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this is for :emo: or "scremo" kids. talk about whatever, i never made on of these thigns so continue for me, and o yea, promote *wink wink* hubba hubba

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2005-07-10 [__Rawr.]: i love emo woohop!

2005-07-10 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: woooohoooo! EMO ROCKS!

2005-07-30 [x_satire_x]: i <3heart<3 emo kids

2005-07-30 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: jah jah jah.

2005-08-07 [dawn bolly]: hi hi

2005-08-08 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: Hey! Yay *hugs*

2005-09-15 [Tashy©]: <3

2005-09-15 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: <3 Hey.

2005-10-10 [i fucked ur mom]: wasup guyz

2005-10-15 [elven_prince_123]: what does emo mean?

2005-10-15 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: you dont no what emo means?

2005-10-15 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: Emo = Emotional. Emo is a type of music. Which is given to people (aka labelling them emo) who listens to emotionally-charged punk rock music. There is lots of different kinds of emo. Emo. HardCore Emo, Indie Rock Emo blah blah blah. The type of music 'emo kids' listen to usually is deeply personal, the imagery is cold and dark, can be romantic i suppose? and emotional also meaningful! >< erm... yes... i think i explained it right! ^^ Isay it again...

2005-10-18 [__Rawr.]: i so luff emo <3 but how was this on my house? im ever so confused. shit son x

2005-10-18 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: i have no idea.. lol

2005-10-21 [Indigo Butterfly]: yay for emo!

2005-10-31 [My Chemical Vampire]: <3 Okay, emo kids are my friends!

2005-11-01 [BettyBetty]: Go Emo! ! ! It rocks my socks off!

2005-11-01 [Parawhore]: erm.....when was this emo thing invented anyway cos i've never heard of t b4 now

2005-11-03 [gunless bullet]: emo is btw partly from old punk styl to;)

2005-11-15 [note_to_self]: elo EMO ROCKS!!!!!!!!

2005-11-16 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: indeed it does....

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