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Fantasy Crazies I Have Known


This page is here to discuss the "fantasy obsessed" people that we have known. You know...people who insist that they are "creatures of myth and legend".

If this describes you - first off, let's get real here. You are not a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, an elf, a dragon, a mighty necromancer, or any other thing out of mythology or a fantasy book. These things do not exist.

Maybe psychic (or psi) powers exist, maybe they don't. Maybe there are things science can't explain just yet...but if there are, face it - You Would Not Want Those Abilities. They would be very rare, unusual and probably a pain in the butt. People would think you were crazy if you did have them. You would want to be quiet about them...not wander up to people and start telling them all about your life in the realm of fairy, or the world of the undead. After all....what sane person wants everyone to think they are crazy?


Let's face it folks, critical thinking it the hallmark of sanity.


So, tell us about the people you have known, or know as friends of friends. Here are a few of mine. Let's be nice and use fake names.



He claimed to be a dragon from another dimension who "had itches in places he didn't have places". Did things like walking across an empty field, screaming "PSYCHIC ATTACK!", and falling to the ground as if injured.


She claimed to be a druid, *and* to "channel" a 1000 year old dead Welsh druid (despite there being no druids in Wales then, as they were killed by the Romans quite efficiently long since). The channeled "person" started out as an imaginary boyfriend...then a dead boyfriend...then a dead druid boyfriend...then a dead druid boyfriend who headed an order of druids that she was in..then a dead druid that she "channeled" (talking in a very silly voice). She also wrote herself letters from the "dead Welsh druid", using an alternate handwriting, and eventually left her husband and got involved with an astrologer who was willing to "channel the druid for her" so that she could be sexually involved with her "dead lover".


A friend and classmate of Steampa, who claimed he was an evil necromancer.


A man in his 30s who was still acting like a teenager. Fan Boy wanted to play with his D&D friends, and never bothered with a career. Totally obsessed with unicorns, he believed they were real. He made nice stuffed ones (a talent he considered to be "his magic"). Eventually he decided that he WAS a unicorn. Since he was married I guess that the unicorn "virginity myths" would mean he would have to trample himself to death.


Claimed to be a great witch and teacher of mystic truth. He was really just a pervy guy who lived to sleep around on his extrememly obese wife, with his "mystical students".


Traveling massage and hot-tub man who claimed to be a shaman who could change shape to that of a werewolf. A very nice guy, but it's hard not to wonder...


She claimed that the "vamipires were after her" and was eventually actually locked away in a institution.


He claimed that he was a psychic, who was occasionally "possessed" by the spirits of four different dead people, whom he pretended to be, including while committing acts of violent S&M-based sexual assault; this was made more serious by the fact that he actually *was* a martial artist and weight-lifter -- and had studied basic hypnotic techniques, which he would use on a susceptible intended victim in advance, to render them more vulnerable to assault. Was institutionalized at least once, as well as having a police record and having "flunked out of" court-mandated anger management counseling.


Bizarrely energetic bouncy young woman who occasionally broke out speaking in nonsense syllables, claiming that it was a language, but you just didn't know it. Was a part of a group of deluded part-time security guards who called themselves "The Nighthawks", and believed that they were going to form a special group to fight crime in the Seattle area - a la Marvel Comics. Regularly latched onto other people, in an attempt to drag them into her delusion, claiming that they had a psychic connection.


Regularly latched onto people in a conviction that they were part of a "karmically-linked" group of souls who were reborn together in order to fight evil, and somehow right the cosmic balance together, uniting their powers. Would come up to near strangers and ask them to teach him to "control his psychic powers" on the basis of this "karmic connection", because he knew that they were "meant to be his teacher". Fancied himself a science fiction writer, though he'd never been published, and nobody had ever seen anything he'd written. Caught at a young age molesting an even younger neighbour girl.


Went around claiming to be a great and mighty psychic teacher. Would do things like going up to the parents of a child whom she "recognized as psychically gifted", and asking to teach the child to "control their psychic gifts".


This short red-headed young woman kept to herself, waiting for people who would "recognize her as being one of the fae", whereupon she would engage these people in extended discussions completely focused on this delusion, as her sole form of social interaction.


Claimed to have a psychic gift which allowed him to "determine a person's psychic balance, for good or ill", by extending his arm and sighting down it, tilting his hand to either the right or left, or wobbling it back and forth as if he had Parkinson's, while saying "interesting".


Was part of a group of individuals who "went Dreamquesting together to fight demons from another dimension"; he and others in this group would regularly discuss having seen each other in their dreams of the previous night, discussing the things that they did together in their battle against evil. Also claimed to be involved with the Crips (a real US gang responsible for many murders and much of the gang-related violence in LA, along with their rivals the Bloods), whom he defended as being better than the Bloods, because "the Crips only sold weapons, while the Bloods sold drugs to little children". Lied under oath to defend "HURTIN" against charges of sexual assault, including an incident where he had directly witnessed "HURTIN" confessing to the act, in part because "HURTIN" was one of his "DreamQuesting" partners.


Would "throw psychic shuriken" if angered.


Claimed to have been abducted by aliens.


Fundamentalist who claimed to have been at a party where "occultists caused things to float around the room", and at which people were levitating.


Claimed to be "the Tigard Guardian", after reading too many of Mercedes Lackey's Diana Tregarde mystery novels.


This couple claimed to be vampires, and were seen at an open-house party bleeding into wineglasses, which they exchanged, and drank.


Claimed to have been "possessed by a demon", as a teenager, and had friends who "had witnessed the event", and swore up and down that they had had to hold him down as he spoke in a low gravelly voice and told them that his name was "Legion".


A kindergarten teacher who refused to intervene in incidents of bullying between her students, in the belief that it was their reincarnated souls' way of working out a karmic imbalance between the souls involved. Would not supervise the children in outdoor play or remove safety hazards, instead advocating "depending on the children's angels to protect them".


Much like BAN STAN THE BATHROOM MAN, he claimed to be able to tell people's "power levels". Also claimed to be a "wizard" at first before being told (by a neopagan practicioner) that no self respecting wiccan/pagan would call themselves a wizard. He went along with DELUSIONAL in claiming that they "could see what was not there" (described in more depth under DELUSIONAL). In addition to this aspect of his delusional behaviour, he was an art thief, taking stuff from major anime shows airing on cartoon network and claiming he "recreated them" when they were all simply screencaptures. -- submitted by [Azuri]


Claimed to be a witch/wiccan/pagan. From what [Azuri] has heard, both she and VASH actually messed around with spells when they clearly did not know what they were doing, didnt even know what a "sacred space" was (despite the fact that this is one of the most basic elements of all forms of neopagan religion and/or Ceremonial Magickal practise). Claimed she could see "things" ("entities") which no one else could perceive, and that these things would attack her; for the most part, she led VASH around on that whole deal. She would claim to (and act out) "pulling" "psychic energy weapons" from out of her legs/arms and claim that the things that no one could see were doing it.  -- submitted by [Azuri]


When her best friend moved away, she said her friend left her imaginary friend Paul behind...and that he appeared in her room and punched her in the face. She claims he steals her stuff, occasionally hits her, and flickers lights on and off, and also that she can see him.  -- submitted by [Fireblade K'Chona]


As you can see, fantasy obsession is not always harmless, and can lead to greater and greater separation from reality, sometimes even requiring institutionalization, and/or leading the individual to commit crimes based on their loss of touch with reality.

Sometimes, it is a symptom of an serious mental illness, or can lead to one, if left unchecked. Other times, it just makes the people themselves highly amusing to those around them.

Those who are enmeshed in it can grow out of this obsession, but that is far less likely to happen if other people go along with it; allowing yourself to be drawn into someone else's fantasy obsession can not only encourage and feed their delusions, but can, in time, put your own sanity at risk.

Fantasy is great fun -- if everyone involved knows that it is only make-believe. When people lose sight of that, however, watch out. Many of the more deluded people on this list have committed serious crimes, in part related to their delusion, and others have abetted criminal acts while in the grips of their fantasy obsession.


If you've known people like these yourselves, please feel free to describe them in the messages, and they may well get added up here.


The Site List

And here is a list of web sites....web sites of those people who insist that they are vampires, fairies, etc:

Vampire Delusions

* Here is where the vampires go to chat :
* Here are the laws of a new vampire religion :
* And here we have information about "the truth about real vampires" :
* Vampire Help - 'Am I A Vampire?' :
* An all around site on vampires, becoming one, etc :

Dragon Delusions

* A bullied nerdy role player (Baxil) who believes he is a dragon in human skin :
* Draconity by "Baxil" - more on "being a dragon" :
* Another person who is "not like other people but a dragon in heart in spirit" :
* the "Draconity Resource Project" -
* another person of "Draconity" :]

General "Otherkin"

* otherkin are people who believe that they are not humans inside :

Username (or number or email):


2006-09-24 [Morrigon]: Heheh it's so bizzare the whole vampire fantasy online world thing. One guy told me he was a human doner and if I wanted and would tell him where to meet me he would come and let me drink from him. my response was "what the hell, this is online, I never said I was a vampire, what are you thinking? Do you think I'm stupid enough to want to visit a crazy wreck like you?

2006-09-24 [Morrigon]: And it is gross, something about it seems very gross. I honestly don't see why people think I'm a vampire, I have never...EVER said I was one. I don't even role play that I'm a vampire.

2006-09-24 [Catlover]: Blurgh... yep, that was a stupid question, wasn't it? So it IS dangerous as well as just purely stupid.

2006-09-24 [Rondel]: I used to roleplay in a vampire LARP, and to be honest, I enjoyed it -- until I found out that some of the other players were involved in the blood drinking scene (as in, witnessed drinking one another's blood out of wineglasses at a party). After that, I quit. As a game, a fantasy, a piece of fictional entertainment, the concept can be fun (and a heck of an excuse for good costuming). :) As a "reality", it's more like a HECK of a way to screw up your life and your sanity. And yes, icky. I may write about some twisted characters (as does almost any author who doesn't write pablum), but it doesn't mean I want to BE them!!! Okay, I'm pale, anemic, intolerant to sunlight (currently exacerbated by a course of tetracycline, with which the instructions specifically warn about sun exposure), and default all too easily into nocturnal habits, especially during the heat of summer. And my canines are oversized compared to the rest of the teeth in my mouth. But that no more makes me a vampire than the fact that I was born and grew up (as a young child) in Roswell, New Mexico, makes me a freakin' ALIEN! CRIPES, people, get a sense of reality! *rant, rant, slaver, slaver* Okay, I'm better now, but honestly, that kind of stuff irritates me greatly -- and the PRESUMPTION involved in saying "I'm a human donor, why not come meet my crazy ass so I can feed you every germ floating around in my body, and infect you with whatever crap I happen to have exposed myself to, in the course of my insane little life"... !!! I'm so sorry you were subjected to that.

[Catlover], I didn't mean to be patronizing. I just find the whole thing appallingly disturbing.

Oh yeah, and I love eating and drinking blood -- in food. Red-eye gravy? Mmmm... ...yummy! I like drippings -- doesn't make me a vampire. People are too busy looking for bizarre explanations for the obvious.

2006-09-24 [Fireblade K'Chona]: I don't believe I've ever had blood in food. Hm. I'm open to trying it, though; I eat pretty much anything. Except pineapple. Pineapple makes me gag. I hate the stuff.

Also, did I ever mention the person I met at camp who was, like, 14 and had an imaginary friend named Paul, who she said turned lights on and off in her house, stole her stuff, occasionally beat her up, and who she could see? I kind of just...humored her for the rest of camp. I think I did mention her.

2006-09-24 [Morrigon]: Yeah I think I remember hearing about that, but you didn't tell me he beat her up and stuff. hehehe,I had a friend like that too, she'd always say the scratches on here were from ghosts but we played in the yard and got scratched up a lot. it wasnt like she was abused, she just wanted attention.

and how can you hate pineapple??!?! hehehe I like it. I've heard of blood being served with alchohol but it's supposed to be sort of good for you. I dont know if I'd do it but hey, who knows.

2006-09-25 [Rondel]: Ever had a hamburger, with drippings on it? You know, that extra salty yummy stuff you get when you barbecue it, or panfry it, that goes from kind of jelly consistency to almost crusted onto the pan/grill? That's blood. If you eat it, you've eaten blood in food. Ditto for many kinds of sausages. It's rather hard NOT to eat the stuff, if you eat meat, come to think of it -- ALL meat "drippings" are blood.

I think you mentioned your campmate, at once point, [Fireblade K'Chona] -- want me to add her to the list? I think [Morrigon] is right, you didn't include some of those details last time, she'd definitely qualify with that description...

Oh, and on the subject of eating blood, one caveat -- Kosher meats are generally pretty well drained of the stuff, it's part of the requirements. There are proscriptions against eating blood.

Now I'm craving carpaccio de Venezia, like they served on my honeymoon cruise -- yum, raw beef, sliced paper thin! With this luscious dressing (a mustardy thing) and pine nuts! (They sear the very outside for hygiene reasons, but I'd still only have it in a top-quality restaurant, or made at home where I know exactly what hygiene measures have been taken).

Nope, I'm not a vampire, just a carnivore. Though with the way my hair growth went weird from one of my hormone swings, some of the freaky people might have guessed werewolf, instead -- and I'm not that either. Garlic is my FRIEND! :D Not so fond of silver, though -- and guess what, crazy people? That STILL doesn't mean anything other than that I am a quirky and individualistic human being, just like the other 6 billion people on this planet, you included!

2006-09-26 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Oh, so THAT'S what that stuff it! I just kinda assumed it was some sort of fat or something. Mmmmm. ^_^

And go ahead and add her; here, I'll make a little thing for her. Her name is a fake name, however, Paul is what she called her, er, imaginary friend.

Melissa: When her best friend moved away, she said her friend left her imaginary friend Paul behind...and that he appeared in her room and punched her in the face. She claims he steals her stuff, occasionally hits her, and flickers lights on and off, and also that she can see him.

You can add a little more if you like. As for the raw beef-I've never had that, but I quite liked the seared tuna I had a few weeks ago at a sushi joint, it was very tasty!

Werewolves don't have a problem with garlic, by the way, just silver. Still, I'm mildly allergic to silver myself (I can't really wear silver earrings for long periods of time, though rings and such are fine) and I'm pretty sure I'd know if I were a werewolf. :P

2006-09-26 [Rondel]: And if you "deglaze" a pan with liquid after cooking meat in it, the resultant liquid is made by the liquid putting the blood into solution; if you don't do anything further to it, it's called "redeye gravy". If you add other stuff, like butter, flour, and milk, you've got a standard gravy. So, same goes if you've eaten gravy -- blood, yum! Ditto any "meat juices" that are not clear, but instead brown or reddish.

I'm sure that SOME of the legends speak of werewolves and garlic -- I just can't remember any source further back than Christopher Stasheff's The Warlock Insane. (I think that's the book -- it's one of those in that series, though.)

And I'll add "Melissa". *rolls eyes* Oy.

2006-09-26 [Fireblade K'Chona]: -sigh- She was quite a nice girl otherwise. It's just...

-shakes head-

2006-09-26 [Rondel]: I know -- a few of those on this page were sweet, fun, or funny people, and good friends, including at least one or two whom I'd be glad and proud to have at my side or back in a crisis -- but they are unfortunately outnumbered by those who were increasingly cracked, and at least equal in number to those who were like walking nightmares you couldn't wake up from.

But I think it's important to remember that these folks come in that whole range of types, and not say "well, they're too nice to be a nutjob" -- especially if their condition is progressive.

The scary crazies are bad enough, but at least with them, you know what you're dealing with -- the progressive ones can slide under a person's radar, if they're not careful, because it's easy to go on dismissing a person's problem as minor and harmless, when it's really progressing to the point where a person may be becoming a danger to hirself or others -- at very least in a nonphysical way, destroying relationships and causing great emotional harm, and in some cases worse, causing financial ruin, or even physical danger.

The kindergarten teacher above, for instance, would never CHOOSE to harm a child, IMHO -- but she'd have no problem risking their harm at the hands of bullies, or in playing unsupervised, because the former would be "their karma", and the latter "wouldn't happen because their angels are watching over them". I know a child who has permanent (or at least lasting) injuries from spending only a few weeks in this woman's care. *sigh*

I guess my stance is that it's better to be cognizant that you're dealing with a nut, of whatever type, even if they're a VERY nice person, so that you can take it into account when deciding what trusts you place in them.

It needn't prevent a friendship or working relationship, necessarily, if one deems that the risk factors and the nature of the relationship don't overlap -- but having that awareness that the person is nutty can help one avoid relaxing one's guard and drifting from a low-risk relationship with the person, into a high-risk one -- and getting someone hurt as a result. As much as it hurts to suffer as the result of misplaced trust, it's ever so much worse to watch a loved one suffer from one's own mistake about whom to trust in which ways.

2006-09-26 [Rondel]: There, [Fireblade K'Chona], I've added "Melissa" -- but I changed the pseudonym, to one in keeping with the page theme; please let me know if this is unacceptable. I don't wish to offend.

2006-09-26 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Oh, that's clever-I don't mind at all!

2006-10-25 [The Blood Angel]: I've never been so freaked out in my life! Holy mother of god!

2009-04-12 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Something rather disturbing that I read about recently-Cullenism.

It's...well, hard to say anything more than what's already there, really. It's Twilight fans going another step into crazyland. I mean, I don't have anything against the books except that they're kind of appallingly written and the characters set a bad example. But that's hardly a crime. I have a few more issues with the fact that Stephanie Meyer donated Twilight proceeds to Prop 8. But the fans...yeesh. (I have read the first two Twilight books, and that's a few days I'll never get back.)

My vampire book is and always will be Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Her vampires are scary as hell and I would never, ever want to meet one because THEY EAT HUMANS. They do not sparkle. Nor do they form any kind of relationships with humans unless there's pretty extreme circumstances (read: life-debt) involved. Those are vampires. The ones you wouldn't ever want to meet. (I wouldn't want to meet the Cullens either, mind, but that's because I think they are STUPID.)

I think I might go write a diary rant about this.

2009-04-13 [Azuri]: Holy fuck shit damn......

I think my brain just exploded in disbelief 

2009-04-13 [Morrigon]: The power of hormonal psycho people! YAY
I am not saying this out of rebellious blind hatred towards anything mainstream... But the actor who plays Edward looks like he has a caveman forehead to me. Am I alone in this one?

2009-04-13 [Morrigon]: And these turds don't realize is that there is something spiritual to be had from nearly everything! Take it easy, learn some lessons, it doesn't mean you have to start a religion about it!

2009-04-13 [Azuri]: Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought he was ugly as hell XD Someone also needs to introduce him to a hairbrush I don't think hes ever seen one in his life!

2009-04-13 [Morrigon]: Just sticks his head out the window on the drive to work ^.^

2009-04-23 [BarleySinger]: mostly fantasy crazies they just wind up hurting themselves socially by claiming impossible things, and most people laugh at them for it (possibly even creeping people out). However there can be be more to it (far too often more to it).

I know of several murders that count as having been done by people who claimed to be *ever so extra special* (fantasy crazies). 

This includes a woman who claimed to be a vampire, and killed a father of 5 kids with a butcher knife in order to drink his blood.

It also counts for a guy who was totally obsessed with two things:

1) all things 'NINJA'
2) a young woman who lived in the same building he lived in (the building was owned by a relative of the young lady). 

He decapitated the girl and then called a friend to ask what to do with the body. WHAT THE HELL!!! This is *N*O*T* some game show and we do not get to "Phone a Friend".

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