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Elftown Battles Art Entries



Winners: Elftown Battles Contest

<news:[Elftown Battles@wiki] Results>

Best Overall:

By [Rennie]

Best in Art:

By [wendahloosa]

Best Comic:

Drinking Duel
By [Yncke]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best Story:

The Duel
By [All_Most PUNK]

All submissions:
Elftown Battles Art
Elftown Battles Comics
Elftown Battles Stories


Thank you to all that contributed!


Begin submissions after the line. Please separate entries with a <hr> and include your name and the names of anyone you collaborated with. List the people in the image and include a short (short!) description.


1) [Rennie]: [Calico Tiger] vs. [TheRogue]

2) [Thistlewood]: From left to right, [demonsky], [chewy09], [ferretmaster 92] and [dragonslammer].
 The Snow Fight!

3) [Thistlewood]: [moira hawthorne] and [Lord Dog] in "The Joust"!

4) [Orgasmo]: "Battle in the skies" featuring [Gini] and [Monkey Boy]

5) [Yncke]: [Nightshadow] and [Bye bye elftown] were waiting for someone to come by and be judge on who looks most dangerous in front of a full moon, but they got bored and decided on another duel...

6) [Erestor]: [Hedda] and [Sunrose] in aggresive negotiations. There dispute is about ET and EP.
Full View:

7) [*moth*]
[Blue.] and [Ville the Pirate] in a pirate battle for the ship Rotokeg

8) [Kayne] and [SilverFire] arguing about a math-problem. The rest of the non-crew [deus-ex-machina], [Aradon Templar] and [iippo] are sleeping because they are so bored with the topic. ((last minute update, w00t!))
By: [iippo]

Large-size one visible in photbucket:

9)[The Dark Lord]
[Safe cheese] on the left vs [*slipknot-rock*] in a air guitar battle!

[T'Hawk] on the left vs [Scrudge] They are pictured as 2 goblins having a joust on the backs of their tarantula mounts! The larger version is here:

11)[davis van]
From left to right:[Silent Procession], [.jimmyjuicebox.], [Kat.], and [beyblade] as witches.
This is a cooking duet cooking contest and they're all using magic to pimp out their stews.

this is a stupid face contest between [The Dark Lord] and [Safe cheese]. this is only a simple drawing, lol

13) [Yncke]: [Dumpysaurus] vs. [Dragon_18]. The trouble is: he was called Dragon_16 when I drew this. (And I started to wonder what happened to those other 15 dragons.)


14) [kakjjkhjhd]: [The Matter of Splatter] vs.[Sunrose]
Holding breath on Judgment Day to decide the fate of mankind:)

15) [Cathos]: [lady.crimson] and [Plunderbunny] having a fish duel.

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2005-02-19 [Eveilber]: is my Pic ok??

2005-02-19 [All_Most PUNK]: [Eveilber], I don't think you understood the rules. The battle had to include elftowners as combatants.

2005-02-23 [Erestor]: [Artmantastik]'s entry is against the rules, as it is not a battle between two different elftowners and it contains himself in the battle.

2005-02-24 [Ghost Lilly]: yes, your right, it dosent

2005-02-24 [NazGhoul]: i want join this contest but i'm new 2 this idea how 2 enter the contest...inscructions at top don say much 2 me...lmao

2005-02-25 [iippo]: Ask a specific question and it will be answered

2005-02-26 [The Dark Lord]: If you make a entry i take it as to have the person you drews permission...because entry 12 does not have my permission and didnt ask me!

2005-02-26 [shudson]: [Artmantastik], your entry breaks the rules and has been removed. [The Dark Lord], the rules don't say you need a person's permission but it is nice to get it. If you are offended by the picture in some way contact the artist.

2005-03-01 [Cathos]: There, this may possibly be my first non-dalek related contest entry!

2005-03-02 [iippo]: How are the winners going to be desided? And where will they be announced?

2005-03-02 [Rennie]: The Elftown Crew votes on it :)

2005-03-03 [iippo]: Alright, cool.

2005-03-08 [Yncke]: I see now that Noctcat has changed his name, while I based my drawing on the name ... oh well ...

2005-03-11 [iippo]: Wait patiently... Who can be patient under this much excitement!!?!  ^___^

2005-03-12 [Erestor]: *Goes to bite his fingers but remembers his new year's resolution!*

2005-03-12 [iippo]: Wow, you remember your new year's resolution in March? I'm impressed!

2005-03-13 [Erestor]: Yep, all this time ... I did have two but failed the "Do not eat too much chocolate," one ages ago! XP

2005-03-14 [iippo]: Meh, I made the dreadful mistake of leaving chocolate and cakes and all that for lent (=40 days)... Still about 10 days to go... I WANT CAKE sooo much!!! T_T But the happy side is that when lent is over, cake will taste so good... mmm.

2005-03-23 [kakjjkhjhd]: does anyone else think this is taking a bit long?

2005-03-23 [Erestor]: look on the main page, all the winners are there already!

2005-03-24 [kakjjkhjhd]: oh...:) silly me hehe

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