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2009-09-09 00:56:31
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Genre Series. Say hello to portrait number three, which takes the form of Fantasy. Heh, I rhymed. This is another one that I really like. It took quite a bit of work but it was well worth it. I'd been wondering when I would get round to using PirateQueen stock - it seems that time was now.

If you're wondering why it's so textured it's because that's how I view fantasy. Fantasy, to me, is some vintage, pretty style. Not to mention that I love the effect it creates, making it look sort of like a painting.

As far as anatomy, I know she could never fly with wings that size but it works for me image-wise. So neh. Yes, I'm immature. I was going to give her a pointy ear too but I couldn't paint it well enough. Maybe, next time. (Next time I do a Fae, I mean. I don't plan on re-making this one.)

With my rate of production, the next one should be coming soon. It'll be a little bit more tricky though, more painting involved.




Other details painted.

Genre Series:
1. STEAMPUNK - Rusted Grace
2. CYBERPUNK - Cyber Styled
3. FANTASY - Faeble
4. SCI-FI - Alienated
5. HORROR - Red Webbing
6. HISTORICAL - Vintage Feel
7. ROMANCE - Strawberry Taste
8. COMEDY - Sunshine
9. TRAGEDY - Teary Eyed
10. MYSTERY - Shroud

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