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This is an index wiki for the storage in a single place of all the badges designed for Elftown, arranged by artist. Any badges on which more than one artist worked (e.g. to produce difference phases of the badge) are listed under Badges by Collaboration.


Badge Collections

Badge Maker [carmen]: Badges by carmen
Badge Maker [May-lea]: Badges by May-lea
Badge Maker [TheRogue]: Badges by TheRogue
Badge Maker [Calico Tiger]: Badges by Calico Tiger
Badge Maker [Ittai]: Badges by Itayyam
Badge Maker [Kaimee]: Badges by Kaimee
Badge Maker [Zab]: Badges by Zab
Badge Maker [Yncke]: Badges by Yncke
Badge Maker [Ocean Soul]: Badges by Ocean Soul
Badge Maker [Jitter]: Badges by Jitter
Badge Maker [SilverFire]: Badges By SilverFire
Badge Maker [nehirwen]: Badges by Nehirwen

Collaborative Badges : Badges by Collaboration


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2004-09-13 [May-lea]: Great Grandest Masters of Inspection, I did those...

2004-09-13 [May-lea]: and Great Grandest Masters of Building, too, although they are not displayed here

2004-09-13 [May-lea]: and that's not 44 badges with the millipeds and stuff, that's 45. how do you divide 44 by 3? ^_^

2004-09-13 [Sunrose]: 6 new badges you mean?

2004-09-13 [May-lea]: no, the Great Grandest Masters of Inspection are in there. They're lost in the middle of [Ittai]'s badges. The building ones are not there it seems...

2004-09-13 [May-lea]: <img:> and stuff

2004-09-13 [May-lea]: I'll add them...

2004-09-13 [Sunrose]: Good, because I can't give any the right code. I can move the Inspection ones up to the right section and recount.

2004-09-13 [May-lea]: yep. I've changed the number to count the building ones. and I've put them there. If you have some time, you could remve the in all the page. <img:img/new/nomdubadge.gif> is enough to display the picture. And it make the page edition later. And you put a space after each badge, too, so it looks like you've hit enter in the file

2004-09-13 [Sunrose]: I think I did what you said...

2004-09-14 [May-lea]: Thanks ^_^

2004-09-15 [Sunrose]: Done now...except for the banners of the individual wiki's. They are on the way...if I counted anything wrong, just let me know...unless you want to edit yourself (if you do, don't forget Badgers ;)

2004-09-16 [65tyjvw45b]: Wow, lots of work. Good job. <-(^_^)->

2004-09-16 [Sunrose]: Piece of cake ;)

2005-02-24 [TheRogue]: :D

2005-02-24 [Sunrose]: LOL! ^__^

2006-10-16 [May-lea]: Remember, I'll always be around to make badges, even if I'm not around for anything else... Just pop me a message on MSN, [Sunrose] if you need anything :)

2006-10-16 [Sunrose]: Okay :)

2011-11-02 [kians mummy]: where is the template

2011-11-03 [iippo]: The template for badges?

2011-11-03 [kians mummy]: Yes

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