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Hello and Welcome to the new Ella Enchanted wiki page!

by:[Blue Hawk]

If you loved or are a fan of any of these things, then this is the right page for you:
-the book Ella Enchanted
-the book's version of Char
-the book's version of Ella
-any other character or part of the book

Also if you hated the movie, or wished they hadn't changed half the plot around, added politics, added a villian, put in a stupid prince Charmont, etc. Then this page is also right for you!

If you loved the movie, then you can also join, but you'll have to bear with the book lovers' complaints of how much they changed the story.


Ella Enchanted banner #1.


This was drawn by [the Indigo]. Thank You!

This is a banner that I drew for those who prefer the book. It's not very good, but simple.




This was drawn by my sis, [Coldfire1], just because she hates me, and likes showing off her art skills. You may use it if you wish.


Any tips on how to improve this page, are welcome.

Also, I would like to chat with some people who would like to discuss how bad the Ella Enchanted movie was, which was not very good!! Politics do not belong in a FAIRYTALE!!! If you loved the movie, you can defend it, or if you loved the book, you can chat about how wonderful the book was. The discussion is currently being held in the comments. Please try to stay on topic.

Go ahead and vote here! but beware! the poll sometimes won't appear!

608) Which of these characters of the book "Ella Enchanted" do you like best? (Administrator: [Blue Hawk])

Number of voters: 17

If you want to become a member, please just add yourself to the list, and then if you like, you can tell me, [Blue Hawk], that you are joining the member list. Thank You!

Our wonderfully wonderful Members:
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2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: so.. the lotr was a long movie and they didnt take much out

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: yes but it was three movies three books one movie one book

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: but it was a crappy movie

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: i liked the last one... i think they did a horrible job with frodo... anyway there elves were tall these were wicked short!!! and the feet thing!! augh!

2005-03-20 [last_of_my_kind]: *dies*

2005-03-22 [Blue Hawk]: *gets tired of sending revival chocolate. Hires necromancer to raise her from the died.

2005-03-23 [last_of_my_kind]: *misses her

2005-03-24 [Blue Hawk]: i'm still here, i'm just not sending anymore revivl chocolate. Only comforting chocolate. Heh guys, take the poll!

2005-03-24 [Winter_Alone]: In the poll, you forgot 'not sure'

2005-03-24 [Blue Hawk]: Well, now i added it. hey you. what was your name before you changed it? I have a bad memory.

2005-03-24 [Kit Azhure]: *off topic cough off topic*

2005-03-24 [Blue Hawk]: well, you guys were worse earlier. Food is worse than polls and names.

2005-03-24 [Blue Hawk]: So, back to favorite parts of the book.

2005-03-24 [Kit Azhure]: THE BUTTONS!!!!!!!! *starts manically laughing*

2005-03-24 [Blue Hawk]: ???????? MAybe you should go to Edgar's crazy asylum

2005-03-24 [Winter_Alone]: it was Mist_Of_Dreams

2005-03-24 [Kit Azhure]: oh come on you don't remember the trail of buttons!

2005-03-24 [Blue Hawk]: OHHH!!! *realization dawns on her face* that trail of buttons. Yeah that was a really funny part. The two were flirting alot. Very funny, interesting, and romantic

2005-03-24 [Kit Azhure]: especially when he caught her and twirled her!

2005-03-24 [last_of_my_kind]: *heart melts* ahh the fantisy of true love that books put us in

2005-03-24 [Kit Azhure]: yes... *sighs*

2005-03-24 [last_of_my_kind]: *daydreams* dont you just wish char was real?

2005-03-24 [Wicked Innocence]: What???? Char isn't real?

2005-03-24 [last_of_my_kind]: he should be

2005-03-24 [Kit Azhure]: he is real! Hes right there in black and white! *points to pages of the book*

2005-03-24 [rabidbunny]: you didn't put edgar or heston on your pole!!! im sad

2005-03-24 [last_of_my_kind]: no apple?

2005-03-24 [Blue Hawk]: Edgar and heston don't exist. The movie people, who we assassinated a little while back put them in, because they don't believe that a movie can be good without a villian and sidekick.

2005-03-24 [Dint]: I was wonderin' why I didn't recognize those names. XD But I agree with [last_of_my_kind] that Apple should be added to the poll! I mean, come on! Apple is probably the cutest centaur there ever was. *snuggles him*

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: I added him. Happy? *sends him his name. A few dozen of them.*

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: And Char and Apple are currently neck to neck at 3 votes a piece. Who will break the tie?

2005-03-25 [rabidbunny]: really i didn't know that... i never read the book is it really good?

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: YES!!!! It's beautiful

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: forget the movie, the books better

2005-03-25 [rabidbunny]: I never thought id see the day i agreeed with ucky movie ppl *sigh* i guess i just like thoose two guys cause Cary Elwes is a cute english dude and i watch all his movies, that and that part where they sing shake your booty that cracks me up

2005-03-25 [rabidbunny]: okay okay i will read the book--this better have some guy swooning to make it worth it!

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: the movie was good, and very funny. But not at all like the book they claimed it to be basesd on.

2005-03-25 [rabidbunny]: awww that sucks

2005-03-25 [Kit Azhure]: *movie sucked cough cough*

2005-03-25 [last_of_my_kind]: the actors did a good job though

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: they are traitors. They claimed to have read the book, yet they don't mind ruining the movie

2005-03-25 [Kit Azhure]: WHAT!!!!!!!!! They read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!! and still did what they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-03-25 [last_of_my_kind]: *kills them* that evil

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: they are already dead, we assassinated them

2005-03-25 [last_of_my_kind]: i knew that ^^"

2005-03-25 [Blue Hawk]: yeah, ofcourse *rolls eyes*

2005-03-25 [Kit Azhure]: hehe...!

2005-03-25 [last_of_my_kind]: *crys in the corner* why didnt i get to help

2005-03-25 [Kit Azhure]: I didn't help either! *cries*

2005-03-26 [Blue Hawk]: okay, here is a solution. We hire a necromancer to bring them back out of "acomma" and then you guys can help with the killing

2005-03-26 [last_of_my_kind]: *dances around happly* i know a few that will do it at o cost to us too ^^ why didnt i think of that?

2005-03-26 [Blue Hawk]: a few heads are better thatn one. Mostly because we cooler people only have a few brain cells each

2005-03-26 [Kit Azhure]: can i make my army help?

2005-03-26 [Blue Hawk]: how big of an army?

2005-03-26 [Kit Azhure]: as many as i need

2005-03-26 [last_of_my_kind]: *pokes her head into the conversation* so when will this all happen??

2005-03-26 [Kit Azhure]: i think three member should be fine

2005-03-26 [Blue Hawk]: as soon as we can sneek into Disney studio, and the homes of the cast and crew

2005-03-26 [Blue Hawk]: you know, [Kit Azhure], u helped kill those people last time. For proof go to page 5 or 6 of the old comments

2005-03-26 [last_of_my_kind]: *crys* i cant beleive i missed it i blame it on the...chocolate...yah the chocolate

2005-03-26 [the Indigo]: chocolate? >< mmm....I could use some chocolate right about now....

2005-03-26 [Kit Azhure]: i did... OH YEAH!!!!!!! now i remember!

2005-03-26 [last_of_my_kind]: just rub it in why dont cha

2005-03-27 [Kit Azhure]: sorry... it was tedious because there were so few of us

2005-03-27 [last_of_my_kind]: i dont know what that means ^^"

2005-03-27 [Kit Azhure]: well there were only like 2-4 of us and there are so many cast and crew members!

2005-03-27 [last_of_my_kind]: o okie now i get it

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: *sends chocolate to last of my kind and kit azhure

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: *saves it* i'll eat it later when i realize that i missed the killings

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: *books a room for [last_of_my_kind] in African Crazy Aslum.* Don't worry, i've booked a room for myself there too. It's quite a nice place, so i keep returning.

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: Okay ppls!! All members please advertise either this wiki or the poll! Thank you! *sends specia dark Hershey chocolate to everyone.

2005-03-28 [Kit Azhure]: awh thanks for the chocolate! Im gunna freeze it! and eat it next time i need it!

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: o.o" im not crazy im not i swear please dont put me back ther please *screams*

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: how do we do the whole wikki linkie thing?

2005-03-28 [Kit Azhure]: easy last of my kind they are really nice the men are strong and nice and give you hugs

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: they wont put me in the fluffie poofie room?

2005-03-28 [Kit Azhure]: yes and no

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: @.@"

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: depends on how much trouble you intend to be. Now, to make links to this page: type ] then [@67853], and then [@wiki] and [. Don't put a space between Enchanted and @wiki. Ella Enchanted

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: and you just put it in your mood and on your description under one of our banners

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: got it?

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: yes ^^

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: cool.

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: yes very

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: so when do we go to the place with the candy ?

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: ?????

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: -.-" never mind

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: lol

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: so, what weapons are you bringnig to the killing?

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: well i was thinking a Grenade launcher and a few m-16s

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: what are you gona bring?

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: my sister [Coldfire1] (believe me, she counts as a weapon), bow and arrows, a sword, and 2 fast-reloading shotguns.

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: we've gotta wait for kit azhure though before we start the killing.

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: its only fair that we do...coldfire is a weapon how? i dont doubt you but its hard to believe

2005-03-28 [Blue Hawk]: not really, i was just kidding. but i've asked her along for the ride. She's my sis, and a grudging member of this wiki. She sould help out. darn, gtg bye.

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: okie goodbye we will miss you

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: *waves a handkerchief* soooo, tina, whatcha doing tomorrow? I think I'm already starting to miss school....><

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: i miss school and i plan on going to the mall at some point eventhough i proly wont

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: ahh...>< you should take me with you. I think I'll just collapse and die halfway through tomorrow >>

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: o.o" why?

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: Because I'll have nothing to do <.<

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: o lol ><"

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: you laugh at me? XO

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: yes XP

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: Gah!!! @.@ *jumps out a window*

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: *catches you* i dont think that would be smart we need you to help win the fight ^^

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: what fight? :O

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: TO KILL THE CURSED ACTORS BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: gah!!! >< The actors must die!!!! ><

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: yes yes the must

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: ah, but lets all just bake pie instead n.n mmm...pie

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: pie sucks chocolate cake all the way

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: whatever >< *throws jelly beans at you*

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: *throws copies of the movie at you* they burn my hand o.o"

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: neh!! *hides in a laundry basket*

2005-03-28 [last_of_my_kind]: y there?

2005-03-28 [the Indigo]: because I can ^^

2005-03-29 [last_of_my_kind]: -.-"

2005-03-29 [the Indigo]: *dies*

2005-03-29 [last_of_my_kind]: dies

2005-03-29 [Blue Hawk]: you guys die too often. I'm gonna run out of life bringing chocolate *sends life bringing chocolate to both maniacs. takes the copy of the movie, the laundry basket, and jelly bean and throws them out of window. smacks both children for fighting.*

2005-03-29 [the Indigo]: gah!!! >< *hides in a corner*

2005-03-29 [Blue Hawk]: *sigh* monday's child, would you mind coming out of the corner and start preparing your weapons.

2005-03-29 ["Baby * Eyes"]: ah yuck yall r retards grow up already

2005-03-29 [Blue Hawk]: do you want to go on our killing trip, where we kill all the cast and crew of Ella Enchanted the movie? Or are you just going to insult us?

2005-03-31 [Blue Hawk]: hello!! Is anyone there?

2005-03-31 [the Indigo]: hmm...I hate people like that

2005-04-01 [last_of_my_kind]: dork -.-"

2005-04-01 [Blue Hawk]: ya'll ready to go? 'cause if you are, i was thinkin that maybe we should get rid of that dork first.

2005-04-01 [Kit Azhure]: im ready!!!!!!!!

2005-04-01 [Blue Hawk]: anyone else? Last call!!

2005-04-01 [last_of_my_kind]: o.o" im in..still

2005-04-02 [the Indigo]: er...okie ><

2005-04-02 [Blue Hawk]: Okay, then lets start by being quiet, because the Disney guards are coming this way.

2005-04-02 [Kit Azhure]: yay!!!

2005-04-02 [Blue Hawk]: quiet!!

2005-04-02 [last_of_my_kind]: *creeps along slowly after the others trying really hard not to laugh*

2005-04-02 [Kit Azhure]: Look!* stands up and points at pluto*

2005-04-02 [Blue Hawk]: *drags [Kit Azhure] down. Starts creeping towards the armory.*

2005-04-02 [Kit Azhure]: why are we going to the armory? im armed! *whispers loudly*

2005-04-02 [last_of_my_kind]: *also whispers loudlt* they have amorys at disney?

2005-04-03 [the Indigo]: of course!! XD

2005-04-03 [last_of_my_kind]: shhhhh

2005-04-03 [Kit Azhure]: but i have my weapon!

2005-04-03 [last_of_my_kind]: me too*loads her gernade lanucher*

2005-04-04 [the Indigo]: *eats some bazooka bubblegum*

2005-04-04 [last_of_my_kind]: *dies*

2005-04-05 [Blue Hawk]: *resurrects last of kind, again* If we sabotage their armory and weapons, then they can't fight back. Unless they know karate, or tae kwon do, or know how boxing.

2005-04-05 [last_of_my_kind]: well its disney so they proly do....crap. thank god ive got my anti-pain shield ^^

2005-04-05 [Blue Hawk]: *silently lol* where do you guys want to start?

2005-04-05 [last_of_my_kind]: *dances to glenn miller* how bout when kit-san shows up or when that gaurd leaves..^^"

2005-04-05 [Kit Azhure]: can we start at the play, ella enchanted and take that out first?!

2005-04-05 [last_of_my_kind]: thers a play o.o"

2005-04-06 [Blue Hawk]: ??????

2005-04-07 [Subliminal. Love. Sick.]: I thought that Charmont was very attractive in the movie but they picked a wrong ella, whoever the hell that uncle guy was with his stupid snake, the sisters and mother were all wrong and I could go on for awhile

2005-04-07 [Kit Azhure]: no i think that ann hathaway would have made a good ella had she actually played ella

2005-04-07 [last_of_my_kind]: @.@"

2005-04-07 [Subliminal. Love. Sick.]: good point

2005-04-07 [Blue Hawk]: i also think they picked the wrong ella. Anne hathway's smile i unaturally big. There shouldn't have been an uncle with a snake. That they stole from the Disney's Robin Hood. I think they made Char much too stupid and wimpy.

2005-04-08 [Kit Azhure]: oh definiately char was ugh! i mean come one he didn't even think for himself and his parents dead.. come on! and no masqued ball!

2005-04-08 [Blue Hawk]: i know!! The ball is part of the classic cinderella fairytale, and cutting it out is not acceptable behavior.

2005-04-09 [Kit Azhure]: no its not DIE!!! DIE MOVIE DIE!!!! Meet my friend the incinerator!

2005-04-10 [Blue Hawk]: lol Yeah DIE DIE DIE!!!!!

2005-04-18 [Blue Hawk]: hello? Is anyone there?

2005-04-18 [Kit Azhure]: Hahhahahahahhaahh!!! *is watching the movies burn, and cooking popcorn*

2005-04-19 [last_of_my_kind]: *roasts marsmellows over the fire*

2005-04-19 [Blue Hawk]: makes a marshmellowless smore over the fire from the movie reel burning.

2005-04-19 [last_of_my_kind]: o.o" *roasts a g-nome over fire*

2005-04-20 [Blue Hawk]: *slaps her hand and knocks gnome to floor. Appologizes to the gnome. Sends [last_of_my_kind] to the corner* Gnomes are our friends. Do not roast them!!!!! Roast the ogres!!!!!

2005-04-21 [last_of_my_kind]: *crys in the corner* i thought it was a gnome shaped marshmellow sorry*sob* sorry*sob

2005-04-21 [Blue Hawk]: It's okay. I forgive you. Now. Lets go visit the dragon and toast something over its fire

2005-04-21 [last_of_my_kind]: can we toast people????

2005-04-21 [Blue Hawk]: only if they were in the cast or crew of Ella Enchanted the movie.

2005-04-21 [Blue Hawk]: or bush, but don't get into that subject.

2005-04-21 [Kit Azhure]: hehe *snicker snicker*

2005-04-22 [Blue Hawk]: what did you bring to toast on the dragon's fire Kit?

2005-04-22 [Kit Azhure]: hmmmm... what dragon? *stops picking the dragon's lock*

2005-04-22 [Blue Hawk]: *puts all hre magic into putting a protection spell over the lock* what were you trying to do? *gets the sword behind her ready.*

2005-04-22 [Kit Azhure]: Well i was gunna let the dragon loose in the studio... with all the movie producers... they are having a big party with EVERYONE there... *looks innocent*

2005-04-22 [last_of_my_kind]: *snicker* ide pay to see all of those people burn

2005-04-23 [Blue Hawk]: me too. But make the dragon flame them in layers, with breaks every once in awhile to let them suffer

2005-04-30 [last_of_my_kind]: can we eat them later?

2005-05-02 [Blue Hawk]: sure. Here comes the ketchup ad barbacue sauce

2005-05-27 [Blue Hawk]: HEELLLOOOOO!!!! Is anyone there? *hears a great echo coming back. it says "NNNOOOO!!!!!"*

2005-05-27 [last_of_my_kind]: when a duck quacks it doesnt echo o.o"

2005-06-05 [Blue Hawk]: it just did echo. Because this place is EMPTY AND UNINHABITED BECAUSE ALL MEMBERS HAVE DESERTED THE PLACE!!

2005-06-13 [last_of_my_kind]: thats not true i am here *jumps up and down trying to be seen in the crowd* T.T gha im so short

2005-09-13 [Blue Hawk]: We have a new member!

2005-09-13 [last_of_my_kind]: holy crap its a post o.o"

2005-09-13 [Blue Hawk]: What does that mean?

2005-09-14 [last_of_my_kind]: nobody ever comes here anymore T-T

2005-09-14 [last_of_my_kind]: this is the closest thing to roleplayen

2005-09-15 [Blue Hawk]: I guess. I wish some more people would come on here and chat.

2005-09-15 [last_of_my_kind]: i know i like miss our random g-nome talks

2005-09-15 [Blue Hawk]: rofl. those were funny. I miss them too. Maybe we should contact some of our members and try to get them to chat on here again.

2005-10-15 [last_of_my_kind]: *trys that thing people do with the mind and the talking in the brain thing*

2005-10-15 [Blue Hawk]: lol sure took you awhile to reply to my last comment

2005-10-16 [last_of_my_kind]: ^^"" sooo sorry

2005-10-16 [Blue Hawk]: it's okay

2005-10-16 [last_of_my_kind]: WAKA

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