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Theme One

<img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244341677.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244341745.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244341856.jpg>

Theme Two

<img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244341992.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244342073.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244342227.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244342335.jpg>

Theme Three - Not sure how I feel about this entirely yet......

<img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244342498.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244342773.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244342916.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244343001.jpg>


Theme Four

<img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244343164.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244479295.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244479487.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/aj/42000/1244479572.jpg>

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2009-06-07 [Skydancer]: :)

2009-06-08 [smakeupfx]: Ohhh!  you might not be sure but I love them, the hair is great.. really different look for you

2009-06-08 [Cillamoon]: YAY!!!! I'm so glad someone likes them! I just got approval from my mom too who said, and I quote: "I almost didn't recognize "us"! " Wooooohoooo! I'm all for not looking like myself! I still have a couple to upload btw.....*trails off to finish that project*

2009-06-08 [smakeupfx]: oh good, I'll keep an eye out :D

2009-06-08 [Cillamoon]: Okies, all done now. :) Finally! :P

2009-06-08 [smakeupfx]: well done too :D 

2009-06-08 [Cillamoon]: Wheee!!! The last one if one of my favorites. I can change it to any color and it still looks amazing!!! First time for red lipstick during this session really, and I love the way it turned out in the couple pictures I used it with! :D

2009-06-15 [Alberic]: wow... beautiful

2009-06-16 [flying dutchman]: beautiful pics hun

2009-06-16 [Cillamoon]: Thank you both!

2009-06-23 [Nyaah*]: you are beautiful! nice collection! ;)

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Thank you!!! ^_^ :D

2011-10-01 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I'm using you as a reference for my Halloween Competition art. <3 I'll send it to you when I finish.

2011-10-03 [Cillamoon]: Awesome, thank you!

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