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2011-10-10 19:21:38
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* Fae Lights -
* Grey Wings -
* Fae Girl -
* Fae No Wings -
* Fae Child -
* Fairy Background -;order=9&offset=72#/d16vhv6
* Looking Fae -
* White Wings -

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2011-10-10 [Cillamoon]: What background did you use Mel? I love that moss! Oooo and the owl!!!

2011-10-10 [Cillamoon]: Sweet! Thank you!

2011-10-10 [Nioniel]: You're welcome! Are you planning on doing a manip?

2011-10-10 [Cillamoon]: Naw, I had Gimp once before but couldn't figure out how to use it. I just love the background image, would like to make it my desktop background :)

2011-10-10 [Cillamoon]: I'm just better as the model & photographer, not the manipulator professional, I leave that to you guys. ;)

2011-10-10 [Nioniel]: :P There are tutorials online on how to use things like Gimp.
You should take more photos of yourself! *pokes*

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