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The goal of these competitions is to create a huge
library of FREE Reference Pictures.
Time to next deadline:


1. Images that you submit here will be considered public domain.

2. If you don't want the images to be public domain, but for example use creative commons license, then the wiki or the photos have to be clearly marked as such. (Non-free images will only count as 1/10 of a free images for the photograph badges.)

3. Create a new wiki-page for your photos
Submit the photos by adding a link to an Elftown wiki-page in the appropriate wiki. All the images must be uploaded to Elftown. If you go to your house and press "upload a folder of images", you'll get a nice page automatically.

4. If you have many pages, place them together and arrange them as well as possible.
All the pages will be counted as your work and the more the better! You should have short but well written comments to all or many of the photos and name them with titles! (Use the box-edit and write at "Title/Keywords:" or write text inside () after the link. Like <img:stuff/fighting_cat.jpg>(Fighting cat))

- Make sure the pages have good names!
Don't make pages with names like "various photos" or "John's stuff", but write just what the page is about. "Pictures of John fighting" is not as good as "Photos of sword warrior fighting". You might include an image of John resting afterwards, but if you have many of these images, make "warrior resting" instead and link to that (Even if it's not part of the contest).

- Make links, place keywords and use the description-part.
The links should point to relevant things, of course. Add more links when others submit pages and help each other to put relevant links on all pages.

As soon as the images are on Elftown, we'll try to use the pages or copy the images to reference pictures.

3. All photos must adhere to the uploading art rules of Elftown.
Which basically means that they must be your photos.

4. By submitting the images here, you agree on letting them to be free for any kind of usage.
Elftown will incite people to tell that the images are from you and Elftown, but we'll not enforce that. So the images might be used for homepages, for photo-manipulations and drawing references.

5. If there are recognizable humans in the photos, you must have express written consent before their photos may be displayed here.
If you like, you may choose to use the Elftown Media Release Form.

6. No animals or humans should be hurt while taking these photos.
Use caution and don't take any unnecessary risks.

7. The pages you submit must be exported.
The reason for this is simple: If the pages are not exported people might copy them to other web-pages and neither Elftown nor you would get any credit for them.


Winners from each category will be selected by public poll. The Winner will be awarded this nifty badge:


Participants will receive a version of this cute little badge:


What we want are photos that are useful for artists. The photos should be pretty big, as sharp as possible and contain little more than the subject(s). We want many kinds of subjects, but more important is that we have shots on everything the subject does and from all angles.

Your photos will be ranked higher if they are unique.



For past EPRM sessions see EPRM Champions

List of subjects

Current Session 32: EPRM Jewellery/Jewelry Reference

Deadline: 1st of July 2013 (Open!)

Current Session 33: EPRM Windows

Deadline: 1st of July 2013 (Open!)

Current Session 33: EPRM Full Body Reference

Deadline: 29th of July 2013 (Open!)


Go or return to:
- EPRM Champions
- Reference Photographers

If you would like to share a suggestion for a competition, you can place it in Elftown Competition Ideas!

If you would like to share some of your thoughts and ideas for these competitions, write a comment here, or on the contest pages.

Username (or number or email):


2008-11-13 [Alexi Ice]: True.

On a different note I am a little offended that Moira called me a 'teen.' Age, to me is mearly a number created by man to keep track of the rate at which our bodies grow and change...I don't exactly see what that has to do with our debate...

2008-11-13 [Chimes]: I didn't see how it was relevent either... *is also a teen* But... it's in the past, no use pulling it up again. :]

I respect artistic nudity having just create my first piece featuring a nude person. Before I was slightly skeptical, probably because of my age but now... I see why people do it. :]

2008-11-13 [Alexi Ice]: I respect artistic nuidity but there is a line, and I do not respect porn....Maybe it just bothers me but I just can't condone treating your body in such a manner.

2008-11-13 [Chimes]: Do you have the same feelings about drawn or photomanipulated artwork?

2008-11-13 [moira hawthorne]: you arent old enough to appreciate the humour of my statement

2008-11-14 [Chimes]: Probably not :P Though, saying that, it may just be because it's the internet... and sarcasm/humour is hard to convery without labelling it.

2008-11-14 [moira hawthorne]: my humour is often misunderstood... but you have to take everything that was say and rethink it... most people dont think

2008-11-14 [Chimes]: *is having trouble thinking tonight anyhow* That may have been it. XD I am... preoccupied... so not thinking much about what's said or what I am saying.

2008-11-14 [Alexi Ice]: I understand why me and Skydancer should not have been arguing, because he has aged and is filled with the wisdom that comes with age and I am young and need to make my own mistakes but to me age is nothing but a number. I may be young but I am wise beyond my years, I don't appreciate being underestimated because of my age even if it was supposed to be meant as a joke.

2008-11-14 [moira hawthorne]: mainly it was your own words and the fact your werent respecting Skydancer that I was makin fun of... but you missed that!

2008-11-14 [Alexi Ice]: No wait, I am not going to ignore it! My words and my so called 'lack of respect' still have nothing to do with my age. It has everything to do with my thought process and a bit to do with my indignant personality, nothing to do with the fact that I am 'mearly a teenager'.

2008-11-14 [moira hawthorne]: lol... ok that was funny

2008-11-14 [Alexi Ice]: ...How?

2008-11-28 [Hedda]: EPRM Feet Reference is soon to be closed now! Last chance to get your feet into the voting! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Some Saturday foot photoing is fun, isn't it? <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-11-28 [Hedda]: Just look at the shiny cute badge!

2008-11-28 [Hedda]: Look how easy it is: cat feet <img:>

2008-11-28 [Jitter]: I'll add more images soon just don't have time to process them atm so they will have to wait and will of course be out of contest

2008-11-28 [Hedda]: I don't think EPRM Feet Reference will be ended until Sunday, so there is still some time, I guess. At least if someone is on the way to make something. <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-11-28 [Jitter]: :) Will try to make time then :)

2008-11-28 [Alexi Ice]: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love it if you would extend the deadline! That would be immensly helpful!

2008-11-28 [Skydancer]: Added a set to the feet reference.

2008-11-29 [LinkTurrner]: it is cool wolf girl

2008-11-29 [Alexi Ice]: Are you going to enter? You should!!!!!!!!!

2008-11-29 [LinkTurrner]: I'm not good at taking pics

2008-11-29 [Alexi Ice]: Neither am I, but I always want to help ^^ You should see mine, I am almost finished with them

2008-11-29 [LinkTurrner]: ok

2009-01-07 [justjoe]: How about a hands reference competition? Hands are one of those things that give many of us problems.

2009-01-07 [Skydancer]: We had a start on one. :) Anyone can contribute. The "Parts Place"

2009-01-07 [Jitter]: And you can also take a look at Hands& Feet Reference Pictures

2009-01-07 [Skydancer]: 1-07-09 Hands

2009-01-08 [justjoe]: Those are all good, but I was simply responding to the statement about sharing comments and ideas for these competitions above. As there was a foot contest, I thought maybe a hands competition would be good as well. I also think it would be neat to see a competition of pictures of water (in all of its forms).

2009-01-08 [Hedda]: I'm going to end the foot voting now(ish) (+0-4 days).

And I (someone else want to? No, not you! A newbie, I mean!) should copy up 2 new contests.

I want a faces contest (in the body part series) and for the arranged scene series I don't really know. I thought we had some suggestions about it.

2009-01-08 [Hedda]: The water might be a good idea for the object series (deadline April)

2009-01-08 [Chimes]: Arranged scene? You're making me think of Crime Scenes now.
I can do the copying up two new contests thing... but I have to finish my essay first. :]

2009-01-08 [Hedda]: I don't find anything to follow up the action photos with... Maybe we can use water in March and then Famous Stuff in April? With famous stuff I don't mean that it have to be the Pyramids and the Chinese wall, but more like that bridge your village is so proud of or the local temple.

2009-01-08 [Chimes]: I like that. It'd be like 'The sights of your living place'.
As for following up action poses... Classic art poses? 

2009-01-09 [justjoe]: Or, to follow up the action poses, a play on words; poses of inaction. Things that are normally in motion, not in motion. It would stretch the imagination.

2009-01-09 [Chimes]: I'll make the contest pages once the second one is decided on, if that's okay? Then I can do it in one go. :]

2009-01-10 [Lothuriel]: Hey [Hedda], don't we have a wiki ready for weapons? If not, I think that'd be a good idea.

2009-01-10 [Lothuriel]: Yep, there is one...EPRM Weapons Reference

2009-01-10 [*Phoenix*]: I was thinking that maybe there should be something that had inanimate objects likes pencils, paper, computers, scanners, cd's, ect. I know we have one for furniture but what about the other objects?

2009-01-10 [Chimes]: In time, I do believe we will have one of those. :] I think we select a new object or set of objects for each. That's if I'm understanding this correctly. XD

2009-01-11 [*Phoenix*]: mkay. Thanks! Just thought I'd let someone know in case there wasn't already something set up.....

2009-01-11 [Hedda]: The place to submit weapons is on Weapons Reference Pictures.

EPRM Weapons Reference isn't started and might change shape.

2009-01-11 [Hedda]: I opened the water and landmark contests now because I think people might need this long time to get all the photos. People who live where there are seasons definitely want to compile photos of the same water from winter to summer.

And some landmarks can only be visited now and then. Old photos are quite welcome too though! <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

2009-01-11 [Chimes]: From a photomanipulators stand point that could be really good. The end set of photos could then be manipulated into one... and it would be like having a year in a photograph. :]

2009-01-11 [Chimes]: Yeah. ^^ I'm liking it, I'm liking it a lot.

2009-01-15 [*Phoenix*]: lol [Artsieladie]! I just love how goofy you are sometimes..............

2009-01-15 [Jitter]: I like alcohol AND being goofy *bottoms up*

2009-01-17 [Jitter]: I never got hangovers. Maybe that;s why I used to drink like a sailor. All I got was to have to shoo the stuff out of me after the 80th beer or some drowsiness next day. Never headaches or sick stomach.

Oh and some stinky sweat along. Which is what bothered me the most

2009-01-17 [Jitter]: I had nice time when I was getting smashed on a daily basis... Especially because most drinks were not paid by me x) I miss it, but I'm a mum now and I can't drink to oblivion :P

2009-01-26 [SilverFire]: z0mg. I never got hangovers either, Jitt.

2009-01-26 [Chimes]: I don't get them. :)

2009-01-26 [Linderel]: I'm never drunk :D

2009-01-26 [Jitter]: Yay for no hangoverness :D. How cool are we?

2009-01-26 [SilverFire]: Not that cool. XP

2009-02-01 [Hedda]: Last chance to vote in the action and you might just get some submission into the furniture if you're fast enough!

2009-02-10 [Hedda]: What about a work reference contest? Photos of people working with things?

2009-02-13 [Xuan.]:

i put all of my photography in my blog there. anyone who would like to use my photography for reference, art, manipulation, anything, feel free to. :)

2009-03-09 [Lothuriel]: Sorry, Artsie, I meant to delete my last comment not yours....Mine was obsolete.

2009-03-09 [Lothuriel]: Just didn't want you to think I was being a pain or anything...hehe

2009-05-27 [Hedda]: Last day to enter into the contests 6 and 7 today! And why not make an extra polish of the pages too with some more comments?

2009-05-27 [Lothuriel]: Now that Elftown is running smoothly again, perhaps more people will be able to upload their entries. ^_^

2009-05-27 [moira hawthorne]: still isnt working smoothly for me... I still get disconnect when trying to upload an image... and the only place I can upload an image to is my house with the 500px restriction

2009-05-27 [Hedda]: You have tried many times?

Try not to upload over even half hours, and the risk for disconnection should be lower. (That is: not at 0:00, 0:30, 01:00 and so on)

But generally it should work anyway.

Uploading to your house is no different as you actually upload the entire image and Elftown then resizes it compared to uploading it with the upload image button on top of the textareas. So I think you just got lucky those times.

2009-05-28 [moira hawthorne]: many many many times...

I upload it to my house i get disconnected... but the image remain... when i try to upload it to a wiki I cant press the edit page button

2009-06-29 [Hedda]: Why do EPRM Wonderfully Weird have such a strange deadline? Why not 27th of August?

2009-06-29 [Chimes]: It wouldn't have a whole month.

2009-06-29 [nehirwen]: Because wonderfully weird deserves a wonderfully weird deadline. :]
(and what chimes said, and people have a few days more between the deadline of the landmark session and this session, although that might not matter much)

2009-06-29 [SilverFire]: So the landmark session opened ages before the Wonderfully weird session, but they're going to close just a few days apart? And 27th of August would give it a whole month and then some. *baffles*

2009-06-29 [Hedda]: We still need somethign in August then..

2009-06-30 [nehirwen]: As far as I see sessions tend to be open for 1 month, unless there is reason to extend it quite a bit (as to capture a shot in several seasons, like the landmark). I was thinking to open a session for August at the end of July, as that makes sense with the normal 'one month running time' thing.

2009-06-30 [Hedda]: The idea is to have 3 contests of different styles running all the time. With a deadline that is one month apart from each other.

I generally planned: One that you can do by yourself, one that you need help for and one that you have to go to a special place for.

2009-06-30 [nehirwen]: Ah, so the wonderfully weird one can have a deadline of August 27 and a hand reference session September 27? While opening a new session each month in the category that just closed?

2009-06-30 [Hedda]: A hand reference? Why? We have plenty of hand-photos already. Why not an arm contest? It will include hands and upper body too, of course.

2009-06-30 [Hedda]: So I suggest that we move the weird to the 27th of August and start an arm contest too right now with deadline until the 27th of September.

2009-06-30 [nehirwen]: I just looked at the suggested future sessions and didn't realize we have plenty of hand photos already. An arm contest sounds fine.

2009-08-07 [Easterling]: Hello! :) I've got a suggestion for a reference subject/theme but I'm not sure where the right wiki to tell about it would be.

2009-08-08 [Chimes]: Here works :)

2009-08-08 [Easterling]: Good. :) Well, I'm having some pictures that I thought I could donate, and they're on a ship. Now, ships and boats may be a too narrow theme, but I was thinking that there could be a reference theme called Pirates or something like that. Then there could be pictures to use while making art about pirate life, or other adventure at sea? What do you think?

2009-08-08 [Chimes]: I like it. :) Other EPRM people, what do you think?

2009-08-08 [moira hawthorne]: the wide blue yonder

2009-08-09 [nehirwen]: I like it as well. :)

2009-08-09 [Easterling]: :) !

2009-08-25 [Nioniel]: Ooooh, I love the new themes!

2009-08-29 [justjoe]: The wonderfully weird still says open, has the deadline been extended or is it closed for new entries?

2009-08-29 [nehirwen]: If you have something to submit, you're welcome to do so, I'll close it a bit later then. :) (otherwise I'll close it now)

2009-08-29 [justjoe]: thanks, but go ahead and close it. I had an idea, but no pictures yet. I appreciate the offer though.

2009-08-30 [justjoe]: How about Sacred Spaces for a category? It is open to a lot of wonderful interpretation and has the potential to generate some great pictures from the creative minds here.

2009-08-30 [nehirwen]: When you have your pictures, you can always add them to the reference pictures submissions wiki. :)
And I like your idea!

2009-08-31 [justjoe]: I'll add them to the reference section when I get them done. Thanks

2009-09-14 [Hedda]: EPRM Plant Reference should actually have another number.

It's time to make some new contests in between.

2009-09-14 [nehirwen]: We can change that when we open the in between contests.. which ones would you like to open?

2009-09-20 [Hedda]: I don't know...

Hm... books? I missed images of some really cool looking books to use as graphics here and there.

Can we get some entries to a muscle contest? Are Elftowners anyway near non-drawn muscles? ...

2009-09-20 [nehirwen]: Books and muscles are nice, I'm sure there must be a few around here. x)
Perhaps some fire too, fire is always nice to use. :3

2009-09-20 [Hedda]: Fire pretty!

2009-09-21 [nehirwen]: :P
I'll set them up somewhere during the day.

2009-09-21 [nehirwen]: You want to open all of them directly? (I made the fire; fire and smoke btw)

2009-10-08 [Hedda]: Yes, why not?

2009-10-08 [nehirwen]: I forgot. >.>

2009-10-09 [Nioniel]: Alright! New themes, yay!

2009-10-11 [Nioniel]: Question - it's not permissable for one to submit the same images to more than one session, correct? For instance, were I to submit photos for the Fall Session from the Plant session, they would not count, would they?

2009-10-11 [nehirwen]: No, they wouldn't. ;)

2009-10-14 [Hedda]: I'm not sure about that. If the photos are OK for both themes, than I guess they are OK. It's just that we expect a little different styles, I guess.

Just submitting the same page to two contests will make you unpopular though. But using the same photo of an autumn tree in a series of autumn photos and in a series of photos of that tree in different seasons would be totally OK.

2009-10-14 [nehirwen]: But it wouldn't improve the count of submitted pictures as it was already submitted before, right?
It's going to be annoying to keep track of those double pictures when counting everything when adding stuff to the reference pictures..

2009-10-14 [Lothuriel]: Yes because we all base popularity on how well we are liked on the internet.....0___o

I agree [nehirwen]...

2009-10-14 [Nioniel]: Well, I wasn't so much concerned with the actual contests themselves, I suppose, as much as I was asking for the general purpose of having the contests, which is to accumulate reference photos for different topics. I would assume that in the Photo Sections, "Trees" and "Autumn" would be under different categories, even though several images may count towards both. If they didn't count in the voting or whatever, that doesn't bother me, and I'm not really worried so much about winning as much as contributing to the categories that I am able to.

Am I explaining this well enough?

2009-10-15 [Lothuriel]: Yep

2009-10-15 [SilverFire]: You could just make a note saying "It's okay to submit the same photos to more than one session, but if you've already submitted them before, please tell us. If you don't... we will hunt you don't an kill you!!! :) " <_< Or, well. y'know, something like that...

2009-10-15 [nehirwen]: You contribute even better if you make and donate different images for each category. :P
I guess that note is a good idea too though. >.>

2009-10-15 [Lothuriel]: I really don't agree with the idea of allowing people to use the same photos. The purpose of this contest marathon is to build our stock photos in number. If entrants repeat entries, then it defeats the purpose. Just my opinion

2009-10-15 [nehirwen]: We could double them in the reference pictures themselves perhaps if a photo fits two themes, so you can easily find stuff..

2009-10-15 [Lothuriel]: If that is what you want to do....

2009-10-15 [nehirwen]: Meh, I think wikis that close in category should be listed on one wiki anyway.
I'm not that fond of double pictures either (and the work it involves). x)

2009-10-15 [Lothuriel]: LOL...amen to that last part. Like I said hon, whatever you want to do and I will comply. Well, help...not comply...erm....ah man...

I totally messed up this comment but, it's kinda funny so I will leave it, hehe.

2009-10-15 [Nioniel]: :)

Didn't mean to make a big issue out of it, but thanks for making it clear.
I'll just submit new photos for each session I've an interest in to save you all the trouble.

2009-10-15 [Lothuriel]: No, no sweetie! It's not a big deal. We just have to discuss it so the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. New suggestions and ideas are always welcome! ^__^

2009-12-01 [Nioniel]: Are sessions 12 and 13 closed now or do they have extended deadlines?

2009-12-01 [Lothuriel]: I would like to see them extended. I will wait a couple of days for the others to respond before I do anything though.

2009-12-01 [Nioniel]: Okies, thank you.

2009-12-02 [Alexi Ice]: I think you should do Christmas references. Lol.

Has this already been talked about? If so..ignore me!

2009-12-03 [nehirwen]: An extension sounds fine to me as well.

2009-12-25 [SilverFire]: "The Elftown crew will select a winner from each category."
Except we don't, do we? They're being decided by public poll. <_<

And it doesn't look like you got any objections to extended the deadline for 12 & 13, Loth. :)

2009-12-27 [*Phoenix*]: Some of these are still "open" but the deadline's a while ago. Is the book one still open because I want to do it but the deadline was a month ago.....

2009-12-27 [SilverFire]: ...the deadline for the book contest is today. <_< Hurry! :P

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: But what's up with EPRM Post-Apocalyptic Reference It's deadline is 27th of October 2009, but it's still open...and EPRM Live Role Playing Reference. It's deadline was 27th of November 2009, but it's open too....

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: Also do you mind if I change "current session" to "voting session" for 7-11?

2009-12-28 [SilverFire]: If you care to peruse the above comments, you would notice the discussion going on about whether to extend the deadline for those two contests which you're referring to.

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: I say to extend them because I have some ideas and I would love to enter. :)

Sorry. I didn't bother to read the comments before I commented. hee...I should start doing that more....Sorry.

2009-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: EPRM Fungus Reference isn't on here....I didn't even know it existed....

2010-01-01 [Hedda]: Oh, I only added it to EPRM and forgot this page.

2010-01-02 [Lothuriel]: I changed the date on the Book one from 2009 to 2010. I also extended the deadlines on a few. 

2010-07-01 [Akayume]: I have a question. Shouldn't the "fall" theme end after fall, not during it? o.o You know, like have it end in winter instead of in fall?

2010-07-01 [Hedda]: Eh... 27th of November is winter here. But if someone needs to do the last part of the photos a little later, I think we'll extend the deadline on demand.

2010-07-01 [Akayume]: Oke. For us it's really not Winter until December, although sometimes snow can come early. >.>''

2010-08-24 [Nioniel]: I extended the EPRM Hair Reference by a month(ish).

2010-08-31 [Skydancer]: Actually all of the leaf color and weather changes do not really hit here until Oct.

2010-09-01 [Skydancer]: Just a note, calling it a reference is inaccurate. Its a Public Domain Stock Resource.

2010-09-01 [Lothuriel]: But, if you are using it as an art referece, it's a reference picture. 

2010-09-01 [Skydancer]: True, but they are not only for reference, which using the term would seem to indicate, and it may be leading those that are contributing work to an inaccurate expectation of just what their images can be used for. Shrugs, just my nickel.

2010-09-01 [SilverFire]: Hopefully, (and I know this is optimistic of me :P) people who want to submit will read the rules - even if they just read the first line of each rule!

2010-09-02 [Nioniel]: I only read the first word in each rule. It keeps things interesting. :P

2010-10-29 [SilverFire]: Creation ref deadline is passed.

2010-10-29 [Nioniel]: Kk. 

2011-03-27 [Rat Hacker]: Can they be older pictures you took a few years ago?

2011-03-27 [Akayume]: Yes. (:

2011-04-12 [kians mummy]: EPRM Texture Reference is empty

2011-04-12 [SilverFire]: It was an incorrect link - fixed now. Thanks! :)

2011-04-12 [kians mummy]: your welcome

2011-04-12 [kians mummy]: what keeps changing on here lol

2011-04-12 [Nioniel]: I added session 26 to this page.

2011-04-22 [Akayume]: And I added the nifty new champions badge! :D

2011-04-22 [Nioniel]: Thank yoooouu! :)

2011-04-22 [Akayume]: De rien. :D

2011-04-26 [Alexi Ice]: Oh! Keys! Love it!

2011-04-27 [kians mummy]: EPRM Textures Reference i took part in this session, so can one of you put on my badges that i also took part in the photo reference marathon

2011-04-27 [Nioniel]: The session os closed, so now people vote for which is their favorite. You cannot vote for yourself. Once the voting is done, participants will be badged.

2011-04-27 [kians mummy]: Did you mean the session is closed, as you put os?

2011-04-27 [Nioniel]: Yes.

2011-04-28 [kians mummy]: ok, so how long does it take to vote

2011-04-28 [kians mummy]: don't you need to take it down now that its closed

2011-04-28 [Akayume]: I think it's fine to leave it here until the voting closes. (: It's one more reminder to get people to vote! And, of course, we want as many votes as possible. (;

2011-04-28 [kians mummy]: [SilverFire] took it down, are you over powering her ;)

2011-04-28 [Nioniel]: It's perfectly fine as it is. :) That's all we usually do after the sessions close, is put (vote!) next to them instead of (open).

2011-04-28 [kians mummy]: tell silvie, not me, i was just saying

2011-04-28 [Chimes]: What did Silvie do on here? I've not seen any recent edits from her. O.o'

2011-04-28 [kians mummy]: she did edit it at first, but [Akayume] changed it again

2011-04-28 [Chimes]: No, I've looked through and Silvie hasn't edited to my knowledge, at least not in the last week. I think you might be thinking of a different page. :)

2011-04-28 [Nioniel]: Probably the EPRM page. Silvie moved the Textures Reference page to the voting section.

2011-04-28 [Akayume]: You can look back through the page versions to see what's been done. (: I only changed "open" to "vote" on this page. :D Nothing had been removed.

2011-04-29 [SilverFire]: What Nio said. I didn't touch this page, it was a different oen I changed. :)

2011-04-29 [kians mummy]: Do you mean one?

2011-04-29 [SilverFire]: No! I mean oen! OEN I say! X) Yes, I meant 'one'. :P

2011-04-29 [kians mummy]: Do you do spelling mistakes on purpose? X.

2011-04-29 [Akayume]: Do you mean, "do you make spelling..." :P

2011-04-29 [SilverFire]: Sometimes, yes, actually. :) Sometimes I deliberately write 'teh', 'ur', 'laem' and 'liek' for ironic effect.

2011-04-29 [kians mummy]: Do and make mean the same thing anyway.

2011-04-29 [Akayume]: No, not really. I don't do a paper crane and I don't make a task. :P (Well, I could, but not in the sense I'm going for). They're different verbs.

2011-04-30 [kians mummy]: that still makes sense to me

2011-04-30 [Akayume]: Just because incorrect grammar makes sense doesn't mean it's right. :P But now that the conversation has fizzled we ought to leave the random chatter for now. :D

2011-06-08 [kians mummy]: why can't my doll pics get put up then

2011-06-08 [Nioniel]: Sammie, I already answered this question for you on the EPRM Doll Reference page. Your photos have already been added to Reference Pictures and therefore cannot be added to an EPRM session.

2011-06-09 [kians mummy]: where does it say that

2011-06-09 [Nioniel]: From the top of this page: "The goal of these competitions is to create a huge library of FREE Reference Pictures."

Once again, your doll photos were submitted to the Reference Pictures Submissions page quite a bit ago (before there even was an EPRM Doll Reference session). They were added to Reference Pictures, your count at Reference Photograhers was updated, and you got a badge out of it. Those photos are already in our free library of Reference Pictures, so it wouldn't make any sense, or be fair, to allow those photos to be submitted again to an EPRM session. If you want to be able to submit your photos to EPRM sessions in the future, either take new photographs that fit the theme(s), or don't submit your photos to the Submissions page; hold off and see if they fit a theme of a session.

2011-06-09 [Chimes]: Or alternatively, suggest a theme that matches your photos. Then we stand a better chance of running one. :)

2011-06-09 [Nioniel]: :)

2011-08-10 [Blaithin]: Psst. Reference is spelt wrong in EPRM Winter Holiday Reference :)

2011-08-10 [Nioniel]: Thanks. Fixed. ^^

2011-09-21 [kians mummy]: I'm sure most of these are ment to be shut.

2011-09-21 [SilverFire]: And why is that? Look at the deadlines for each of them. Only two have deadlines that have passed (and those are the two that say 'Vote!' next to them).

2011-09-22 [kians mummy]: Sorry to intrude but

Does it take 2 months to vote?

The other one is nearly 1 month?

2011-09-22 [Lothuriel]: Normally, we go by the amount of votes vs time.

2011-09-22 [SilverFire]: Plus the Keys poll was tied very closely for a long time. If there's a tie, a poll has to stay open longer. Y'know, until the tie is broken. ;) And as you would see if you checked the second poll, it only has three votes. So yes, I'd say it definitely does need to be open longer.

2011-09-22 [Nioniel]: Sammie, yes, often it does take at least a month for polls to close. We try to get as many votes as possible on the polls, and in order to do that, we have to leave them up for awhile. Sometimes another poll is being advertised, so we have to wait to advertise the next one, which is what happened here. Without advertizement, the polls don't get nearly enough votes to be closed fairly.

However, we do make sure that even though some sessions may be closed and in the voting stage for quite a while, that we always have plenty of other interesting sessions that can be submitted to. Once the polls do close, mods are very good about badging quickly and thanking the participants.

2011-09-23 [kians mummy]: Thanks for explaining that to me [SilverFire] and [Nioniel]. :)

2011-11-22 [toresimonsen]: The HauntedHouse EPRM should be over. I guess if I'm the only entry, I must have won?

2012-02-24 [kians mummy]: Current Session 32: EPRM Winter Holiday Reference
Deadline: 31st of January 2012 (Open!)

These should be closed

Current Session 33: EPRM Doll Reference
Deadline: 31st of January 2012 (Open!)

2012-10-15 [Stephen]: Why does it say the next deadline is October 26 but none of the listed contests state they close on that day? xD

Also -- can I submit to the ones that are post-dated but still say Open on them? :P

I'm pretty sure I can get pictures of windows and jewelry.

2013-03-21 [Nioniel]: New deadlines for our three current sessions!

2014-10-18 [Imperator]: OMG LEMURS!

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