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A shallow pool fills the centre of this large room. But this is no ordinary bath.

Not a chance.

The utterly twisted combination of both [BadCat] and [Arctik] are honoured to welcome you into the first and only Vodka Bath! Please read the warnings before bathing or indulging in any other odd vodka related fantasies.

When you're done with the reading, feel free to grab a drink from the table in the corner - always well stocked with a wide variety of beverages - or play Naughty Twister, or tease the ferocious, starving rodents in the big cage. But be careful - they'll take your hand off as soon as look at you!"

Mounted on the wall next to the door is a set of rules:

1. Do not drink out of the pool. You will be punished. Drinks are provided on the corner table.
2. Orthotolidine has been mixed into the vodka, so if anyone dares urinate in our precious pool, we will know straight away! You will be severely punished.
3. Clothing is optional, but feel free to thrash anyone you feel is staring too keenly.
3a. Feel free to stare at anyone, but accept that there are consequences.
4. If, while bringing about the pain of anyone indulging in Rule #3a, you happen to spill any of either party's blood into our precious pool, you will also be severely punished.
5.No Spray-On Cheese allowed within four hundred metres of the Vodka Pool. You will be annihilated

Punishments are as follows.
"Punished": Any remaining clothing will be confiscated. You will then be placed within the large cage of flesh-eating rodents (ferrets included) that you see on against the east wall. You will stay there until the observers grow tired of watching you being gnawed to a pulp.
"Severely Punished": The above punishment is nothing compared to what we can think of if we really put our minds to it. Just don't tempt us, we really love our torture!

If you're looking for archived smut, we suggest mouldyvodka...
Well, it's about time. There is now a mouldyvodka2, for the rest of our rubbish...
Oh, look... mouldyvodka3

BadCat leans against a wall with a large contented grin on her face. "It's so nice to have this place once again filled with the juvenile murmurings of silly folk..."

Kay pauses, writes 'juvenile' on her mallet, then throws it-WHAM!-into Eli's face. "How's that for juvenile mutterings?" she (ironically) mutters, most of her fingers now regrown thanks to the healing power of asterisks *regrows fingers*.

Arctik slides over to BadCat, with help from a teatowel and a slick of splashed vodka on the floor. Tying the teatowel around his head, he says, "It ain't filled yet! We need more people still... and I hear they're going cheap down the road. Does anyone want to go and get some?" He pulls out a wallet and casually starts going through it.

Kay raises her hand. "Could you bring me back an insecure 13-year-old girl who likes horses?" she asks politely, wanting to break in her mallet some more.

"If you're paying, I'll go fetch some cheap (and easy) people," BadCat says agreeably. "I'll pick up some cans of whipped cream and some tropical fruit juice too."

Eli falls back into the pool, but comes up moments later, the imprint of the mallet still on his face and the mallet in question in his hand. Jumping out, he wraps an arm around Kay's shoulder. "You're so cute when you're on a homicidal rampage," he says. He looks up. "Anything you'd like me to do?" he asks the lovely BadCat. "I'd love to repay the favor, for this place, and letting me swim in the vodka pool."

"Forget about the 13-year-old," Kay says, grabbing her mallet back and gripping the handle so hard her knuckles turn white. "This lil'un's skull is hard enough. He'll do."

Jurankanimo slips into the pool and grabs a drink "Hi!"

Jewl mutters something about a young white male going through the voice change state of puberty.

Eli laughed nervously and stepped out of range of Kay's mallet.

Kay sighed, now bored that Eli was out of range-then came upon a phenominal concept! "I think... If I just do..." She heaves it at Eli's head, watching it connect. "Yes! Using my hand to project the object in a relatively straight line, allowing for gravity and air friction, then it actually sails in the air toward a specified target! I think... I think I shall call this throwing!" She runs out of the room to announce her discovery to all the world, probably never coming back for shame that Abraham Lincoln had already invented it.

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2003-02-28 [foxy loxy]: :D hey there!

2003-03-01 [sdad]: hej

2003-03-07 [foxy loxy]: "one hand sneaking towards his bottle of vodka"? is that some kind of euphemism for masturbation? XD

2003-03-07 [BadCat]: Hah! I KNEW someone was going to think that! But no... I was wanting the bottle of vodka he grabbed from the drinks table... really!

2003-03-07 [foxy loxy]: *raises eyebrow* uh-huh... right, of course.

2003-03-08 [BadCat]: How addicted am I? Away from my computer for 3 days, ive escaped to an internet cafe... stupid keyboard!!!

2003-03-08 [Aristotle]: Crap! I have to go to Vermont skiing for a week. This is the worst moment possible! Ah, well. It will still be here when I get back...

2003-03-10 [BadCat]: I'll miss you, my sexy love-muffin...!

2003-03-12 [foxy loxy]: hey, BadCat, congrats on gettin' artist of the day : )

2003-03-12 [BadCat]: Whoo! Someone noticed!! Thanks Dream! I feel so special... *chuckles*

2003-03-12 [foxy loxy]: lol XD you *are* special!

2003-03-12 [BadCat]: Aww... stop it! You're making me blush! *grin*

2003-03-12 [foxy loxy]: *i'm* making you blush? you're the one "cupping and stroking me gently"!!!! XD

2003-03-12 [BadCat]: Lol! Hey, I'm an innocent, shy lass at heart.... really!

2003-03-13 [Aristotle]: Hah! Found a computer to use! Can't use it that much, though.

2003-03-13 [MissTricky]: hehehe. thats funny...Ohhh today i bought motion's really not what your thinking.

2003-03-13 [BadCat]: If it's not what we're thinking... then what is it?? Ever heard of Midori Lickable Massage Oil? That's stuff's cool... hehe

2003-03-13 [MissTricky]: it's a present for a friend.......

2003-03-13 [foxy loxy]: *raises eyebrow* uh-huh... right, of course.

2003-03-13 [MissTricky]: yes really it is...along with the erotic chinese fortune cookies...hehe

2003-03-17 [BadCat]: Hey Haven! How did you find the Bathhouse? Link, word of mouth, other?

2003-03-17 [Haven]: link somewhere--was i not suppose to be here? *looks disappointed*

2003-03-17 [Aristotle]: Sure you are! The more, the merrier! Heck, everyone's supposed to be here. Grab a girl (or a guy) and join the party!

2003-03-17 [Haven]: i prefer girls

2003-03-17 [Aristotle]: Hey, [Anathoth]! A new victim for you!

2003-03-17 [Haven]: lol lets c 'bout that

2003-03-18 [Haven]: aww damn i g2g, and it just started to get interesting

2003-03-18 [BadCat]: Sorry, Haven, I didn't mean to sound unwelcoming - I was just curious because there are so few links up... but I assume you found your way through Phoenix's Lair?

2003-03-18 [Anathoth]: Victim? WHERE!! hehe..

2003-03-20 [dilandau]: haha this place is great. i got to tell saji! haha

2003-03-20 [SsrVoice]: wow dilandau I'm so surprised you'd think I've never been here before

2003-03-20 [dilandau]: well u didnt join in. what were u waiting on me or something? ;)

2003-03-20 [SsrVoice]: It is after all a bathhouse and I just love baths. . .

2003-03-20 [dilandau]: dont i know it ;)

2003-03-31 [sdad]: bla bla bla

2003-03-31 [RiverStar]: hehehehehe the she fox is playing he game

2003-03-31 [Aristotle]: Hehe, the he-monkey won.

2003-03-31 [RiverStar]: Because she was bored

2003-03-31 [RiverStar]: HARSH!!

2003-03-31 [Aristotle]: Ouch, Ice Queen, ouch! No, I know, you didn't mean it like that, I hope. But in the same sentance as 'cockiness' one tends to draw certain conclutions...

2003-03-31 [MissTricky]: haha. one might wonder how i ment it.

2003-04-01 [BadCat]: my gods!! Don't get on for a day, and you're left behind! Geez!

2003-04-01 [Aristotle]: Ahem. Sorry, we got a little carried away. There hadn't been very much action in here lately.

2003-04-01 [RiverStar]: Ya, eh, I'm so confused!

2003-04-01 [BadCat]: yeah... though it was a fun read!! *chuckles*

2003-04-02 [RiverStar]: hehehehe sorry aristotle, just had too

2003-04-02 [Aristotle]: "kissed the top of her head?" Wow, that must require a lot of agility :)

2003-04-02 [Aristotle]: Oops, gotta go. Damn, and it just started to get interesting. Curse you, teasing girl :)

2003-04-03 [RiverStar]: hehehe sorry about the her thing (typo) sorry perhaps another day

2003-04-16 [BadCat]: Hehe, just warning you Riverstar... Pony actually IS a small horse! Don't get too kinky! **** I probably should have made that clearer.... sorry!

2003-04-17 [RiverStar]: ohhhh, that explains alot

2003-04-17 [BadCat]: *chuckles* yeah... um, sorry for the confusion!

2003-04-17 [RiverStar]: too bad

2003-04-18 [Shalazzar]: for next celebration day i wish this place to have a webcam! ^-^

2003-04-18 [MissTricky]: ee...might just give aristotle a bigger ego.

2003-04-18 [Shalazzar]: what a low price for what fun the webcam would give me... *bg*

2003-04-18 [MissTricky]: hehe, would be interesting

2003-04-18 [Shalazzar]: *vbg* as i said... if we all believe strong enough, it might come true... *closes eyes* "i believe...* :P

2003-04-18 [MissTricky]: haha, dont need much imagine to see...whats under your towel.

2003-04-18 [Shalazzar]: *lol* so i'll not need it next time, eh? *lol*

2003-04-18 [MissTricky]: nope * grins*

2003-04-18 [Shalazzar]: ok, will annoy my sister again... *bg* yeehah comment battle rocks

2003-04-18 [MissTricky]: haha. its cold...hehehe...aristotle getting beat up by a pony...hehehe...he got insulted ..*mind wandering...*

2003-05-01 [Aristotle]: Gotta go to lunch now. Bye!

2003-05-02 [Kurai]: *pouts* Things were just getting interesting :-(

2003-05-02 [Dinaer]: I believe things just got interesting again, right? ;-)

2003-05-03 [Kurai]: I'm sorry, but it hurts... for reasons that you may someday just find out.

2003-06-08 [Arctik]: Getting a little carried away. Sorry... heh

2003-06-09 [BadCat]: Darling, NEVER apologise for getting carried away. Never apologise for anything, in fact. If it really annoys people, then they'll show their sentiment by body painting you with acid - maybe then you can contemplate apologising. Yeah.

2003-06-10 [BadCat]: ooooh! Page version 666! Teeheehee... *ahem*

2003-06-10 [Aristotle]: Devils a-coming! *Deja vĂș*

2003-06-13 [LustForBlood]: Did someone say 666? PLEASE stop calling me unless I'm absolutely needed... *big grin*

2003-06-16 [Arctik]: Oh okay. Sorry about that... doh!

2003-06-18 [LustForBlood]: *hoots* Wo0t! Midsummers Music Festival is coming up!! Yay for hippys, drinking, and soul dancing!! *runs around skyclad, for all you non pagans, that means nekked*

2003-06-28 [BadCat]: Ye know, whenever I look at your name 'LustForBlood', I get this strange compulsion to explode you and sell your body parts.... Damn Cheese Shop.

2003-07-14 [LustForBlood]: right...well....I have too many RPG's going, so I'll explode my way out of here. Chao!

2003-07-16 [LustForBlood]: you want me back? *sly grin* I'm afraid I'm not as good as you are at this...

2003-07-18 [Jewl]: mmm...kay

2003-07-21 [LustForBlood]: la la la....*did away with most other roleplaying thingie ma boppers*....*has a feeling everone is gone from this one...*

2003-07-23 [BadCat]: Oh no! We're all still here! I'm just in New Zealand, and my interneting time is down... Arctik is just a rabid little monkey anyway, and can never be fully relied upon anyway, and I've had too much sugar in the form of those multicoloured snake/python things for breakfast and I'm really starting to miss the usage of full stops in this comment and I'm going to go now

2003-07-29 [Arctik]: Can never be fully relied upon? You have made a grave understatement, my dear. NOT to be replied upon, period(.) Just to prove my point, I hereby declare that I will walk down the main street of Bega tomorrow, completely naked. Of course I won't do it! Ha ha! And there is no such thing as too much sugar, it is more to do with the pathetic human body reacting in strange ways to copious amounts of the stuff that is the problem. Stupid human beans. Glad I'm not one.

2003-07-30 [Arctik]: *does 93rd comment dance*

2003-08-25 [sdad]: hmmmmm

2003-08-25 [sdad]: hello ppl

2003-09-07 [BadCat]: So we have 8 watchers, eh? I wonder who they are... Ah, the curiosity is drivin' me mad!

2003-09-09 [Arctik]: Hmm... No doubt they are essentially disturbed individuals. Best to ignore them, methinks...

2003-09-09 [BadCat]: Yes but, the CURIOSITY! Who ARE they? I mean, okay, I'm one of them... are you? If so, we're done to 6 essentially disturbed individuals that are running LOOSE! UNKOWN! must know...

2003-09-09 [BadCat]: Wait up... there are only 6 watchers now... so only 4 unknown. Egad!

2003-09-10 [Arctik]: Five unknown - I'm not a watcher. All those little messages irritate me... Okay, who else in this room is watching this room? Come on, speak up, ye flamin' landlubbers! Aargh!

2003-09-10 [BadCat]: What? Nah, you don't get messages anymore, it just comes up on the side of your screen that this page has changed. Or am I getting confused again?

2003-09-10 [BadCat]: Hey! You've been hanging around that peg-legged guy too much!

2003-09-12 [Arctik]: Ok, we'll do this rule thing then...

2003-09-13 [BadCat]: Mah!!! There are only FIVE watchers now! This is destroying me!

2003-09-14 [BadCat]: Hi UnicornM! Welcome to the muddle....

2003-09-14 [Aki-chan]: hehe

2003-09-17 [Deleted_User]: Thinking of possibly joining... what do others think of that? Character i play in is a young 'innocent' elven man..

2003-09-17 [BadCat]: Of course you should join! Us ladies want some more man-flesh! And, admittedly, a few of the men here want some too... *grin*. So just prance on in whenever you're ready - we'll corrupt you in no time!!

2003-09-17 [Deleted_User]: well alright... i added my 'starting' so i'll just have to see if i get 'hooked up'...

2003-09-24 [BadCat]: And we're back to 6 watchers... Come on people! Who's watching this page? There's me, and <who??>

2003-09-24 [Deleted_User]: *smiles* Me, although you have NOT corrupted me.. atleast not yet. ;)

2003-09-24 [BadCat]: Okay, just four more people to ferret out... come on, folks! Fess up!!

2003-09-24 [Aristotle]: I'm watching. *Humms* Dum dum dum dum "Someone's watching..."

2003-09-25 [BadCat]: Three down, three to go......

2003-09-30 [Jewl]: i'm watching it...

2003-09-30 [BadCat]: SO WHO ARE YOU LAST TWO WEIRDOS??? Fess up, bastards all!

2003-10-01 [Deleted_User]: hmm? Well i am a 'faithful watcher' of this page...

2003-10-01 [BadCat]: Yup, already counted you.... so who are the last two? Gah!

2003-10-06 [Arctik]: 'Faithful watcher' already, eh? I do believe we Have corrupted ye! Hopeless mortals...

2003-10-14 [spiritsreign]: peeks shyly around the outside door...wondering what fun little things are happening

2003-10-20 [Deleted_User]: *shrugs*

2003-10-21 [Arctik]: "Ways to get girls 101" - #72: Blush a lot and act modest. Be sensitive to a woman's feeling and emotion. Lie a lot.

2003-10-21 [BadCat]: Way to get girls to what? Go away? Well yeah, that would work on me then.... *mutters*

2003-10-28 [Arctik]: Don't ask me! Askthe guy who wrote the book! *points in random direction*

2003-10-29 [BadCat]: *pulls out Kill Crazy's mallet* Guy Who Wrote the Book, come here and meet Mr. Mallet!

2003-11-03 [bnghlptyffg]: Aw, come on! Where's the good, old fashioned SEX in this place?

2003-11-03 [BadCat]: It's in the archived pages, at present! We get distracted with all this alchohol... but do feel free to come in and liven the place up!

2003-11-03 [bnghlptyffg]: Maybe...

2003-11-04 [BadCat]: Male of female? You, I mean. Which are you? (damn it, again with the backwards sentences, just like the logic)

2003-11-04 [bnghlptyffg]: Male. Sorry...

2003-11-04 [BadCat]: What? Why are you sorry?

2003-11-04 [bnghlptyffg]: Because it seems you have a surplus of males. Straight ones too...

2003-11-04 [BadCat]: Ah. Well, we're currently 50/50.... but come on, you may as well come on in... what have you got to lose? Erh, apart from your dignity?

2003-11-04 [bnghlptyffg]: Not to worry! I have no dignity!

2003-11-04 [BadCat]: Well, jolly good! In that case, strip yourself of your binding apparel, and barge in... come on, I think I feel some RPGing coming on, and that is NOT something I want in this damn place! *mutters* A distraction must be found....

2003-11-04 [bnghlptyffg]: Alright, but you asked for it...

2003-11-04 [BadCat]: *rubs hands together gleefully* Another victim, yes, my pretties....!

2003-11-04 [Arctik]: Yes! Anything but more magic genital-wart-curing spells. Ahem. Go for it...

2003-11-04 [BadCat]: Oh Jayzuz... thanks for THAT image, you git!

2003-11-04 [BadCat]: I'm hungry. I don't have a hammer or a brick wall though, so the macadamias are pointless.

2003-11-04 [Arctik]: Glad to be of service *stupid grin and head wobble*

2003-11-15 [bnghlptyffg]: Well, this seems to have grinded to a standstill...

2003-11-17 [BadCat]: Yah, I've been out of house for a while... erh... well, more "between" house. Moving. Internet connection non-existent.

2004-03-17 [Lady Chaos]: This might not be the place for promotional links, but what the heck, here goes: FOR SUN, SAND, SURF AND SWIMSUITS, COME VISIT THE Elftown Beach!!

2004-03-17 [BadCat]: Oh, piss off.

2004-03-18 [Lady Chaos]: Ha ha ha!!

2004-03-19 [Arctik]: Look! It's laughing! Someone shoot it before it sees us...

2004-03-19 [Jewl]: Mmm.... I need good whiskey.

2004-03-19 [Lady Chaos]: It's seen you, Arc-Hole, and you better not shoot it... or your precious vodka pool will be all filled with blood and, according to rule 4, you'll have to punish yourself! Check mate!

2004-03-19 [BadCat]: Forget the gun, Arc, let's just defenestrate the girl.

2004-03-19 [Lady Chaos]: *pages through dictionary* that doesn't sound good...

2004-03-19 [BadCat]: Depends what's outside the window, I suppose....

2004-03-19 [Lady Chaos]: Oooh! I hope it's candy and music and vodka! No wait, I'm off vodka.

2004-04-03 [BadCat]: So. Hate to rehash an old subject, but who's watching this page?

2004-04-03 [spiritsreign]: at least 1 person here

2004-04-04 [Lady Chaos]: Lady Chaos watches all pages! Mwa ha ha haaah... *cough*

2004-04-04 [spiritsreign]: ok least 2 people

2004-04-04 [BadCat]: Plus me-- 5 more gits to go. How long have you been watching this page, Kryssy? Or... have you been in here, but changed your name or something....?

2004-04-04 [spiritsreign]: well when this link was almost new i started watching it, but as soon as i commented no one else did, then the scripture changed strange*thinks* but for quite a while i guess to answer your question

2004-04-04 [BadCat]: Oh... hmm, thanks. So come on, you other people! TELL ME WHO YOU ARE....

2004-04-05 [Arctik]: I'm still NOT watching it.

2004-04-05 [BadCat]: I know, I know....

2004-04-06 [spiritsreign]: then how did you know to comment?*slightly confused*lol

2004-04-06 [BadCat]: He's magic.

2004-04-06 [spiritsreign]: oooo....magic

2004-04-14 [Arctik]: Because I actually bother to manually check pages, rather than depend on irritating little reminders. My list of irritating things is flexible, devoid of any pattern, and large. It is also non-existent, apart from inside my head. And since everyone who is watching this page is going to be updated as to the postage of this comment, I'll flesh it out a little for you. BC is right, I am magic. Don't mess with me or I'll say some magic words and then do a cheap trick with mirrors whilst I distract you with a bad joke. That's enough flesh...

2004-04-15 [spiritsreign]: lol

2004-04-15 [Lady Chaos]: Wow, you must have quite a few bytes of RAM, so to speak, as your memory, Arc hole. I have to watch pages elsewise I'd never remember...

2004-05-23 [Gwendylyyn]:'s all the potplant's fault. *tries to grin*

2004-05-23 [Arctik]: I know exactly how my memory works, but unfortunately it's a little hard to explain in an imperfect language. I wouldn't say I have good memory function... it's just practical.

2004-05-24 [Lady Chaos]: Try explaining it in a perfect language then. How about Klingon?

2004-05-24 [BadCat]: Shudder. Met a guy once who claimed to speak Klingon. I tried to decapitate him with his own bat'leth thingy. Stupid gits.

2004-05-24 [Gwendylyyn]: <img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:> The last thing I shall say here

2004-05-24 [BadCat]: Arctik--you're the boss of this page. Please, by all that's holy, delete that comment.

2004-05-24 [Gwendylyyn]: I'll delete it. There, be happy. bye.

2004-05-25 [BadCat]: No one ever puts up a decent fight these days.

2004-05-25 [Arctik]: Eh? I missed that. What was this infernal comment that I would have been appreciated for removing?

2004-05-25 [BadCat]: This animated thing of a panda on a bouncy ball, I think it was. Lines of 'em. Lines and lines. Very creepy. I saw them someplace else--I'll make you observe the horror if I find 'em again.

2004-05-25 [BadCat]: Ah! The Monty Python Club has a bunch of 'em in the comments. Gwen had about 4 lines of the bastards.

2004-05-25 [Arctik]: Shite, those things are evil. What self-respecting Monty Python Club let those in?

2004-05-25 [BadCat]: Do you really want me to answer that?

2004-05-25 [Arctik]: Oh, right. Monty Python. Anything applies... but still. Pandas.

2004-05-26 [Lady Chaos]: I saw the pandas. Sickeningly cute. My eyes now have diabetes.

2004-05-26 [BadCat]: Quick! Stick a needle in 'em! Just... for the fun of it...

2004-05-26 [spiritsreign]: lol

2004-05-27 [Lady Chaos]: Yaaaargh! My eyes! Now I can't see yhe keuboazrd...

2004-05-30 [Arctik]: Liar.

2004-06-09 [BadCat]: I have a sudden craving for coffee oats. Will have to try that when I go Home.

2004-07-22 [Arctik]: Months later, did you ever get around to trying them? How are they?

2004-07-22 [BadCat]: No! At Home, I have lots of coffee but no oats; in Hell, I have, erh, access to oats--but no coffee. Sigh.

2004-07-22 [Arctik]: That's wrong. That's just plain wrong...

2004-07-23 [Lady Chaos]: YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!! That is soooo cuuuuute! Awwww! *babbles nonsense*

2004-07-25 [Jewl]: ^.^ lol I've tried coffe oats. Really weird tasting.

2004-08-01 [BadCat]: Stupid vodka.

2004-09-05 [Torbyne]: just stopped by here after being warned against it... only question so far is why are there ferrets in with the rodents?

2004-09-06 [BadCat]: Scientific experiment?

2004-09-06 [Lady Chaos]: Ferrets are rodents.

2004-09-06 [BadCat]: Yeah... Torbyne's comment wasn't excluding ferrets from rodents.

2004-09-06 [BadCat]: Aww... yeah a'right... I can see how it could be. Eh.

2004-09-07 [Torbyne]: ferrets arent rodents, they are mustilida like otters..

2004-09-07 [BadCat]: Mustela Putorius and Mustela nigripes. Members of the weasel family. Fair enough. Thank you for the enlightenment.

2004-09-07 [Jewl]:

2004-09-07 [kay-chan]: Vodka pool! My god, it's GENIUS!

2004-09-07 [Torbyne]: so we cant drink the vodka in the pool but we are free to swim in it...? seems like a good idea to me.

2004-09-07 [Eli-kun]: Aw, don't you get it? Crucifixation? Come on! Yes, it's a lame one... Very lame... But you like it... You know you do...

2004-09-07 [Jewl]: I know... lol

2004-09-08 [kay-chan]: About the 13 year old girl who likes horses: I had a traumatic experience that makes me prone to violence...

2004-09-08 [Eli-kun]: Never mind that online, any 'favor' would be too easy to be worth mentioning...

2005-01-01 [BadCat]: Eh. Will someone reply to this comment, thus reminding me to fix this up later?

2005-01-01 [psychicandroid]: Fix this up later

2005-01-02 [Arctik]: Fix yer own wikis, wench.

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