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Elftown Battles Story Entries



Winners: Elftown Battles Contest

<news:[Elftown Battles@wiki] Results>

Best Overall:

By [Rennie]

Best in Art:

By [wendahloosa]

Best Comic:

Drinking Duel
By [Yncke]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best Story:

The Duel
By [All_Most PUNK]

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Thank you to all that contributed!


Begin submissions after the line. Please separate entries with a <hr> and include your name and the names of anyone you collaborated with. List the people in the story and include a short (short!) description. For your actual submission it would be good to post a link here as this page will get hard to read if the actual stories are posted.


Title: Ye Olde Fish n' Chip Shope
Authors: [ArchangelGabriel] & [Na no da!]
Featuring: [Penguinlord], [button_head], [stapleman] and [Zantia]
Blurb: The strange happenings of [Penguinlord] and [button_head] in the fish n' chip shop. Including the destruction of [stapleman]s stock, shop and sanity.

Title: The sponge
Author:[Na no da!]
Featuring:[crazycatman] [gingeramy] and [colour me blood red]
Blurb: it started out as a beautiful day for [gingeramy] but for [crazycatman] he was stuck washing cars, with the help of a sponge the two end up in a fight, that dosent really ever get started.

Title: MP (I was realy stuck for ideas. It stands for 'Multipal Personalities')
Author: [ArchangelGabriel]
Featuring: [Trid3nt]
Blurb: Unbenown to Justin he isn't the only person in his body.

Title: The Poem Duel
Author: [Forsvunnet]
Featuring: [DracoDormiens], [Auroron] and [Morbid Carrot] (The town drunk)
Blurb: Well, the whole story is about [DracoDormiens] And [Auroron] who findS out that they want to see who is the best poet, so they start riming things to each other and have to carry on were the last one finished. The first one to get stuck is out. I'm not the most talented poet so alot of the poetry may be well, lousy....but I thought it was fun to write. (even though I wrote it in the middle of the night....hmm...that might explain some things).

Title: Cookies laugh at me
Author: [Na no da!]
Featuring: [Pablito] and [colour me blood red]
Blurb: Its [colour me blood red]s birthday and what does [Pablito] get her? Her worst fear. (This was a quick short story i wrote when MSN was down, but i hope you like it all the same)

Title: A Battle of the Witless
Author: [M_Sinner]
Featuring: [Itachi 666] and [Achrador]
Blurb: The two find themselves stranded in the mall with no one to love... *sniff* and quickly get into a battle of who can get shot down the worst. It is a rather quick battle, but a pick-up line is worth a thousand words.

Title: The Duel
Author: [All_Most PUNK]
Featuring: [Nita] and Deiscorides (I refuse to use his new name). Plus, some cameos by other Elftowners.
Blurb: What's the power behind definitions? What defines an object, the name or the definition of what it does? How do we define ourselves in this world? Well, none of those questions are answered here, but they could have been ;)

Title: Beastmen Raid
Author: [Rizzen]
Featuring: [luthor huss] and [thickskull]
Blurb: An Imperial Army vesus a hord of chaotic beastmen


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2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: if your complimenting work i guess you should do it on the story page...

2005-01-26 [shudson]: [Jasseman], what happened to The battle can be between more than two people but all of them must be Elftowners and none of them can be the artist or writer.? reading the rules is a good thing before entering a contest. Your entry has been removed.

2005-01-27 [Jasseman]: what should I change to do be able to upload it? give the person that tells the story another name?

2005-01-28 [shudson]: please people, read the rules, there aren't many. YOU CANNOT BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE FIGHTING IN THE STORY. It has to be about OTHER people. NOT YOURSELF. 

2005-02-03 [devil_16]: were do you go to put in intry

2005-02-05 [Forsvunnet]: I see that all the stories have the name of the characters linked. Do you have to link the name everytime you write it into the story or is it enough if you just write the link to the name once?

2005-02-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: i just lkie to link the neams thats all. I don't think you have too

2005-02-05 [shudson]: you only have to link names on this page when you fill out that little form about who's in the story

2005-02-05 [Forsvunnet]: Good good

2005-02-15 [M_Sinner]: There... whew... I finally got all the quirks worked out on my entry... now just cross my fingers... Lol. BTW... Major Kudos to Ye olde fish and chip shoppe!!! Rofl!

2005-02-19 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: awesome entries...

2005-02-20 [Forsvunnet]: Seems like there are a lot of people entering now, that's great. Wouldn't be very exiting with just four entries. *hugs all the people who have made a story*

2005-02-20 [M_Sinner]: Whoo-hoo!!! *begins chanting "I got a hu-ug, I got a hu-ug"*

2005-02-22 [myzre]: how do you sign up for contest?

2005-02-23 [Mekeros]: wazzup?

2005-02-26 [shudson]: [Rizzen], "just read the story" is not a summary. If you don't add one your entry will be removed

2005-02-28 [Rizzen]: there, happy?

2005-03-01 [shudson]: [Dictated by Uncertainty], you story was removed read the rules come on people. what part of "the author cannot be one of the fighters" do you not understand?

2005-03-01 [Lady of Lore]: why can't the author be one of teh battlers? DO you mean the author themselves, or a character they control?

2005-03-18 [M_Sinner]: Crosses fingers more tightly...

2005-03-18 [ArchangelGabriel]: is there going to be a poll?

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