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this is for :emo: or "scremo" kids. talk about whatever, i never made on of these thigns so continue for me, and o yea, promote *wink wink* hubba hubba

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2006-02-26 [thegaydude]: lol woooooooooo

2006-02-26 [dawn bolly]: LOL its like shit on a head of a cow :(

2006-02-26 [thegaydude]: I bleed black and cry in classes

2006-03-02 [Swollenfish]: POOOOTAAAAATOOOOO

2006-04-15 [.::His Star\\]: hiya everybody ^^

2006-04-16 [thegaydude]: hey u

2006-04-16 [dawn bolly]: there is allways something like fuck the world and do what u whane do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-04-16 [thegaydude]: k that made no sence just go cut your self and write some poems emo kid

2006-04-18 [gunless bullet]: why cut my shelf if there is so much choas to create btw if u do yourshelf ist down the road not acros the street babeh:P

2006-04-23 [~*~Amanda~*~]: Hiya world.=^.^=

2006-04-27 [cYniCaL fUsiON]: hey there

2006-04-29 [~*~Amanda~*~]: how are you?

2006-05-24 [Hype Hype'.]: lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalllalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalallallalallalallalalalalalalalalalalallallalallallllalllalllalllalalalallalallalllllalalalalalalalalalalalaalaalalalaaslalaalalallalaa SHALLLAlalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalaalalalaallalalaaalaaalalalalalallalalalalallalalalala

2006-05-24 [dawn bolly]: exams sucks

2006-06-11 [AnOtHeR fAiRy TaLe DrEaM.gone..]: flange!

2006-06-11 [AnOtHeR fAiRy TaLe DrEaM.gone..]: talk 2 me!

2006-06-11 [dawn bolly]: euhm

2006-06-17 [the painfull silence]: hello evryone my god why do i sound so happy its ugly

2006-06-20 [¡Soy Bekah!]: hey qUiCk DeciSioN!

2006-06-20 [¡Soy Bekah!]: i love gir!! but really who doesnt >.> lol

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