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The people in this group maintain the Elftown Graphics pages and are in charge of screening all new submissions. You can turn to them if you have questions about the rules or your art.

The Elftown Graphics Group

Illustrious [hanhepi]
Illustrious [Stephen]
Trainee [Morrigon]

Elftown Graphics Veterans: Veterans#Elftown Graphics Group


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2005-07-29 [Sunrose]: omg a pink thingy!

2005-07-29 [Erestor]: Yep, I'm not sure about it's habits - it may be a rocker like Isi or super fast like Sunny O.o Who knows

2005-07-29 [Sunrose]: It looks like it likes to dance!

2005-07-29 [Charybdis]: Omg! So that's what's inside the eggs... ^^ How cute! // It must be a super fast rockerdancer :o

2005-07-29 [Sunrose]: Yeea :D

2005-07-29 [Erestor]: He does - <img:stuff/dino-dance.gif> God thats rough ...

2005-07-29 [Sunrose]: Hahahahha! That is so cool! xD

2005-07-29 [ally]: XD Wonderful!

2005-07-29 [Dil*]: awww it's so cute!! =^_^=

2005-07-29 [pixish]: :-O I thought there might have been a baby eagle in my egg! :-O

2005-07-29 [Sunrose]: Maybe yours is different ;)

2005-07-29 [pixish]: :-O I should book an X-ray scan thing for it :P

2005-07-30 [ally]: Mine 's different too ^^

2005-07-30 [Zab]: What!? You stole my egg! ::grins:: and how did a dancing dragon come out from a magpie egg? ::lol::

2005-07-30 [Sunrose]: magic ;)

2005-07-30 [Zab]: yeah, it must be..XP

2005-07-30 [ally]: *wants the dancing dragon*

2005-07-30 [Zab]: ...wants to be useful..::lol::

2005-07-31 [Charybdis]: *tries to think how to tell Zab that she is useful (and cool and nice and stuff ^^) in a way that she'll believe* x_x // XDDD That is the most awesome dance ever! *does the pink dragon super fast rockerdancer dance*

2005-07-31 [Zab]: ::lol:: thanks..I still don't feel useful. ::shrugs:: shouldn´t this wiki be clean and stuff is someone wants to ask us something?

2005-07-31 [Charybdis]: Gak! You're hopeless! Just accept it: You're useful, and you deserve credit, and your art is pretty, and there's nothing you can do about it :P *reads second half of comment* Ummm... maybe ._.

2005-07-31 [Zab]: but that would be boring..::ignores first part of comment::

2005-07-31 [ally]: Meh if they want to ask us something they'll do it on one of the graphics-wikis. We're all watching those too

2005-07-31 [Zab]: yep.

2005-07-31 [Charybdis]: *pokes Zab*

2005-07-31 [Zab]: ::cries::

2005-07-31 [Charybdis]: ;_; *unpokes you*

2005-07-31 [Zab]: ::sigh:: not therefore..I´m just in a odd mood..

2005-07-31 [Charybdis]: Euhm.. ? O_o

2005-07-31 [Zab]: don't ask, you'd hate the answer.

2005-07-31 [Charybdis]: *hug*

2005-07-31 [Zab]: meh..::hugs back::

2005-08-02 [Zab]: just so you all dare to come out again: I'm in a better mood now. ^_~

2005-08-02 [Charybdis]: Whee ^^ me too, although I'm not sure that automatically means I can stay on the computer... *distant thunder is getting closer* We'd better not lose our power -_-;;

2005-08-02 [Zab]: ...I've started to dislike thunders..-.-' we have them all the time, and the power is very easy to loose...hope it'll pass quickly..

2005-08-02 [Charybdis]: I like them, but not when it means we don't have electricity, lol. I should probably shut down the computer :/

2005-08-02 [Zab]: yeah..that might be a good idea..see you later, then..

2005-08-02 [~Angelo~]: Hmm.. I made this, but I am not sure what to do with it. Angelo's Graphics.

2005-08-02 [Zab]: Are you asking for a special artist sektion, or do you just want to donate it to EG?

2005-08-02 [ally]: Since they're only dividers you could place them in the divider's section, but because we're thinking about closing the ET Graphics down until we finished cleaning the place up, it would be nice if you'd wait with that. If you add more graphics you could make a special artist-wiki and place it here EG Special Artist's Sections. You should call it Elftown Graphics ~Angelo~ and try to follow the format of the others. 

2005-08-02 [~Angelo~]: I just want to donate, for now. How many do I have to make for the Special Artist section?  How long will it take to clean up this place?

2005-08-02 [ally]: Atleast 20 images. I don't take it will take that much time, we're on to the last two sections.

2005-08-02 [ally]: Also i hate to say this but must of your images are too big, the limit for dividers is 500 pixels.

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Hmmm... I'll shorten them. Hmm.. I think I have over 20 though.

2005-08-03 [ally]: Ok ^___^. Hmm I guess you then could make your own page. Just look at some of the others to know how to.

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Dammit, most of my images are 549 pixels... only 49 too big *tear* Okay, Will do.

2005-08-03 [ally]: I'm sorry but we can't make exceptions to the rule. They look very nice though ^^

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Yeah, I know, I don't mind making them smaller. Thank you :D

2005-08-03 [ally]: Oh and they should be uploaded to Elftown. Aren't I annoying :(

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Well, that's fine, as I have to shorten most of them. Nah, you are just doing your job. No worries, I am an official on Elfpack, so I know how it is ;)

2005-08-03 [ally]: *relieved sigh* phew ^___^ Oh I didn't know, I almost never go there :p

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Yep, I am [angelo] over there. Heck, I am [angelo] on every heddate community. Yes, I know how it is when a member decides to bitch at you because your doing your job. I know very well, I was a guard at Elfpack for a while.

2005-08-03 [ally]: Haha another consequent person: I'm ally everywhere :p but this is the only one I frequently visit..oh and maybe writersco... Well i haven't had trouble so far, donators seem to be reasonable people. Guards have to deal with the more difficult members I guess

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Ah, I like Wri, it's peaceful there. :D I generally hang around Elfpack, although my roots are in Elftown. Yes -_- as a guard, I get lots of "f** you you mother F**** B*** I hope you die and burn in h***" Only they don't do the stars. (Just in case kids are looking)

2005-08-03 [ally]: Yes it is ^__^, that's why i like to go there sometimes. Hmm yeah I've heard about those messages. Bwah you should just ignore them. Hehe I thought it was rather hard to break the EP-rules :p.

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Yes, it is normally hard to break EP rules. Although, mainly ET catsaways go to EP, so a lot of EP'ers are assholes, and being an asshole is against the rules. So... I get a lot of that. I just warn them, and they normally go away.

2005-08-03 [ally]: That's why I don't like going there O.o *shudders*

2005-08-03 [~Angelo~]: Yeah, but there are some really cools people on EP too, and I like the EP warden.

2005-08-03 [Dil*]: I like ET way better...(just my opinion :P)

2005-08-03 [ally]: But most of them are also here ^^. hehe yeah I like her too

2005-08-03 [Janouk]: Ooohhh! Egggsss :) *hugs*

2005-08-03 [Dil*]:

Elftown Descript Polling, Vote on how you want -your- description rules changed!

2005-08-03 [Sunrose]: Plzzz don't spam EVERY page with this. The people who watch this page also watch other pages you already spammed with this comment -_-'

2005-08-03 [Zab]: ehm..I agree on that..even tho the idea seems ok.

2005-08-03 [Dil*]: haha sorry....just figured that this could go okay on most pages since it's an issue that effects all ETers. Sorry sunrose, you must watch most of the pages I watch.

2005-08-03 [Sunrose]: I understand, I am just trying to point out that you should pick the pages with a considerable amount of watchers without annoying the crew (so no council-post :P). That means not choosing a wiki that is fairly exclusive like this one filled with people who probably already voted :P

2005-08-03 [Dil*]: ya, that was pretty random.

2005-08-04 [Calico Tiger]: Heh, I'm glad I created Elftown Graphics. Since now we actually have a whole team that deals with it ;) Btw, I know he's not here anymore, but Deiscorides also put tons of effort into those pages as well. Perhaps a mention of him somewhere here in a veterans section? :)

2005-08-04 [Calico Tiger]: [shudson] is also another person who put tons of time into it after I and Deis had left it :)

2005-08-04 [pixish]: :P I put Font in there too, since that is who we took it over from. Fell free to change any info/setting out of that bit ^__^

2005-08-04 [Zab]: havn't Deiscoroides changed name to [65tyjvw45b]?

2005-08-04 [pixish]: yes :P But I did not know whether to put that or leave it ^__^

2005-08-04 [Zab]: maybe put both up?

2005-08-04 [Sunrose]: Whoops I changed it before I read this >.>

2005-08-04 [pixish]: :P It looks good anyway ;-)

2005-08-04 [Sunrose]: ^_^

2005-08-04 [Charybdis]: Hmmm, what about the other people in the EGG-forum who are active around here, like you and Kaimee? You have to go somewhere, and you're not veterans per se :) Why haven't you egged yourselves? :P

2005-08-04 [Sunrose]: Because you guys are the team, we are just there in case we're needed and I am also there because me and Pixie kind of formed this group :P

2005-08-04 [Charybdis]: You're still involved, though ^_^

2005-08-04 [Sunrose]: Well..yes :p

2005-08-05 [Charybdis]: Well then! :D

2005-08-05 [Sunrose]: What? =P

2005-08-07 [Kileaiya]: Someone mispelled organizer :P I dunno if that really matters or not but I thought I'd mention it.

2005-08-07 [ally]: organizer is with a z? :p

2005-08-07 [Erestor]: Well we had this discussion on the town herald - and it turns out different people spell it different ways - we'll just have to live with it :p

2005-08-07 [Sunrose]: Since Elftown is British English it should be an s:

2005-08-11 [Sunrose]: Whee I got added to the elite! :D hey but TPS is also an advisor =p

2005-08-11 [ally]: :O

2005-08-11 [ally]: I replied in True's name ^^

2005-08-11 [Sunrose]: xD

2005-08-13 [Kaimee]: XD Lovely, thanks piximish :P **Also: AMERICANS SPELL THINGS DIFFERENTLY FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD!!! It is not the rest of the world's fault! You have only yourselves to blame!!! XD

2005-08-13 [Dil*]: there's canadian spelling.

2005-08-13 [ally]: Wie sjoet ol spel laik dis :p

2005-08-13 [Zab]: är det nu jag ska prata svenska? *lol* (pretend it's bad spelling..>_>)

2005-08-13 [ally]: no :p I was still speaking English.. ^^

2005-08-13 [Zab]: I know, but I can't spell that bad..>< *grins*

2005-08-13 [ally]: meh everybody can spell like that :p

2005-08-13 [Zab]: *lol* no...Ai kannt..

2005-08-13 [ally]: heehee see ... :p

2005-08-13 [Zab]: ..>< meh, there are enough people who seems to have quite good skills in that..

2005-08-14 [Stephen]: I made an art page Mithais.. it has 30 images in it... what should I do?

2005-08-14 [ally]: Since there are only bullets and dividers on that page maybe it's better to put them in the Elftown Graphics Submissions. If you want to make a special artist section go to EG Special Artist's Sections Look at some of the other artist's pages and try to follow the example. 

2005-08-19 [Kileaiya]: We here in the U.S. are just all around odd, I blame the people who came before me :P

2005-08-20 [Calico Tiger]: I'm removing that "Thank calico tiger" thing from the graphics pages >_< Deis added that and it's driving me nuts. People keep sending me messages about it and I've been pointing them out to you all instead

2005-08-20 [Zab]: Aww! though time...

2005-08-20 [Kitten Of The Night]: okie this is driving me crazy i read this page three times and still don't know who to send it to

2005-08-20 [Zab]: Please explain what you want to send and what you want, and I'll try to help you. :)

2005-08-20 [Calico Tiger]: Ok, found a problem with some graphics while I was removing that thank thingy from the pages. EG Zodiac Symbols 2 , [Lodemai]'s submitted ones. They can be found also here: here and several other internet places

2005-08-20 [Calico Tiger]: *points out the Uploading Art Rules and the no free-to-use graphics*

2005-08-20 [Zab]: So...see if I got that right: free to use graphics are allowed at wikis, right? but were these free to use..? *checks it* and she shouldn't get credit for donating free to use images to EG anyway, or?

2005-08-20 [Calico Tiger]: If it stays in a wiki page, it's fine. But the point behind Elftown Graphics is that they're images you can use in your house. Those images are not allowed in your house :)

2005-08-20 [Calico Tiger]: Even the Elftown Grahpics, especially the Elftown Graphics, must follow the rules ;)

2005-08-20 [Zab]: I'll remove them and take it up with the group later. I'll put them back if neccesary.

2005-08-20 [Kitten Of The Night]: i want to send a welcome mat .. a dvider and a bullet

2005-08-20 [Calico Tiger]: ....... I'm wondering why people do not listen to the Guards....

2005-08-20 [Zab]: Post it in Elftown Graphics Submissions ^_^

2005-08-20 [Zab]: uhm...who are you talking about now, calico? Not me I hope? Oo

2005-08-20 [Kitten Of The Night]: thanks zab

2005-08-20 [Zab]: No problem, that's what I'm here for. :)

2005-08-20 [Sunrose]: [Zab]: it was you actually, because despite what Cali said, you mentioned you will talk about it with the group and put the images back if necessary. When Cali already said why they shouldn't be on those pages :)

2005-08-20 [Zab]: Sorry.. I'm just too insecure to act.. :/ I did remove it, at least..

2005-08-20 [Sunrose]: *hugs* I know it is all meant well :)

2005-08-20 [Zab]: -_- I should get a job like cleaning toilets desicions to make there..><

2005-08-20 [Sunrose]: You have to decide which toilet to do first :p

2005-08-20 [Zab]: oh no! I'll have to be unemployed! ><

2005-08-20 [Sunrose]: -pats-

2005-08-20 [Zab]: *sighs* thanks.

2005-08-25 [Jeed]: i have a suppestion.......elftown desktop wall papers!!!! i'm sure veryone would want one, and it would be good advetisement for the artists on here, what do you think? do i hear a contest? by the way, you guys do a awesoem job, keep it up

2005-08-25 [Jeed]: damn i hate my internet......too many buttons......

2005-09-01 [Ocean Dreaming]: Random thought, but maybe it would be a good idea to add to the rules that members may not upload EG graphics to their photo/drawing slot unless they made it and don't have wiki-privs. A lot of people just upload them there and right now, that's marginally allowed. If I'm making any sense...

2005-09-01 [Sunrose]: You are and I, even though not actually belonging to the Group, think it is a good idea :)

2005-09-01 [ally]: Done and added a note.

2005-09-01 [Charybdis]: So when we come across any now, I assume we remove them?

2005-09-01 [Sunrose]: I remove them with a specified note to not upload them to those slots, but use the urls on EG...

2005-09-01 [Charybdis]: Okay, makes sense ^^ *adds a note to her WordPad copy/paste list* :P

2005-09-02 [ally]: Does that also apply for other wiki-banners?

2005-09-02 [Sunrose]: Well it is not something we should hunt members down for, but I guess :)

2005-09-06 [FireWing]: One question..What program do you recommend for making art? I have Photo Shop 7.0,Photo express 3.0 special, Jasc Animation shop and Axelsoft GIF Animator. Oh and MSPaint.

2005-09-06 [ally]: Well you can use all of those of course, as long as you follow the rules for posting art. But remember that graphics made with paint have to be of good quality.

2005-09-06 [FireWing]: I know you can use them but what do you Recommend? And also what do you mean good quality?

2005-09-06 [Charybdis]: Whatever works for you! There is no set program; if you browse through EG you'll see that a variety have been used by the artists, depending on personal preference and what's available to them. If Photoshop works for you, or Paint, or Photo Express, use that. All that really concerns us is the images themselves, not what you used to make them. :) / If you look through EG, you'll probably be able to get an idea of the standard we're trying to uphold; if you want a more specific answer, I'd really just suggest making images that you yourself wouldn't mind using in your house, or seeing used in someone else's house. :)

2005-09-06 [FireWing]: Ah... I really don't know how to work photoshop but i do know how to use paint and photo express

2005-09-06 [Zab]: Then use that. :)

2005-09-06 [FireWing]: ^_^

2005-09-26 [Estantia]: um... surely egg is huevo not huebo?

2005-09-26 [Sunrose]: It is spelled huevo, the v just has a long curl on the left side :)

2005-10-08 [Dark Wizard]: Yeah its Huevo! who could tell this better than a mexican! ~_^ its ok ZAB, my bad!

2005-10-08 [Zab]: :) *lol* No problem at all. Oh..and it's [Ittai] who've written the text.

2006-03-01 [Mr.Scoop]: Sorry to interrupt but...How can we become an Illustrious? ^^'

2006-03-01 [Sunrose]: An illustrious what?

2006-03-01 [Mr.Scoop]: For The Elftown Graphics Group....As in the people who take care of the elftown graphics submissions, who help with the EG section, stuff like that...

2006-03-01 [Zab]: I would think that you'd apply to the crew and if we need anyone we'll chose from there. :)

2006-03-01 [Mr.Scoop]: Okidoki then ^^

2006-03-01 [Mr.Scoop]: So basically, I have to wait until the page is updated and it says that you guys need more people in the EG section? Because now it's only for Daily Poem Bosses...

2006-03-01 [Zab]: No, you can apply for whatever you want, just say it in your apply. But there is never a garantee that you'll get what you want :)

2006-03-01 [Mr.Scoop]: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok thanks ^^

2006-03-01 [Zab]: No problem :)

2006-06-30 [Angelic nightmares]: Umm, what was wrong with my divider?

2006-06-30 [Zab]: It has only been moved to another page for approval. We do that with all images, you will recieve a message if it get's accepted or not:)

2006-06-30 [Angelic nightmares]: Oh, ok. Thanks

2006-06-30 [Angelic nightmares]: Are we allowed to see the other page, or not?

2006-06-30 [Zab]: Not.:) It's just us in the group that has access to that page.

2006-07-08 [kittygirl1017]: how do you apply? I'm kinda confused..

2006-07-11 [Charybdis]: Do you mean apply to the crew? :)

2006-07-11 [kittygirl1017]: yes. it says I can't go on the wiki.

2006-07-11 [Charybdis]: Hm? What do you mean? Where does it say that?

2006-07-11 [kittygirl1017]: When I click on the wiki. It says "Access denied to this wiki-page"

2006-07-11 [Sunrose]: You clicked apply to the crew! instead of apply to the crew :)

2006-07-12 [kittygirl1017]:  >_< oh...

2006-10-05 [Angelic nightmares]: Just wanted to say thnk you, for accepting my recent images, and that I have a few more halloween themed images to submit, once I can get them to look right.

2006-10-16 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: Hey guys.Just a suggestion here...but I would recommend putting the lines "You will be messaged privately when your images are accepted or rejected and they will be moved to the appropriate section or deleted from the submissions page. If the images are deleted from this page and you still havn't got any message, it means they are under concideration on wether they will be accepted or not. That goes for all images." In bold font or something. It seems that nearly everyone is missing it...judging by the commments on the bottom of the page. ..silly people should learn how to read.

2006-10-16 [Zab]: Yes, we know, but we can't put everything in bold, then it wouldn't give any effect. ;)
We'll see what the active Eggies say tho.:)

2006-10-17 [Charybdis]: If they didn't read it the first time, the chances aren't great they'll get it when it's emphasized, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to make it a little more obvious :) Thanks!

2006-10-18 [EmeraldGrizzly]: *bows to the group* Hello, my name is Matthew. I don't 'ave Photoshop, and a friend {squee} here told me of two free programs I could maybe download so I could use transparent backgrounds. I tried to download them and it says I don't 'ave the suffecent software. So, I looked it up {the software} and I don' 'ave the money to buy it now or for quite so time. So, my question is, is it ok to submit graphics even though they don' 'ave transparent backgrounds?

2006-10-18 [sequeena_rae]: Sadly not, they have to be transparent, or the background must have a full colour to it (the green doesn't work because of the different style sheets).
That's odd though, Gimp should have worked.

2006-10-18 [Zab]: Yes, if it is graphics that doesn't have a background that's made to match the elftown stylesheet. :)
(Which means all images that has the shape of a square and with another background than the Elftown green one is ok)
What programs did you download? Was Gimp one of them, because I know Gimp is supposed to make transparent gifs and it's a free program. :)

2006-10-18 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Alright then, i'll take down the two I jus' put up. It really didn't, I hoped it would, but I guess not :(

2006-10-18 [sequeena_rae]: I gave him the link for Gimp, and it's odd that it didn't work *ponders*
Are you on microsoft? Which version are you using?

2006-10-18 [Zab]: Very odd..well, you try to help him with it since you've aleady started:P

2006-10-18 [sequeena_rae]: Will do ;)

2006-10-18 [EmeraldGrizzly]: I 'ave Windows XP.

2006-10-18 [sequeena_rae]: Oh well. I have windows 2000 and it has what I needed o.O That's really odd. What did it say you needed?
(perhaps we should move this to messages :P)

2007-12-24 [Duke Devlin]: Okay, I have submitted some welcome mats, but I'm not sure if they are okay, because they use the message scroll that is in the elftown skin. I don't know where I can get permission for it ><
SHould I take them down? ><
Help please :)

2008-05-19 [sequeena_rae]: lmao thanks silvie!

2008-07-26 [Angel In Red]: Hey ET Graphic Boss peoplz. ^_^ Are you still accepting graphics? I may be leaving ET soon, so I wish to donate few images before going. Like a bye bye pressie. Not a great one, but something non the less.

2008-07-26 [Teufelsweib]: yep! you can submit then to the elftown graphics submissions page:)

2008-07-26 [Angel In Red]: Thanks Slavork. ^_^ *Gets to work.*

2008-07-26 [Teufelsweib]: you're welcome :) and thanks for submitting! (in advance:P)

2008-10-31 [Mom]: I would like to know...I have my own graphics pages. Would you like to link them to ET graphics or should I list them on the submissions page.

2009-11-02 [Rook.]: Whooo. I'm an EG artist now *does a little dance*

2009-11-06 [wicked fae mage]: As a suggestion, similar to the European zodiac chibis that were created by an ET member, I thought it would be cool to have a chibi Chinese Zodiac set.

2011-05-01 [Alexi Ice]: That sounds cute, Fae

2011-05-01 [wicked fae mage]: I'd make them but I'm not good with photoshop

2011-05-01 [Alexi Ice]: Me either...sowwie

2011-08-21 [Stephen]: Hey, Silvie. Shouldn't this page be forum-only edit like the rest?

2012-02-02 [kians mummy]: i have submitted two Graphics, and yet I have not received any confirmation??

2013-05-25 [hanhepi]: They are still waiting to be dealt with.

2013-05-29 [kians mummy]: Since 2012 February, is this site really that slow?

2013-05-30 [Teufelsweib]: yep

2013-05-30 [kians mummy]: Good god

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