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Elven Camp

The Woods of Semedia

This place is well hidden.
Several elves have set this camp up around a small pond.
The place is peaceful and beautiful. Young elves, male and female, play near the pond as the older ones set about cooking and talking to one another.
Scouts stop you and bring you to the center of the camp, where many of the elves stay.
The younger ones look fearful at the sight of a stranger.

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2009-11-13 [Silver Moon]: A man rushed over. "What happened?" He asked as he pulled a clean blanket and cot out of thin air and motioned for him to put the boy on it.

2009-11-13 [Bloody Remnant]: Allyster set the boy down. "i dont know. i came across him in the woods. does the dagger look familiar to you? any ideas who might have done this?"

2009-11-13 [Silver Moon]: He carefully examined him. "Get me some water. This dagger is an assassins one." He said as he carefully removed it and began to cleanse and heal it of poison. "He's young...I don't know if I can save him but I will try."

2009-11-14 [Bloody Remnant]: Allyster sets some water beside the boy. "if my brother were here he'd try to hunt down the assassin and make him regret this."

2009-11-14 [Silver Moon]: "We will do what we can to help him. I wonder what the motive was..."

2009-11-14 [Bloody Remnant]: "some need no motive."

2009-11-15 [Silver Moon]: "I hope he pulls through...maybe he knows who is responsible."

2009-11-20 [Bloody Remnant]: "hopefully." he stands up. "i'm going to find my brother. then i will return here. together we should be able to look through his mind to get answers if he isn't awake already."

2009-11-21 [Silver Moon]: "I will do my best to aid him."

2009-11-21 [Bloody Remnant]: "that is all that can be asked." Allystor walked toward the woods then disappeared in a blur.

2009-11-21 [Silver Moon]: They tended to the boy

2009-12-23 [Bloody Remnant]: *****************************************

Allystor and Tristin entered the camp

2009-12-24 [Silver Moon]: "He is stable."

2009-12-27 [Bloody Remnant]: Allystor: "good. has he regained consciousness at all?"

2010-01-04 [Silver Moon]: "No. But his fever has broken."

2010-02-26 [Bloody Remnant]: Tristin looked at the boy and his eyes darkened and a spark ran across his fingers. "what did this?" he said in a grim angered tone.

Allyster: "we don't know yet."

Tristin: "then find out so i can kill it."

2010-02-26 [Silver Moon]: "There is something else...when we were treating his wounds...we found this in one of the wounds, perhaps a tooth?" One of the elves took out a small sharp black object that did look like a tooth

2010-02-27 [Bloody Remnant]: Allystor: "what would have teeth like this i wonder?"

Tristin examined the object carefully.

2010-02-28 [Silver Moon]: "They look like demon teeth...but the last true demons were believed to be wiped out a thousand years ago..."

2010-08-20 [Bloody Remnant]: Tristin: "it would seem one has survived and is now making itself known."

Allystor: "is there anything you know about them that would aid us in hunting it?"

2010-08-20 [Silver Moon]: "I know they can take the appearance of a mortal man or woman. They have cunning, strength and spells they can use...I am afraid what I know of them is limited due to lost history...someone at the Tower may know more about them and their weaknesses."

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