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2005-03-23 14:46:56
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What is an exclusive request?
--An exclusive request is where you send me a message here (not to my house, that's for chatting and talking) about a glyph/rune that you would like to see me do, and then you get it! And, if you qualify for the uber-exlcusive, then it's unique item that only you can have.

People who qualify...
Note: If you do not see your name here, and you think you should have your name here, talk to me. Also, if you want your name removed from the list so people can't find you (or if you just don't want to qualify as an uber-exclusive) talk to me.
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Any questions?
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2005-03-08 [Muradin]: The Metallic Rune, or alternate name The Rune Of Metal. I'm not sure about apperance but it'd be sharp & angular looking. It would grant the user near-perfect mastery of metalworking due to the instinctive knowledge/intimate bond it provides them with all metals. In addition the user can on occasion call on the rune to grant their skin the hardness of metal for protection. Might also be possible for it to generate blades for the weilder of the rune to fight with a la Wolverine. Other minor benifits include an ability to sense ore deposits within the earth and the ability to automaticly identify these deposits and any type of ore found. Ultimately it's up to you. 

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