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Fantasy fighter The Storm


  Anyone can fight on this page. The valley stood strong though the lightning flash and the thunder rolled. The rain came down by the bucket fulls.

Hiuko sat calmly in a cave waiting for people to show up to fight as the storm outside raged on.

A shadow approached the cave. The figure was illuminated by the lightening. With his hood up he approached huiko. The inconsistant light reveiled a sleevelees silver robe with a hood and something long and thin in his hand. "Is this the fighting ground? My sensei said i would find strong fighters here."

Hiuko tapped on the ground and smiled, "Well your sensei would be correct. You'll should find an opponent quickly here." Bangs walked into the cave and shook off the rain. While walking by she kept silent and curled up next to Hiuko.

"How about you?" The figure drew his hood back to reveil short brown hair and bright green eyes. "Hiya im Saru, what is your name by the way?" He had a oval face and slightly large ears.

He raised his head, although his hair covered his blind eyes, not wanting to give away his secret, "The name is Hiuko, and that is my cat Bangs." He ended by flourishing to the 'sleeping' cat next to him. "I'm here as a sort of judge, I've been told to watch this place and alert the healers at the end of a match. Although that doesn't stop people from fighting me." He smiled in rememberence.

"I would like to spar with you if you wouldn't mind hiuko-san." Saru extended his hand to help his opponent up.

Hiuko got up on his own and said, "Sure, lets take this outside." Hiuko walked outside in the pouring rain and stretched his arms behind his back. "So, you want first attack or should I?" Hiuko said getting into his counter-stance. Bangs stayed in the cave, not wanting to get wet unless she had to.

"It would be best if you did." Saru took a spaced stance an held what was now apparent as a staff. He was on his toes and kind of bounced his weight back and forth. The staff half tucked to his side with one end held out.

Hiuko tapped the ground three times and then ran at Saru with a punch aimed at his chest, then a combo of kicks and punches to follow if he could.

Saru countered the punch with the staff pivoted it around in a spin motion redirecting the kicks stabalizing it by tucking one end under his arm to solidify the parry. With the opening he went for an open palm strike at Huiko's chest.

Hiuko used one arm to redirect Saru's strike and the other had come back to his side by then so he tried the same thing to Saru.

Saru's knee came straight up to deflect the strike. He pushed the staff straight back under his arm leaning back into a back pole spring creating some distance. He landed in a crouch and swept his leg out in the momentium for a low trip.

Hiuko went horizontal, he jumped and angled his body back a bit. One foot was still near the ground, just above Saru's trip, and the other was going for a side kick to Saru's head.

Saru was already leaned back so all he had to do was flatten out as the kick caught the verticle staff. His firm grip with his left arm used the momentium from the kick to spin him up and over the actual leg landing him about four feet away on a knee. "You are an excellent evasive and reactive combatant."

"I could say the same for you. You react quickly to attacks, and you seem to know when to pull back. You have some skill with that staff as well." Hiuko said thankful that the rain plastered his hair over his eyes. The rain only helped to hide his blindness. The longer he could keep his secret, the more shocking it will be.

"You are odd though, your head stays fixated in battle instead of following my movements." Saru spun the staff taking the compliment. He stamped down planting his front foot at striking out at the chest with the staff as his following elbow stayed level ready to release and parry with a waxing hand.

Hiuko had only heard that comment a few times. "It's just something I'm used to. I don't watch the fluid movements of an enemy because they can be hypnotizing and misleading. I only focus on the attack." Hiuko felt the staff coming so he used a waxing hand to parry and came in with a strike, which was parried the same way. When his strike was parried though he tried to grab Saru's wrist. If grabbed then he would step in for leverage and use that to throw Saru to the ground. If he couldn't grab though the hand deflecting the staff might be back in time.

Saru's wrist was cinched as the grapple took hold however he spun on his same side heel bringing the back side of the staff protruding from his tucked shoulder towards huikos face, this movement however caused his arm to be barred behind his back as the rest of his body was now at huikos side during the fall.

Hiuko got hit square in the chin but that didn't make him give up the hold he hand. He maneuvered his head under the staff end and moved in between the staff end and Saru's back to make it hard to maneuver the staff. Then with his free hand he held Saru's shoulder so he couldn't get out of the now police hold Hiuko had him in. If Saru couldn't escape he would try twisting the caught arm so he could get Saru on his knees and make him give up.

"Well now, didnt want to pull this out so fast." Saru smiled as something shot up from the robe aiming a powerful blow at Huikos undefended gut.

Hiuko noticed something moving fast so he moved to his side a bit but it still hit side and made him release his hold. Hiuko took a step back in case Saru had another attack in mind.

Saru smiled and spun around. A unusual monkey tail reached up and scratched the back of his ear. "I have a trick or two." He spun the staff and shot foward with a general strike following with a back side thrust and a spun into a downward blow. His tail whipped out to catch the knee in the spin so if he dodged that the down strike would catch in mid dodge.

Hiuko dodged the first attacks but the tail caught him, he never fought a monkey before. The staff came down but he blocked it with his arms, grabbed to staff and pulled forward. If Saru moved towards him an inch that would be enough momentum. He planned to put his hand on Saru's face, and slam his head into the ground. He kept the tail in mind this time, sensing it the whole time.

Saru's smiled dpread as he simply let go of the staff letting huikos pull offbalance himself and fall. Once he let go the tail vanished and Sarus hair seemed to become less wild. Saru leap up and over the falling Huiko sbnatching the back of the staff where huiko's hand werent holding it to get it back. Apon contact the tail reappeared and his hair became messy and wild again.

When Saru pulled from behind that gave Hiuko his balance again and tried the same maneuver, with tail still in mind. It the tail got anywhere near him he planned to grab it and use it to throw Saru away. Although no aware of Saru's fast changing ability, he made a note to keep his balance through any action.

Instead Saru laughed. "Look a huiko monkey!" A small, rather sad four inch tail had sprouted from huiko backside from contact with the staff. Saru gave it a firm pull from behind knowing how painful it was and used the window to jerk the staff away.

The jerk of the tail was more shocking than painful and it made Hiuko stop for a minute examining his new attachment. "You gave me a tail? Is really the worst you can do?" He watched all vibrations carefully to make sure Saru didn't get behind him again without him noticing, somehow he was able to do that despite Hiuko's ability to feel every vibration...

"Its actually more of an isult by your own body." Saru smiled with the staff back in hand. Now huiko's tail was gone agin.

"How is that an insult by my body. I've had seven tails at once, all a lot uglier than the one you gave me." Hiuko said getting into his counter-attack position.

"This staff imbuens a person with attributes based on their martial art's developement." Saru stood on the tip of his tail folding his legs up into the lotus position and held the staff firm. "Go ahead.'

"So my martial art's style is like a monkey? Strange, I always thought I just did the first thing that came to mind. In fact I don't think I even learned monkey style." Hiuko shrugged and ran at Saru intent of maybe sweeping his tail, although he knew it would leave him open so he secretely made his sweep kick a counter-attack, ready for anything.

Saru did a simple hop on his tail to avoid it. "It looked more like a cat tail catually."

"Same deal different tail." He said aiming and open palmed punch at Saru's gut.

Saru spun the staff deflect the blow while still on his tail tip. "Therefore you fighting style is cat like, yet not perfect." Saru smiled still standing on his tail with the staff held straight and level in front of him. "Lemurs balnced defense."

Hiuko stepped back obviously getting no where. It seemed the monkey boy only wanted to talk instead of fight. He got into his counter-stance for when they resumed the fight and said, "Style," Then he spit on the ground. "Style is for those who hold need form and structure. I choose a different way of fighting, no rules, techniques, or any structures to see through."

"My master would call you a bird with no air under its wings." Saru Twisted his body and kicked off the groud with his now uncurled leg. He spun through the air, punching the staff, delivering a serious of strikes like a tornado.

"Well maybe I'm a flightless bird," Hachen timed the movement just right and ducked under and through the tornado effect of the staff in the right time to get by without one hit. The whole movement was quick and fluid, like water itself. When Saru went by tail and all he finished his sentence, "you know, the type that prefers water over wind." With that he smiled and tilted his head, if Saru could see his eyes, he'd see that Hiuko was serious now. He got into his normal counter stance and waited for Saru's next move.

Saru landed in a spin, his feet skidding around his pivoted hand. "Then you are a sitting duck." Saru sprang foward lashing out with a down thrust of the staff the flipping over to follow up with a massive falling kick.

Hiuko dodged around the attack and was not behind Saru while he was in the air. He took no time in determining his next move and kick the staff. His intent was to knock the staff out from under Saru but whether he succeeded or not he planned to do only one kick, then jump back for safety. He had to be careful with this fight, he needed to plan his attacks more carefully than the others fighters he had come across so far.

Saru's kick hit ground as the staff was knocked away for support from huiko's kick. Saru adjusted landing on his tail and used it to spring back towards huiko gaining ground. He was now uside down traveling toward huiko, his other foot coming foward and up(down in reality) Giveing him a bit of time to bring the staff back into defensive position.

Hiuko ducked and moved back, then he aimed a kick to Saru's side from behind him, he watched the Saru's entire body for any signs of a possible counter. If he picked it up he would instantly switch to defensive.

Saru's tail whipped around deflecting the blow like a helicopter. He landed just a few feet away. He spun and struck in a cross blow taking a step foward, followed by a another blow with the back end, in a fluid motion he twisted his wrist and brought the first end in a rotation into a downward blow safely tucking the back end under his arm taking another step.

After the first attack the others were renered mute because Hiuko moved in towards Saru, head on, doding around the staff and from a downward position Hiuko rose with a punch aimed at Saru's chest while he was bringing the staff down.

The downward strike brought his chest into a flat position. Saru instinctinvly flexed his pectorials taking the blow. This forced him up into as he jumped a tad to soften the blow. He brought his knee straight up hoping to catch huiko in a mui tai knee strike while he was vernerable.

A girl with long, shiny red hair stepped out into the valley and with every step she took the grass around and under her feet look green, healthy and new.

Hiuko was already pulling back from the blow when the knees came up. They hit and made contact with his chin but it didn't in an area that would result in high damage. Hiuko took a couple confused steps back but kept his senses honed in case of retaliation. He was quickly in counter-position again, but he didn't strategize against Saru. Other people he strategized because they didn't straight up fight, but with Saru he didn't strategize, he had enough time, and could have, he just didn't want to. This way was more fun. He noted the newcomer, but unless she or Saru did something, he planned to continue the fight.

Saru hit his feet flat, patting his chest to get the air back. "Whew, hi girl join in if you would like." Saru planted his feet the sprinted foward thrusting out with the end of the staff readying his tail for a spin smash to follow.

Hiuko easily flowed to the side of the staff but Hiuko got hit with the tail. Although moving in made him get hit with the tail before it had enough momentum to be as strong as it could be. He took a step back instead of engagin in close combat at that point, and then he got ready for another attack.

"Monkey trap." Saru pushed off huikos boddy with his tail that had impacted, causing him to rotate in the opposite direction. He spun back bringing his heel in a powerful strike towards the crown of huikos head, able to since his leg is longer than his tail and able to accomodate the step back.

"Hi and i think i will join."The girl said as vines shot up from the ground and wrapped around Saru's legs.

Hiuko had ducked in time and was already calculating his next move. He was suddenly confused because when Saru's attack didn't go over him Hiuko's brain was rushed from the fight, but his body had no reason to respond. Hiuko felt the vines shoot out of the ground, but they still surprised him. All he could do for that sceond of two of confusion was blink in surprise. He stood back up and said, "Neat." Although he sarcastically thought, Great, a geomancer. He took two step back before Saru broke loose, which would be inevitable.

"Thank you"She said with a flick of her wrist more vines shot out of the ground wrapping around Saru's arms.

Saru seemed more overjoyed then surprised. "Yay vines!" He shifted his weight and seemed to dislocate his shoulder pulling on a vine to loosen up some slack. The space created by his lossened forelimbs and tail let him kick up and out tearing free of the footvines. He used the other ones to swing like a monkey aiming for a flying drop kick at the newcomer.

"oh jesus i hate monkeys."The girl whispered to her self as she dogded the kick and spun around and sent a punch flying at the monkey boys sholder.

Saru's head shot back smiling at her. "Nope!"His tail spun in a circle giving him momentium to spin the staff with his free hand to deflect the strike.

The girl ,whos name is Rosette, bent backwards to touch the ground with her hands then brought both her feet up hopeing to make contact with Saru's chin.

Saru let go of the vine and pushed off the soles of Rosettes feet with his now free palm. "Come on Huiko-kun join in and make it a party." He laughed and landed a bit away. He held his staff a bit askew ready.

Hiuko was lieing down by now and got up saying, "Aw, but I was going to let you two get exhausted." Hiuko walked up to make an equilateral triagle with each person as the points. He kept his sensed stretched, especially into the ground so he wouldn't be caught off guard by any vines Rosette manipulated.

"Okay then i guess before anything too bad happens i better introduce my self,i am Rosette in would tell you my last name but people of my talant dont usualy have one."Rosette said finishing with a perfect backflip landing lightly on her feet,As sh did her precious gem stone swong around so it was hanging down in front of her neck.

"People of your talent. Well I believe that was an insult." Hiuko said facing her. "My name is Hiuko Silverbane. I like to think I am very talented despite my haveing a last name." He rubbed his chin in mock thought, still keeping his senses on edge.

"I am not human Mr.Silverbane.."Rosette looked at him more closely "And neither are you."She didnt seemed shocked though.She looks at Huiko intensly but her senses are highly attentive.

"...When did I say anything about being human?" Hiuko asked turning back and forth to each of them. "I thought we were talking about talent." He rubbed his fingers together, just once, and barely perceptibally. "As for how you knew this." He moved his hair off his ears to show the only thing to link him to being an elf. "Would be interesting to know."

Saru was already on Huiko's back pulling on his ears. "Cool fairy boy! Fly fairy fly!" His grin split his face as his tail whiped back and forth excitedly.

Hiuko didn't take this as an attack. In fact this reminded him of an old friend Gale who used to like to knock him over in a hug and always liked to teased him. "Oye, isn't there some saying about having a monkey on your back?"

Rosette giggled,"To answer you question i think a pixie would know when she is talking to an elf."

Saru dismounted and was shaking Rosette. "I wanna fly! Give me pixie dust." He went on a rant trying to shake the make believe dust from her.

"Thats just a myth."Rosette said as she ducked under the boys arm and side steped away.

Saru sighed, the fun now gone he focused back to the fight. He slyly kicked out at huiko's ankle.

No other part of Hiuko moved, only his leg moved back to dodge to kick and moved back into place. "Really, you thought that would work." Hiuko kept his senses about him to make sure neither of them tried a sneak attack.

"No just making sure your awake." Saru smiled and struck out again at his aknle following up with a staff strike to his back.

Hiuko made a quick side and back step to get out of reach of both attacks while simultaniously turning to face his opponent. He wore a sly smile as he got into his counter position. He kept his sense on edge for attacks from any direction. He didn't want to get tripped up on Rosette's vines or Saru's tail.

Saru's tail twitched in excitment. He launched off his back foot in a spin kick, planting the pole and spinning for a follow up bicycle kick.

Hiuko ducked under the spin kick and moved inward toward the staff. This way he both dodged the insueing bicycle kick but also had time to try to knock the staff off the ground the make Saru fall. If that succeeded Hiuko would quickly follow with a knee to Saru's back as he fell. If Saru tried to use his tail Hiuko knew to react fast enough to catch the tail and he would use it to throw Saru to the ground. Either method he got he would jump backa foot to create a distance again. He also kept an eye our for any moving plants, he knew Rosette would hit them both when they least expected.

The staff was kicked out from under him, but instead of trying to catch himself, saru let himself fall and brought the staff over with the momentium of the kick aiming to bring it down right between Huiko's eyes, knowing he was open to an attack to though.

Hiuko was already in the middle of bringing his knee up when he noticed the staff attack. His knee to Saru's back and the staff attack hit at the same time and it seemed like time stopped. Hiuko still jumped back after the attacks but he had a red mark on his face for a few seconds, although his face stung for a long time.

Saru was caught full on and was able to fall back and roll into a crouch he straightened up and cracked his back. "Ouch, that sucks." He held his back in aingst.

Hiuko sniffed a couple times. "Your tellin' me." He said rubbing his nose. "You almost broke my nose, I like my nose."

Saru straightened up then instantly dashed at huiko with plam strike followed with a backside spin strike with the staff.

Hiuko could sense both attacks, Saru wasn't as relaxed as before so his muscles were giving away his moves a little bit. Hiuko waited till the last possible second and used a duck an roll to dodge and go under Saru's attacks. He jumped and turned to gain a little distance and regained his counter-stance.

"Thats why i dont like attacking to much, counterattacks are more effective." Saru put his weight on the balls of his feet and shifted to where he gently glided closer to Huiko. He had his staff at the ready.

Rosette relaxed happy to see some entertainment.

"Indeed, it's easier to manipulate the battle into a counter attack if the enemy has momentum and stretched muscles." Hiuko smiled as he turned to Rosette, "So do you intend to laze about the whole time?" He asked wanting to hear a truthful answer, if she didn't attack he knew someone that would. While he may have been facing her he knew Saru was moving closer, in fact, Saru probably knew Hiuko was able to sense him as well. He kept his blindness hidden through the whole match, however he knew Saru suspected his sensing ability from early on in the fight.

"Lazy?Moi?"she giggled glancing up at Hiuko."Never."she said with a glint of amusment in her eye as she pushed on the wet grass with her hands sliding herself between Hiukos legs and getting up quikly to hold her knife to his neck"This would be soo much easier with out monkey boy."

"FORE!!!!" Saru yelled without notice, he swung his staff like a golf club, attempting to take out both of his opponents ankles when they were so close to each other.

Rosette jumped so that the staff went under her feet."Stupid inexperinced boy."she muttered

"Nope, its called a destraction." Saru swung around, swinging his tail like a bat, he had planned her to jump leaving her defencless in the air.

"I am not oblivious monkey boy,"she snarled fliping while she was still mid jump so she went over the tail.Rosette grabed Sarus hand when she landed and tryed to flip him on his back

Saru's tail formed a spring poncing him right back up and directly over Rose. He spun and came straight down with a devastating knee drop.

Rosette sidestepped so he landed in the ground and spun around hoping her foot would make contact with his head.

Her foot swooped by scraping his head because he reached up with his other hand catching the momentium and used it to swing up and over her leg like a gymnist bar. He sat on her outsretched leg like a tree branch.

Rosette dropped her leg and reached out to grab Saru by the neck

He launched foward handspringing off her arm and landing safly on the other side.

Rose dropped to a crouch stuck out her leg and swung it hoping to trip Saru and then jump on him.

Saru was caught on his landing sending him sprawling, however he caught her leg with his tail and used the sweeping momentium to throw him away from his assailent, skidding a bit away.

Rose fell backward outraged"THis is taking way to long"She muttered through gritted teeth.

"Im a master of evasion." Saru laughed. "Ki,ki,ki." He almost rolled around from the adrinaline high he had.

"ki,ki,ki?really?"Rose shakes her head "oh come on this is boring"

Saru pranced up. "Well make it fun then." He taunted.

Rose leaned forward so there faces were less than and inch apart."You sure you want fun?"

Saru let out a wicked smile. "If you think you can provide it."

Rose let out a bit of a sweet laugh"Of course i can."she giggled as she put her hands on his shoulders pushed up so she was flipped over him and landed behind him hoping to make him defensless

"Silly, behind me is the worst place to be." Saru flicked his tail aiming to bash Rose with it with its unparamount strength compaired to his other limbs.

Rose giggled and jumped on Saru's back so she was above his tail."WEEE!This is fun!"

"If you say so," Saru fell back flat.

"oof"Rose hits the ground but wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist."What now Brilliant."

Saru started to roll around like a rolling pin.

Rose let go of him and rolled away then jumped up on her feet

Saru leapt up smiling.

"Freak"Rose muttered as she ran towards Saru jumped so that her hands were on his head so she could make a tight flip down to kick him right above his tail bone.

"Cant fight a wild animal like a person." Saru buckled his legs grasping her wrist and aloowing her momentium to pull him over her haed and sligshotting away avoiding the kick.

"Why dont you find your self a monkeygirl monkeyboy"She hissed landing a few feet away.

Saru smiled and planted his staff in the soft soil taking his hand away. His hair shifted becoming more managable, his opposible toes bent and reshaped into human feet his tail simple vanished. "Cause im human duh." He laughed before grasping the staff again, all of his feature returning. With a dash he sprinted foward with a low sliding kick pushing off the ground with his staff rising for a second blow of a rising knee aimed at wjat shoudle be her falling chin.

Rose gasped as she hit the ground"I..I...I I didnt know..."she stamered.

"Its no biggie." Saru laughed. He stood up wondering why she was so shocked.

Rose shoke her head and stood up, obviously over the bit of shock."Well now i can't call you a mokey boy i guess." she giggled.

"It doesnt matter really, its the power of the staff." Saru sighed, the fighting had tappered off.

Rose sighd as she lay down on the grass wishing for some sunshine."My power comes from the gem so i guess its sort like your staff thingy." she said to Saru.

"Interesting." Saru kinda shrugged.

"Where did you find that thing." Rose pointed at the staff.

Saru was busy scratching his back with the staff before he answered. "Huh? oh. it was a gift from my master for completing my training." His eyes wandered over to her. "And you?"

"Found it in the mound of hostages in Tara." Rose fingered the gem.

"Hostages?" Saru repeated uneasily. His eyes seemed to try and penetrate the words as if the were solid, laden with emotion and memories.

"Yes, hostages."Rose said sitting up in her rain soaked clingy dress and looked at Saru."It's a burial mound from the 1600's"She looked down at the grass and touched it bringing it back to life.Glancing up at Saru's staff a ghost of a smile past over her face as she got up and jumped over Saru and reached for the staff.

Saru rolled back extended his tail and lashed out with his legs in defense as he clutched the staff to his chest.

Rose laughed as Saru's leg caught her's and she fell to the ground beside him."Seems i was bang on when i thought you would do something like that." She said still laughing.

"Sorry i usually dont let it stray to far from me." Saru rocked back up his reflexs had been dead on.

Roses smile didnt fade as she said"Its okay boyo." with a small laugh she patted Saru's sholder.

"What exactly was that all about?" saru asked shrugging away. This girl confussed him, not in the ditsy way gale did but in a deeper more shrouded way. What was her aim?

Rose's smile disapeared."Just messing around...why else??"She layed down inches away from Saru."I also wanted to see what i'd look like as a mokey." She stated siticking her tounge out at Saru.

Saru cocked an eyebrow. Then held one end of the staff out to her. "As i said before, its how well developed your inner fire is."

"My inner fire is of volcanic proportions."Rose laughed and touched the staff. Suddenly she sprouted a red furry tail that looked more like a foxes and she had fox ears too.Rose reached up and touched a furry ear."What the heck i'm a fox!"

"Dont flatter yourself...oh you literally ment a fox." Saru smiled slyly."I guess your spirit animal is a fox then. Hiuko was a cat."

Rose glared at him as he smiled slyly, her fox ears pinned back and she bared her teeth."Grrrr yeah i guess it is," she punched him lightly on the shoulder.

Saru was actually knocked on his butt by the blow drawing the staff away from her, the tail and ears dissapearing.

Rose raised and eyebrow at this."Hm sorry didnt mean to knock you down boyo," She stuck her hand out to help him up.

Saru reached up to take her hand but once there was weight he slipped in the mud and fell back again. He looked startled then started to laugh realzing they were in the rain just chatting.

Rose slipped into the mud after him landing in his lap. She looked at Saru as he laughed, she grinned at him, she was taking a likeing to the handsome boy, no matter how cocky he is.

Saru's laughter turned a bit awkward. He had spent most of his life in a temple with only an old man and monkeys for company, now there was a girl plopped right in his lap and he was really sure why or what to do. "Well..this is.."

Rose blushed a deep scarlet red."Oh...Do you want me to get up?" she said softly, moving to get off the boys lap. She wouldnt mind staying there, it was really comfortable and it just felt right to her, but if it didnt feel right to him she would get up.

"Well, i um io think the cave would be m ore comfortable." Saru managed to get out.

Rose's cheeks burned crimson and she smiled at him,"Yes i would suppose so," she paused for a second to think about something."But comfortable for what?" she said flirtatiously batting her eye lashes and moved her face closer to Saru's, seeing the neverousness, but ignoring, hoping that he would get over that soon, very soon.

"Um look i have someone im interested in actually..." Saru rubbed the back of his head nerviously.

"Oh okay.." Rose said.She doubted him, but went along with it anyway. Climing out of Sarus lap, she twined a peice of shiny red hair around her finger, trying to hide the fact that she was a bit upset.

"You actually know her.... but i think steel is on the market." Saru managed, he had reached the cave and began to shake the water from his mane.

Rose raised an eyebrow. "Steel?" she said questionally, she had never met a Steel. "Anyway, whos you girlfriend," she giggled switching tracks almost instintaniously, as she elbowed him lightly in the ribs when she walked up next to him in the cave.

Saru flinched, "Well not a girlfriend per say but more..." He couldnt seem to find his words. "of a one sided affection." He slumped down the wall of the cave.

Rose raised an eyebrow and sat on a rock across from Saru."Well, who is the girl?" she questioned curiously.

Saru looked away scratching his ear. "id rather not say."

Rose nodded respecting his privacy."Okay then." She leaned against the cave wall behind her. Becomeing bored she raised her hand out over the ground and suddenly a brilliant pink rose bloomed out of the ground, she smiled. Deciding that Saru needed a little cheering up because he looked nervous so she raised her hand again and a lily poped up next to the boy.

Saru jumped a little surprised but settled down really fast, "Wow that was cool!"

"Hehe Thanks!" she smiled before a great idea popped into her head."Oh I know!Whats you girlfriends favorite flower?!" she said excitedly.

"Shes not my di have no idea." saru looked away realizing her realy didnt know anything about her.

"Hmm how about a real red rose every girl would love one of those," Rose smiled as s red rose popped up next to Saru.

"Well, i have to get her away from huiko to give it to her..." He thought out loud more to himself.

Rose tilted her head curiously.Then she remebered the cat from before."Oh my is it.." her soothing voice trailed off realizing he probably didnt want her saying.

"Who do you think?" Saru asked realizing his cover was blown.

Hiuko walked up to them from the cave and looked down at Saru. "Is it who I think it is. From Masu Empire?"

Saru flinched, his tail standing straight up on end. "I dont know who you mean." he replied looking away with a jerk of his head, a sweat drop running down his temple.

Rose laughed girl-ishly,"To tell you the truth I thought it'd be Bangs." 

Bangs walked up to them from the nearby forest with a dead mouse in her mouth. "What about me? Did I miss something?" Hiuko's eyebrow went up a bit feeling more vibrations from Saru's heart increase. "No you didn't miss a thing." He said trying hard to keep a straight face, he was on the verge of laughing.

"No..well i got to go." Saru stood up frantically and started to awkwardly shufle outside inconspicously.

Rose raised her hand and vines snaked around Sarus ankles hopeing to pull him back."Oh no you dont mister."

"Something wrong Saru?" Hiuko said while Bangs sat next to him and started munching on a mouse.

Saru had his staff pryed against the mouth of the cave as the vines tried to pull him back in. His fingers strained as the staff bowed under the force. "Nope...grunt everything... is fine buddy.."

"Sure it is,"Rose said as a thick green vine wrapped around Sarus waist to pull him backwards into the cave."Then why are you trying to escape Saru?"

"I just remembered that i.....i promised Twitch we would go blow up some junk and stuff, yeah thats it." Saru managed clawing at the vine like a trapped heyenne.

"He can wait." Rose said as more vines wrapped around Saru pulling him into the cave, wether he liked it or not.

Bangs looked over at Saru as he tried to escape and thought to everyone, "You seem rather apt to leave us." Her mental voice was rather matter of factual and Hiuko felt a bit sorry for Saru about how that came out of her mind.

"Yeah you know im claustraphobic guys. This cave id just creeping me out." Saru managed getting himself under control answering out loud. He sat down calmly using his meditation training to calm his mind.

The rain was coming down at a decent rate outside but Bangs was walking out anyway. When she passed by she thought, "If I didn't know any better I'd say you were running away from someone." She kept the conversation only to Saru and herself though, no need to make Hiuko or Rose to feel unwelcome. She then scampered off to see if she could find any other small things to eat.

By them the hairs on his neck had fallen as he let out a sigh. No bangs-chan just keeping my wits. He thought. He visually relaxed among the group and waited a bit. He turned to face his companions. "Realkly guys? that kind of situation? What do you think this is a manga?"

"What so ever do you mean, Saru?" Rose bit her lip to keep from giggling as she kidded him with pure sarasm.

Hiuko figured Rose figured it out too by now. "You realize she has no clue, she really doesn't know." Hiuko said before leaning on against the cave wall. "I feel what she feels, but perhaps there is a way to impress her." He thought for a little bit and realized Bangs had never actually fallen in love before.

"I mean she is adorable and all, but its her elf form that got my attention. Lets go with an attraction, that would be more accurate." Saru's entire demeanor had changed, he left the staff proped agianst the wall, his hair noew short and well kept, his teeth noe longer eccentuated by long incisors, and his tail completly gone.

"I don't blame you." Hiuko said looking down at the ground. "We are learning how to change forms without these." He held up his hand to Saru. "Believe it or not she actually likes her half-elf form." He acted like he was looking at his hand even though he was blind.

"Its fine," Saru sighed. His gaze wandered to the cave mouth. "Im fine with just a one sided affection."

"Ah young love, I haven't felt that in over a 100 years." Rose sighed her eyes shinning with the memories of the past. The memories werent as bright as the once been but the still were colorfull and bright.

"170 or so for me. Love itself though I felt not even a year ago." He said remembering his wife dieing right after remembering who she was. "Love is a great thing Saru, go after it. That's my advice."

"And end up like you or steel? Hell they guy hasnt seen his crush in a year and yours is dead. The general and Ethrin took everything you 'loved' why the hell would i put myself through the same thing.?" Saru huffed not meaning to be insulting but blurting his mind mostly. "I spent my life in a temple with an old man and monkeys, whta would i do with love?"

Hiuko put his hand on the Saru's shoulder. "Live." With that he ruffled Saru's hair and said, "Beside, the main difference between Bangs and both Takato and my love is that she can handle herself and she's got me to fight with her." With that he leaned against the cave again waiting for Saru to try and protest that.

Saru had his eyes closed his mind racing, arms crossed against his chest. "Eileen was a freaking bounty hunter and your wife was a dragoon. How were they not capable? Huh explain that?"

Hiuko sat down and said, "Look, I've been with Bangs a long time and all the time I've know her she has rescued my sorry butt from things ten times worse than dragoons and bounty hunters combined." He put his head back in rememberance. "She even saved me from destroying a kingdom even with my full power and my demon out. Seeing her didn't even break my trance par usual so she fought me and beat me. When negotiating peace with dragon they no longer lash out just because she is in the room, her presence and legends alone keep them from finding out what she is capable of. She's fought many beasts of legend like the nidhogg, ragnarok, fenrir, sphinx's, canine servants of anubis, the manticore, hell hounds, beings of pure shadow, and many more she probably hasn't told me about... and those are the ones she fought alone, the ones we fought together we only fought together because I alone was not powerful enough." He looked at Saru and said, "I'm not saying Cheryll and Eileen were not capable, I'm just saying Bangs is more capable. I don't know anyone stronger, smarter, braver, or more capable of anything other than her." Hiuko finished and looked down at the ground with a smile.

Saru got up and sauntered deeper into the cave with a down trodden look. "Now your just intimidating me."

Rose just blink,"Tis a lot of monsters she has fought boyo." she said in her irish accent,"She is good at every thing it seems."

"Well that settles it to much for me to handle, now ill just be on my way. going to go....fight a stalagmite or somthing." Saru trudged deeper into the cave to avoid expanding on the already beaten topic.

"Don't hurt yourself boyo!" Rose called after him as she trudged away."Now," she said turning to Hiuko,"How are we going to make him less sad?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Hiuko said with a smile while leaning against the cave. A few minutes later Bangs came back into the cave soaked and shook herself to dry off. Hiuko was sitting on the floor acting exhausted and said, "Bangs, come here." When she came over hit touched his palm to her back and they did their soul swap to put her in half-elf form. "Quick, there's something deep in the cave and Saru is still down there somewhere, hurry." Bangs didn't take a second tought and ran off down the cave. Hiuko got up and kicked the wall of the cave causing it to cave in, causing Saru and Bangs to find the way out of The Storm Cave"That should keep them busy for a while." Hiuko thought to Rose now that he was unable to talk through words.

Rose chuckled,"Interesting, I wonder when we'll hear the screams?" she added now growing some Lillys of the Valley to keep her occupied.

"Ya, Saru screaming in pain." Hiuko said jokingly.

Rose laughed,"So how old are you, I'm guessing its more then you look, being a elf and all," she tilted he rhead trying to guess.

Hiuko shook his head, "I'm only half elf, thus the human face... the ears on the other hand." he lifted his hair to show his elven ears. "I'm 200, just turned it a few days ago." He smirked and said, "I've lived for about five or six generations now, yet I don't feel a day over 20."

"Interesting, It tis." Rose plucked a Lily from the ground sniffing it and tossing it to Hiuko."I am pretty old myself"

"Yet you don't seem it... would you be offended if I were to ask your age?" Hiuko put as eloquently as possible.

Rose pondered the question, trying to think of the answer. "Oh I think its around 165?Maybe?" she shrugged absentmindedly.

Hiuko thought back 165 years ago, he was only 35 and he smiled to himself. "165 years ago... that was a good time, before all of my adventures. Married for five years, my children were five and three years old. It was a good time." His eyes were looking back into the past and it showed his age all too apparently. He looked up to her and said, "So have you been on this continent for all these years or somewhere else?"

Rose nodded knowing the flash back feeling that she would get far too often. "Oh I hav' traveled quite a bit, But I have been here a while. Still can't seem to shake of my accent though." she laughed.

"So you have seen the wars that have raged across the land then? I've been in many, some of which I commanded the men just so we could survive." He looked out across the not quieted plains that had once had raged with a storm. "The nations are like these plains... nice and peaceful now." Then thunder boomed a good distance away. "However there is always a storm on the horizon." He layed down in the grass and smiled. "I like times like this, times of peace."

Rose understood, empathetic to Hiuko."Peace is desirable, its a great time for the people. I have fought in some wars, not many I don't like to fight. Not my passion. Maybe we have fought together?"

"Perhaps... although I remember one war were everyone fought together." He looked up at the sky, although he couldn't look at the clouds the felt the sun warm his skin. "The blight war... a war that covered a continent in blight, and it spread to here. I was with the front line defense when it reached to coast... I was also in the attack team that went to investigate the source. Every nation here banded together to stop the blight armies. The source was an evil, warlock, demon, lich, thing... Even though we found his phylactery and destroyed him, I've seen him again, roaming the lands across the sea. Although he disappeared before I could confirm it though." 
Hiuko chuckled a bit, chasing ghosts of his past.

Rose thought for a moment. "Yes, Yes I was there. Not on the front line but there non the less." She soaked in the information. "He is still around? Tis' wrong it is."

"Exactly, I witnesses the phylactery be dispelled magically and then I broke it physically just in case. I don't know who can revive something like that and handle it, but to revive him and keep him from getting revenge is a power even I fear." Hiuko put his hands behind his head and smiled. "Although there have been many good things too. Many friends from many different eras, two of the strongest people I ever met I met a little after the blight war. I even met their decendants recently... looks just like them." He smiled an old man's smile.

"Hmm..Tis true what a aftermath can bring," Rose nodded thinking of all the things that have happened in the past.

"Ah yes, the celebration of us winning the blight war is certainly a fun festival." Hiuko said recalling some of the festivals he had gone too.

Rose laughed,"Oh some celebrated a bit to much in my opinion." she remembered some certain fellows who had gone overboard with the drinking.

"Oh to true. In the capital of Masu Empire a drunk person started a fire by bumping into a pyre by the street and it landed right next to a wooden house, it spread quite a way before people put it under control." Hiuko said laughing.

Rose laughed. "Tis' a pitty people aren't to smart anymore."

Hiuko sighed and said, "Tis' true then again I've met many younger than I that know more than I do now. This world brings out a very varied many people." He put his hand on his stomach and felt it rise and fall with his breath. "Too bad that some choose the wrong side, I'm sure some could have been great contributions to the world had they not turned their back to others."

"True,"Rose nodded leaning her head back to soak in the sun, her body practically glowing. "God this sun is doing wonders."

"The sun, always there, reliable as ever." He said with a smile as he felt his body gain strengths just from the sun's rays. "You know, there are some people that say the sun gives of some sort of ray that is harmful to the body and that is the reason for sunburn." He laughed at the idea, it sounded so absurd. Burns came from heat.

"Ridiculous! Only Heat and friction cause burns," Rose exclaimed vines snaking up her rock to relish the sun, roses blooming from them in instants.

"I bet they look beautiful, your flowers that is." Hiuko said still laying on the ground. He never used Bang's eyes to see something beautiful before, just for fighting.

"Hmm I wish you could see," Rose sighed, she grew a red rose up beside him to tickle his face."Tis' very beautiful. Can't you see by touch or something, I mean cant you put together what I kind of look like from fighting me?"

The touched felt good, the slightest touch barely on his skin. He smiled and said, "Well, I know what most things look like from before I went blind. My vibration location only acts like signals in my brain, brief flashes calculated into a somewhat rough signal of what is happening. I can't actually see anything with them, I just know it is coming. For instance, a person would feel this flower, the senses send signals to the brain, and the brain uses all of the senses to know what the sensation is and what is causing it. I was trained to do exactly that but with only signals. It is quite hard to explain but right know, I know it is a flower by the general shape my signals tell me, it took me many years to perfect this to be used for battle, it was never meant to be used for fighting, only for functioning with blindness." He laughed again, "My teacher always told me to stop breaking the rules, looks like I never learned."

"So what do I look like to you?" Rose raised her eye brow as she giggled.

"Mmmmm... howdy folks. Long time no see." Glen begins strolling towards the others, trying to make small talk.

"Ello....Who might you be?" Rose asked a eye brow raised as a vine grew out of the ground snaking along to him. She didn't know if she should attack or not.

"I'm Glen, nice to meet you Miss....?" Slowly lowering his heavy anchor and chain to the ground, but not to fair to reach.

"Rosette, My names Rosette," She still felt uncomfortable around Glen, the vine still snaked around the ground as she flicked her wrist to guide it.

"Whoa, neat trick you got their with the plant." Glen smirks, rubbing his scruffy neck. "I hear this place is good for sparring."

Rose snaked the vines up Glens leg, "Ah yes sparring, I am good at that."

Turns his head sharply at the curious vine. "Excuse me?" Glen quickly grabs the vine. "Now now, that's not very nice."

Rose turned to look at Hiuko as if asking for permission. She let the vine continue up Glens arm to his neck."Who said I was nice?" She smirked sparling out on the rock on her back soaking in the sun.

Lets tear her to shreds! Quickly shrugging, Glen's finger nails slightly grow larger and slice through the vine. "Guess you like to play hard ball." Starts walking towards Rose.

Hiuko noticed Rose look to him and he gave the slightest shake no but she must not have caught it. He still laid down looking at the sky and he racked his brain looking for anyone by the name of Glen. He got up and walked to Rose's side. He smiled and said quietly to her, "For signals in a brain, you look rather pretty." He then said loud enough for Glen to hear. "Glen was it... you act as though one of both of us knows you, where exactly from for I'm quite sure I don't know someone who even owns an anchor." He seemed unphased by the fact that Glen was coming towards them with full intention to attack.

Rose smiled at Hiuko's comment, "Why thank you." she turned to grimace at this Glen character, she moved a bit behind Hiuko, where she was least likely to get hurt by this maniac, though she could hold her own.

"I have never met either of you." That stranger, I don't like his scent, KILL HIM! Glen starts charging towards them both, picking up his anchor on the way and throwing up on his back. Shut up, Orcalor!

Vines shot out and wrapped around Glen and his anchor. Rose peeked out from behind Hiuko to see her work.

Continuing towards the two, Glen disregards the vine and quickly brings through with brute force. Silly girl, she toying with us. I want to kill her slowly!?! Heaves his anchor; performing a front flip due to it's massive weight, attempting to either smash them into the ground and be prepared for another counter-attack.

"Okay, let go." He turned grabbed Rose around the waist and jumped away with her letting the anchor smash into the ground. He set her down and looked over to Glen. "Though this is a fighting area we can at least be civil correct?" Hiuko said to Glen while reading Glens physical structure. Just stalling him a little bit would be enough to get a good read, not that he needed it to win, just win easier.

Rose was surprised by Hiuko grabbing her and moving her away from the Anchor. "It would be nice not to be killed, it tis' true."

CIVIL, fucking civil!?! I'll tear your heart and skin your bones to show you civil!Stop, you're not coming out Glen easily picks up his anchor and begins to swing it by the hook around and around, building up speed. Finally reaching enough momentum, releases at the right them both. I will fight my way, got it!Whatever, once you can't handle it, I'm taking over!.

Rose instantly grew climbing roses up around Glens arms. The thorns would dig into and cut his skin as the tightened and climbed.

Glen shrugs from minor pain, but shreds all plant life off his being and began feral charge towards her. Can't let him take over Just let me cut her into tiny pieces!!!.

Rose closed her palm and when she opened it she held a single rosary pea in her hand. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you, please eat this it will make you feel better." she held back a smirk since it was no healing pea but it was extremely deadly.

"No thanks, I don't gifts from strangers, for good reason." Glen begins to think about his past and how he became to be. After getting close enough, lunges towards Rose with a full blown tackle.

Rose gasped as he tackled her. Being so close to him she shoved the pea in his mouth and put her hand over his lips trying to force him to swallow.

Now's my chance!?! His beastly instincts flashes out; muscular structure triples in density and extreme sharp claws sprout out of his middle digits. "You're finally mine!NOOOO, stay out of this! Two minds struggling for dominance on a singular body. He forcefully knocks her arms out of the way and coughs up that bead. "HI! I'm Orcalor. Time to slaughter!" His jaw muscle stretch and bone structure manipulates into a snout and fang emerge; attempting to chomp down on her neck. 

Rose screamed and vines wrapped around his mouth to pull his head back. A Venus fly trap sprang up next to his leg to slam down on it.

Hiuko couldn't stand idle any longer. When the demon erupted in him a similar effect happened in him, although more controlled. He shot from his previous position but he was moving on a single white metal looking leg the other was similar but trailing behind him perpendicular to the other. He grabbed Rose and put up his other leg to make a length between Orcalor and the ground, enough to pass through and he skidded to a halt a bit away from Orcalor. He let Rose go but his legs did not change, in fact there were no feet even, it seemed to be orbs at the end of what seemed to be leg like limbs. They slowly formed back to normal though and he shook out his legs. "That takes way to much to mental control, especially the speed guy, he's hopped up enough as is without me letting him release." "So Orcalator, or whatever it was... where did Glen go?" His eyes were cold and emotionless, he knew he was dealing with another demon, and he was more used to dealing with demons that people by now.

Rose was shaking as Hiuko grabbed her. The demon Orcalor scared her, she stayed close to Hiuko when he put her down. She wasn't nearly as frightened by Hiuko as she was with this Orcalor glen...thing since it wasn't a guy. "Whats-whats going on, Why does he want to kill me?" she turned to look a Hiuko frightened.

His gaze stayed fixed on Orcalor as he responded. "Glen had a demon in him, it broke free, and now that it's free it's in a euphoric state where it wants to kill everything. Also it seems to be bloodthristy in the first place. It's not you, you were just the closest thing with blood in it, don't take too much offense but I would stay back now, the further you are the safer you'll be." His face was still emotionless and cold, his carefree demeanor from merely minutes ago had completely disappeared.

I'm sooo sorry, I wish I could hold him. Just let me fix my craving!? "Well, well, looks like this gets really fun really fast!! Glen won't be attending anymore, I'm here to stay." Orcalor's eye's filled with yellowish-crimson dying for blood. He wraps his gigantic hands around the stranger's leg and starts growing larger. Plants his legs on the ground, muscles amplifying and attempts to grip his leg tighter and throw him against the ground.

Deadly Nightshade berries appeared in Roses hand. She through them at Orcalor

Berries just bounce off his tough hide. "Little girl needs to calm down; she'll get here turn to be a snack!"

"I am not a little girl!" Rose hated it when people thought she was little. Poison Ivy wrapped around Orcalor.

Hiuko searched through his soul trying to find the right demon to use to help fight this guy but kept his eye on Rose while she fought.

Orcalor hurls Huiko a great distance. "Now, playtime." His muscles fully amplified, body under going it's last phase of transformation, Orcalor is now fully emerged from Glen. NOOO! All his animal instincts were taking over and began charging towards the girl with great speed.

Rose screamed as vines wrapped around Orcalor trying to hold him back from killing her.

Vines barely slowly him down, Orcalor tearing through with all his might, continuing with the same speed towards the screaming girl. "I will get you!"

Rose continued screaming while trees and thorn bushes appeared in is way.

I don't have much time!I'm glad she is wasting your energy, keep going "You damn girl!" The trees were too thick to pass through easily, Orcalor struggles and tears, attempting to get through.

Rose continued screaming the trees getting thicker, she wasn't thinking clearly and was just acting on impulse and adrenaline. She let a long string of Gaelic curses out as she pressed back against the wall.

I'm going to rip flesh from her bones Glad these trees are slowing him down "Keep going; it's working! Orcalor bites and claws against the trees, trying to close the distance between his target.

Trees still sprang up in Orcalors way, everytime he tore one down a new one appeared. Rose screamed, "A little help please?"

Just a little more time!GAHHHHHH Orcalor continues clawing through branches but quickly releasing this is going nowhere. He backs up and begins to swiftly climb up the trees and attempt an aerial attack.

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2010-11-14 [Hiuko]: Really now... I thought it was Hiuko's wife. That makes this a bit less akward. So much funnier though.

You do realize I'm going to milk this all I can now right?

2010-11-14 [twitchboy]: lol i thought this would be a hilarious plot twist since we havent done much in a while in the way of an actual story. i think huiko's wife was our last story line lol

2010-11-14 [La Luna]: haha funny

2010-11-17 [Hiuko]: Soon to be Saru's master coming up.

2010-11-20 [Hiuko]: Even though he says this he is a bit freaked about Saru liking Bangs of all people. Personally I think this is hilarious and awesome.

2010-11-20 [twitchboy]: lol me to

2010-11-25 [La Luna]: Nice plot line =^.^= aww Rose geomancer by day matchmaker by night

2010-11-26 [Hiuko]: If you want I can change that but its totally up to you Twitch. Midnight you are of course encouraged to watch if you want.

2010-11-26 [La Luna]: Its Rose your talking to Hiuko

2010-12-01 [Hiuko]: Crap, sorry I always get them mixed up.

2010-12-01 [La Luna]: No problem

2011-03-27 [Hiuko]: brb going out to eat

2011-04-01 [Dwarf Ronin]: Back again

2011-04-16 [Dwarf Ronin]: Sorry using fowl language, but betrays my character's inner demon.

2011-04-22 [La Luna]: UH Arctic dude he has to have weaknesses and be beatable, just remember you can god play xP

2011-04-22 [Dwarf Ronin]: He does have weaknesses, he can only sustain this for about a hour. I'm not god playing at all, I'm been taking hits like normal as such. Trust me, when is transforms back to human, he is going to feel every bruise amplified and this form will put great strain on his body. Plus, his healing rain ability is active at the moment.

2011-04-23 [Dwarf Ronin]: But I understand now what you mean, I'll adjust more. Thanks for letting me know. It's been a while.

2011-04-23 [La Luna]: Okay thanks

2011-11-29 [twitchboy]: hiuko i havent been watching this fight. everyone play fair?

2011-12-14 [Hiuko]: Things got a little power play-e (my bad sorry), but things are good now.

2012-01-21 [Dwarf Ronin]: Everything is all good now, just waiting for updates

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