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Elftown Battles Competition

This contest is closed!


Welcome to the first Elftown Battles Competition! Your goal is to create something with two Elftowners battling in some way. Old fashioned fist fight, futuristic light saber fight, swimming contest, stalking contest, eating contest, the more creative you are the better! This contest is open to art entries, comics, and written work. Bonus points for using little-known Elftowners and humor.

There will be a winner from each category as well as an overall "best of show." The deadline is midnight, Elftown time, March 1, 2005.


The Rules:
1) Whatever you submit MUST be your own original work and follow Uploading Art Rules. Any stolen art will be deleted.
2) You may collaborate with someone here on Elftown but you must give all artists credit.
3) If you wish to collaborate with someone but don't know anyone willing go to Elftown Battle Hopefuls and add your name. Everyone on the list is also looking for a partner so talk to them to find someone you are compatible with. But remember, you can work alone if you want!
4) The art entries may be in comic form but no more than three pages.
5) The written entries should also be kept short, up to three pages. If they are to long they probably won't get read.
6) The battle can be between more than two people but all of them must be Elftowners and none of them can be the artist or writer.
7) There is no limit on how many entries you may make but they ALL must follow these rules, most importantly, they must NOT be random fighting, they must be two Elftowners fighting. It does not have to be a "standard" fight, swords, fists, etc. The more creative the "battle" the better. Who can watch the most movies? Who can eat the most hotdogs? Who can sleep the longest? BE CREATIVE!
8) Entries must be finished BEFORE submitting them. No "under construction" no "I'm working on a picture that looks like blah." If the deadline comes and your entries are not finished we will not extend it for you and we will not count any that are half done. If you post them before they are finished they will be removed.


Confused as what exactly we want? Some examples would be a picture of [Hedda] and [Nita] sword fighting, a comic of two of your friends from Elftown having a cooking competition, or a story about which of these two Elftowners can catch more fish. Be creative, be humorous, have fun!

Still confused or have a question? Talk to [shudson]!

Have some great ideas but don't want to write or draw about them yourself? Want to see someone draw you fighting someone else? Put them here Elftown Battles Inspiration and maybe someone will use it! Are you an artist or writer who wants to participate but can't think of something good? Visit Elftown Battles Inspiration for ideas!


Winners: Elftown Battles Contest

<news:[Elftown Battles@wiki] Results>

Best Overall:

By [Rennie]

Best in Art:

By [wendahloosa]

Best Comic:

Drinking Duel
By [Yncke]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best Story:

The Duel
By [All_Most PUNK]

All submissions:
Elftown Battles Art
Elftown Battles Comics
Elftown Battles Stories


Thank you to all that contributed!


Please enter your submissions on the correct page:
Elftown Battles Art
Elftown Battles Comics
Elftown Battles Stories


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2004-12-16 [shudson]: Let me clarify one thing that has already come up (it's been on mainstreet for a whole three minutes now) You're not fighting anyone, you're drawing/writing about other people fighting.

2004-12-16 [angel_69er]: muhahahaha ill kill u all

2004-12-16 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: I know I've gotta get in on this... ^^ ... it calls to me...

2004-12-16 [sorrowking]: sounds fun! Im in(if I can get my scanner to work

2004-12-17 [i am jack's box]: 10 paces and fire, thats all i say

2004-12-18 [Sue Falkenkralle]: Do I have to asked the elftowners I want to draw for permission? And how many entries are allowed?

2004-12-18 [shudson]: According to me and the crew you don't have to ask them but it can't hurt. You can have as many entries as you'd like.

2004-12-18 [nautulosio]: i need a partner for the writing battles

2004-12-18 [nautulosio]: n-e 1 want a partner 4 the writing battles, im free

2004-12-18 [shudson]: add your name to Elftown Battle Hopefuls but remember, you don't NEED to work with someone else

2004-12-19 [Doormat]: are you taking photos or not?

2004-12-19 [shudson]: If the photo is of two or more Elftowners it would be accepted. It would go under the "Art" section. If we get a lot of photo entries they might be moved to their own section.

2004-12-19 [Doormat]: okay

2004-12-19 [cobi]: can i create one of me and a fellow wlftowner or does the artisi have to find somone who is not himslef?

2004-12-19 [shudson]: the artist has to find someone who is not himself

2004-12-19 [cobi]: the question was does he need to find somone or someones - can i as the artist be one of the battling elftowners?

2004-12-19 [True, plain and simple]: No.

2004-12-19 [cobi]: so i need to find two elftowner that are willing for me to portray them battling. did i get it correctly?

2004-12-19 [True, plain and simple]: Yes. But they don't have to be 'willing', really, but it's better of course if you make sure they don't mind. We don't require you to ask them, though. :)

2004-12-19 [cobi]: ok. i'll see what i can do. this should be a challenge.

2004-12-19 [shudson]: let me say this again:

2004-12-19 [shudson]:

The artist CANNOT be one of the fighters

2004-12-19 [shudson]:

The writer CANNOT be one of the fighters

2004-12-19 [shudson]:

The artist CANNOT be one of the fighters

2004-12-19 [shudson]:

The writer CANNOT be one of the fighters

2004-12-19 [cobi]: roger that! i'll get to work tomorrow.

2004-12-20 [Doormat]: do the people have to be real, or can they be inanimate objects?

2004-12-21 [shudson]: if you want hedda and nita fighting and hedda is a broom while nita is a dustpan, that's fine.

2004-12-21 [wickedwiccan]: im new here but im looking for a battle on something like no eating or sleeping or video games or something addictive like that if anyone is interested....

2004-12-23 [spiritee]: shudson, just wondering, why can't the artist be one of the fighters?

2004-12-23 [shudson]: because that's what the rules are ;) haha, really? because we want you to have to know enough about these fighters to draw them and if one is yourself that means you only have to know one person. it's a "let's make people interact" thing

2004-12-23 [Doormat]: always going for the complicated aren't you? XD

2004-12-23 [spiritee]: double the pain ^^- ok, thanx

2004-12-23 [shudson]: of course ;) can't make ANYTHING easy

2004-12-23 [spiritee]: is there a christmas competition this time?

2004-12-23 [cobi]: there was. christmas art competiton-2004

2004-12-23 [cobi]: or something of the sort

2004-12-23 [spiritee]: haha how come i never noticed it..too late now, thanks anyways ^^-

2004-12-24 [Willow Silverwolf]: This sounds like a job for....." Tiddly Winks Champion 1946" ha ha ha

2004-12-24 [Charybdis]: Um, it's "category" not "catagory", re the last sentence of the first section.. :)

2004-12-24 [True, plain and simple]: Fixed.

2004-12-26 [wickedwiccan]: no one wants to battle me??

2004-12-27 [Astra]: well ill kick anyones arse

2004-12-28 [Rennie]: I thinks I'm gonna use TheRogue and OrganicParadox ;)

2004-12-28 [Rusty23]: i think i might enter but im not sure if ill make it....

2004-12-30 [Doormat]: can we use people who are gone for 416 days in our pictures or something?

2004-12-31 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: OK... this may sound like sort of an odd question... but, my cat has her own name on here and so does my friend's cat ([Super Cali the Brave Calico Cat] and [Princess03]) Both of their names are Cali... I was wondering if I could do something with them, but I wasn't sure if [Super Cali the Brave Calico Cat] would be considered my own character or not since it's actually my cat... not even a person. I'm just kind of like a middle person, a translator if you will... everything on that is either about her, or another cat...

2004-12-31 [shudson]: [Doormat]-yes

2004-12-31 [shudson]: [Archeress of Mirkwood]-sure, go for it, why not. Your cat has a house, her cat has a house. 

2004-12-31 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Awesome! This is gonna be great! ^_^

2004-12-31 [Doormat]: if we 'impersonate' someone, can we be in our own piece of art?

2004-12-31 [Janouk]: You can't let yourself battle with another Elftowner, or so I believe I've read...

2005-01-01 [shudson]: [Janouk] is correct, the answer is "no" [Doormat] You cannot in any way shape or form be one of the people fighting. If you want yourself in the audience or as the referee that is fine.

2005-01-04 [speeedy]: hey ill be what ever u would like 4 me to be

2005-01-08 [steele]: i'll kick all your butts!! XD

2005-01-08 [Poopy3]: I hate you

2005-01-08 [Perplexity]: I think someone needs a nap.

2005-01-08 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Oh, what lovely conversation we have here. o.O

2005-01-08 [Janouk]: Yes, let's swith the subject:: Who of all you watchers is working on an item?

2005-01-08 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: I am working on a few of 'em.

2005-01-08 [Janouk]: I have got some ideas but I don't think I'll enter. I've got a lot of work to do before my art is good enough ;) Are you going to do Art, Comics or Stories?

2005-01-08 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Art... I'm doing [Super Cali the Brave Calico Cat] vs. [Princess03] It should be nifty... another one I'm working on is going to be [Vampyre Wolf] vs [Son of Lucifer] (Not telling what they are batteling for.)

2005-01-08 [Janouk]: *get's curious* I'll wait just here and see what you've made soon ^^ *sits down*

2005-01-08 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: lol... I may also do [Cephus] vs [loki wilhelm] depending on how much time I have.

2005-01-11 [Mr.Goodbar]: battles huh? I pretty talented but I'm sure there is people who have better skills, *yawns* till then I wait

2005-01-11 [Ocean Soul]: I would so love to enter, but blah, not sure about my 'fighters' yet ._.

2005-01-11 [Ultamus]: can you just draw you and someone else beat the heck out of each other?

2005-01-11 [Janouk]: You can't draw yourself fighting. You can though, draw yourself as a referee or something... Read comments above ^

2005-01-11 [elody]: What IS this...?

2005-01-11 [Janouk]: This is an official competition ^^ If you know two Elftown Members you would like to draw or put in a story batteling in some way this is the place ;)

2005-01-12 [Sir Jeyhms]: what's this about extra points for little known Elftowners? is anyone writing something (instead of artwork)?

2005-01-12 [Duhe Rahn]: I might enter, I may be artistically challenged but if I can find a partner with an idea then i'll be writing in the rain ((waterproof ink of course))

2005-01-12 [Kitten2532]: WHat am I suppose to do on this site?

2005-01-12 [Deadlock jester]: I there anyone here who wants to do something with me

2005-01-12 [shudson]: "little known elftowners"= not [Hedda], [Nita] or other such well known people. It means both you and the rest of us get a bit more aquainted with new people.

2005-01-12 [darkstar151]: you will perish under me! i will dominate all!

2005-01-12 [GothAngelPrince]: I think Ill enter- I rock at althanas...sword fighting kind of game- Ill definately win this compitican

2005-01-13 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Rolls eyes* You have to be a good artist to win the Elftown Battles... *Giggles*

2005-01-13 [reble chikn go moo]: Cool.... so when can i start beating the crap out of you all? (j/k)

2005-01-13 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: lol

2005-01-13 [tamas1]: strider elf

2005-01-13 [Ultamus]: What about yur character? can they fight?

2005-01-14 [shudson]: no

2005-01-14 [moggy3d]: moggy3d

2005-01-14 [moggy3d]: can yu hit em wit clubs

2005-01-15 [shudson]: <img:> Look what True made :) maybe this will help

2005-01-15 [Sunrose]: Cooool! *^__^*

2005-01-16 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Awesome... just stick it up on top of the page, in the middle of the page, at the bottom of the page, and everywhere else on the page in between, and I will bet you ten-thousand dollars, some retard will STILL ask if they can use their own character in it. >.< Gawd, I hate stupid people.

2005-01-18 [Ultamus]: Can I be in it?

2005-01-18 [All_Most PUNK]: In the banner?

2005-01-18 [Sunrose]: ROFLMAO...

2005-01-19 [Doormat]: ouch.

2005-01-19 [Artmantastik]: Stay tune tomorrow 4 another adventure of "SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER"

2005-01-19 [devil_16]: how do you start a story for the battle

2005-01-19 [Nell]: So we can't use made up characters? Does anyone here want me to draw them in a 'Self Inflicted Face Tatoo Contest'? (its mine!)

2005-01-20 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: ... Can I give' em a "Supid Sign" now? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?!?!  LOL!

2005-01-22 [shudson]: We don't have many entries. If we don't get lots more the deadline will be extended... tell your friends! get people to participate!

2005-01-22 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: I hope the deadline is extended... I need more time to work. O.O

2005-01-23 [Forsvunnet]: do you get your picture on to a wiki page? *turns red and hopes no one will hit her to hard for not knowing*

2005-01-24 [Nita]: Upload it, and then use pseudo HTML :)

2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: Do we get badges saying we entered or banners or somthing?

2005-01-26 [Sunrose]: Would you only enter if there were? :)

2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: I've already entered, twice. Not that i expect 2 badges. But it would be nice to say we've been there and done that

2005-01-26 [Sunrose]: Fair enough :)

2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: by which you mean...?

2005-01-26 [Sunrose]: Uhm that you made a point??

2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: Well do you think we get badges? *Eyes go blurry* Ooo... badges @_@

2005-01-26 [Sunrose]: I have no clue...that's up to [shudson] and then it's up to the Badge-makers.

2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: ok.

2005-01-26 [shudson]: if you enter at all you get something, if you win you get something better. badges are involved. that's as coherent an answer as I can manage right now.

2005-01-26 [True, plain and simple]: Unless someone else doesn't follow the rules. Then we send everyone to hell! Bwuahah. ;)

2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: Thank you. Oh goody, more bages. Are you having a first second and thirds only as stands i'm certain to get 2

2005-01-26 [shudson]: it's the standard "official elftown contest" prizes, squirrels and beavers and such. You get a squirrel (i think) for entering, no matter how many entries and you get a beaver (or something) if you win. first place only. and it looks like I'm going to extend the dead line a month or so. more entries people!

2005-01-26 [Ocean Soul]: Shouldn´t it make you happy enough just to enter the contest? :P Badge hunter ;)

2005-01-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: Quick thought. How about a lion and a unicorn on the badge as in: the lion and the unicorn where fighting for the crown

2005-01-27 [CamGuy]: how about the hottest guy on elftown contest?

2005-01-27 [shudson]: the deadline is extended one month

2005-02-01 [The 5 Elements]: i like that badge idea

2005-02-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: acky >< no poem contest's **dies of frantic hopeless ** jk but i want to know if there are poem ones?

2005-02-02 [shudson]: a "story" could be written in meter and therefore be a poem.

2005-02-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: o ok ^_^; thanks

2005-02-09 [TheBurning]: were is the valentine contest O_o

2005-02-09 [Sunrose]: The valentine contests are closed :)

2005-02-09 [krazykraker]: why

2005-02-09 [Erestor]: Because it's nearly valentines and the deadline has gone! :P

2005-02-09 [ArchangelGabriel]: The good people of elftown require time to choose their favourite

2005-02-10 [Sunrose]: The deadlines are gone, because they were passed and now they are being chosen..still 4 days left! ;-)

2005-02-10 [69 all the way]: oh yea have fun guys

2005-02-15 [Miromar]: How can I made a duell by the elftownbattles?

2005-02-15 [ChristopherBur]: Hold on a sec, am I right in thinking that you need a scanner for this?

2005-02-15 [Erestor]: [Miromar], another elftowner has to draw you and another elftowner battling, or you could draw something featuring two elftowners. yourself. [ChristopherBur], it is not nessecrary for a scanner if you can draw well wnough using the computer and other link tools.

2005-02-15 [babycheechee]: hi what going in

2005-02-15 [Miromar]: Thanks, but i don't know who says against who i should draw, please say it me, thanks.

2005-02-15 [Erestor]: Draw anybody, aslo as they are all on Elftown, also, as the rules state, you can not fight in any of the pieces.

2005-02-16 [Shattered_vocals]: i think the hottest guy contest would be cool (pats himselfe on the back)

2005-02-17 [M_Sinner]: Hurray for Narsicism...

2005-02-18 [†-DeaD-†]: hey, whats happening?

2005-02-19 [dragondance]: hey im new to elftown would anyone like to join in on the contest with me and come up with something along with me?

2005-02-19 [Skanksta]: :)

2005-02-20 [WonderTweek]: Hey I have a question, if the battle is between 2 people, but the artist or writer is just in the backround will that count as breaking rule #6?

2005-02-20 [shudson]: that is fine. the artist/writer cannot be the one doing ANY of the fighting. referee is fine. audience is fine. mysterious shadow in the doorway is fine.

2005-02-20 [WonderTweek]: Okay thanks

2005-02-22 [sirjames9023]: yeah...i just saw some of ur guys drawings... i think i shouldent be here o.O

2005-02-22 [Kornando]: cheeSE IS GOOD

2005-02-22 [Larry the Cucumber]: this is the coolest

2005-02-28 [psychojuggalette]: I'm confussed.

2005-02-28 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: WTF!? WHy would someone pop onto an official ET Page just to amek the random comment of "Cheese is good"? It's those very senseless acts that never cease to amaze me. -.-

2005-02-28 [Plunderbunny]: Perhaps to elicit the reaction of "WTF!? WHy would someone pop onto an official ET Page just to...."

2005-03-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: lmfao btw winner's is spelled wrong

2005-03-02 [Sunrose]: No, it's not :p

2005-03-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: u changed it lol evil lmfao hey do i get something for pointing that out >> <<  jk all i want is frindship ^^

2005-03-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: i am spell checking ur whole page here lol

2005-03-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: lightsaber should be spaced light saber two words lol

2005-03-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: **dances for no reason **

2005-03-02 [Sunrose]: fixed!

2005-03-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: want more =/ (thinks he is going to be a future ET spell checker)

2005-03-02 [Chaotix Palidien]: its spelled wrong again should be space (thinks he is getting annoying) and they must be two Elftowners fighting. is the correct way to say that near the top of page area where it is =/

2005-03-03 [Sunrose]: Hmm you're not being very clear. 'Elftowners battling' is not wrong, if that is what you meant..

2005-03-03 [Chaotix Palidien]: sorry i said the same thing twice sorry [Sunrose]  ^_^

2005-03-05 [Plunderbunny]: Actually, according to the official star wars site (, it is spelled "lightsaber". One word, not two. See here for details:

2005-03-05 [Chaotix Palidien]: thats a starwars site not a dictionary thing =/ i beleive my spell check anyway ^^ sorry

2005-03-06 [Plunderbunny]: :) You would think that the official star wars site has the officially correct spelling of the word lightsaber.. But what do I know? I'm not even a member there... :)

2005-03-07 [All_Most PUNK]: It's lightsaber. One word. No doubt about it.

2005-03-07 [True, plain and simple]: Spell check likely doesn't have the word, so it seperated it into the two words it knows, light, and saber. Never trust programs 100%.. They make as many mistakes as the humans who programmed them. :P

2005-03-07 [Plunderbunny]: Yay! :) Someone agrees with me! *does a jig*

2005-03-08 [Erestor]: And if Microsoft programmed them, they make a fair few.

2005-03-13 [WonderTweek]: * patiently waits for the winners * lol

2005-03-13 [M_Sinner]: *Crosses fingers hopefully*

2005-03-17 [WonderTweek]: <<

2005-03-21 [Erestor]: congrats all winners!

2005-03-21 [Janouk]: Yes, well done you all! ;)

2005-03-23 [Rennie]: WOOHOOFULLNESS! XD

2005-03-24 [Yncke]: Yay! :)

2005-03-28 [wendahloosa]: I was so surprised to find out my picture won! Yippee! *does a happy dance*

2005-03-28 [WonderTweek]: congrats winner-people *hands out slushies*

2005-03-28 [Plunderbunny]: Yarr :))) Congratulations indeed!

2005-03-28 [WonderTweek]: Yep... *slurps slushie*

2005-06-14 [GabbaGabbaHey]: Hiya Kurtis and Brian and who ever else is here *slurps slushi as well*

2005-06-14 [WonderTweek]: lol

2005-10-20 [Chaotix Palidien]: i am not a fag kurt XD  slushies >>

2008-04-30 [Nc-17]: ...hmm... *eats ramen*...

2008-04-30 [Calico Tiger]: Penguin, please don't start with the spamming of all wikis with the ramen eating again *pokes* That's part of what makes people irritated with you :P Since there's not much more that you say than just that.

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