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Elftown's Rocking 'Riters!

Under construction and open for suggestions and assistance from other Elftown writers!</center>


Welcome, everyone!


This is the page for Elftown Writers to post their names along with the Elftown links to their written works, whether they be poetry, prose, or other, like screen play writings to mention one, as an example.

For the time being, just add your names and the links to your works below, under "Elftown's Rocking 'Riters". Thinking positively here, eventually everyone's names and links will be alphabetised and indexed to accommodate every writer on Elftown.


Elftown's Rocking 'Riters

Name: [~Valkyrie~]
Written Works' LInk(s):
Stories by Elbereth
Akallabeth (A Role-Play)

Name: [Alexi Ice]
Written Works' LInk(s): (From most recent to oldest)
the last tears shed- back story
Twilights poems
Twilights poems 2
a thousand years
blood magick
confessions of Yagami, Hikari
the un-holy city of the undead
melody the zombie prinsess

Name:[Captain Rachel Black]
Written Works' LInk(s):
Poetry:Mostly love
Prose:Adventures of a Roving Novelist
short story:A Shadow in the Fog
short story:Rocks and Hard Places

Name: [Duke Devlin]
Written Works' LInk(s):
Dukey's Art(Bottom section)
Duke Portfolio

Name: [NOOOPE]
Written Works' LInk(s): Branches Off Semmelrogg, The Mailbox, Everythin's Fine, and etc. All can be found on Jives

Name: [Cillamoon]
Written Works' LInk(s):
Poetry: My Demon, Colors of Death, Infestation, Chains, The Raving Parade, A.Dream, Wide Light Shines, Gorgeous Morning, Into The Heart Of A Child, My Sorrow, Who.I.Am, Within Fantasy, Acceptance, Black Night
Short Story: The Transformation of Snow White
Quotes: I.Am, Unobtainable Sleep

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):

Written Works' LInk(s):


Note: Please feel free to use any of the relevant page banners anywhere to attract the attention of all Elftown Writers.


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2008-11-25 [Captain Rachel Black]: ^_^

2008-11-26 [Nocturnaliss]: I concur with Captain Rachel Black. Just make sure the reader knows who you're referring to every time, and it'll work out.

2008-11-26 [Alexi Ice]: Alright, cool ^^ Thank you both.

2008-11-26 [~Valkyrie~]: I like books that jump between perspectives or groups of characters, it helps keep the reader alert and interested...It helps us ADD people a lot :p

2008-11-26 [Alexi Ice]: hehehe, awesome then! I shall definatly see how far I can get with it.

2008-12-04 [~Valkyrie~]: I wish you luck. :D

Oh, and if anyone is interested, I am starting a role-play, please take a look. Akallabeth

2008-12-04 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you ^^

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: I just wanted to ask before I went ahead and did it, may I add myself and my writings to your list?

2009-03-13 [Nocturnaliss]: I'd say, do so. And if it isn't okay, I'm sure[Artsieladie] will tell you so. ^^

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: Thank you!

2009-03-13 [Nocturnaliss]: Again you're welcome ^^

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: Hmmm....I see I may have to email her after all as I do not see the edit area on here. *goes to email*

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: YAY!!! Now I can edit!

2009-03-13 [Nocturnaliss]: Awesome ^^ cheers for another Writer joining the Wiki :D

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: And I have more to add, I'm just transferring data, not to mention I'm at work on top of it too. lol

2009-03-13 [Nocturnaliss]: If you have more, it might be a good idea to make a single index-Wiki where all your writings are linked to, and to add that index on here instead. Keeps things more organized. But, that's up to you XD

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: Thanks for the exactly do I make a index-wiki?

2009-03-13 [Nocturnaliss]: The simple way to go about it is to just make a new Wiki-page on which you add all the Wiki-links to the others. For instance, on my Wiki, I made a presentation Wiki that I use as an index page, and then added the Wiki-links to all the stories. Check out TAoS to understand what I mean. It's really easy to do once you know how to organize everything ^^ (for instance, I organized things alphabetically).

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: Good to know....I will have think about that one. Thank you for the example as well. :)

2009-03-13 [Nocturnaliss]: You're welcome ^^

2009-03-13 [Cillamoon]: Awesome!! Thanks so much [Artsieladie]!

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