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Elftown Donors of Funds


WebArt by [May-lea]

Donors of Funds


Elftown Donors of Art. The Building Artists


Web art by [May-lea]

See Donors of Art


Elftown Donors of Art. The Daily Poets & Master Poets

<img:/img/new/DonnorPoem3.gif> <img:img/new/MastDonorPoem3.jpg>

WebArt by [May-lea]

Daily Poets & Master Poets


Elftown Donors of Art. The Halloween Poets, Christmas Poets & Saint Valentine Poets

<img:/img/new/Donorbadge.gif> <img:/img/new/DonnorPoemChristmas3.gif> <img:/img/new/DonorPoemVday3.gif>

Web Art by [TheRogue] & [May-lea]

Halloween Poets!
Christmas Poets
Saint Valentine Poets


Elftown Donors of Art. The Featured Painters


WebArt by [May-lea]

Featured Painters


Elftown Donors of Art. The Christmas Painters & Saint Valentine Painters


Web art by [May-lea]

Christmas Painters
Saint Valentine Painters


Elftown Donors of Art. The Writers


Web art by [Calico Tiger]

Donors of Writing


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2004-05-16 [Kiristo]: u'd have to donate something. i think

2004-05-21 [someelf]: really nice drawings/badges [May-lea] how can u earn them? it sounds kool and i like to help others

2004-05-21 [Calico Tiger]: The FAQ explains how you can get some of them ^_^

2004-05-21 [someelf]: okay

2004-05-21 [Kiristo]: okay, just do that then

2004-05-22 [someelf]: ^__^

2004-05-22 [Kiristo]: so whaz up?

2004-05-23 [someelf]: whit me? -> okayss u?

2004-05-23 [True, plain and simple]: This is not the place for chatting - Please see ElfChat, visit the forums, or send each other private messages.

2004-05-23 [someelf]: sorry

2004-05-23 [Kiristo]: oh whatever

2005-01-05 [imsdal]: a small question, now that I am around you big famous people, what decides whom gets the coloured badges and whom gets the uncoloured ones...? ^_^

2005-01-05 [True, plain and simple]: Which badge?

2005-01-06 [imsdal]: uhm, any really. F.ex the donors badges. Is there a certain amount you have to donate before you get a coloured badge...?

2005-01-06 [Sunrose]: The donor of funds badge is always colored as is the featured painters (because not many members will get them and a system of upgrades is therefore pointless). Donors of art and poems work with a system of amount of donations... :)

2005-01-06 [imsdal]: aha, I see... do you know how many it takes (for someone to get a coloured badge)...? ^^' *really wants a coloured badge*

2005-01-06 [True, plain and simple]: For which mentioned badge, again?

2005-01-06 [Sunrose]: The art and poem ones follow their own count, but the same system, so you really have to tell us what badge exactly you mean before we can tell you :)

2005-01-07 [imsdal]: ouh, sorry ^^ the art-donor badge, then ^^ Not the featured painter's one.

2005-01-08 [Sunrose]: Well the art-bage is lengthy to explain here: the main thing is not how many images you donated, but to what you donated. Try to donate to different things like the mood-icons, elftown graphics and competitions (however the amount of donations is counted for the centipeds where you get a centipede badge after a donation of 100 images) :)

2005-01-08 [imsdal]: aha ^^ well.. I suppose I should start competing in the art-contests then. I've sort of limited myself to only poem-competitions... thanx anyways :)

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