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2004-12-24 05:40:28
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this is for :emo: or "scremo" kids. talk about whatever, i never made on of these thigns so continue for me, and o yea, promote *wink wink* hubba hubba

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2005-02-19 [brandonssuccabus]: WoW... so empty.... ^_^

2005-02-21 [ceciliarockgurl]: so tired

2005-03-15 [O! Valencia!]: hello my ppls!!! \m/(>_<)\m/

2005-03-30 [~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~]: well if ppl keep talkin then it wont be so empty and hello btw

2005-03-31 [blackMermaid]: speak when there is no sound

2005-03-31 [blackMermaid]: when is the silence peace

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