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<img:stuff/ghostieghost.gif> <img:stuff/ghostieghost2.gif> <img:stuff/ghostieghostgreen2.gif> <img:stuff/ghostieghostgreen3.gif>
Webart by [Paz] and her soul :P
Original elftown badge designs by [May-lea]


These are the few, the illustrious ghosts of elftown! They can be seen haunting several wikis around Eltown and even out in the real realm they haunt poor citizen's of the world! ;) They have been killed so many times on wikis that they should be considered ghosts by now! They drink at all the ghostly haunts and bars! They are truely Elftown ghosts!

Beware their ecto-plasmic boozey furry! >;D

And they are also extremely sexy, know it, fear it, love it.


The infamous she-ghosties:

Illustrious Fantasma [Paz]
Illustrious Fantasma [RiddleRose]


To make it Simple...
You ≠ ghost :P
The End.

Please NOTE that this is an inside joke between Riddlerose and Paz! Not actually anything we're going to go around handing out to members that a) don't want it and b) because you feel they should be credited! 


Beware! For we are watching and haunting you! Meheheh!

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2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: hehe :P

2006-06-17 [someelf]: <3

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]:

2006-06-17 [someelf]: Naww *drools more and cuddles head*

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: XD Heeh

2006-06-17 [someelf]: *Sneezes and sniffles and cuddles more clinging*

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: XD Sneeze?

2006-06-17 [someelf]: ^-^'

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: XD

2006-06-17 [someelf]: :3 *sneezes again X_X

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: :O Bless you! XD

2006-06-17 [someelf]: *wakes up* thanks* :)

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: XD No problem!

2006-06-17 [someelf]: :D

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: :)

2006-06-17 [someelf]: :p

2006-06-17 [Atayemi]: :D

2006-06-17 [someelf]: *smiles*

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: *grins* :D

2006-06-18 [someelf]: *yawns*

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: aww..:P

2006-06-18 [someelf]: *burps* Excuse me XD

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: XD *lmao*

2006-06-18 [someelf]: :P

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: :D

2006-06-18 [someelf]: o.o :p

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: whee!

2006-06-18 [someelf]: :p

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: :)

2006-06-18 [someelf]: :p

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: ^_^

2006-06-18 [someelf]: Blobs :D

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: Whee! :D

2006-06-18 [someelf]: XD

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: :P

2006-06-18 [someelf]: *Blops trough here* ^^' (A)

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: o.O

2006-06-18 [someelf]: ^-^

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: :P

2006-06-18 [someelf]: :)

2006-06-18 [kittykittykitty]: ^_______^?

2006-06-18 [someelf]: ^-^

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: XD

2006-06-18 [kittykittykitty]: :P

2006-06-18 [someelf]: Blobs are funny :D

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: XD hehe they are..:P

2006-06-18 [kittykittykitty]: What kind of blobs..? o_o

2006-06-18 [Atayemi]: Blobs. <--- Those types of blobs. XD

2006-06-18 [someelf]: :P

2006-06-19 [Atayemi]: XD

2006-06-19 [someelf]: *Hugs Maes* :3

2006-06-19 [Atayemi]: Awww...:P

2006-06-19 [someelf]: :3

2006-06-19 [Stephen]: Interesting...

2006-06-20 [Paz]: Yes it is :P

2006-06-20 [someelf]: XD *cackles*

2006-06-20 [Stephen]: I just have to say it... I wanna b a ghost!!!

2006-06-20 [Paz]: aww.... poor stephen :P

2006-06-20 [Stephen]: Grrr... *kills you* Hmph.

2006-06-20 [Paz]: *ish dead* XD

2006-06-20 [Stephen]: *revives you so I can kill you again* Hmph.

2006-06-20 [Paz]: Oh you're nice XD *locks in a chest and mails it to Siberia*

2006-06-20 [someelf]: Lmao XD

2006-06-20 [Stephen]: Noooooo!!!

2006-06-20 [Paz]: Bwahahaha!! Have fun with the reindeer and ploar bears! >:D

2006-06-20 [Stephen]: Eeeeks! I will have revenge!

2006-06-20 [Paz]: Oh noez! :O

2006-06-20 [Atayemi]: :O

2006-06-21 [Stephen]: *comes back in return mail* They said I was too annoying and sent me back. ;)

2006-06-21 [someelf]: Lmao! XD

2006-06-21 [Stephen]: ;) Now, for my revenge!

2006-06-21 [someelf]: *Backs away* >_> <_<

2006-06-21 [Atayemi]: :O

2006-06-21 [Stephen]: Hehehe... TICKLE TIME!!!

2006-06-21 [Atayemi]: Run Elfy! XD

2006-06-21 [someelf]: O___O!!! *Runs* :o

2006-06-21 [Atayemi]: XD heeh *watches* :P

2006-06-21 [someelf]: *Drags Atay with her* xD

2006-06-21 [Atayemi]: :O He's not threatening to tickle me! XD *gets dragged after*

2006-06-21 [someelf]: *Shrugs* He will now! He's a beast xD! *chuckles* (Not really but meh XD)

2006-06-21 [Atayemi]: XD He's a beast?! WAGH! :S

2006-06-21 [Stephen]: Muwhaha! I shall tickle you both!! *floats (whee! :D) after you both* (Rawr. xD)

2006-06-21 [someelf]: XD *Rofl and gets up again running holding atay behind her dangeling* (Poor you :3) Iiii! *Points* The devil as an angel! :O *Le gasp*

2006-06-21 [Stephen]: Muwhahaha! *suddenly has glowing red eyes* Come my pretties, allow me to tickle you, into non-existance!

2006-06-21 [kittykittykitty]: XD

2006-06-21 [Atayemi]: ARGH! :S *runs as fast as she bloody can!* XD

2006-06-21 [someelf]: xD *is now getting dragged along by Atay* Iiiiiiik!!! xD!

2006-06-22 [Stephen]: *continues laughing insanly* Hehehe... *hands begin to glow red* Tickle tickle tickle~

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: XD AAAGH! Teeh did I mention that I'm quite fond of wolves? :P *whistles* Come on boy! XD

2006-06-22 [someelf]: xD!

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: Wheeee! I'm in school right now so he'll have to come a long way..o__O *wants some tomato soup* It's lunchtime in 25 minutes..*twitches* Need food! :O

2006-06-22 [someelf]: xD I want food too! ;_;

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: Awwww...*hugs* I've got 20 minutes left! *twitches* ><

2006-06-22 [someelf]: *Grins* I got all day left and there's no food at all o_O

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: :O You don't go to college or anything, then? oO

2006-06-22 [someelf]: Nope :3 *grins innocently* ^-^'

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: :O Wow..I thought you did! XD

2006-06-22 [someelf]: xD Nope ^-^

2006-06-22 [Stephen]: I just ate. ^^

2006-06-22 [someelf]: Lucky ^-^

2006-06-22 [Stephen]: *is all happy and full* I'm tired though, it's 8 am and I'm still awake... lol

2006-06-22 [someelf]: It's 13:56 here ^^

2006-06-22 [Stephen]: It's afternoon (I think) then.. :P It's 8:00 here, (Assuming I still know the 24-hour clock)

2006-06-22 [someelf]: ^_^' It's 2 PM here :)

2006-06-22 [Stephen]: Alright, I thought so. ^^

2006-06-22 [someelf]: :P

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: XD It's..6:06pm here. :P

2006-06-22 [KnightAngel]: it's 19:31, or one minute over half eight <.<

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: XD're ahead of us by 2 hours! :P

2006-06-22 [KnightAngel]: Cool :P Except for Elfy, we're on equal times XD :P

2006-06-22 [someelf]: :3

2006-06-22 [Paz]: *cough* 1 48 pm :P (on the east coast anyways)

2006-06-22 [KnightAngel]: Wow o.o Quite some difference :P

2006-06-22 [someelf]: xD *Bops Paz* You need to come over and live here :D

2006-06-22 [Paz]: Lol, east coast of the US :P We're 5-6 hrs behind you /// *bops* But I'm dead ;_;

2006-06-22 [someelf]: Nuuuuuuuu! *Rivives* ^^ There we go :D

2006-06-22 [KnightAngel]: Hehe XD I think there is going to be some mayor lacking of rooms XD

2006-06-22 [someelf]: Nahhh! She can cram inbetween us hun xD *Rofl* ^^ Trough I think Pazzles got some problems with it X3

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: XD Whee!

2006-06-22 [KnightAngel]: How about Michelle then? And Sarah I think... At least when she planned on getting her bum over here XD And a pretty big sh*tload of others XD

2006-06-22 [someelf]: Uhm, let's buy a castle :D

2006-06-22 [KnightAngel]: Hehe that would be a good idea XD

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: Oooh..with stables?! :D :D

2006-06-22 [KnightAngel]: Why not? XD If we are going to get a castle then why not go with a big bang XP

2006-06-22 [Atayemi]: YAY! Horsees! :D

2006-06-23 [Akayume]: O.O ooohhh....ghosts! I lurves them!! We have one that plays a harmonica in our basement at my house! (wow that was random) anyho, how cool O.O

2006-06-23 [Paz]: Hahaha XD I wish I could hear him play! I have one in my hallway that slams the doors and one that haunts the lower floor in my summer home (that one scares me stiff) O_o

2006-06-23 [Akayume]: *nod nod* We have a less scarry one at me dad's...this one blows on your neck in the kitchen XD the harmonic got a bit annoying though...since he only played at night XD but he/she stopped randomly one day O.o

2006-06-23 [Paz]: O__o I would consider that creepy! Shame there is no harmonica any more :P 

2006-06-23 [Akayume]: not really. you get used to it after a while XD He/she also walks into the basement can't hear footsteps, but you can feel the wind moving like someone was walking that wasy *nod nod* I know! poor dude..wonder what happened? *shrug* ah well. He shall be missed. (I named him Fred ^^)

2006-06-23 [someelf]: o_o Well I would like to have a castle in Ireland then :D or in Scotland ^-^ All Elftowners could go there on vacation *_* Like summer camp?! *smiles big of this idea* oh my.. *goes dream and curls up grinning happily* so many ideas *_*

2006-06-23 [Atayemi]: Ireland! Yus yus! I love the accent! And Father Ted was set there, always a plus! :D

2006-06-23 [someelf]: xD

2006-06-23 [Atayemi]: :P

2006-06-23 [someelf]: Ireland.. Country of hills *_* *grins and hugs Ireland* <3

2006-06-23 [Atayemi]: XD *hugs Ireland AND Scotland* <3 Beautiful scenery! :D

2006-06-24 [someelf]: xD

2006-06-24 [Atayemi]: :P

2006-06-24 [someelf]: *goes buy a boat* :D

2006-06-24 [Atayemi]: XD Wheeeeee!

2006-06-24 [someelf]: :3

2006-08-10 [Deadlock jester]: The elftown ghost link is wrong, me thinks :s

2006-08-23 [Paz]: fixed :P Thanks!

2006-08-24 [acid rain on my parade]: im bored

2006-08-24 [acid rain on my parade]: hello

2006-08-28 [Paz]: Hello :3

2006-08-29 [Stephen]: *haunts Pazzle*? :P

2006-08-29 [Paz]: Oh noez! *calls the ghost busters* :O

2006-08-30 [Stephen]: No! Damn you Pazzle!! *runs away and hides under some spare clothing*

2006-08-30 [Paz]: *throws the spare clothing in the wash* :O Clean up you dirty ghostie!

2006-08-30 [Stephen]: *le gasp* I must escape! *possess the Pazzle and makes her do the chicken dance*

2006-08-30 [Deadlock jester]: ohjoy, Chickendancing!

2006-08-30 [Paz]: Ahhh!!! NOEZZZZ!! *dances helplessly* Must... resist!

2006-09-03 [Stephen]: Yes, dance, dance my pet!!! Muwhahaha! *Makes her dance faster*

2006-09-04 [kittykittykitty]: :O *throws a tomato at tha ghostie* :3

2006-09-05 [Paz]: Oh noez! :O Kitty doesn't like my dance!? Stephy! You're not dancing well at all! Make me dance better

2006-09-05 [Zab]: can i b a gost plz?

2006-09-05 [Atayemi]: XD!!!

2006-09-06 [Paz]: Meh... no xP Sowwie!!

2006-09-06 [Zab]: Awwwwwwwwwwwwsssss...;____; u sux! *steals badge* haha!

2006-09-06 [Paz]: (I thought for a moment you said 'u sex' xDD) LOL!
On noez!! I shall have to report you!! :O

2006-09-06 [Zab]: (XD Aww.....but you're smexy! x) That's better?)
Nuuuu! u cant repurt me!!! im in t3h cuntcil!!! im a gaurd!! ill band ur as1111!!!!!! <----random lies

2006-09-06 [Deadlock jester]: omglolwtflol!!11 thaats lyk so awsom !!11 how I be guart?

2006-09-06 [Zab]: u du lik meh n sy ur a gauerd..

2006-09-06 [Deadlock jester]: LOLOL K LOL IR GUNNA BAN YOO!!!111

2006-09-06 [Stephen]: I will make you dance how I want to! :D

2006-09-07 [Paz]: (I'm not sexy :P Silly! xD)
I'll report you for telling lies and using chat speak! :O *spanks* You ain't one of t3h guards xD I'm gonna get you banned! Fwah!!

2006-09-07 [Paz]: Then at least make it pretty-ful xD

2006-09-08 [Stephen]: You do bad dance!

2006-09-08 [Paz]: You make me do a bad dance! :P Shameful!

2006-09-08 [Stephen]: Of course! You are good at dancing badly!

2006-09-13 [Paz]: I know xD *does the chicken dance*

2006-09-14 [Stephen]: Yay! Dance more!

2006-09-15 [Paz]: *dances more*

2006-09-15 [Stephen]: *laughs at you*

2006-09-25 [Paz]: *dies from far too much dancing*

2006-10-05 [Stephen]: *giggles at the dead pazzle*

2006-10-05 [Deadlock jester]: *munches paz* :0

2006-10-06 [Paz]: Zomg! :O My head ish munched! *twitches*

2006-10-10 [Stephen]: *munches the rest of Paz*

2006-10-11 [Paz]: *infests stephy's stomach* It is rather wet in here o.o

2006-10-18 [Paul Doyle]: WoooooOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOO *haunts* o__0

2006-10-18 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...?

2006-10-19 [Stephen]: My poor tummy! ;_;

Look! It's a Paul Doyle! Capture it! Stick it in a bottle on display!

2006-10-31 [Paz]: *calls the ghost busters* Go get him! :O

2006-11-02 [Stephen]: Waaah!!! *vanishes*

2006-11-02 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...?

2006-11-16 [someelf]: Mrow? o.o

2006-11-16 [Stephen]: Monkey?

2006-11-16 [KnightAngel]: *blinks* Who called? XD

2006-11-16 [Stephen]: Cow??

2006-11-18 [KnightAngel]: Moooh o.o

2006-11-18 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...moou

2006-11-21 [Stephen]: :o

2007-03-26 [DarkJenni]: booooo

2008-07-08 [blood_fairy21]: this is a cute idea oh evil one*worships [Paz]*

2008-07-09 [Paz]: ;P

2008-07-10 [Zab]: I wanna b a ghost make me a ghost plz im relly nice ive died im 1 ghost...emo++++!!!11

2008-07-11 [Paz]: Oh noez! .(/.-). Reed t3h rulez dammitz! Dx Or I sets the guardz on youzzzz!!! OmG!

*calls the ghost busters on you* xD

2008-10-03 [Thunder Cid]: *creeps up with a jam jar*

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