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I came to Elftown looking for inspiration. Boy, I sure came to the right place. Interesting place. Fascinating people. Had to draw.

This is a page with the impressions I got wandering around the Elftown. Just imagining what a name should look like. Don't feel insulted because of the images here, they're not about the people behind te names. Ok?


Just an interpreter I passed while crossing the market square.

And later in the evening, I saw a town guard performing his duty.

A The Town Herald town herald heralding... er.. in town. A loud clear voice was required. The job description did not mention a minimum length. But he has proven that even empty wine barrels have their usefullness.

This is page 1 of a two pager. You can probably guess what profession will pass by...

A building worker, specialised in working on high constructions...

A travelling bard. I didn't like his singing much, be he did put up a good show.

A town guide showing a family of dwarfs the nice places of Elftown .

I saw him in a flash, and I'm not even really sure I saw him, but I guess that's the trouble with Secret Agents...


Somewhere in The Maze. Don't ask me where exactly, though...

The Dungeon of Idiots. It seemed to me that building a dungeon for containing idiots shouldn't take much steel or stone. After all, they're supposed to be idiots...

An ordinary day scene at the Monk's Cloister...

"Well," thought the elf, "The Enchanted Elf Inn being at the other side of town, and with this rain, this Hobbit bar doesn't look so bad for my evening drink."
Later that evening, the elf decided this was not such a good idea...


A Halfling and a Duck quarreling. Probably something in the line of "If you weren't half a man, I'd hit you".
(By the way, I know what a halfling really is, but with ducks I only know the feathery thing that goes 'quack'...)

<img:> <img:> <img:>
This is how I imagine the Mayor of a place like Elftown. Someone who has seen and done it all. Twice. Who can keep a bunch of very diverse creatures together without major accidents...
Next to him, a cat I imagined could be his because of the same looks. (Like owner, like pet, you know.)
But then I thought 'naaah, no way the Mayor of Elftown would have an ordinary cat.' (It's a pitty I can't draw cats...)

The Elftown Brute Squad trying out some drinking songs.

<img:> <img:>
Meet my gullible test subject. I don't remember what I made him believe in order to get him to be test subject, but these are the 'Before' and 'After' pictures of a [Calico Tiger] Slobber Attack (tm).

A street child and his apple. The owner of the apple tree happens to be the employer of the not so very smart and just a little too heavily armoured brute.

I imagine Elftown as being a place where all kinds of people come to live. This is an orc couple trying to settle down in Elftown, maybe raising a family, trying to find a peacefull place of their own.

This is a sad story. When Flint the Troll lost his hero's licence for unregulated slaying of a dragon, he realised he didn't know any other professions and had to become one of Elftown's beggars.

Dirty Old Bags. Sorry, ladies, that one was too strong to resist...

The logical result of the dry branch in the path of one of the Panty Raiders! is left as an excercise for the reader, but it will involve something along the lines of Take Elftown's Panties Back.

An employee of the Elftown Lines, hired at the time where they didn't mention they were looking for equine candidates for their "Wanted, intelligent employees to carry around passengers" add.


Once, there was this Drinking Duel with [TheRogue] and [Calico Tiger], but now there's a whole Champion's Tournament, illustrated on Tournament Impressions.

Just like in any other town, once in a while, the circus puts its tents on the town square...

During the CryptoChallenge, [smakeupfx] hid a tantalisingly beautiful treasure behind a series of locks, and invited the Elftowners to try and pry it open.

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2004-03-14 [TheRogue]: who weild the mighty HAMMER of JUSTICE fairly and with vigor! HAZAAA! now all we need is a drinking song.. and some more brute squadders.. can i nominate some more people? *grin* cali.. hun? *slobbers on cali*

2004-03-15 [Calico Tiger]: Great new picture ^_^ And the look on his face is pretty much what he has to say. "Don't ask me stupid questions" ;)

2004-03-15 [May-lea]: Nice ^_^. You forgot his cat ;)

2004-03-16 [Stratakus]: The Mayor looks deep in thought.. kinda like "Hmm... why should I eat the red ones last?"

2004-03-18 [Shreya]: Aww the "halfling" idea is so cute!

2004-03-18 [jlcochran]: These are so cool!

2004-03-18 [Calico Tiger]: *pounces on the building worker and huggles her*

2004-03-20 [Yncke]: @[TheRogue]: Thanks for the brute squad drinking song idea!

2004-03-20 [teptep]: I don't drink.

2004-03-20 [Lerune]: Why not [teptep]? (Me being serious). Sometimes a nightcap is a good way to relax and unwind.

2004-03-20 [teptep]: I don't unwind I get drunk and that feeling is something I do not like, I also don't think beer tasts good.

2004-03-20 [Lerune]: I hate beer. >.< It is so nasty. But, something like a daiquiri or margarita (in moderation) is good to just calm the nerves a bit. Medically, alcohol is a "downer" contrary to what people think.

2004-03-20 [teptep]: I don't like any form of alcohol unless it is very very concentrated, i will drink a hards mike lemonaid and maybe a wine cooler but thats about it for me.

2004-03-20 [Lerune]: i could make you a strawberry daiquiri that you would swear didn't have any alcohol in it. =o)

2004-03-20 [teptep]: eh

2004-03-20 [Lerune]: *pokes [teptep]*

2004-03-20 [Calico Tiger]: It looks great, Yncke!

2004-03-20 [ButterflyFairy]: Ooooo,I LOVE strawberry of my favorite drinks.^_^

2004-03-20 [Malnu]: Which one am I? *grin* **picks up his mug of ale without question and chugs it.**

2004-03-21 [TheRogue]: AWESOME Yncke! such a treat to visit here to see new stuff..

2004-03-24 [Shining light]: this is amazing. do you think you could do one of the Monk's Cloister? i am in need of advertising.

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