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2010-12-01 02:24:06
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Fantasy fighter level Three

Only level three fighters can edit this page. The winner here will be crowned king of Fantasy fighter.

The arena is a floating chunk of land. Nothing seems to be suspending it in the air.

The arena is empty, for no one is strong enough to make it to the arena just yet

Then a half-elf astride a demon cat with wings gracefully landed on the floating land and Hiuko smiled as he looked around at the final arena. His demon cat Bangs changed back into her kitten form and when Hiuko took off his rucksack and set it on the ground she hopped right in poking her head out to see what happens. Hiuko decided to meditate to pass the time until the next person arrives.

Steelheart woke with a shout, having suddenly appeared in the center of the island. "Woah! What the..." He looked around frantically unsure of his surroundings. His massive sword basked the ground in its wide reflection.

"Well it took long enough metal head." Bangs said jumping out of the rucksack to meet Takato. Hiuko stood and said, "Well no surprise here, I knew you'd make it. Although I hope there are others, believe it or not I get tired of beating you up all the time." Hiuko said with a joking smirk.

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2005-08-14 [porter57]: It would take imense magic to make it there

2010-12-01 [twitchboy]: i promoted alot of people so someone can finally win

2010-12-02 [Hiuko]: So who else is level three, hopefully not just us. I'd say at least four people to make this a good duel. Oh, and Twitch I revamped Hiuko so I'm going to take a look at my fantasy fighter sheet sometime soon so he can be updated here as well if that's okay with you.

2010-12-02 [twitchboy]: sure thing you know the pass  mort, midnight, and one other was promoted

2010-12-03 [Hiuko]: So the usual fighters aye? No one new is rising through the ranks. No fun.

2010-12-03 [twitchboy]: well no advertising much

2011-09-01 [La Luna]: Heh, I just found this.

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