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Hello and Welcome to the new Ella Enchanted wiki page!

by:[Blue Hawk]

If you loved or are a fan of any of these things, then this is the right page for you:
-the book Ella Enchanted
-the book's version of Char
-the book's version of Ella
-any other character or part of the book

Also if you hated the movie, or wished they hadn't changed half the plot around, added politics, added a villian, put in a stupid prince Charmont, etc. Then this page is also right for you!

If you loved the movie, then you can also join, but you'll have to bear with the book lovers' complaints of how much they changed the story.


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This was drawn by [the Indigo]. Thank You!

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Any tips on how to improve this page, are welcome.

Also, I would like to chat with some people who would like to discuss how bad the Ella Enchanted movie was, which was not very good!! Politics do not belong in a FAIRYTALE!!! If you loved the movie, you can defend it, or if you loved the book, you can chat about how wonderful the book was. The discussion is currently being held in the comments. Please try to stay on topic.

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2005-03-01 [last_of_my_kind]: what was apple?

2005-03-01 [Blue_Spirit]: a centuar. They took him out and the rest of the menagrie stuff(including the parrot) out of the movie.

2005-03-01 [Blue_Spirit]: People please take my new poll.

2005-03-01 [last_of_my_kind]: ... okie ^^

2005-03-05 [Blue_Spirit]: new member! Please welcome: [Wicked Innocence].

2005-03-05 [last_of_my_kind]: hi didnt the vikings discover america?

2005-03-05 [Wicked Innocence]: yes they did... what got you started talking about food?

2005-03-05 [Blue_Spirit]: that's what i'd like to know.

2005-03-05 [Wicked Innocence]: I had hoped to talk about the book...

2005-03-05 [last_of_my_kind]: well thers food in the book ^^"

2005-03-05 [Wicked Innocence]: but not greasy fries and ketchup :)

2005-03-05 [Blue_Spirit]: i started the fries thing. But they had already started on the food topic.

2005-03-05 [Wicked Innocence]: :) I see...

2005-03-05 [Blue_Spirit]: Is anyone planning to hire assassins to kill the movie script writer, director, costume designer, and producer?

2005-03-05 [Wicked Innocence]: I thought about it

2005-03-05 [last_of_my_kind]: i like that idea

2005-03-05 [Blue_Spirit]: we could also think about assassinating some of the actors for agreeing to completely ruin the plot of the book.

2005-03-06 [Wicked Innocence]: I have wonder if they even read the book...

2005-03-06 [last_of_my_kind]: i dont think they did otherwose they might not have done such a crappy job or they might have protested atleast -.-"

2005-03-07 [Blue_Spirit]: well, according to the interviews in the making-ofs, they did read the book and liked the book. But did they have the movie changed to something more lke the book? NOOOO!!!!! They are guilty of not hindering and helping with a crime.

2005-03-07 [last_of_my_kind]: i say we give them the death penalty

2005-03-08 [Blue_Spirit]: No, not good enough.


2005-03-09 [last_of_my_kind]: what ??

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: THE MOVIE!!! AAHHH!!!!!!!!! it was aweful did they read the book or the sparknotes version?!!

2005-03-09 [last_of_my_kind]: i think they read sparknotes

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: it was horrible i shall be scarred for life!!! and what was with the song at the end!!!

2005-03-09 [Blue_Spirit]: Join the club. The movie was TERRIBLE!! I hate that song!! ANd the way they had Ella rip off the bottom of her dress!!

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: she looked so beautiful in the weding dress they totally ruined it!

2005-03-09 [Blue_Spirit]: Totally. Atleast the Char actor can sing pretty well. And the elf thing. *shudders* They have no respect for elves.

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: no and they didn't do anything right!!! aaahhhahhahahhahah!!! I mean come on the mother mysteriously dies... and the father is nice and noble come on!!

2005-03-09 [Blue_Spirit]: they added a VILLIAN!!!!! The conflict was Ella fighting the curse. Not Ella having a curse and fightingto protec the kingdom from Uncle Edgar, and then miraculously telling herself in a mirror to stop being obedient. To tell yourself to stop being obedien means that you can never follow an order! SO saying that in a mirror makes no sense!!

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: Yes! and because of the MAJOR!! ciderella references were pathetic the other main point was to get lucinda to stop and that Ella was a proper young woman by any standards and no college!

2005-03-09 [Blue_Spirit]: the movie would be great by itself if it weren't accredited to the book.

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: yes! and even if the ciderella references were bad, there was no scrubbing, floor or anything or centaurs! one of my favorite parts!! Apple!!

2005-03-09 [Pnelma Tirian]:, not really.

2005-03-09 [last_of_my_kind]: i think it would still suck even if it had nothing to do with the book

2005-03-09 [Kit Azhure]: only kinda and why where the orges blue?

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: pfft no clue where was the sessy parrot?

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: yeah or the elvish sculptures!

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: *dies*

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: *ressatates by waving the book under nose* and don't get me started on mandy!

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: *dies*

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: Smell the book! *opens pages under her nose* if you don't live I will make you watch the movie!

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: aaahhhhhhhh no please god no once was enough

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: see ur back

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: *crys in corner* no not the movie

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: *hugs* its ok!

2005-03-10 [Blue_Spirit]: *gives everyone BIG chunks of chocolate to numb the pain. [last_of_my_kind] gets an extra huge chunk.* Be glad that they didn't hint at a sequel. Imagine what they'd create without the guidlines of the book. *places holy Ella Enchanted book on table and shudders.*

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: *devours chocolate* why its not like they followed the guidelines of the book anyway

2005-03-10 [Blue_Spirit]: true, but with a sequel, they can just use the twisted, bent and broken guidlines the movie made, making a sequel twice as far from the original guidlines that the first movie.

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: *mutters what guidelines* they actually wrote themselves into a corner.. because she married him and didn't show them with kids... and the whole happily ever after thing makes them stuck with no where to go!

2005-03-10 [Blue_Spirit]: yeah, they even showed Uncle Edgar recovered, with a girlfriend of his own.

2005-03-10 [Blue_Spirit]: I do wish they hadn't ruined the giant wedding, I mean they didn't even show the wedding! And taking out those other nice fairies was cruel.

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: Yes!! and how they all sang and danced like that it was horrible!!! and the giant farting was so unecessary!

2005-03-10 [Blue_Spirit]: completely. And that girl giant starting to sing like a guy (or vise versa) was funny but stupid.

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: it wasn't funny. i think i watched *shudders* the whole thing in opened mouth stupification!!

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: really i watched it and laughed

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: *just now realizes she got a chunck of chocolate* thankies*shoves whole thing in mouth and goes to fina her book*

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: I didn't laugh at all. I think the only good/accurate parts were her not moving to save her life

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: the only good part was the credits. when they started rollen you knew the horrid movie was gona end

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: yes and what was up with the narator?

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: *shudder*

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: oh, and what was with the mall?

2005-03-10 [last_of_my_kind]: its just messed the whole thing is messed

2005-03-10 [Kit Azhure]: did you notice that no different languages were spoken?! the only ones who speak human are elves and giants and fairies..!

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: In the book one of the ways that Char and Ella bonded was Ella's gift for languages, and Chars funny pronunctiations(sp?). The narrator was comical, but completely unneccisary(sp?). And the way the movie jabbed at the Grimm Brothers was mean. It was the movie that ruined the elf and giant's images.

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: yes it was!! not to mention that at ella's eventual wedding everyone she met minus the orges who tried to kill her were supposed to me there including APPLE!

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: yes, and that giant whose daughter's wedding she attended should have been there, keeping Apple under control!

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: yes and Char never escourted ella because he took the orges to the border

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: I know. And there was no singing and dancing at the book's version of the wedding. And in the book Ella actually attended the wedding! I can't beleve that they sacrificed showing that wedding for a more modern after-wedding party where Ella is the center of attention (as usual).

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: And they took out Dame Olga and Ella's father's wedding scene. And the slidding down the banisters thing!

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: Also lucinda didn't give them a gift *Curse cough curse* also fairy feet are supposed to be small!

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: i still miss the sessy parrot

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: I know!! And who says that a LILAC smelling fairy should be black and love pink???? They got as close to finding the perfect Lucinda as the earth and the farthest star are.

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: i miss apple. and there was no menagerie or the funeral for her mother and the rug and her green dress and HATTIE wasn't FAT!! and olive wasn't either!!

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: lol

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: and HATTIE wasn't wearing a wig!!!!!!!!

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: If i weren't enraged right now i'd laugh like a maniac. *steam comes out of ears, and curses spill out of her mouth.*

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: and! and! and!!! *falls over*

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: *sighs, her revival chocolate is running out. sends a large chunk to Kit Azhure, and then realizes that all the steam has made her dizzy. She also faints.*

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: *eats most of the chocolate then waves the rest under Heart's nose*

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: Pretty Ponies... Thank you. *grabs some of diminishing revival chocolate store and eats it. feels much better* I really need to stop blowing steam.

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: Atleast they made the movie funny. The book was funnier, but well...

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: yes and i need to stop making the book look stupid by comparing it to the movie

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: yes. How about we praise the book.

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: praise for the book!!!!

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: *bows down to the all mighty book*

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: *Fans the book*

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: *trys to feed it grapes*

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: No! feed it ink! or... ummm.... feed it the movie!!

2005-03-11 [Pnelma Tirian]: NO! feed it anything BUT the movie!

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: it will pervert the goodness that is the book

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]: No the book will attack it a rip it to shreds not eating it but mercilessly shredding the movie so it never existed *muahahahhahahhahhaha!!!!!!!!*

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: no the book will slash at the movie the movie will dodge and attack full force with ist bad lines and no sence of style

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: then after spouting demonic wings the movie will swoop down apon the belovid book

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: but then we attack the movie with mace after it falls i get my trukey to stomp on it then feed it to my oompaloomp thus ending the movie

2005-03-11 [Pnelma Tirian]: AND DESTROY IT!!! for it is evil and its intent is to destroy all goodness in the world.

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: its intent is to ruin our lives shattering the thin wall i like to call"spyffieness"

2005-03-11 [Kit Azhure]:

2005-03-11 [last_of_my_kind]: this wall seperates the good from the *shudder* creepy. once that wall shatters we will be seeing movies for books like The bone setters daughter with the main chater played by carmen electra. or memwars of a geasha~excuse my spelling mistakes~ that have absoutly nothing to do with japan or geashas. if my spoffy wall is hit once more by a crappy movie made from a perfact book ima kill the director

2005-03-11 [Blue_Spirit]: lol, what are your favorite parts of the book?

2005-03-12 [last_of_my_kind]: i like apple and the parrot. the whole boarding school thing was cool too ^^

2005-03-12 [Pnelma Tirian]: Well, will you settle for Marvel bastarizing every character it owns just so they fit the big screen?

2005-03-12 [Kit Azhure]: haha!

2005-03-12 [last_of_my_kind]: -.-"

2005-03-12 [the Indigo]: eh?

2005-03-13 [Blue_Spirit]: *sighs, some people are so good at changing the subject.* My favorite part is the part is from the first ball at the palace 'till the end. It was all so painful, yet romantic.

2005-03-13 [Kit Azhure]: one of my fav parts was when ella's mom made the face in the napkin. i thought it was great!

2005-03-13 [Blue_Spirit]: yeah that was funny.

2005-03-13 [last_of_my_kind]: *runs around is circles for she is hopelessly lost*

2005-03-13 [the Indigo]: @.@ *pokes you with a stick of butter*

2005-03-13 [last_of_my_kind]: *dies form slippery buttery good ness*

2005-03-13 [the Indigo]: *laughs evilly while eating popcorn*

2005-03-13 [last_of_my_kind]: *sends her oompaloopa after you**forces you to get her and her BFs germs*

2005-03-13 [the Indigo]: geh!! Not...germs...!!! *falls over with a stuffy nose*

2005-03-13 [Kit Azhure]: *hands out vitamin C pills so people don't get sick*

2005-03-13 [last_of_my_kind]: i hated that band -.-"

2005-03-13 [Kit Azhure]: *rolls eyes* what does that have to do with anything?

2005-03-13 [the Indigo]: wasnt vitamin C a singer? o.o

2005-03-13 [last_of_my_kind]: o ur right

2005-03-13 [Pnelma Tirian]: What DOES that have to do with anything?

2005-03-13 [last_of_my_kind]: nothing sorry ^^" 

2005-03-14 [Blue_Spirit]: COULD YOU PEOPLE POSSIBLY STAY ON TOPIC?!?!?!?!? We were talking about our favorite parts of the book. If you guys can't stay on topic, maybe you should go to some other wiki site and chat there, or chat privately.

2005-03-14 [last_of_my_kind]: *crys* im so sorry

2005-03-14 [Kit Azhure]: I liked the railing scenes! they were the heart of the romance!! the dad didn't get cursed either so sad

2005-03-14 [last_of_my_kind]: i cant beleive they cut that out *crys*

2005-03-14 [Kit Azhure]: its ok *crys too* we will live...

2005-03-14 [last_of_my_kind]: *whipes swet of forehead* thank god

2005-03-14 [Pnelma Tirian]: NO. we CAN'T. It's one of our inabilities.

2005-03-14 [last_of_my_kind]: gah your kidding o.o"

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: great, you guys are crying just as much as that baby gnome at the menagrie.

2005-03-16 [last_of_my_kind]: why is gnome spelled gnome and not nome?

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: because knife is spelt like knife instead of nive

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: and because we butcher languages, the g is unstressed so your not supposed to say it nome but gnome

2005-03-16 [last_of_my_kind]: @.@" g-nome lol that would have been a kool band back then

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: back when?

2005-03-16 [last_of_my_kind]: durring the time of the book ^^"

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: yay!!

2005-03-16 [last_of_my_kind]: i would so kill to get tickets to see the g-nomes ^^

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: yeah!

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: wow, i give you guys a great opening line for a new topic discussion, and what do you two talk about? Why gnome is spelled g-n-o-m-e and abot bands. Could on of you please pick something that has to do with the book or movie and chat about that? please?

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: but it does, it would have been... wait there were no Gnomes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: that part of the book is saved!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: thank god. If they had added gnomes, who knows what the would make them like? Hippies who read the future? Never aging dwarfs? Aliens?

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: dwarf would be more like it! and they probably wouldn't read the future but would be kept as slaves to the uncle and alls they can do for work is spinn for a living!

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: that seems like the type of thing the movie people would do. Maybe they would have that snake always trying to eat them.

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: OMG!!! what if they fed the gnomes to the SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: i don't think Disney would let them do that. Too violent.

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: Oh No! What if they modeled the gnomes after the gnomes that they have on the Harry Potter Gnome card game?!?!?!?! That would be terrible!!

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: but what if the gnomes were fed to the snake but it was never shown!!

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: *silences her with a swift blow to the head, the Disney guards who they are trying to bypass will hear her. They have to be quiet to get in and kill the directors, producers, set-design, costume design, etc. people.*

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: ow!! sorry!

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: shhhh! Get your sword ready, or bow and arrow, whichever you braught. Did you bring Prince Charmont?

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: no i thought you were supposed to bring him! sword check!

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: well, i brought the spell to bring him here, so don't worry. I'v got my bow and arrows. Plus my special dagger. Is anyone else gonna come to this assasination trip?

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: I don't know let me check.. *Yells loudly* is anyone else gunna kill the people who made the Ella Enchanted movie?

2005-03-16 [Blue_Spirit]: good job staying quiet. Now all we need is a few giants and the rest of the wold will know we are here.

2005-03-16 [Kit Azhure]: Oh! I know some of those you want me to go and get them?

2005-03-16 [last_of_my_kind]: i can get an oompalooma and can i help please*puppy face*

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: we could use my army!!

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: no we should use mine...they have experence

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: so do mine... mine have never been defeated!

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: oo you got me there i was defeated once at bear creek*thinks back and zones out*

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: *snaps fingers* snap out of it

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: sorry ^^" im not good with defeat

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: we will never be defeated as long as there is a book out there!

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: what if the recall them

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: we will still have the books! we will never surrender them *Loud voice, billowing cape one foot on toaster!*

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: *takes the toaster* how sessy

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: *aaahh!!! falls backward trips on cape and lands on a chocolate bar*

2005-03-17 [Pnelma Tirian]: *brings out the BIG guns* Hah. Swords are so overrated.

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: nooooooo the g-nomes might have given me backstage passes for that

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: and we.. don't want anyone getting hurt... besides the idots who made the movie

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: ...oh yah we are soposed to stay on topic ^^"

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: *throws a rock at the director* (^.^)>   ==O  ^(o.o")^

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: No no no!!! you are supposed to throw a knife dagger or pen anything with a point !

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: o sorry

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: (^.^)>   -ll==>    ^(o.o")^

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: hows that?

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: much better *throws a sharpened paper clip at director*

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: o.o" those dont do much. 

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: leave ann alone though

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: ann? y?

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: because i liked her in the princess diaries

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: lol okie good defence

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: that is a good movie!!!

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: wasnt it made after a book too?

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: i think so... not sure!

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: o.o"

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: oh no i hope they didn't butcher that book if it is a book

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: i gona laugh if you did

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: if i did what?

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: i cant remember ^^"

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: ok!!

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: soo why did they take out apple?

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: because if they didn't they would have to intro the menagerie, parrots and the mothers funeral!

2005-03-17 [last_of_my_kind]: but that was a good part in the book

2005-03-17 [Kit Azhure]: yes it was awesome...but imagine how long they would have had to make the movie with those parts in it! and the sliding down railings would happen.. meeting hattie and olive at the wake... it all would have been different and NO MALLS!!!!

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