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2011-04-13 14:14:58
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Eyes Reference Pictures


<img0*100:stuff/eyes%202%20side.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/ICU2.jpg>

Submitted by [moira hawthorne]

<img0*100:stuff/z/61513/jittery/Eyejitter1.jpg>  <img0*100:stuff/z/61513/jittery/Eyejitter2.jpg>  <img0*100:stuff/z/61513/jittery/Eyejitter3.jpg> <img0*100:> <img0*100:stuff/z/61513/Backg/DSC00747.JPG> <img0*100:stuff/z/61513/Backg/DSC00748.JPG> 

Submitted by [Jitter]

Eye Photos
Eye Photos
43 Photos to choose from
Submitted by [Hedda]
Eye Photo Reference
Eye Photo Reference
7 Photos to choose from
Submitted by [Hedda]
Eye Stock
Eye Stock
40 photos to choose from
Submitted by [Nioniel]
More Eye Stock
More Eye Stock
78 photos to choose from
Submitted by [Nioniel]
Brown Eye Photos
Brown Eye Photos
10 photos to choose from
Submitted by [*Phoenix*]


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2007-11-09 [Jitter]: The first and the second are ok, but in the middle one the eye doesn't show much and it is also entered in a contest so it can't be accepted.

2010-07-30 [Chimes]: Pretty sure some of the top eyes are [Jitter]', they look like her eyes anyway. Me thinks. :P

2010-07-30 [Nioniel]: mhm, and I think the last one is Moira's...
Would you guess that the top thee are [Jitter]'?

2010-07-30 [Chimes]: Yep, the three definitely ... possibly the next three too... you could ask her, since she put the images here at the start. She might know who the stray images belong to. :)

2010-07-30 [Nioniel]: Ah, thanks!

2010-08-01 [moira hawthorne]: <img0*100:stuff/eyes%202%20side.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/ICU2.jpg>

Submitted by an unknown source. no they are mine... i submitted them... my name use to be on them before...

2010-08-01 [Jitter]: Fixed mine :)

2010-08-01 [Chimes]: Moira, I just looked through every version of the wiki, your name was never on them. Please forgive [Nioniel] for not realising they were yours sooner, she didn't do it on purpose. :) Thank you for letting us know. :)

2010-08-26 [Jitter]: That's probably cause we used to have a submission page but it was too much work so we went like "submit and if it's offensive etc we'll take it down"

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