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Fantasy Fighter Aqua

Anyone can fight here. The Battles take place on a sand bar with waves laping on the sides. Nothing but water can be seen in all directions.

One boat is pulled up on shore with Steelheart sitting on the bow enjoying the rays

Kadru's poorly made raft slowly pulled up to the shore. "Hey guy, um i'm lookin' for a fight. Know where i can get one?"

"This is the place. Either puck up a random fighter who shows up or ill spar with you. But officially im only the judge." Steelheart responded without opening his eyes. The sunshine was just to comfortable.

"If you are a judge i suppose i should wait for another fighter" said Kadru as he jumped off the raft and into the warm sand.

Alastor walks along the beach towards Steelheart and Kadru. "Oh hello there" He said noticing them. "would either of you know where I could find an ancient tree famous for making medicine? My name is Alastor Dreamseeker by the way. what are your names?" He kept a significant distance from them as he said this.

Steelheart waved without actually propping up. "Takato Steelheart Nakini, judge and founder of the Fantasy fighter league.'

"I see" said Alastor. He directed his attention to Kadru. "Then i suppose you're my opponent?" His expression was now completely serious. He put down his pack and asked, "what is your name?"

"I'm kadru" he said cheerfully as he put his hand out for a handshake.

Alastor hesitated, but then stepped forward and shook Kardru's hand. "Well let's have a little fun with this shall we? See if you can guess my power before you lose."

"Sounds fun." said Kadru Cheerfully as he switched to a fighting stance.

"You can make the first move" said Alastor. "I won't even move." He put his hands behind his back taunting Kadru.

"Ooooookay. If you say s" and as fast as lightening, mid sentence, kadru pulled out his 44 and fired all five bullets at different areas of Alastor's body.

Alastor jumped to the side avoiding 4 of the bullets, but one of the bullets hit him in the shin. As soon as he felt the pain of the bullet hitting flesh he changed the vector of the bullet to fire back at Kadru. Damn. he thought. a gun user. this could be tough.

Kadru barely dodged the bullet. "WHOA, that was'd you do that?" Kadru asked as he reloaded his gun.

"Isn't that what you're supposed to figure out? Not much of a game if I'm the only one playing right?" retorted Alastor, as he searched his pack for some pain medication and a piece of cloth to use as a bandage. He bound the wound from the bullet and stood back up. "Okay" he said "Now its my turn!"

"Be my guest" said Kadru as he spun the revolver on his finger.

Alastor pushed off from the ground multiplying the vector to move forward by several times. He was in front of Kadru almost instantly. He punched straight at Kadru's face intending to double the force of the punch.

Instantly, as if he knew it was coming, Kadru fell back grabbing Alastors arm attempting to Monkey Flip him.

Alastor immediately stopped himself without touching the ground and tried attacking him with a second punch.

Kadru blocked Alastor's punch and went in for an elbow to the face.

Alastor landed on the ground and the elbow hit him in his face, but as it did, he stopped its vector so that it had no effect on him. "Got any ideas yet?" he asked.

Kadru did a quick Kip Up and offered a hand to help lift Alastor. "Well despite your frail looking body it seems like you can take a fair amount of hits. And I also see you shifting my attacks. I admit that it is a phenomenon that i have yet to face and know little about, but i would like to study you more, you are...interesting"

Alastor grabbed kadru's hand and kicked off the ground. Amplifying the force he pulled kadru up 20 feet in the air. "You shouldn't help your opponent during a fight. Me least of all!" His face had a look somewhere between anger and sadness on it. He flipped on top of Kadru in the air and amplified their vector to shove them both to the ground at 100 miles per hour.

As he flew up with Alastor, Kadru had brought his gun out. By the time they had reached the highest they were going to get Kadru had his gun at Alastors stomach. "Kikikiki i had banked on you doing something like this." he said as he unloaded three bullets.

Alastor's eyes grew wide with fear. Suddenly a bright light shone out from his necklace and then the necklace turned black. The area around them dissolved into blackness and the two fell away from each other just in time for the bullets to miss. Alastor concentrated and landed on what appeared to be a glass platform. He let Kadru continue to fall. "Would you like me to save you?" he asked.

"Yes please." Kadru said has he fell. He looked around "Um where are we?"

A glass-like plate appeared below Kadru. "This" Alastor said "is the highest manifestation of my power...the reality marble. You cannot leave until one of us loses or I give you permission. Oh that reminds me. I hereby give Steelheart Nakini the right to enter and leave as he so chooses. Now lets see if you can defeat me in my world!"

*Thud* "Oughf" Kadru said as he hit the ground. He did another kip up and dusted himself off. "This will be a fight worth having" Said Kadru as he leaped towards Alastor with a flying knee aimed at his face.

The plate that Alastor was standing on dissolved and a new plate formed 10 feet below it removing him from the path of the flying knee. "You'll have to be very clever if you even want to hit me." Said Alastor. He sat down and concentrated for 5 seconds. Then he removed the cloth covering his wound from earlier and revealed an uninjured leg. "Good luck."

When he topped over Alastor, kadru unloaded the other two bullets that were in his gun at Alastor.

Alastor raised his arm and the bullets hit it. He yelled out with the pain of being shot, but immediately the wounds started to heal pushing the embedded bullets out of his arm. "I'm going to have to re-think that strategy. That was really painful!" Alastor mumbled to himself.

Kadru softly landed on one of the glass platforms and reloaded his gun. "sorry bout the pain, but i really wanna win this fight" Kadru said as he holstered his gun and tied on his spiked gloves. "You know this vaguely reminds me of a great scene from an amazing Martial Arts/Western Movie I saw once, but I digress." Kadru then leaped again at Alastor with no clear intention.

Steelheart floated by, twisting in a zero gravity like movement with a large soda and a bag of popcorn. "Hm...this kind of power is unique. But to even the field a bit." Steelheart grabbed his belt and formed another five rounds of shells and pushed them in Kadru's direction.

"Neato, Thanks Steelheart" Kadru grabbed the ammo and shoved it in his pocket as he continued the leap towards Alastor.

Alastor didn't know what Kadru was going to do, but he didn't want him getting too close either. So, he put a glass plate between the two of them. "I'll just be a second. ponder how you will win while waiting." Alastor sat down concentrating to switch his power from regeneration to super strength.

Kadru sat down and concentrated. After a few seconds he leapt up and shattered the glass with his revolver. "times up captain" He then shot three deadly accurate shots at the gem on Alastors necklace.

Alastor dove out of the way of the bullets and onto a platform next to the one he had been standing on. "I cant let you try and break this gem. Do you know how difficult these things are to find?" He punched at Kadru with eight times the strength of a human.

Kadru dodged the punch and used Alastor's momentum to flip him over.

As Alastor was being flipped, he punched the glass plate below them causing it to shatter. He hoped that while they were falling, he could get a little time to change his powers. He started concentrating to change his power to underwater breathing and speech.

As they fell Kadru latched onto Alastor and submitted a series of punches towards his face and towards the Gem.

Alastor ignored the punches knowing full well that the gem wouldn't break because of them. After he finished switching powers, he had a bloody nose and yelled, "Enough!" He flung his arms open and the black space was replaced by the ocean floor. "Quickly, give me permission to change your powers so you can breathe."

Kadru stubbornly folded his arms and nodded unhappily.

Alastor grinned and said "I hereby grant Kadru the ability to breathe and speak underwater. This should take care of your speed and bullets." Alastor laughed. But leaves me pretty much defenseless, but this will do temporarily. Alastor thought.

"Neato" Kadru said as he started to swim toward Alastor.

Alastor put his hands in front of him like he was holding a sword and imagined a long and thin sword. As the sword appeared in his hands he said, "swords, however, are relatively unimpeded by water." He swung the sword at Kadru's fast approaching head.

Kadru quickly pulled out his gun and blocked the sword. "Even in the water my reflexes are faster than most."

Damn. If only I could use more than one power at once. Wait a minute... Alastor had an idea. He quickly backed away from Kadru and took a deep breath. Then he concentrated on changing his power back to vector change.

Kadru took this time to reload his gun.

Alastor finished changing his power then he amplified the vector of the ocean's current from in front of him to blast Kadru with hundreds of pounds of water pressure. I've got about a minute to fight before I have to abandon this field and go to a new one Alastor thought.

Kadru got hit by the current and started to swim as fas as he could, it proved useless and he went flying.

Alastor jumped into the fast moving water to catch up with Kadru and give as many blows as he could before he had to change fields. He propelled himself faster than the current, caught up with Kadru and attempted to deliver a flurry of blows at greatly multiplied speed.

Kadru took all the blows and coughed up a bit of blood. "Just as i suspected, not much worse than training" Kadru grabbed Alastor and shoved the gun in his stomach, unloading four rounds.

As he felt the water inside the barrel move out with the firing of the bullets, Alastor immediately forced the current around them down into the barrel to stop or slow down the bullets so that they would not hurt him. Guess this field wasn't so advantageous after all he thought.

hmm i cant move fast enough underwater to hit him with any impact...but my strength is unchanged upon that thought kadru grabbed Alastors throat.

Alastor altered the force being placed on his throat to where he wasn't being choked, but it still looked that way. He concentrated on changing the field to a mountain top covered with trees.

Kadru tightened his grip.

The field dissolved and was replaced by a forest on a mountain. Alastor tried to take a deep breath and then tried punching Kadru in the face to make him let go of his throat.

The punch connected and Kadru's nose began too bleed a little but Kadru held tight, tightening his grip even more.

"You should really loosen your grip" Alastor said "It will just hurt you more when I use it against you." Alastor reversed the vector of the force that Kadru was applying to his throat, causing Kadru's fingers to release him and begin to bend backwards.

Kadru pulled back his hand quickly and punched at Alastor's throat with the other hand.

Alastor quickly stepped to the side, touched Kadru's arm and increased his vector hoping to send him tumbling down the mountain to finish the fight.

As Alastor was doing this Kadru quickly twisted his arm around grabbing Alasor.

Kadru's grab caused the two of them to start tumbling down the mountain. Well this could have gone better thought Alastor as he used vector change to stop himself, although he had a cut on his forehead from hitting a rock as he tumbled down. Maybe I'm going at this all wrong. I should use some gear and not powers to beat him. He then concentrated on making an exact replica of Kadru's gun complete with bullets.

Kadru continued to fall untill he hit a tree. "OUGHF!!! That stung." Kadru then reloaded his gun and ran quickly up the hill.

When Kadru reached the top of the mountain, Alastor pointed the gun he had just created at him and said, "I've kind of had enough of being shot at, so lets reverse rolls for a while." He took aim and shot 3 bullets at Kadru.

Blocked one of the bullets with his gun, dodged one another, and was hit in the arm by the third. "AYEEEE!!" kadru yelled. "Well then, i guess this is a party now" Kadru's eyes then began to glow. "I guess i will have to fight." Kadru then threw a series of knees, punches, elbows, and kicks at Alastor, much faster than before.

"Then I guess I had better get serious too." Alastor used vector change to speed up his movements and block the strikes that Kadru threw, but he couldn't find an opening to attack.

Kadru pulled out his gun and spun it rapidly as he went in for a punch with his left hand.

Alastor had been struggling to keep up with Kadru's attacks, and the gun distracted him long enough for Kadru's punch to connect and knock him off his feet. "Ouch! you know that really hurts!" he complained.

"My bad" Kadru then extended a hand to help Alastor up. "Just to let you know, you have been one of the most interesting fights I've ever had."

"Have been? This fight isn't quite over yet. And I thought I told you it was a bad idea to help an opponent during a fight" Alastor smirked. He quickly formed a sword in one of his hands and swung it at Kadru amplifying the swing of his arm to 3 times the speed of a normal human.

Kadru jumped, dodging the sword, and came down at Alastors face with a flying Knee.

Alastor reversed the vector to try and push kadru back. I've got to think of something to buy some time he thought and created a box out of the glass plates they were standing on earlier.

Kadru kicked off as he felt a shift and instead of flying back he flew up. "THIS IS IT ALASTOR!!!" Kadru while falling shot at the glass above Alastor, cracking it. When he reached an appropriate distance Kadru punched the crack hoping to shatter the glass.

The glass held together, but just barely. Meanwhile inside the box, Alastor was busy concentrating on a special weapon. An invincible sword, one that rends earth and shatters sky, a sword that promises it's master victory slowly a golden glow appeared in Alastor's hands. just a little more he thought.

Kadru reloaded his gun and hit the glass with all his strength.

The glass shattered and kadru started to fall into the box. not yet. i still need a couple of seconds thought Alastor "just give me a second and you will have a real challenge on your hands" he told kadru. The golden light started to take the shape of a sword.

Kadru didn't have time to think about the proposal and had now fallen on top of Alastor.

"Oof" Alastor fell into prone position still holding the golden sword shaped light. He concentrated all his will on it taking physical shape. "Come on, excalibur" he muttered

Kadru pressed the gun into Alastor's hand and immediately fired two bullets.

Alastor screamed from both failure and success. Although he had successfully materialized the sword, one of his hands was now missing a finger. "YOU!" Alastor stood up and pointed his wounded hand at Kadru. "How dare you! you shall never be forgiven for this!" Alastor raised the sword over his head and tried to come down on top of Kadru's head with the heavy golden sword.

Kadru rolled out of the way and fired the three other bullets at Alastor. "Lax I'm sure your magic or whatever it is can fix it." Said Kadru

Alastor changed the vector of the sword and swatted away all three of the bullets. "Excalibur! Kill him!" Merely the movement of excalibur through the air caused a massive wave of air pressure.

Kadru dodged the blade but was knocked back by the wave of air. "Wow this is going to be difficult" said kadru as he reloaded his gun again.

Alastor still in a fit of anger and pain struck the ground in the direction kadru fell back to. As the sword hit the ground, spiky rocks quickly sprang up in a line heading towards kadru.

Kadru just having finished reloading jumped in the air but was pierced in the side.

Alastor swung the sword in the air causing a wave of air pressure to travel towards kadru.

Kadru got hit by the air and flew backwards.

After knocking Kadru back what he percieved to be enough, Alastor concentrated on changing his power to regeneration in order to restore his lost finger.

Kadru landed and the ran as quickly as he could towards Alastor.

As Kadru neared Alastor, he completed his power change and regrew his finger. "Now then" He said "I think you've managed to hurt me enough to qualify as a worthy opponent." The scenery once again began to dissolve signaling a change in the field. The air suddenly became very hot and the two were standing on a platform in the middle of a crater surrounded by lava.

Kadru jumped and threw a massive knee at Alastor's chest.

Alastor created a glass platform below him which began to rise, causing Kadru's knee to miss him. He then concentrated on changing his power to be able to move the lava.

Kadru grabbed onto the side of the glass platform and pulled himself up.

The portion of the glass that Kadru had pulled himself up onto disappeared to cause Kadru to fall. Alastor then went back to changing his power.

Kadru continued to fall.

Alastor finished changing his power and then proceeded to lower the platform he was on back down. As it came down he looked at excalibur and thought the ultimate game of hopscotch. He chuckled at his idea.

Kadru finally landed on another glass platform.

Alastor waved his hand and all the glass platforms in the area disappeared. He then took excalibur and swung it at the ground. The land in the middle of the volcano cracked in half and started floating apart.

Kadru did a backflip and landed on a piece of land.

Alastor pointed a figer at Kadru. Lava rose up on both sides of Alastor and shot out at Kadru attempting to burn and push him into the lava.

Kadru jumped up and dodged the blasts of lava, landed, and flipped Alastor the bird. "Gotta do much better than that if you're gonna get me."

Alastor swung excalibur in the air and the land that kadru was standing on split in half. "Guess I'll just make your chunks of land smaller until you cant stand on them. Hehe." Laughed Alastor. He swung excalibur twice more further reducing the size of the land chunks. He then twirled his fingers in the air and a whirlpool of lava formed in the center of the volcano.

On a slender piece of land kadru began surfing down the volcano.

"Aw. that's no fun if you're just going to try and escape." Alastor said, but followed suit and began chasing kadru on a surfboard of hardened lava. As they sped down the volcano, Alastor commanded walls of lava to rise up in Kadru's path hoping to knock him off his piece of land.

Kadru shifted his weight to miss the wall. "Not running, tactical retreat."

"Tactical retreat? there's nowhere to run, this is my world" alastor said as he moved his arms and two giant lava snakes appeared in front of Kardu ready to strike the moment he got close enough.

Wading in the water, Glen enjoys the battle infront of him. They look tasty!Hold your hungry

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