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Fables & FairyTales Contest


Voting poll is now closed.And the winner is: [Yncke]!!! Congratulations!Thank you, to all those who participated! Look for the sequel to this contest soon.

Hosted by: [Daisy le Fleur]

Thank you to Elftown Graphics
And to [Cassave] for designing the fantastic banner and winner's badge!!

Welcome !! This contest has some basic rules:

1. The picture(s) you submit MUST be a scene illustrated from one of the fables or fairytales on the list that will follow these instructions.
2. The picture(s) you submit MUST be your work and your work only. Do not copy the style of another artist (ie..Disney animators)
3. No pornographic material will be allowed.
4. You may enter two pictures, as long as you tell which story you have chosen to depict, for each entry.

Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification!! Now get started and have a great time!!

The list of fables/fairytales you may illustrate from:

The Grimm Brothers FairyTales:
<img:> Cinderella
<img:> Tom Thumb
<img:> Sleeping Beauty
<img:> Hansel and Gretel
<img:> Rapunzel
<img:> Rumpelstilzchen
<img:> Snow White
<img:> The Brave Little Tailor
<img:> Snow White and Rose Red
<img:> Our Lady's Child
<img:> Little Red Cap (Little Red Ridinghood)

Hans Christian Andersons Fables:
<img:> The Ugly Duckling
<img:> The Little Mermaid
<img:> The Emperors New Clothes
<img:> Thumbelina
<img:> The Red Shoes
<img:> The Princess and the Pea

Use these links to refresh your memory on the tales!

H.C. Anderson's Fables

Grimm Brother's FairyTales

Please post all entries under this line. Include your name..and what story you're illustrating. Thank you!

1. [Garden4Gnome] The Little Mermaid.
'i'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue,'
'look out, lad, a mermaid be waitin' for you.'

2. [Cassave] Thumbelina
"You poor little creature," said the field-mouse, who was
really a good old field-mouse, "come into my warm room and
dine with me."

3.[Zab] ''The Ugly Duckling'' *''"Kill me," said the poor bird; and he bent his head down
to the surface of the water, and awaited death.
But what did he see in the clear stream below? His own
image; no longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to
look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan.''*

4. [Thistlewood] "Snow-White and Red-Rose"
Then she cried, Snow-White, Rose-Red, come out, the bear will
do you no harm, he means well. So they both came out, and
by-and-by the lamb and dove came nearer, and were not afraid
of him.

5. [Mitsune] Snow-White and Rose-Red a la Mucha, Just the lineart. I'll see if I can get the coloured version up later tonight.

There was once a poor widow who lived in a lonely cottage. In front of the cottage was a garden wherein stood two rose-trees, one of which bore white and the other red roses. She had two children who were like the two rose-trees, and one was called snow-white, and the other rose-red.

6. [LvSha] "The Nightingale"

Three and thirty times did it sing the same tunes without
being tired; the people would gladly have heard it again, but
the emperor said the living nightingale ought to sing
something. But where was she?

7. [LvSha] "Hanse and Grethel"

"I will eat a bit of the roof, and you Gretel, can eat some
of the window, it will taste sweet."

8. [Gypsi] "Our Lady's Child"

"When he had at last forced his way through, he saw a
wonderfully beautiful maiden sitting under the tree, and she sat there and was entirely covered with her golden hair down to her very feet."

9. [Lothuriel] - "The Red Shoes"
"...had grown fast to her feet. She danced and was obliged to go on dancing over field and meadow, in rain and sunshine, by night and by day—but by night it was most horrible. She danced out into the open churchyard; but the dead there did not dance. They had something better to do than that."

10. [Yncke] - The final scene from "Rumpelstiltskin".
"... and then in rage he pulled at his left leg so hard with both hands that he tore himself in two."

1297) Which entry should win the Fables & FairyTales Contest? (No administrator)

Number of voters: 32
a) [Garden4Gnome] <img50*0:>
Number of votes: 1 (3%)

b) [Cassave] <img100*0:>
Number of votes: 3 (9%)

c) [Zab]<img100*0:>
Number of votes: 1 (3%)

d) [Thistlewood] <img100*0:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsDebbi%20StoneMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesbear.jpg>
Number of votes: 3 (9%)

e) [Mitsune] <img100*0:stuff/SnowWhite_RedRose_Lineart.jpg>
Number of votes: 6 (19%)

f) [LvSha] <img100*0:>
Number of votes: 3 (9%)

g) [LvSha] <img100*0:stuff/F%3Ahansel-and-grethel.jpg>
Number of votes: 1 (3%)

h) [Gypsi] <img100*0:>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

i) [Lothuriel] <img100*0:stuff/karenshoe>
Number of votes: 2 (6%)

j) [Yncke] <img100*0:>
Number of votes: 12 (38%)

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2005-06-17 [Konobi]: Hrm, what was The Red Shoes about? Can I get a simple summary?

2005-06-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: don't wanna read it? lol, basically a poor girl with no shoes..gets taken in by a rich old woman who buys the girl a new pair of shiny red shoes...and the girl becomes obsesssed with them...until they make her feet dance and she cant stop angel puts a curse on the girl to never stop dancing since she was so selfish and the girl eventually has to have her feet cut off b/c the shoes won't come off or stop dancing...and she learns her lesson. The full version can be found in a link at the top of the page here...

2005-06-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: How did you do that so quickly Cassave?!

2005-06-17 [Cassave]: Animation, experience as a cartoonist (news items grow old real fast) and of course the wonderful photoshop software.

2005-06-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: Well you rock! That woulda taken me days...

2005-06-17 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Looks nice, Daisy.

2005-06-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: Thanks! Glad you came by to check it out!

2005-06-17 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Maybe if I get some time to myself I'll be able to enter something

2005-06-17 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: How do you get them to be links?

2005-06-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: What the pictures? Thanks [Lothuriel] I learned that new skill today...when you post the address put the <img but put what size you want the pic to be like 50 or 75 or 100 or 200 and so on...then you put url behind it should look like this <img200url: and then the address for the picture.

2005-06-18 [Zab]: wee! a contest! May I join? *starts drawing*

2005-06-18 [Zab]: photomanips allowed? Not that I think I have any photos I can use, but anyway..*lol*

2005-06-18 [Daisy le Fleur]: Yep! As long as the entry is a depiction of a scene from the story, I think manips are alright..Very nice entry by the way!

2005-06-18 [Zab]: Thanks^_^ I didn´t have any good photos, so it became a usual adobe-drawing*lol*

2005-06-18 [Daisy le Fleur]: I envy you people who know how to digitally paint...I have no clue about it...

2005-06-18 [Cassave]: Well, you get a wacom tablet, and then you try to get accustomed to painting while looking at your screen and not at your’s weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.

2005-06-18 [Daisy le Fleur]: Oh...*jumps up and down* I soooo wish I had a wacom...(expensive as they are)...even then you have to get a decent paint program...

2005-06-18 [Zab]: hehe, I don´t consider myself very good at it yet..well in paint I´m ok but not in Adobe..that is so darn complicated! *lol*

2005-06-18 [Cassave]: [Daisy le Fleur] Wacoms usually come with an old version of Corel Paint or Photoshop. I'm using an old Photoshop 5.0.

2005-06-18 [Zab]: Your pic is wonderful, btw. What´s the differense between photoshop 5.o and 7.o?

2005-06-18 [Cassave]: One feature I figured out is that you can lasso and save what you lasso'd as a template...? Would be neat, but I can't afford PS 7.0 right now.

2005-06-18 [Zab]: ..I got it for free..hehe..and I´ve only learnt about 1% of it, since I´ve just had it since X-mas and have no instruktions or anyone that can show me.. :/

2005-06-18 [Cassave]: I can't work with Corel Painter Classic. I find that Corel simulates "real painting" on computer. The second I figured out the layers-system of PS 5.0, I was sold because it's a if you're working with transparants...only cheaper :)

2005-06-18 [Zab]: hehe, yeah, the layers re good! And smudge.. Know the cat and dog in my house? All I´ve done is smudge them (photos)... I lived with MS paint as only working computerprogram at all( not even word worked!) for three I know it quite well...(I still wonder why I sat there at the first time.Oo) And it was quite easy to move the ´skill´to draw from paint, still I prefer to use paint first sometimes and paste it tp PS..

2005-06-18 [Zab]: I´ve never heard of Corel Painter..

2005-06-18 [Galatea]: This contest is going to be a popular one...I love the entries that are already up! I have just started long will the contest last?

2005-06-18 [Zab]: 31 july they´ve written ^_^

2005-06-18 [Zab]: oh, and thanks ^_^

2005-06-18 [Galatea]: You're very welcome! ^_^

2005-06-18 [Zab]: *bows* thanks again. When do you think you´ll enter, then?

2005-06-18 [Galatea]: Well I have the beginnings of a sketch of a Cinderella picture on my house page but I might decide to change to something else.

2005-06-18 [Zab]: It´s a nice pic^_^ or, lol, will most likely be when it´s finished ^_- but if you got inspiration from another story..*shrugs* add

2005-06-18 [Galatea]: I might just do that ^_^, this is one time that I really miss my computer/scanner/printer and all my art tools...hopefully when I get home I will be able to finish my entry.

2005-06-18 [Zab]: yeah. hope that. I don´t have a scanner..yet..

2005-06-18 [Galatea]: Erg, I hate not having a good scanner...maybe you can get a friend to scan it for you?

2005-06-18 [Zab]: no..:( Those I know who have lives a few hours away drivving...and we only see each other in schol and now it´s summer and they´re tired of me asking *lol* but I´ll buy one soon.

2005-06-18 [Daisy le Fleur]: ***Attention***New story added to the list!

2005-06-18 [Zab]: yay!

2005-06-19 [Cassave]: I retouched my entry a bit and replaced it...

2005-06-19 [Zab]: ^_^it´s great.

2005-06-19 [Garden4Gnome]: Awww the ugly really makes me cry, all this stuff about self image and confidence and for a little duckling to go through all that its sad :(

2005-06-19 [Zab]: yeah, it did mean that the ugly duckling-story made you cry, right? Not that the pic was so ugly that you started to cry..

2005-06-20 [Thistlewood]: Does it have to be one of the stories listed above or can it be any story by above artist?

2005-06-20 [Zab]: It has to be one of the above, but you can message the owner of this wiki with suggestions on other tales^_^

2005-06-20 [Lothuriel]: I think it has to be one of the ones listed.

2005-06-20 [Thistlewood]: I sent her a message. I just have to be difficult with my weird taste in stories. That all ;P

2005-06-20 [Zab]: :) yeah, do that. I gtg, bye.

2005-06-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: *New story added to Grimms list*

2005-06-20 [Thistlewood]: Thank you!  :D

2005-06-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: NO prob...I've gotten another request I have to go research and find out about it so I'll be able to add it to the list.*Wonders how long lists will get*

2005-06-20 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: LOL It could get quite long

2005-06-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: I feel I need to state my reason for making a list to go by: The reason is b/c the stories listed are classics that everyone is familiar with, or has at least heard of. They are at least, to me, ones I've read and know pretty well. I am trying to avoid unfamiliar tales so that I will be able to tell which entries are actually scenes from the story or if someone is just coming up with a fan pic type. As the rules state, the pic must be a scene from the story: I have to know the story to judge that. It just makes it easier for me.

2005-06-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: *Another new story added to list*

2005-06-20 [Gypsi]: Many thanks to you, [Daisy le Fleur] :)

2005-06-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: Glad I could help out!

2005-06-20 [Gypsi]: :D

2005-06-21 [Mom]: Cassave...I have to tell you that you are aquiring a huge fan...ME!

2005-06-21 [Daisy le Fleur]: You aint kidding...isn't he great?

2005-06-21 [Zab]: Yes, he is.

2005-06-21 [Gypsi]: *note to self: must comandeer a scanner!*

2005-06-22 [Thistlewood]: :( At least you can't see how badly the faces went.

2005-06-22 [Gypsi]: [Thistlewood], they look fine!

2005-06-22 [Thistlewood]: I couldn't get the colored pencils sharpened enough to do fine work. But thank you, I feel a little better about it. :)

2005-06-22 [Gypsi]: Well, I'm glad of that ^^

2005-06-22 [Zab]: wow..I knew which tale it was before reading which...great thistlewood.

2005-06-22 [Daisy le Fleur]: It's a lovely entry Thistlewood! You have such a delicate coloring style...very nice!

2005-06-22 [Lothuriel]: [Thistlewood]!! Your drawing is amazing!!!

2005-06-22 [Thistlewood]: Thank you :)

2005-06-23 [Perplexity]: Multiple subjects in one picture are always a challenge - well done, Thistle!!

2005-06-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: She did really well with keeping them all to scale.

2005-06-23 [Mitsune]: I have found inspiration!! He he he... This should be a fun contest! ^^

2005-06-23 [cobi]: who's resposible for the fantastic banner? this is going to be a great contest. can't wait to start working on mine...

2005-06-23 [cobi]: say, what about "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Cat in Boots" and "Little Red Ridinghood"?

2005-06-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: [Cassave] made the banner for me! *hugs him* and as for the other stories...check the links I put up and if they are indeed on the lists of fables/fairytales written by the said authors let me know, and I'll add them! Thanks!

2005-06-23 [Zab]: what banner? can´t see any..

2005-06-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: I changed some things on here...but the banner is still there...just smaller...can anyone else not see it? I can still see it.

2005-06-23 [Kemical Reaxion]: Little Red Riding Hood is a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, although the original name is "Little Red-Cap."

2005-06-23 [Cassave]: Could be that they changed it because in some folklore the Red Cap is a bloodthirsty gnome with claws...

2005-06-23 [Daisy le Fleur]:!!! I'm gonna check the list!

2005-06-23 [Zab]: is it the one at the top? ok, now I´ll see it^_^

2005-06-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: ****Attention: I will not be adding any more new stories to the list. It's getting too long..and I feel there are plenty of stories to choose from on the existing list. Thanks!********

2005-06-24 [LvSha]: *reads* must be on the I can't illustrate the Blue Bird,Mary Poppins or some wacky fairytales...T_T

2005-06-24 [Daisy le Fleur]: Sorry dearest....Just trying to stick with the familiar classics..

2005-06-25 [Mitsune]: Mary Poppins isn't a Fairytale...

2005-06-25 [LvSha]: heheh...really?^^ I regard it bird is not a fairytale as well,but a play in 6 acts..actually I just prefer funny than (= =;)

2005-06-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: ****News to contestants.**** I just had a baby girl this past Saturday morning! As you can guess, I am going to be very busy with that...I will be on to check up on the contest to see how it is running and to answer any questions you may have...though it may take me a day or so to get back with you...thanks for understanding! =)****

2005-06-28 [Gypsi]: Congratulations [Daisy le Fleur], I wish you the best of luck with your child.

2005-06-28 [Cassave]: Congratulations with the baby [Daisy le Fleur]

2005-06-28 [Galatea]: Congratulations! ^_^

2005-06-28 [LvSha]: Congratulate on you and your baby,[Daisy le Fleur] <3..*is wondering if she's a lil greeneye*

2005-06-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: Let's hope so Kylin! Green eyes are so fun..Thanks everybody...I'll try to get some good pics up in my house soon!

2005-06-29 [Cillamoon]: Wow! The Little Mermaid one is my favorite! It reminds me of this tale of little mermaid that I read when I was little and the art was sooo beautiful! That picture looks like the art from it! Or that it could of been the same style. I love it!

2005-07-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: *cricket churps* Sure is quiet in here....

2005-07-05 [Perplexity]: I started a pic of Hansel and the old Witch, but am not happy with it at all *crumples paper* HEllo, square one.

2005-07-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: Aww Plex, anything you do is shear genius....*grabs paper from trash can* put it in the contest!!! Do it I say!! ;)

2005-07-05 [Zab]: Yeah, do it anyway!

2005-07-05 [Perplexity]: *blush* aw c'mon - now I really feel pressure to enter something good =B

2005-07-05 [Zab]: could update it later, I think..

2005-07-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: No pressure, you guys have till the 31st

2005-07-18 [iippo]: *stalks ally here and wishes to enter*

2005-07-18 [Daisy le Fleur]: You are more than welcome to!

2005-07-18 [Gypsi]: *sigh* I don't think I'll be able to enter my drawing.

2005-07-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: *Grabs face and screams* Noooooo...why? Come on...please?

2005-07-19 [Gypsi]: I really wish I could, but I only know one person with a scanner and she's in Mexico for the next two weeks.

2005-07-19 [iippo]: Mexico! *wears a sombrero and dances the samba!* <.<  >.>  Ehhh, sorry, my bad... *takes off sombrero and sits down*

2005-07-19 [Cassave]: Doesn't that just make you want to smack a piñata?

2005-07-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: *pouts uncontrollably* Would the library have one you think?

2005-07-19 [Cassave]: Do US libraries have scanners? Our local libraries barely have computers.

2005-07-19 [Gypsi]: Well, my library has computers, but it is a very small library and does not have a scanner. There MIGHT be a scanner in one of the other "local" (within a 30 mile radius) libraries. I'm trying to find one, but it's not going so well.

2005-07-19 [iippo]: Have you fully considered the digital photograph option? notably more people have a digicam than a scanner and the result is as good if done properly...

2005-07-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: Thats also a good option! Good one the way, that was an excellent samba earlier...I'm more of a salsa gal though

2005-07-19 [iippo]: I was infact thinking of salsa when I was typing, but I seem to always mix it up. (In Pokemon colosseum there is a funky salsa background music at one point that I am always reminded of by a scene in my favourite movie) What am I babbling, I can't dance.

2005-07-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: I am not sure if I actually do it right when I salsa..I probably look like they deaf girl on the dance floor..but oh well..I have fun!

2005-07-20 [Gypsi]: My digital camera doesn't take pictures well at all, so I'm going to have to find another way. I might have found a scanner though *keeps fingers crossed*

2005-07-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: My goodness Mitsune...that is stunning...

2005-07-20 [Cassave]: Lovely lineart Mitsune. I can't wait to see the coloured version.

2005-07-20 [Lothuriel]: Is this contest still running? ={

2005-07-20 [iippo]: I hope so, since I haven't yet entered... <3 Yes, it is, for another 11 days.

2005-07-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: Yep....till the 31st..

2005-07-21 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I really like your entry, Mitsune, I think it only needs some color.

2005-07-22 [Daisy le Fleur]: *****Attention Guys: I need to know how many more entries to expect, as the deadline is rapidly approaching..If I am to expect more entries then I could extend the deadline..but if no one else has an entry it will remain the same. Let me know please.Thanks*****

2005-07-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: I supose i could try an entry. But it won't be very good.

2005-07-22 [iippo]: I am hoping but there is a lot of stuff going on and I haven't even started... :/ Don't wait for me.

2005-07-22 [cobi]: i hope to have one up...

2005-07-22 [LvSha]: rapidly approaching...I was rapidly I've done..just need to scan and adjust them..<3

2005-07-22 [Daisy le Fleur]: Well thats good to know you guys...see if I know these aren't the only ones that will enter, then I can push the deadline back a bit..but anyways...Thanks for lettingme know...

2005-07-22 [Perplexity]: Wait, I wanna enter! I started a Hansel and Gretel drawing but I wasnt pleased with it at all. I might have thrown it out =/ I will start another one tonight, and hope I make the 31st!

2005-07-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: Cool...if you guys need an extra few days let me know...I wanna keep this going if there seems to be a good bit of interest in it.

2005-07-23 [Perplexity]: Hansel looks like he's going in Ninja-Style to take care of that witch! hehehh Lovely painting, Dark Kylin!

2005-07-23 [LvSha]: Heheh...Thank you :3 indeed... I thought he looked like a burglar but nothing I can to put it right

2005-07-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: Very nice Kylin!

2005-07-24 [LvSha]: Thank you Daisy <3

2005-07-24 [Cassave]: [LvSha]'s "The Nightingale" looks really great.

2005-07-24 [Zab]: yeah...extremely..::amazed::

2005-07-24 [Perplexity]: Oooh, that is lovely!

2005-07-24 [Daisy le Fleur]: I'm surprised there arent any Rumpelstilzchen entries or little red riding hoods..I thought for sure those would be popular ones...

2005-07-24 [Cassave]: Odd you mention this GreenEyeDaisy...I'm cursing at a Rumpelstiltskin-sketch right now...

2005-07-25 [Daisy le Fleur]: LOL...and I had you in mind as the one who might do one of those too! LOL

2005-07-26 [The 5 Elements]: hey ged, i can try and put a entry together but im not gonna guarentee that i can but ill try

2005-07-26 [Daisy le Fleur]: *Looks at calendar* are Most welcome Blade, if you can whip something up in 6 days! LOL..good luck!

2005-07-26 [The 5 Elements]: i can try, but thats why i said dont count on it

2005-07-26 [Gypsi]: Finally... It's very amatuer-ish, but I tried.

2005-07-27 [prisoner#81378]: I have 4 days to try actually had a pic in my head of a naughty red riding hood, and then saw this I guess Ill pick a tale and get to work! Not too naughty of course....;)

2005-07-27 [prisoner#81378]: lol...Never mind, not naughty at all....I'll do my all time fave for this contest! (and save the naughties for my collection)....;)

2005-07-31 [Daisy le Fleur]:

Contest deadline is today! **Unless you beg me to extend it! =P **

2005-07-31 [Daisy le Fleur]: Actually, what works better for you guys...Extended Deadline? Or A limited number of entries? Or is everyone done entering?

2005-07-31 [Gypsi]: I'm done.

2005-07-31 [Perplexity]: *pouts* count me out - sorry =( I think [prisoner#81378] wanted to enter something but she only logs onto ET every few days now.

2005-07-31 [Zab]: and I´m done..

2005-07-31 [Daisy le Fleur]: Ok...thanks..*The reason I am pressing the issue is b/c there are 30 something people watching the contest..I figure they are potential entrants...I just want everyone to get a fair shot*

2005-07-31 [Daisy le Fleur]: Sorry that I'll be missing your entry Plex...was looking forward to it..

2005-07-31 [Perplexity]: sowwy =(

2005-07-31 [Cassave]: I could work on that Rumplestiltskin some more instead of cursing at it...but I got so many things on my head. Would this F&FT contest have "future" editions...or something???

2005-07-31 [Perplexity]: There's a good idea, Cassave!

2005-07-31 [Thistlewood]: Aww! I was looking forward to seeing some of the other entries. I'll beg you to extend it!

2005-07-31 [Lothuriel]: I have two entries all ready to go but, once again my stinking scanner has gone on strike. I can drive down to Page 3 to scan it but, I won't be able to do that until later tonight, ={

2005-08-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: *I'm such a push over* I'll extend the deadline until the end of August. Is that enough time you think?

2005-08-01 [Perplexity]: Hey maybe I will get something done by then heheh awesome!

2005-08-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: *pokes Plex with a stick* You'd better! ;)

2005-08-01 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Such beautiful artistry, I just wish more were colored, they'd be georgous.

2005-08-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: *nods head in agreement*

2005-08-01 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: *wonders if Mitsune will let her color the Snow White, Rose Red picture...*

2005-08-02 [Daisy le Fleur]: Yes, Collaborations are welcome as long as both parties are in agreement.

2005-08-02 [Daisy le Fleur]: But that is up to Mitsune though, about the coloring part.

2005-08-02 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Yes, I must wait for her

2005-08-02 [iippo]: I'll enter now that my Natural Nude entry is all done and the deadline has been extended. I'm just still pondering which story to use.

2005-08-02 [Daisy le Fleur]: Great!

2005-08-02 [prisoner#81378]: Im STILL entering!

2005-08-02 [iippo]: Hmm, someone mentioned a sequel to this contest. Maybe it would be cool if there was a follow-up contest about some other fairy tales, or fables (Aisopos, that Greek dude's stories?) or fairy tales that are native to certain countries/legends from different countries, native american legends, polytheistic myths (greek pantheon, hindu myths, egyptian)... ?

2005-08-02 [Daisy le Fleur]: That could be good. Yeah, after Cassave mentioned a sequel..I had thought of doing Nursery Rhymes Classics..or something to that affect But wasn't sure if that has been done already or not. Or even if anyone would be interested..

2005-08-02 [Daisy le Fleur]: Great entry Pam!! And I am most excited to see what you come uip with Prisoner.

2005-08-03 [prisoner#81378]: =)

2005-08-04 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Hmmm.... I haven't seen Mistune... Maybe I should message her....

2005-08-04 [jaderii]: Oo, I shall think about entering this contest if I have enough time for an entry. ^^

2005-08-09 [Daisy le Fleur]: How's the entries coming along everyone?

2005-08-10 [prisoner#81378]: I dont think Ill make can end without me....but I AM in the coloring contest!

2005-08-10 [Daisy le Fleur]: Man, dang nabbit! Oh well, thanks for trying anyway...

2005-08-10 [Yncke]: Just finished the inks. :)

2005-08-11 [prisoner#81378]: Im sorry, Daisy! I just didnt get any knowledge of this contest until 4 days before the original deadline, and then I started a few new contests....oh, and a question for you too...about the coloring contest...can we re-outline it? To make a pure black and white copy?

2005-08-11 [Daisy le Fleur]: Sure, I don't see a problelm with that. Since its not changing the original picture but enhancing so to speak. Than k you for asking! And for those who don't know which contest we are referring to its a new one I just started. No worries, the deadline is 20 entries. A Coloring Competition! Go check it out!

2005-08-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: *Peeks at watch*...*whistles to self*

2005-08-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: ******* SEVEN CONTEST DAYS LEFT ********

2005-08-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: Contest over in 3 Days...get those entries in people!!

2005-08-29 [Yncke]: Oof. Close, but finished. :)

2005-08-29 [Deadlock jester]: *sulks* I want more

2005-08-29 [Daisy le Fleur]: LOL !! How cool is that!

2005-08-29 [Deadlock jester]: *ouch*..good job

2005-08-29 [Cassave]: Great!!! That's got to hurt...=D

2005-08-30 [Daisy le Fleur]: Tomorrow is deadline everybody! Thank you so much for participating! There will be a poll up by the end of tomorrow, to get the voting process started. I only hope that doesn't take as long as this did =)

2005-09-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: Guys, you need to adrvertise this in your houses that we can get the voting going quickly...thanks! =)

2005-09-02 [LvSha]: er...the vote's begin?...sure..but I thought I could only get one for vote?

2005-09-02 [Daisy le Fleur]: I don't see why..I mean, the rules state you can have two are the only one to enter two..but that doesn't mean you can only get one to vote on ..otherwise what woud be the point of entering two?

2005-09-03 [LvSha]: I blunt brain...thought I just need to show them there

2005-09-03 [Zab]: yay, someone voted for me!

2005-09-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: I just went to see "The Brothers Grimm" in theaters...and I couldn't help but think of this contest the whole time! YOu should really go see's quite neat!

2005-09-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: *****Voting will end this Wednesday******

2005-09-15 [Yncke]: That's a magnificent winner's badge, [Cassave]!

2005-09-16 [LvSha]: Congrats,[Yncke]!That badge's aslo made by [Cassave]?That's really pretty! X3

2005-09-16 [Cassave]: Kudos [Yncke], the original idea for the badge was by [Daisy le Fleur] :-)

2006-08-08 [Lothuriel]: Watching....again...*evil laughter*

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