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Ethan Connors





[The Black Cat in Your Path]


Ethan Connors


28 years old




See Picture Above. Stands at about 6'2", weighing approximately 175 lbs., black/brown hair, green eyes.


Very quiet and reserved, calculating and takes the time to observe the situation before making a decision. Has a high sense of integrity and morale, and likes to help those in need, though rarely accepts help from others.


Worked hard and trained around the clock to get to his position as second in command of Washington's special investigative task force. Still fighting to get first position, but he respects where he is and he respects his chain of command. Grew up in Seattle, Washington all of his life, with a family that lived within their means. He was well taken care of and never in want or need of anything. His father was a cop, as was his father before him, and so on down the line, so the tradition flows through his blood.

Seems to close off to people when confronted about relationships. He's never had a girlfriend as far as anyone can tell, and refuses offers from women. Doesn't like to divulge information about his personal life. Loves and adores his car:



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