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2007-04-07 01:02:00
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Elysiann's Guide to GIMP

firstly what is GIMP... well GIMP is the GNU image manipulation program... It is a freely distributed software used to create art, retouch photos and all that Jazz. You can find GIMP at

Also go see A place devoted to GIMP users and has some really great tutorials... hang on I think I might head there myself...

Anyways Being a cheap a$$ that I am I decided to get Gimp. So my Digital Art is all created with Gimp, and a mouse... oh and lets not forget my scanner (I will buy a graphics Tablet one day). So I plan to give all you Gimp users out there a brief guide to Gimp, and do a set of tutorials especially for Gimp.



and here are the tutorials

~Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 1~
This is my preferred Inking style. It takes a little longer than other styles, but the blocky style looks great.
~Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 2~
This is a little faster, and all the lines are uniform.



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2006-06-20 [Nita]: Whee, vectors! I never realized you could use them for inking in Gimp :)

2006-06-20 [Elisha Kelly]: Ohhh is that what that is :P it was just something I experimented with and found that it worked for me :}

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