feel free to ask in the forum. Or in the comments of these wikipages, whatever works.

Elfchat Quotes: <URL:>
They are amusing.


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help index
-The ElfChat Bosses

Username (or number or email):


2004-08-12 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: restart your comp. press F1 constantley, it should bring you to a menu, then chose normal mode.

2004-08-12 [Avaz]: Or F8 or the Delete key, depending on what kind of system you have.

2004-08-12 [..beautiful disaster..]: hello everyone, go onto tell me what u think!

2004-08-12 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: ok, will dp.Avaz thanks for the correction I forgot about that diffrent system thing.....

2004-08-12 [teptep]: monsoon, do not put your website up on the comment board this is not a place for that, if you want leave it in your description.

2004-08-12 [Avaz]: Not a problem, just lookin out for ya ^_^

2004-08-13 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: thanks Avaz......for reminding me of that...I forgot about the diffrent systems.

2004-08-14 [matthwiz]: hey

2004-08-14 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: hey

2004-08-20 [Talthen]: hello???

2004-08-20 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: hello

2004-08-21 [deathponi]: hello?

2004-08-22 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: heloooooooo

2004-08-22 [hemlet]: how r u alll

2004-08-22 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Im good and you?

2004-08-22 [dark elven archer]: hey

2004-08-23 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: hey.....

2004-08-25 [soocute05]: hey, im new here and im not to sure how to do stuff on here. i was having a blonde moment when i signed up , and didnt realize that "description" meant of your self, so is there any way i can edit it?

2004-08-25 [Avaz]: On the top of your House page, there is an Edit button. :)

2004-08-26 [pirhan]: Call me stupid, but what do I do? I have the mIRC window open.. where do I go from there? I'm on a Mac, so things run differently.. help anyone?

2004-08-26 [Avaz]: @pirhan> Elfchat-Tech Info The link is on this very page :P

2004-08-26 [loko_puertorro]: it says its opening lets see what happens

2004-08-26 [loko_puertorro]: jajajajaja im another blue screen!!! so if you get the bluw screen i feel you jajaj lol oh well i tried

2004-08-26 [Avaz]: wtf?

2004-08-26 [pirhan]: Thanks Avaz .. some things just don't click with me. Do you have to type all that stuff in each time?

2004-08-26 [True, plain and simple]: No, you should even be able to set mIRC to auto join the server and channel at start-up, if you wish to do so. Otherwise just follow the instructions to join the server / channel manually; the registration isn't needed again.

2004-08-26 [Illroette]: Hi, I'm Illroette

2004-08-26 [Avaz]: @[Illroette]> Yes, we can see that. Did you have a question? Because if you don't then visit the actual chatroom to chat. In the meantime, well met. :)

2004-08-27 [Seline]: Hey! Seline here!

2004-08-27 [teptep]: heh cute there seline, I think you purpously are testing yourself arn't you, if thats not what your doing wich I am sure it is, why not check up above your pose to what avaz said, regardless this is not the chat, and if you don't have a question then it isn't very proper being purpously rude.

2004-08-27 [Gutter Rat]: i thot this is where they told us how to get on the IRC chat.

2004-08-27 [shmerdolf]: hello

2004-08-27 [poooooooooopi]: thats what I thought to

2004-08-27 [True, plain and simple]: It is! Read the instructions!

2004-08-28 [Talthen]: hey

2004-08-30 [HandsOfMetal]: yahooooooooooooooooo:)))))Viva la Metal

2004-08-30 [HandsOfMetal]: broodwar forever!hahahahahahah

2004-08-30 [Shee A'beanne Alainn]: Um noooooooo

2004-08-30 [l.m.h]: whatz goi'n on

2004-09-02 [ekimo]: hey whats up

2004-09-04 [Sagacious Turkey]: rock is dead! long live paper and scissors!

2004-09-05 [reddemon420]: Hey im a tottal n00b so some 1 tell me whats so good about this place

2004-09-05 [pixish]: Maybe you should join a newbie forum

2004-09-05 [Pouncer]: Greetings

2004-09-06 [equestrianbiatch]: im a newbie lol

2004-09-06 [equestrianbiatch]: im a newbie lol oh well

2004-09-06 [equestrianbiatch]: elf town is kinda gay no offense

2004-09-08 [taragona]: just how do you get started on here ?

2004-09-08 [Avaz]: Hm.. maybe somebody should change it, so that the tech info link reflects the fact that that is where people have to go to get directions to get online the better way (eg, not javachat).. ?

2004-09-08 [Wes Foxx]: whatta ya mean no one talks? -blathers on and on-

2004-09-08 [Wes Foxx]: -glances around- hm... -searches his bag of stuff for some random object to start people talking- Pickles, Cowboy Bebop, Soul Calibur II, EWWW! -drops the politics and religion ideas- icky icky icky ><

2004-09-08 [pixish]: The reason noone talks on this wiki is because we are not supposed to, it is for people asking and answering questions related to Elfchat. You actually have to download some stuff and then follow the instructions up there a little bit.

2004-09-08 [Avaz]: Elfchat-Tech info

2004-09-09 [pixish]: Maybe it shoudl be called something 'How to get Elfchat' Just by looking at the titles of the wiki pages that people are supposed to look at, I couldn't tell which one had instructions...and some people know less about computers than I do...

2004-09-09 [Isilando]: Added descriptions, although it's all in vain...

2004-09-09 [pixish]: There might be a couple of people that it helps :-) Think positive :-P

2004-09-12 [Wes Foxx]: that WOULD make it alot clearer, for all i knew this was a main page to talk in just 'cuz its where new people get dumped into >< srry

2004-09-16 [Bye bye elftown]: wtf? how i use the chat?

2004-09-16 [Isilando]: Read the wiki instructions

2004-09-19 [th3pr1nc30f3gypt]: wheres the IRC channel???

2004-09-19 [DemonTear]: im confused whats going on here? @_@

2004-09-20 [Isilando]: Follow the single-line instruction in my previous comment (just centimetres above yours)

2004-09-23 [The Bohemian Pixie]: happy children read all the instructions first :)

2004-09-29 [Vixen85]: im new here and i dont know my way around i need some help..

2004-09-29 [Isilando]: Hey [Vixen85], for help visit this links: Complete Newbie ET Guide, FAQ and if you still need help visit the newbie forum at <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>

2004-10-11 [Fuckin`Glamorous]: im new here and i dont know my way around

2004-10-11 [Isilando]: Hey [Fuckin`Glamorous], for help visit this links: Complete Newbie ET Guide, FAQ and if you still need help visit the newbie forum at <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>

2004-10-11 [Isilando]: If you are going to write here, read this first!!! : You do not chat here. If you say "hi" or "hello" or anything similar, your comment will be deleded. To see how you can enter the chat read the instructions on the wiki above. (If you are a new and need help or instructions about Elftown visit one of those links: Complete Newbie ET Guide, FAQ and if you still need help visit the newbie forum at <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>)

2004-11-01 [s├╗lwen]: I'm new too and I don't speak english very well. so if anybody can tell me how begin it would be nice!

2004-11-02 [Isilando]: Just like everyone else. go through the wiki and do what it says ;)

2004-11-02 [silvers]: ok well i just joined and this is kinda weird yet cool too! and what does wiki mean?

2004-11-04 [Basheba]: hey whats the url for irc for elftown i need some info here

2004-11-04 [Isilando]: [silvers]: Wiki is a page like this. [Basheba]: Read the wiki.

2004-11-07 [XxalliexX]: im new here...could anyone tell me what 2 do n stuff?

2004-11-25 [Nevfalath]: what is server IP ?

2004-11-25 [Isilando]: It's the IP address of the server obviously. Do you get some error message which includes this?

2004-11-29 [Q_Q]: ok some how wee shouled use the chat with gaim if u know what this is i think we shouled use this

2004-11-30 [Isilando]: We don't need to change anything, if you have gaim you can join normally. You can find the needed technical info in the wiki.

2004-12-25 [hi elfs]: ok!!!!!!!!!!!! Attention people i'm very new here. and i don't really know how to chat, so can any body in here that is reading my message show me how. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2004-12-25 [Nita]: OK, so you don't know how to chat... but do you know how to read? And have you tried reading this page? ;)

2004-12-31 [Toemi]: hi there! Say, does anyone know how I can post my artwork or stories at my house, I'm a little confused on that point and would really like to know how.

2005-01-01 [Nita]: And why do you think this is the right place to ask? Take a look at some help pages, or go to the Newbie questions forum :)

2005-01-13 [ugursarac]: hi everyone..

2005-01-28 [dragondreamer]: I don't see this answer anywhere up there... where can I download irc?

2005-02-02 [Fuckin`Glamorous]: How do i delete my password from ET?

2005-02-03 [Isilando]: [Fuckin`Glamorous]: Post your question in the Newbies forum: <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>

2005-02-09 [begginer_09]: im new and i need help ,, will some one please help me ?

2005-02-10 [pixish]: (If you are a new and need help or instructions about Elftown visit one of those links: Complete Newbie ET Guide, FAQ and if you still need help visit the newbie forum at <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>)

2005-02-17 [HighElvenHobbit]: okay, I've read all the comments, all the instructions, and I see no address so that I may connect through my mIRC client I am already using.... so my question to u is, whats the address for the server so that I may connect?

2005-02-17 [Sunrose]: Elfchat-Tech Info :)

2005-02-25 [Evil_Shadow]: ok, so is there a chat room anywhere, i didnt get it...if there is, can anyone tell me the chanel, i'd love to check it out!

2005-02-25 [Blaithin]: Sunrose told you, go to Elfchat-Tech Info and it tells you how.

2005-03-09 [Lord Draculan of the vampires]: i'm new and i need help with understading this page

2005-03-09 [Nita]: What can't you understand?

2005-03-26 [Fatal Warfare]: where is elfchat and how do you use it please someone tell me

2005-03-26 [Isilando]: Read the wiki above.

2005-03-30 [Mirokiala]: Um ithink i did something wrong I clicked on the mIRC 6.16 in new York and after it popped up it said " This type of file could harm your computer if it contains a malicious code." then it gave me the options of opening it,saving it to the computer, Canceling it and more info, What should i do???

2005-03-30 [Isilando]: This is a warning from your browser because the file is an executable. Well, it is not malicious or anything (we all use it) and a nice option would be that you click on "Save" so that you save it on your computer and then install it from the saved file any time you want/need to.

2005-04-02 [p7]: how the heck do u use this elfchat???

2005-04-03 [dory301]: i want to no the same ting

2005-04-03 [pixish]: First you follow the directions up there *points to the wiki*

2005-04-08 [stonersrule]: Wat up?

2005-04-08 [wannebe_goth]: i'm related to billie joe armstrong (from green day)

2005-04-08 [pixish]: This is not the chat - Follow the directions up there if you want to know what up is and tell people who you are related to...

2005-04-15 [Biological Development]: why won't elf chat work any more?

2005-04-15 [Isilando]: It is working. If you have some trouble ask specific questions.

2005-04-16 [dazzer-04]: isilando can u run over the basics of elftown im new

2005-04-18 [derka derka]: i have really no idea on wat im doin can some1 help

2005-04-19 [VulcanPrime]: I dont want to download i want to use the applet, but it makes no sence i entered my name & got into something that looks like a chat room but theres all these posts with technical nonsence on them & it wont let me post.

2005-04-20 [Nita]: "Technical nonsense"? Like what?

2005-05-11 [Love Is Just A Catchphrase]: I don't have java on my I can't use the java applet...and I'm having trouble with the IRC and [All_Most PUNK] tried to help but i still don't get it...

2005-05-11 [Isilando]: What's the trouble with mIRC?

2005-05-11 [Love Is Just A Catchphrase]: mIRC? umm...I don't know...what that is....but I used trillian...and it has an IRC connection....and yeah. I don't get it....>.<

2005-05-17 [Isilando]: Well, if you don't get any more speciific we can't really help you. Try telling me extensively what the problem looks like in a private message.

2005-06-02 [Elmiira]: well, hmm... I use mIRC other times too, and now I found that there's elftown own channel too.. :) so I want to try it but my nick there is not the one I use in elftown. so when I went there I didn't change it when I tried to register.. :/

2005-06-19 [LIL FLIP 001]: How do you put stuf on your page like winki pages!

2005-06-19 [Shreya]: Read the help pages.

2005-07-10 [alkore]: Ok is there an elf town downloadable chat client or did I misunderstand?

2005-07-11 [Isilando]: No, the chat clients are not Elftown originated. But they are downloadable indeed. You probably want mIRC if you are using windows ( Otherwise be sure to find the right client for your case (some suggestions are listed in the wiki).

2005-07-16 [punkrocker18]: i need help

2005-07-16 [pixish]: try calling 911...Or you could be more specific about what exactly you need help with... :P

2005-08-29 [blueberry3343]: i have clicked on the elfchat link and it keeps directing me to this page. What going on?

2005-08-29 [Isilando]: This is where it is supposed to direct you. Read this page carefully. It contains the instructions about how to enter the chat.

2005-09-26 [kaylah2006]: hey i was just wondering if anyone can help me understand how to chat on here

2005-09-27 [help_me3457]: how come i get blocked from chat

2005-09-27 [Isilando]: [kaylah2006]: read the wiki. [help_me3457]: what do you mean?

2005-10-10 [hells_angel_17]: Does any one know of a single male ages 16-19 that are looking?

2005-10-10 [Isilando]: I do.

2005-10-11 [pixish]: (what are they looking for?)

2005-10-21 [lovinguys]: any cute guys in here

2005-10-22 [Isilando]: Plenty.

2005-10-22 [lifeztooshort]: im looking for any cute guys or chicks

2005-10-22 [Isilando]:

If you are going to post a comment here, read this first!!!

You do not chat here. If you say "hi" or "hello" or anything similar, your comment will be deleded. To see how you can enter the chat read the instructions on the wiki above. (If you are a new and need help or instructions about Elftown visit one of those links: Complete Newbie ET Guide, FAQ and if you still need help visit the newbie forum at <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>)

2005-10-26 [ally]: You may delede this comment too if you like =p

2005-10-26 [Isilando]: Screw you :P (On the wall :P)

2005-10-26 [ally]: You sure have some kinky ideas :P but it was pixie who noticed so you'll have to screw her too :p

2005-11-08 [countess_li]: Your chat isn't keeps freezing

2005-11-09 [Isilando]: Because this is not the correct place to chat with people. Read the wiki instructions above.

2006-01-19 [zepher]: Maybe she meant that the java applet freezes?

2006-01-19 [Levoton]: That was about another comment... :P

2006-02-02 [Self-Destruct]: what is with you guys and screwing? jeez, someone wants it bad...

2006-02-23 [Hermelin]: Is there someone who does not want it bad? :O :P

2006-02-23 [zepher]: Moonknight.

2006-02-23 [ally]: xD

2006-04-16 [the fallen angle]: dose any one know how to get to a chat room i have no clue!

2006-04-16 [zepher]: DId you even read the page above?

2006-04-22 [Vampirizza]: is there any other channel on mIRC except #elftown? :(

2006-04-23 [zepher]: type /list in the 'server window'

2006-05-20 [Kastri]: ... this is so confuzing (ha ha!)

2006-05-22 [zepher]: oh? How so?

2006-05-25 [lisi2287]: elfchat is the most confusin chat thing i've ever been too!!! my god!!! lol

2006-05-25 [zepher]: Well. Take your time and read this page. Actually reading stuff works from time to time.

2006-05-26 [Blaithin]: [lisi2287] if you ever need any help feel free to message me. It's not that confusing once you know what you're looking at :)

2006-05-28 [zepher]: Sorry for my last post. I was a bit cranky... I`m open to questions too.

2006-09-04 [Marlow_Cosma]: I'm new here...and i was just in the old elfchat thingy...are there any other chats to go to?

2006-09-04 [Blaithin]: You can click on the java link posted above or follow the directions for mIRC. I suggest java if you're just getting started though.

2006-09-14 [Lorian]: I think elfchat should offically be called 'elfchat thingy' :P
sorry just had to say something about it....

2006-09-14 [Isilando]: * Isilando has changed the topic to: Welcome to the Elfchat thingie...
: )

2007-02-09 [Gone42069]: this a forum im kinda new

2007-02-09 [zepher]: Did you read the page?

2007-02-13 [PMS Problems]: This SHIT is GAY as FUCK!

2007-02-13 [zepher]: Actually, this isn`t shit, you should see someone for a pair of glasses. Second: Fuck isn`t really gay. well, for some at least.

But thank you for the words of wisdom :)

2007-02-13 [Isilando]: PMS Problems after all : O

2007-04-15 [Neddard]: heheh, PMS really means Prehistoric Monster Syndrome :D

2007-04-17 [zepher]: Powerfull Men Society!

2007-05-04 [All_Most PUNK]: Pocket Monsters Syndrome.

2007-05-04 [Isilando]: Parachute Made Sex O_O

2007-05-04 [Levoton]: Poke My Soul. (Puke?...)

2007-05-04 [Isilando]: Pick Madonna's Spit : P

2007-05-25 [All_Most PUNK]: PUNK made sausages

2007-09-05 [Rising Death Dragon]: where can i find myself a dragon?<img:44166_1164145253.gif>

2008-05-28 [Ihtirieko]: there's a real dragon in my own room!^^ little one though... he doesen't have a name yet.
he lives in my wardrobe.

2008-05-30 [zepher]: Right people, Elfchat has moved to a different server,
This page has already been edited to reflect the changes.

Again I would like to remind people that elfchat is a place where it can take some time for you to get a response.

It helps if you start a conversation, e.g. Dont just say 'hi' and wait for someone to reply.

Be nice!

2008-06-04 [shadowgirlx]: hi people

2008-06-04 [shadowgirlx]: how's everyone doing today?

2008-06-04 [shadowgirlx]: ...........

2008-06-04 [Linderel]: Please do note that this wiki is not the actual chat. :)

2008-08-09 [zepher]: Please read the first 4 lines on the page.

Oh, and eat fruit!

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: Is this the elfchat? Hellouuu?

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: Yes, I found it! Good to see you guys again.

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: Linderel: Don't be so uptight. We are having a good chat here.

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: In my opinion azzurra and espernet are similarly faulty with the nickserv function. Why not use the norm, ircnet.

2009-06-05 [cyanidewolf]: UMM HI?

2009-06-05 [zepher]: Maketsu: One is as bad as the other, I would say.
Cyan: Please read the page

2009-06-05 [Linderel]: At least Esper isn't as bitchy. :P

2009-06-23 [hanhepi]: maybe if the really easy link, the one, was up there, more people would use it?

2009-06-23 [zepher]: Good point.
Never realised it the old link was so... different.

2010-04-28 [Biokinetic]: Wow, it's almost like the old _elftown chat channel on spinchat. Cool x3

2010-08-26 [Nioniel]: The link for Now! leads to an empty page...

2010-08-26 [Veltzeh]: Dang, there wasn't an exclamation mark there after all. :o

2010-08-26 [Nioniel]: Nope. ^^

2011-03-02 [zepher]: Mibbit, mibbit

2011-05-18 [Mortified Penguin]: This wiki is ranked funnier than Maze of Guile? Not only am I insulted and enraged, but I'm also aroused for some reason.

2011-05-30 [zmak12]: hi

2014-01-30 [Mortified Penguin]: Howdy there.

2014-01-30 [Sunrose]: Hiii!

2014-01-30 [Mortified Penguin]: STOP YELLING AT ME.

2014-01-30 [Sunrose]: What do you want? :P

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