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Fantasy fighter level Two

Only Level Two fighters can edit this page.The stands were packed in the small arena. Great fighters would battle here.

Shang slowly walks, conserving his strength for the many battles to come.

Hiuko walks into the arena, Bangs asleep on his head, but comes through the spectators way so he can sit in the bleachers. He gives a lazy wave to Shang but sitting back and relaxing.

Tilting his head down, feeling the presence of a worthy opponent. "Hello there."

"How's it hanging geezer." Hiuko said with a smile as he sat up. Even though Hiuko was more than twice Shang's age Hiuko felt compelled to call him an old geezer. Apparently Shang was old in human years.

Slowly getting up, moving his bracelets around. "Well, shall we begin?" Shang grins devilishly.

"Again, already." Hiuko rolled his shoulder and it made a popping noise. "I just got out of the healers tower form out last fight." Bangs jumped off Hiuko's head and on to the stands, "Whimp, you don't get complaining rights till you take on six dragons at once." Bangs yelled at him mentally, "I can take on five at once, that should be close enough." Bangs rolled her eyes while Hiuko jumped down to the fighting area. "Usually the women that make men fight make them fight for love." He said to Shang scratching his head. "They're usually humaniod too" Bangs thought from the stands. Hiuko sighed and walked up to Shang holding out his hand for a hand shake. "May the best man win,"

Shang extends his hands, remembering the intense fight between them. "I agree...may luck fall upon us both." Shang steps back and gets into defensive stance. "Elders may go first..."

Hiuko bows respectfully to his opponent and then rushed at Shang with intent to land an open palm punch on his chest.

Quickly side stepping to the left and gripping the arm with his left hand and attempting to elbow smash his opponent's right face in.

Hiuko grabs Shangs arm to so they were both locked and he takes the elbow to the face, not the worst he's been hit with. He didn't miss a beat though and tried to come right back at Shang with a kick with his left leg before Shang had a chance to move his elbow away.

Raises up his knee to block the incoming kick, but at a price. That blow nearly broke his weary bone. A grapefruit size bruise appears right on the shin. Meanwhile, they are still locking each other in their moves.

Hiuko's leg couldn't move for a few seconds from the sudden loss of momentum but when his leg caught up with him he hopped on to that leg and used his other leg to kick Shang in the torso, although not hard enough to knock him down because Hiuko would fall right along with him as long as they gripped each others arms.

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2007-04-18 [twitchboy]: Steelheart was caught in the gut by the kick while being pulled taught bny Shang and he crumpled to the ground. "My Spleen!!!'

2007-04-18 [Hiuko]: Why are you puting that in comments?

2007-04-18 [twitchboy]: oops i lost my mind for a sec.. hehe sorry

2007-04-19 [Hiuko]: don't worry I'm still looking for mine.

2007-04-24 [Dwarf Ronin]: Please tell me how you can sense Spirits, they create no vibrations, they have no heart beat or muscles, also, they make no sound. How does a blind man find them.

2007-04-24 [Hiuko]: I can hear them. Have you ever heard a bear as it goes toward it's victim. It's eyes focus utterly on the creatur, their breathing gets heavy, then the mouth opens and then they snatch up the helpless little thing. I know this from experience because I was hiking and I got lost and in that time I had two bear encounters. One I accually ran from the other I fell and the bear was doing exactly that but I threw a stick and hit it's eyes and ran down a hill so it's stubby legs would make it trip.

2007-04-24 [Hiuko]: Also its a bear, even if it's a spirit it's going to smell bad, so I'll just keep track of it's smell.

2007-04-24 [Dwarf Ronin]: This in an anicent spiirt. They are tasteless, odorless, and completely silent. Also, these are werebears; they have highly developed legs and arms. Spirits are ghosts; ghosts don't smell...hence, you and I being a blind man can not tell where they until they turn physical form.

2007-04-25 [Hiuko]: Then tell me how do you control them or keep thier spirits alive if you cannot tell where they are. If I remember correctly from all the things I've read that a spirit can only maintain its form by itself when its wild and these things are obviously not wild since they seem to be doing as you character wants. A bit fishy that you can control something yet you don't know where it is, no?

2007-04-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: Did we forget that I can communicate with my spirits through their mind. Thats how I can sense them. Also, I have Ursaku in me. He has a special link with them that allows me to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. Also, even if a spirit is being controlled, they still can maintain their invisibility.

2007-04-25 [Hiuko]: and are you forgetting I can communicate with an animal that just so happens to be watching the fight. Yes my little kitty cat is hiding somewhere in the arena watching and we a spiritually linked by marks on are body that link us in mind body and spirit and also makes sure that the other isn't in danger. So even if there is no smell, no vibrations, no nothing I've got eyes in the crowd watching out for me. :)

2007-04-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: Okay....that allows you to talk with animals. This spirits aren't technically animals yet until they hit their physical. So, you won't know if you get hit until the last possible second, making very difficult for you to counter attack. 

2007-04-25 [Hiuko]: I didn't say I talk to your animals. You seem to forget that I came in here with a cat. A special cat, and she can relay messages and images directly to my brain so what she sees goes directly to my brain in an intant so it's like I've got normal vision although I can see myself and things around me because it is my cats point of view. Almost like seeing in third person point of view.

2007-04-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: Don't worry, I didn't forget that creature. When Ursaku entered my body; he gave me his vision to see blood vessels of living creatures.

2007-04-25 [Hiuko]: but I must warn you not to hurt her, Hiuko can get angry if you hurt her, and you won't like him angry. Yes I got that from Bruce Banner.

2007-04-25 [Dwarf Ronin]: We will see....

2007-04-25 [Hiuko]: Go on, hurt the poor "defenceless" little kitten, but I would adive you to read Hiuko's bio first for a little tip on what will happen.

2007-04-26 [Dwarf Ronin]: Hold the phone here, I never said I would hurt the poor little kitty. Okay, since we had the talk...are we clear now that you can't sense my spirits?

2007-04-26 [Hiuko]: can't sense but still dodge them. So agreed.

2007-04-26 [Dwarf Ronin]: Yes, agreed.

2007-05-04 [Dwarf Ronin]: Hiuko, you might want to edit your text; remember, you can't sense them into they become physical.

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