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2009-07-05 18:15:55
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Though lovely,
They deceive.
Their innocence and
Childish joy
Attracts and tempts.
It cannot be stopped,
This elegant force
Of happy endings
And evil-be-gone.

But there's nothing quite like
A fairytale missed,
Corrupt, twisted and
Broken. Shards of
Precious dreams and
Distant bells and chimes,
Did fall, could fall,
Would fall, with the fairytale.

Not in the books do they
Tell you this
But not all ends with
True loves first kiss and
A happy ever after.
But who's to say
How fairytales die?
Not he, not you
And certainly not I...


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2009-07-05 [Chimes]: Mysterious third watcher, who are you?
There's me, there's Lin... but who are you? XD

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