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Pinch him, pinch him, black and blue,
Saucy mortals must not view
What the Queen of Stars is doing,
Nor pry into Fairy wooing.

- John Lyly, Endimion

Matriarch: Illuein
Speciality: Information & Secrets
Heir: Ahra
Main Residence: The Black Castle of Luvonkral

If it is true that knowledge is power, then House Eylem is certainly more than capable of putting up a decent fight. It may not be the largest or loudest of the royal houses, but when it comes to gathering information, Eylem spies are in a class of their own. Of course, there's no point in gathering a whole lot of information if you can't use it to your own advantage, so the members of House Eylem can also pride themselves with that some of the most adept players at political games can be found among them.

Still, they cannot truly show their face as spies to the public, so officially they are dealers in knowledge of all kinds. Be it forgotten secrets of ancient kingdoms, news from the borderlands, or simply information on how the stars move, Eylem are the ones to supply it. Most scholars secretly scoff at this, claiming themselves to be better than any so-called educated Eylem member, but this is not quite true. Many members of Eylem are actually as wise as they claim, but the house simply tends to be known for their other, more shady, occupations. Which has led many to underestimate the vastness of both their libraries and memories.

A little explanation for the family tree below. It goes from the bottom and upwards. Two names joined by a line which leads to new names means that the two are parents of the names above.

The names with a black dot in front of them are the ones which actually belong to this house. The rest of them are merely related. The "m" in a circle mean that they were married, while a "+" signifies girl/boyfriends. The paranthesis behind each name is ease: Male or Female.


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