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this is for :emo: or "scremo" kids. talk about whatever, i never made on of these thigns so continue for me, and o yea, promote *wink wink* hubba hubba

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2005-03-31 [blackMermaid]: when is the silence peace

2005-04-06 [kayleighbrooke]: ah well yeah its empty in here but i def. fit in here haha

2005-04-07 [Kill_Bunni]: WOW.....its soooo empty!♥_♥ im picking i like it

2005-05-19 [Princess Carwash]: emo is not really a term that i hear a lot but now that i have been hearing it, what the hell does it mean???

2005-05-22 [peace4all_monkey]: yah...whats emo?

2005-05-22 [`BANGIN' TUNES!`]: EMOOO<3 waAAAh I love it

2005-05-29 [CALUM TO THE MAX]: right on

2005-06-01 [*//Fairy Girl_.*]: Emo boys are hawt <333

2005-06-01 [*//Fairy Girl_.*]: Emo = Emotional

2005-06-04 [emily29]:


2005-06-12 [x Drama Queen\+]: heya.peepz.wot.u.all.up.2.?

2005-06-14 [Picture perfect pathetic.]:

2005-06-15 [Picture perfect pathetic.]:

2005-06-22 [Of Mice]: HEY MOOFS

2005-06-22 [~*~sOuL cOlLaPsE~*~]: why doesn't anyone know what emo means? it's just a type of music and style and to people who dislike us "depressed self-hatin freaks" but whatever.

2005-06-26 [*//Fairy Girl_.*]: i'm confused ¬_¬

2005-07-01 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: Im actually suprised you dont no what EMO is?

2005-07-01 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: Right I Will Tell You

2005-07-01 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: Emo = Emotional. Emo is a type of music. Which is given to people (aka labelling them emo) who listens to emotionally-charged punk rock music. There is lots of different kinds of emo. Emo. HardCore Emo, Indie Rock Emo blah blah blah. The type of music 'emo kids' listen to usually is deeply personal, the imagery is cold and dark, can be romantic i suppose? and emotional also meaningful! >< erm... yes... i think i explained it right! ^^

2005-07-01 [Last Of The Rock Romantics♥]: And what soul collapse is trying to say Most people who dislike emos (Trust me there is quite a lot) tend to call them [depressed self-hatin freaks] which is unfair because no way are they ^^ They just like to listen to this certain type of music. Which I tink is individual. I think he is? >< erm... hope you dont m,ind me joing the conversation

2005-07-03 [you either love me or want to be me!]: hello.. i luv Emo

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