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Fantsy Fighter Shoot Out

Welcom, this page is mainly for gun armed characters. It takes place in a desolent ghost town.

Steelheart waited for the first cambatants.

Kalo walks in waiting for anything thats ahead of him getting ready for his training he pulls his gun and shoots off two shots to tell the trainer that hes waiting for training.

In the back of the arena, a shady, blonde and black-haired, red-coated figure slipped into the vacant bleachers and crawled through them upwards.

Actually, he was just looking for food, crawling towards the conviniently un-attended ice creame stand.

Kalo noticing the shady blonde and black haired figure shoots at the figure thinking it's his training partner and then shoots 2 more at the roof.

The outlaw yelped upon being grazed on the back by the bullet. He freaked out, leapt into the air, and tumbled down a few rows of seats before comming to a sloppy hault. "....arghhh...."

kalo askes the enemy are u my traning or is this guy bein a stubburn little weekling.

After a few minutes of just lying there, drapped over the seats, Vash sat up a bit, holding his head. "..oww..."

kalo impatiotly asks again are u my training partner or are u just a little passbyer.

"Vash might me a little advanced for you but ill warm you up first." Steelhaert formed a doulbe barlled rueger and fired two shots at Kalos feet.

Neji stand some meters away and looked on them and sayd "Is this a joke". then he starts laugh.

Steelheart turned and fired two shots at nejis ear. "What are you talking about?"

Neji dodge and say "The battle. It ended to fast."

Ataru run into the arena. "Where┬┤s Neji? I want revenge for last time."

"here! but i gonna se the other arenas now. i think i gonna se the oasis." says neji.

Slowly walking into the crowd of people, Lorcan nods his head towards everyone. Resting his right hand on this holster.


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2005-09-11 [~Vash~]: X3 Vash is such a dork...

2005-09-20 [I_am_with_you]: this is cool

2007-06-15 [chyu]: My char is made for dodging.

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