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Fallout Roleplaying

[Jay Ladlehaus]


Created by [Cassave]

Enter Fallout

At long last, Elftown shall suffer 21st century fate dreaded by all: FALLOUT! Finally, the acclaimed series (Fallouts I, II, and Tactics) comes to us here. With the rules provided by [Vesthrix], the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system used by Fallout will now be used here as we roleplay.

Fallout Background

These links will provide you with some of the background information on Fallout.

These links will help the novice Fallouter better understand the post-apocalyptic world they are about to be immersed in.:
Fallout History
Fallout Creatures
Fallout Weapons
Fallout Factions
Fallout Characters
Fallout Items Index

These links are Elftown Fallout-related wiki.
Fallout Fans
Fallout Art

These links are the actual numbers that the statistical roleplaying is or will be based. Be warned, the first is incomplete and the second is ugly:
Fallout Gaming System Dev
Fallout Gaming System

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2005-09-06 [Jay Ladlehaus]: All right. When I get more information filled in on the spreadsheets I'll send them to you for review (the updated spreadsheets, that is to say).

2006-03-14 [iippo]: This wiki is linked from RPG Realm, which is an exported page. Would you please export this page (or ask me to do it for you if you don't know how) so out-of-ElfTown people will also be able to view this page. If you don't wish your page exported, let me know. Thank you.

2006-03-14 [Jay Ladlehaus]: exported

2006-05-05 [KimoN]: Im playing fallout 2 at the moment, are there any other games?

2006-05-05 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Yes, there's Fallout I (PC), Fallout Tactics (PC), and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (X-Box). There's also Wasteland, which is sort of a prequel, but you'd need a really old computer, or an emulator in order to play that, assuming you can get ahold of copy.

2006-05-06 [KimoN]: nice one! so is Brother hood of steel the most recent release? any possibility of getting this on PC?

2006-05-06 [KimoN]: ive only played fallout 2, which would you recommend?

2006-05-06 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Well, definitely play Fallout 1. If you want to play a Fallout that focuses more on combat tactics instead of roleplaying, play FOT. If you liked Baldur's Gate, play Brotherhood of Steel.

2006-05-14 [og_ghost]: I apologize for my absence. I have ... sort of... returned. But I'm still only on sporadically. I cannot garauntee that I will be very useful at all.

2006-05-14 [Jay Ladlehaus]: If you want to really make yourself useful, you could solve our automatic weapon fire dilemna.

2006-05-14 [og_ghost]: Which was?

2006-05-14 [Jay Ladlehaus]: How to accurately tabulate fire distribution and damage.

2007-06-08 [Triv]: Well, damn.
Here I was thinking I was the only guy trying to get a Fallout based Rp going... heh.. Guess not..

2007-06-08 [KimoN]: if u like fallout i highly recommend S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (rpgish fps)

2007-06-08 [Triv]: I've been looking into a few things like that...
I actually started an Rp on here based on something I found on No Mutants Allowed... I think I may have finally gotten someone to test the damned thing out with me, so... yeah...

Who knows, right?

2007-06-12 [og_ghost]: Stalker is pretty great, and takes a few elements from Fallout.

2007-07-28 [Jay Ladlehaus]: The cover article of Gameinformer (July Issue) is about Fallout III. The game has been produced by Bethesda and will be coming out of XBox 360 and PC. It appears to take place between Fallout I and Fallout II. Bethesda says Oblivion fans should not expect something like Oblivion, while Fallout Fans should see lots of familiar material and be pleasantly suprised.

2007-07-29 [KimoN]: there is stuff about the new game on wikipedia go check it out!

2007-07-31 [Triv]: I'm rather dis-illused with what I've seen for Fallout 3... call me bitter, I suppose.

2007-08-01 [KimoN]: well, a sequel the identical to its predisessor will be boring. they might add new cool bits to it..!

2007-08-05 [Triv]: Eh, what they've put in so far just doesn't seem... right..

The fact that Van Buren got cancelled due to Herve 'Jiggleprick' Caen, and Chuck 'Chucklehead' Cuevas' inability to market a decent title, and handle the company, kind of makes me sad...

I'd like to see more added to the setting... hell, I wouldn't mind Todd Howard's game, so long as it wasn't marketed as a sequel, which, it seems to be in -no- way..

I've been reading up on this -waay- too much..>_<

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