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Fallout Fans

The one-stop place for the fans

of the Fallout series of games to go.

While many great RPG games exist, some of the most notable include the Fallout Series, which included Fallout I, Fallout II, and Fallout Tactics.

Unlike many other RPGs, these are science fiction based, set in a post-apocalyptic world recovering from a devastating nuclear war.

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updated 8/18/05 (Fallout News, Fallout Roleplaying)

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2004-09-18 [Vesthrix]: I have one or two friends that might be interested.

2004-09-20 [Jay Ladlehaus]: is Burnup going? I think that might be a good system from what I've read so far.

2004-09-20 [Vesthrix]: Its coming along. Next up I'm going to get ride of damage types, (the game really doesn't need them) and add in medieval armor.

2004-09-20 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Is there anyway the system could be converted for Fallout?

2004-09-20 [Vesthrix]: I think that, once I get to adding futuristic items, it could run a fallout game as it is. However it could be converted to to be very close to the S.P.E.C.A.L. system see that I used it as a base for a lot of things. It would just be a little extra work. However my time isn't all that plentiful any more so its mostly a mater of how long you want to wait.

2004-09-20 [Pnelma Tirian]: I have looked so far for a fallout fanclub. I'm glad there is one, now.

2004-09-21 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Yep, we have one here. We're still under construction and open to suggestions

2004-09-21 [og_ghost]: there's no possible friggen way any fallout rpg could be comparable to Fallout. Don't even insult the name by trying to make one. gah..

2004-09-21 [Avaz]: Well, whaddya think about the fact that TSR made a D&D version of Fallout some years back.. did you ever try that?

2004-09-21 [og_ghost]: nothing doing.

2004-09-21 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Avaz, are you talking about Planescape: Torment? Ghost: since the Van Buren Project seems hopelessly stalled, any Fallout recreations are welcome

2004-09-21 [og_ghost]: Fallout 3 has been confirmed. It's just not being made by Black Isle.

2004-09-21 [Jay Ladlehaus]: Oh really? Who's doing it? Is this info on Interplay's site?

2004-09-21 [Vesthrix]: There is a link on No Mutains alowed.

2004-09-21 [Avaz]: Hm. [og_ghost].. turns out it might have been a rumor or something.. but I coulda swore there was a tabletop D&D version of Fallout. *shrug* Oh well, try as I might, I couldn't find any reference to it.

2004-09-21 [Vesthrix]: I have the rules to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Fallout) system adapted for table top games. Its not very good see that special was built with computers in mind not GMs.

2004-09-22 [Jay Ladlehaus]: What are the faults in the system for GMs? BTW folks, if you have any Fallout art you've done, feel free to post it.

2004-09-22 [og_ghost]: well, if you're going to use a system designed for computers, not GM's, when you GM it, you have to do it like a computer. which sucks. Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow and get back to you on who is making it, but it isn't Black Isle. Black Isle is gone. Rest In Peace, old friend.

2004-09-22 [Vesthrix]: The faults are that the computer does math at very quick rate a GM doesn't. That was the main problem. Actaully know I think about it we did have a novice GM a more experienced GM might be able to handle it but still it would be slow. Lots of calculator work.

2004-09-22 [Avaz]: I think the thing I was thinking of was the thing Vesthrix mentioned. yeah. Lots of 'thing's.

2004-09-23 [og_ghost]: it's actually just a lot of all around work.

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