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2006-11-22 00:45:11
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this one time we had a TA-BLE
and noone would let us sit at the TA-BLE
so we sat at the TA-BLE anywayz
grandpa got mad and kicked the TA-BLE
so grandma took her shirt off and started dancing on the TA-BLE
so now we are scard for life and every time we see a TA-BLE
we tell the story of the TA-BLE

Hey Its about everything and anything!

Hi Im you and im here to annoy myself
so Is it working?

How to get out of the house with no doors or windows the only thing in it is a table and a mirror.
1) look in the mirror and see what you saw
2) take the saw and cut the table in 1/2 and 2 halfs make a hole
3) you go out through the hole.

If I had a tissue, I'd cry you a river to drown that bitch in.
Unfortunately I only have a gun, so I guess I'll hafta shoot her ass.

Your Phunnie, thats phunnie, you are a phunnie phunnie man!

Trippin on SHIKON!

Three days!

Why is a robbin like a writeing desk?

Good morning Starshine, the earth says hello!

"Is that Jesus?"....."No thats just Michael."

what is one thing that everyone that ever was and ever will be will do, but noone will survive? (leave your answer, of coarse)

"Baby gotta lawsuit!"

?woc ruoy htiw peels I nac

"Eatin puppies!" (Cuzz eatin puppies is good!)

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2005-06-08 [Daladís]: I think you managed to annoy yourself...

2005-12-25 [x13]: I think I managed to Annoy YOUR self.

2006-01-29 [CR deleted]: I think you win!

2006-03-15 [The Luggage]: the answer to that last thingy... is it life?

2006-04-22 [x13]: Yes It is LIFE

2006-09-12 [The Luggage]: ha, I got it right! 6 months ago, true, but still! Here's one! What has 4 legs before dawn, 2 during the sunlit hours and 3 after-dark?

2006-09-19 [x13]: Good one give me time and I will figure it out.

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