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2006-08-31 13:53:39
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Evolution of machines


-Ancient machines
-Leonardo's inventions
-History of mechanical development
-Industrial revolution
-Cyclical development of techonlogy, switching between analogue and digital (tv, radio, telegram etc)

-Pokemon (second edition, is it Gold and Silver?)
-Star Wars universe
-Star Trek universe

The ancient lands were mostly powerd by slaves, which have been considered as the reason why mechanics didn't advance during that era. But there was some development then. Water was lifted from rivers to irrigate fiels with waterwheels and waterscrews. Ancient Greece also knew the cog, and even very small, fine, metallic cogs have been found. A device was found in the island of Antikythera, that probably was some kind of mechanic calendar. Arkhimedes is also worth mentioning because he worked with mechanics.

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