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Fantasy Creature Poetry Contest


Alright... as the site title probably tells you, this is a poetry contest, with the subject being *ta-taa!* fantasy creatures. And if someone managed to miss it, this contest is being held by [Linderel].


Winners are the following:
1st place: [Barak_the_Blade]
2nd place: [OvertheMoooon]
3rd place: [Nightshadow]

1. MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK! (you never would've guessed this, now would you? ^-~)
2. Must be a poem. Not a short story or anything else, but a poem.
3. Write about a fantasy creature. (eg. dryad, unicorn, dragon...)
4. Up to three entries per one participant. But if someone really puts up three, I'd prefer them to be short.
5. Number your entries, so that we'll keep in order... (as in, the first entry is #1, the second participant's #2, and so on) Oh and, if you have several entries, make them a, b, c and so on...
6. No advertising of your own work. You can put the contest's link somewhere in your house (and I'd be really delighted to see the banner getting used as well), but no things like "Vote for my entry!"

The prizes will be given by the following:
1st prize will be a badge and a story, which will be written by me, following the winner's request.
2nd prize will be a smaller badge and a poem request.
3rd prize will be a small badge.

Here is an example, written by and copyrighted to me, [Linderel].

Fate of the last unicorn

Once she was beautiful
full of life and joy
Once she was with her friends
all gathered in the field to play
Now all that is lost
The memory of her galloping
through the forest to me
her soft muzzle touching my hand
is all that will remain
Her clear white horn would shine in the night
like a star in the sky
But now they have all died
in the hands of humans
and she is the last one
my beloved companion
Only moments from now
she will lie down on the ground
close her eyes, sigh, and simply
fade away
For that is the fate
of the last unicorn

And here are the entries...

[Paul Doyle]

Your beautiful green eyes flash in fear
As I saunter my coils so near
You do not scream as virgins are wont;
You are far too precious to taunt.
You challenge morals I hold so dear.

I flick my forked tongue and smell your plight
You are not the only one, tonight!
I fail to understand why I must eat you
You charm more than the dragonesses I flew . . .
The Seeing One has lost his biological sight . . .

My yearning stomach grumbles for human flesh—
My priorities have become ensnared, enmeshed.
Hills of silver, stacks of platinum, towers of gold—
Love and unity are stronger concepts to behold
The passing matings are so distant, but so fresh.

The dragons are savage and fierce, but at what price?
After mating the pair breaks off; it's never nice.
Humans are so fragile, so soft, so fleeting . . .
Yet true human love lasts for more than a meeting.
I yearn for a companion, but cannot break the ice!

You are so spirited, so beautiful and cute
Your wit and humor are of the highest repute
My keen ears have heard your captivating voice.
You present me with a terribly difficult choice—
You cast my entire existence into dispute!
My granting your freedom will embolden the slayers
Your preciousness strips away my primal layers.
I would treasure you, hold you so beloved, oh so dear . . .
Yet your mortality makes the hour of your death so near
My passion, begat by desperation, bubbles up and flares!

I need treasure and tributes to pass the listless hours.
My strength and magic have toppled many towers.
I have offspring who have generated offspring;
Love to an ancient is a momentous thing—
“Farewell. Forgive me. You are but a passing flower.”
As I purify you with my flame, my tears flow like a shower.

© Paul J. Doyle. All rights reserved!

#2 -[Nere],
a) The Dryad

In a grove of golden bowers,
And silvered bark of trees.
A young maid danced amidst the flowers,
And sang in time to the rustling breeze.

But her song turned to a scream,
As her tree was felled.
And all the forest heard her keen,
As her life was quelled.

The foul and most horrendous act,
Was carried out with sharpened blade.
As the dryads' tree was hacked,
No one heard her calls for aid.

Now the villain who felled the tree,
An Infernomancer was he.
Who had given up his ability to see,
In return for these powers three.

The first was of the burning flame,
The second was of the sword.
And that for which he received his name,
The powers of a demon horde.

But of all the things he would posses,
His sight he did most covet.
And for that he'd give his best,
For dryads blood would recover it.

But she was safe in lover's arms,
A tree troll of great stature.
And he kept her safe from harm,
So the Infernomancer couldn't catch her.

Now to the sacred grove he bore her,
Where a faery true did heal her.
And the troll did so revere her,
That he swore eternal love to her.

And so this tale ends well enough,
Though evil still remains.
This just proves that life is tough,
But love prevails just the same.

b) Griffons fade

Wingéd lion- fears
Beak broken by shadows,
Here he lies – deaths grip
Most- though thoughtless wondered
Thought he born- tales of myth
Hearts- bleeding heart torn asunder
Careless were those who cared
Children bore- scorn of disbelievers
No pity here- slain
Griffons lost beneath shadows rising.

The Lonely Unicorn..

There she stands-
In the pale moonlight.
The gentle summer breeze dances through her mane.
There's a sadness in her eyes-
The world has long forgotten, what she still remembers.

There she stands-
Under a blanket of stars,
Beside the calm still water.
All is silent.
She lowers her and gazes at her reflection.
She cries, her lonely tear hits the water and breaks the silence.

There she stands-
Waiting - ever faithful to this judgemental world.
She longs for something,
A priceless gift.
Her only friends are the moon and stars,
For her heart is as pure as the clear night sky.

#4 "Inner Child" by [Nightshadow] 3rd place!

Earth, conceived in chaos ice,
Broke the rules of nothing's game:
She and twin, the goddess love,
Reveled, danced, for joy of flame.
She and Venus split the sky,
Tongues of orange-red flame to show.
Stars that saw their brightness gawked.
This, all this, was long ago.
Earth, it seems, has calmed her face,
Shunned, betrayed her steadfast twin.
Venus mourns the loss of life…
Terra's fire's locked within.
Night, each night, the goddess calls,
Peeking ‘neath her sister's moon.
“Promise me, my dearest Earth,
We will dance with fire soon.”
Night, each night, the dormant hears,
Earth, each night, resists the call,
Knowing tranquil respite brought
Fi'ry maiden guise to fall.
Earth, she is a mother now,
Sire to so many kinds.
Children keep her from her play.
Love for them like shackles binds.
Steady, though, Earth's never been,
Wild, happy girl of fun,
Full of fire still today,
Wond'ring that her play is done.
Venus is a tempting soul,
Flaunting fire ev'ry night.
Earth she shoves the flame away.
Ever that remains a fight.
Thinking always of the fun,
Gracing times she's left to die,
Earth does struggle with herself
Not to let the fire fly.
Sparing hapless children's lives,
Fighting nature in its whole,
Strug'ling for a dumbing chore,
Earth she fights her very soul.
Thin though is the line she sits,
Paper; silky infant's hair,
Nearly past a thoughtless gaze,
Thus the strength of stony dare.
Block and guard, prison cold,
Self-control of Mother Earth.
Film of stone, a rocky crust,
Holds her from her right of birth.
Thin indeed is humans' guard,
Helpless race and hell's own flame.
Earth she holds their lives in hand.
This is why she stays her game.
Weary, though, grows fickle Earth.
Funny, yes, that we're so sure,
She won't explode to joyous dance?
After all, she changed before.
Earth fights on for cause so dire
Children, helpless, she their sire.
Venus calls with cheerful lyre:
Come with me.
Dance with me.
Think with me to birth of fire.
Play with me.
Joy with me.
Dance the dance of perfect fire.

#5 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman] well phoenixes should be fantasy creatures right? so here it is...


A little sparrow
Heard a tale
Of a burning bird.

A bird on fire,
Phoenix called,
Long time ago.

It tried to be
Just like this bird
All its life long.

Flying high
Into the Sky
With wings of fire
Was its desire.

And at the end
Of this sad life
The dream came true.

When it flew high
And then fell deep
Into a fire.

But fire makes light
That shone into its eyes
And made it blind.

Flying against a tree
It could then finally see
That the dream of fire
Was a stupid desire.

#6 'Dragon War' by [lunarsun]Nope, I dont hate the world ^.^

Chained to the ground by the human race
Hearts pumping fast, way past a normal pace
A call for freedom, a call for war
It will be like Heaven knocking on Hell's Front Door
Dragon versus human, What a fight
With blackened sky and wing in flight
They rage with anger, They hate the pain
They end it all, burning the world in Flame

#7 "All faeries, great and small" by [ilven]

All faeries, great and small
come to aid us
some and all
With their wings and music oh so fine
a magic
that cannot be mine
A race of legend and in myth
with secrets
as deep as the highest cliff
All faeries, great and small
come to aid us
some and all
Live in the stories of a child
with their fantasy
oh so mild
All for those who wish to see
beyond the eyes
from the likes of me

All faeries great and small
come to aid us
and all...

#8 Hostage by [KrystalRum]

Her cries are everlasting
As well as her fear
Depression holds her hostage
In a stage she cannot bare

She has beauty everknowing
But noone sees her face
Shes locked behind all others
In a deeper foreign place

She shakes and cries
Into the night
Praying for a savior
But the bravest
Even lack the courage
To come down and save her

Her hair hides her face
And she slowly fades away
Backing deeper into the ocean
While Blackness fills her days

To be free
Is just a fantasy
One she lives her life for,
But broken lies
And empty dreams
Bend bars into a door

Silent cries and last goodbyes
She mumbles while shes dying
But its ovbiuos to her
That noone cares
Enough to say they're trying.

(shes a mermaid ;)

#9 The Fae by [OvertheMoooon] 2nd place!

She holds a story in her arms,
A song beneath her wings,
A story that she never tells,
A song she never sings.
Her lips, they never open,
A tear rolls down her face.
She sighs in her depression,
Beneath her veil of lace.
She forever mourns the passing,
Of all her lover faes.
She wants to cure her sickness,
And end her killing ways.
She no more wants to harm them,
The ones that hold her hand.
She can't live here another day,
She must leave this wretched land.
There's no other way now,
She can no longer fly.
The only way to live
Is for her to die.
She sinks in the lake now,
Ne'er to be saved,
The fae sleeps alone now,
In her watery grave.

#10 Dragon

A slithering mass of green scales
Golden orbs peer out from a lair
Dark, leathery wings tipped with nails
A belly plated with silver mail

Sharp, pointed teeth chew brimstone
A spout of flame, from its throat, moans
A skill for hunting prey it has honed
Destructive and covetous, it maliciously condones

Protected fire flares throughout its veins
It neither fears nor knows the feeling of pain
Living a thousand years or more, it has learned disdain
Over treasures and power, it has become vain

All this was not long ago in a faith of pagan
Where they ruled the uncharted maps stacked in wagons
Yet all they have become is similar to a lagan
Held up by fallacy, will always remain the dragon 

Written By: [This House is Deleted7]

#11 She didn't see it coming

She glides through the forest
on tiny white feet.
Her hair is strewn with flowers
a smile graces her face.
A prince passes by
on his glorious white stead
he catches her fancy,
with his charming young face.
So she runs by him,
and catches him with a vine.
She pulls him up in her tree
and prepares to say hi.
But when she sees his face
she knows that he died.
Now this little nymph
isn't as happy as can be,
because the face of her prince
is forever printed in her mind.

written by: [the squeegee]

#12 [Barak_the_Blade] 1st place!

Morning Visit

This morning I woke
to the sound of her wings
They beat out my name
with the song that she sings

I opened one eye
to sneak a quick peek
Perched on a leaf
I saw what I seek

Sun light for hair
and gossamer wing
dew drop of dress
the spirit of spring

The chill of the morn
bit cold on my skin
but seeing her face
warmed me within

She noticed my eye
and giggled with bell
then winked back to me
as fairy dust fell

I called out her name
as I lay in my bed
but as quick as she came
my dear fairy fled

I rubbed at my eyes
as I stared at her leaf
had she really been there
her stay was so brief

I wispered good-bye
and hoped she would hear
"thank you sweet one"
and wiped my last tear

#13 by [The Pink Panther]

The Vampire (Halloween-themed. I hope it's okay)

As I woke up at midnight time,
my eyes went wet, a tear I shed,
for only two things I called mine:
my lonely heart, my lonely bed.

The wind outside was blowing cold,
singing the midnight song of doom;
a sudden whisper came, like gold,
as someone else entered my room.

A man of ancient times and days,
a creature of wide eyes -so green-
staring with an enchanting gaze.

So time forever on stood still
for the dark man who came to fill
my lonely bed on Halloween.

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2004-03-11 [Linderel]: Hurry up, people, you only have two days left after today!

2004-03-11 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: what do you mean??

2004-03-11 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: OH! wait I know what you mean...yay! Almost done

2004-03-14 [Linderel]: Please, people, your time is up!

2004-03-15 [Barak_the_Blade]: I really like all these poems...very nice everyone. Stiff competition...I don't envy the judges. :-D

2004-04-25 [OvertheMoooon]: When is voting over?

2004-04-25 [Linderel]: As soon as there are at least 30 votes. No sooner. Unless my patience runs out before that. And if it does, I'll decide the winners myself.

2004-04-25 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: I'm done with mine its in my house..its the I can you add in here??

2004-04-26 [Linderel]: Uhh... [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~], either I'm blind or then it's not there... o.O

2004-04-26 [Linderel]: If you could send it to me in a message. I don't know if it's fair to put your entry in now that the poll's been up for a while, but I'll do it anyway. You have to get a chance. :)

2004-04-26 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: okie dokie I will!

2004-05-10 [OvertheMoooon]: hmm

2004-05-16 [Linderel]: Alright, that's enough. My patience has run out, so I'll pick the winners by the poll's current situation. [Barak_the_Blade], [OvertheMoooon] and [Nightshadow], congratulations. You are the winners.

2004-05-16 [Nightshadow]: Mmm...pretty, Blade. Methinks you're the clear winner anyway. ^_^

2004-05-17 [Paul Doyle]: nice job, guys! :-D

2004-05-19 [Barak_the_Blade]: thank you nightshadow....I liked all of them....I just got lucky

2004-05-19 [Nightshadow]: *begs to differ but lets it go*

2004-05-20 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: lol i liked all of them too. i had trouble deciding who to vote for...

2004-05-25 [KrystalRum]: who won?

2004-05-25 [Nightshadow]: ...try reading the very top of the page...

2004-05-25 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: lol there we have a very smart one...

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